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If you’re hosting a party but still want to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you and your guests, having food items where guests can easily grab and go is essential. By incorporating individual serving portions and pre-packed foods, you can still host a party and provide delicious menu items for your guests in a safe manner. Here are some tasty Covid friendly party foods you can try out for your next gathering.

Appetizers: Covid friendly party food

These Covid friendly party appetizers are the perfect foods for guests to easily eat and mingle.

1. Vegetable medley cups

Grab some clear tumbler cups and arrange a colorful assortment of fresh veggies like celery, cherry tomatoes, and carrot sticks. Have small covered containers of homemade buttermilk ranch so guests can dip on the go.  

2. Charcuterie cones

A collection of food made up of pork based products

While impressive charcuterie board spreads are eye candy at any party, they don’t really work for a party with Covid friendly guidelines. To turn your standard charcuterie boards into Covid friendly party food, make individual charcuterie cones with salami, cheese cubes, skewered olives, and mini breadsticks.

3. Snack-sized chip bags

In a rush? Have a variety of snack-sized chip bags so people can easily grab a chip of their preference and mingle with other guests.

4. Tomato soup shooter

Community pots of steaming soups aren’t the most hygienic way to serve your guests. However, you can ladle your made-with-love tomato soup into a mini shooter glass for mess-free, convenient dining. 

5. Grilled cheese bites

Need a fabulous sidekick to go along with your tomato soup shooters? Serve grilled cheese bites with gooey cheddar cheese to accompany your hot tomato soup.

6. French fry bundle

Squirt a generous amount of ketchup into the bottom of mini glass mason jars and add a bundle of french fries into the mason jars for easy dipping and snacking.

7. Antipasto salad kabobs

Salad kabobs are a fun way to incorporate healthy appetizers with Covid friendly party food. Use a wooden skewer to arrange layers of mixed leafy greens, Italian salami slices, fresh mozzarella balls, roasted artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, fresh basil leaves, and kalamata olives. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar or have balsamic or Italian dressing served in to-go cups on the side. 

8. Mini Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback Potatoes or Hasselback Kartofler

Crispy, savory, and perfect for individual portions, mini Hasselback potatoes are a great party snack.

Main dishes: Covid friendly party food

Just because foods are portioned into single servings doesn’t mean they can’t be hearty. Here are some ideas for delicious Covid friendly party main dishes for guests. 

1. Cheeseburger sliders

Whether you decide to make smaller portioned sliders or full-sized burgers packed in individual containers, cheeseburgers (or burgers in general) are always a popular party food item. To account for guest preferences, make sure to include options for your traditional burgers, fish burgers, and vegetarian burgers. 

2. Chicken teriyaki bento boxes

Bento boxes are a fantastic way to provide single serving sizes for individuals while still giving a generous portion of food. To make chicken teriyaki bento boxes, arrange steamed white rice, succulent grilled teriyaki chicken, a side of salad with sesame dressing, and, for an added bonus, a few California rolls or crispy shrimp tempura. 

3. Fried food platter

Who doesn’t like fried foods? To make these party foods Covid friendly, be sure to pack each fried food platter into its own individual container. If you need some inspiration, try having a fish and chips platter, chicken tenders and sweet potato fries platter, or an Asian chili-spiced fried chicken with fried plantain chips.

4. Taco party box

Serve your guests a (Covid friendly) party in a box! Tacos are always a fun choice for parties, but to adjust to Covid friendly guidelines, allow your guests to grab a taco party box. Include two to three tacos, tortilla chips, and lidded containers of creamy guacamole and tangy salsa. To give your guests customization, have different options for steak tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, or vegetarian potato tacos. 

5. Sandwich lunchbox

sandwich box lunch with apple and orange.

Add a bit of nostalgia by offering your party guests sandwich lunchboxes. Each lunchbox should contain a tasty sandwich (try options like chicken salad, turkey clubs, or Philly cheesesteaks) and a side of pre-packed chips, a cup of potato salad, or a fresh fruit cup. 

6. Baked lasagna tins

Instead of cooking one giant lasagna, you can create individual-sized baked lasagna tins. Layers your usual ingredients into individual baking tins (or try making mini lasagnas in muffin tins!) and bake to perfection before serving. 

Desserts: Covid friendly party food

End your party with a cherry on top by serving up these sweet single-serving desserts.

1. Fun-sized fruit tarts

With a golden crust, creamy filling, glistening berries, and fresh fruit, fun-sized fruit tarts are a delicious Covid friendly party food dessert.

2. Yogurt parfaits

Layer granola, yogurt, fresh berries, and top with whipped cream to make these tasty yogurt parfaits. Make sure to assemble your parfaits in a clear cup so that guests can see the beautiful layers. 

3.  Mini cupcakes

Unfrosted cupcakes on a white plate

Try sizing down regular cupcakes into mini sizes! Because they are smaller, guests can try a mouthwatering assortment of other cupcake flavors. 

4. Key lime pie bites

With its tangy and sweet flavor profile, in addition to the crunch of a good crust, key lime pie bites make for a light and refreshing party dessert.

5. Chocolate pudding trifles

In mini clear cylinder cups, carefully assemble layers of creamy chocolate pudding and crushed chocolate cookies. Layer until you reach the top of the cup and add a dollop of whipped cream. Sprinkle crushed cookies on top and serve with miniature plastic dessert spoons. 

Need to hand out quick and Covid friendly party desserts? Before your party, gather some friends to help you put together mini cookie goodie bags. Purchase a variety of mini cookies (i.e., chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, red velvet, etc.) and add a few of each flavor to cute goodie bags. Tie each bag with a ribbon and for extra party host points, add a “thank you” tag to each goodie bag.

Start shopping for Covid friendly party food 

There are many fun ways to create Covid friendly party foods. The most important thing to remember is to provide individual serving portions or take the time to assemble pre-packed food items. To save time, you can gather your party food ingredients and supplies online via Instacart. Add your items to your cart and select whether you’d like to pick up your items curbside or have them delivered. By having your grocery list conveniently delivered to your door, you can spend more time focusing on creating these delectable party foods!



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Instacart is the leading online grocery platform in North America, partnering with more than 750 beloved national, regional and local retailers, including unique brand names, to deliver from more than 70,000 stores across more than 5,500 cities in North America. To read more Instacart posts, you can browse the company blog or search by keyword using the search bar at the top of the page.