20+ Healthy Food Items to Buy at Sam’s Club for Best Savings | Unlocked Nutrition

These prices were compared to an average grocery store in San Antonio, Texas and might not be truly reflective of grocery stores in other states. These finds are not in any order and is not affiliate in any way with Sam’s Club stores.

I love finding good food for a good price. Let me know in the comments if you want a list of foods I avoid buying at Sam’s. Let’s go ahead and jump on in!

LaCroix Water

  • Sam’s Club: 24pk/$6.88
  • Grocery store: 12pk/$5.11

I know several people who aren’t fans of the flavor, but I love an ice cold LaCroix. The price difference is worth the Sam’s Club purchase if you like the lemon, lime, and grapefruit flavors.

Almond Butter

IMG 8761IMG 8762

  • Sam’s Club: 24oz/$10.48
  • Grocery store: 12oz/$7.19; 16oz/$11.28

This is my number one food savings choice in this list. I love peanut butter and almond butter, but I only like to purchase the ones with either 100% nuts, or nuts with added salt…that’s it. Why mess with perfection? This almond butter passes my ingredient preferences and recommendations and the price is pretty amazing compared to what I normally see in grocery stores.

Kind Bar Variety Pack

IMG 8768IMG 8767

  • Sam’s Club: 18 bars/$17.98; 1 bar/$0.99
  • Grocery store: 1 bar/$1.52

As mentioned in my YouTube video, KIND bars can be a helpful crutch to keep on hand if you find the need a quick snack. The Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate bar has 13g fat, 16g carb, 8g protein, The Caramel Almond & Sea Salt Bar has 16g fat, 15g carb, 6g protein. Overall making them a pretty balanced fun snack to keep on hand for emergencies – I wouldn’t consider them a health food, but again, nice to have on hand.

Kind Bar Minis

IMG 8770

  • Sam’s Club: 32 bars/$16.48; 1 bar/$0.52; 10 pk would be $5.15
  • Grocery store: 10pk/$6.16 100 cal bars

Same as above!

Z Bars

IMG 8775IMG 8777

  • Sam’s Club: 36 count/ $16.98; 1 bar/$0.47; 6 pk would be $2.83
  • Grocery store: 6pk/$3.52

These bars are a pretty good option to choose for a kids snack before sports practice! For a more balanced snack, spread some almond butter on top or pack some to dip into.

Apple Sauce – GoGo Squeeze or Member’s Mark

  • Sam’s Club: 
    • GoGo Squeeze: 28/$11.78; 1 pouch/$0.42; 4 ct/$1.68
    • Member’s Mark: 24/$9.97; 1 pouch/$~0.41; 4 ct/~$1.66
  • Grocery store: 4ct/$2.55

This is one of my favorite preworkout snacks to eat. I’ve found that having a pouch of applesauce gives me just enough energy without a sugar crash! I love pairing applesauce together with some nuts and seeds for a satisfying snack.

Coconut Water

IMG 8787

  • Sam’s Club: 12/$13.98; 1 unit/$1.17
  • Grocery store: 1 11oz/1.84

There’s not much difference in the prices listed here, but according to some, this brand of coconut water goes on sale relatively often at Sam’s. As of writing this article, it’s $3.50 off!


IMG 8796

  • Sam’s Club: 64oz/$7.98; 16oz/$1.99
  • Grocery store: 16oz/$3.58

Frozen fruit is always good to have on hand to throw into a smoothie or even into plain greek yogurt. The prices of frozen blueberries were much better at Sam’s than at my local grocery store!

Triple Berry Blend

IMG 8792IMG 8793

  • Sam’s Club: 64oz/$7.98; 16oz/$1.87
  • Grocery store: 16oz/$2.04

Similar to the frozen blueberries, this triple berry blend is really nice to have on hand. Plus, frozen fruits are picked at peak ripeness, then flash frozen, locking in quality nutrients that sometimes get lost in older, fresh , never frozen fruit.

Rice Cauliflower

IMG 8798IMG 8802

  • Sam’s Club: 48oz/$7.98; 1oz/$0.17; 10oz/$1.66
  • Grocery store: 10oz/$2.55

Riced cauliflower is a pretty cool way to increase your vegetable intake. And I’m always about increasing veggies! Go all out sautéing and seasoning your cauliflower rice! I like melting from Kerrygold butter and throwing in some garlic salt and pepper.

Almond Milk


  • Sam’s Club: 1 gallon/$5.98; 1/2 gallon/$2.99
  • Grocery store: 1/2 gallon/$2.65-3.06

I didn’t include this in my YouTube video, mostly because I found a wide range of almond milk prices in the grocery store and it seemed to be pretty much on the same level as far as price goes.

Egg Whites

IMG 8826IMG 8831

  • Sam’s Club: 96oz/$8.98; 16-32oz/$1.50-2.99
  • Grocery store: 16-32oz/$3.06-5.12

This is another big savings opportunity. I eat whole eggs on a daily basis, but sometimes I like to add a little more protein to my whole eggs or even to other recipes. These liquid egg whites are a really good option to not have any food waste from unused yolks.

Baby Spring Mix

IMG 8835IMG 8836

  • Sam’s Club: 16oz/$3.98
  • Grocery store: 10oz/$4.17

We’ve purchased these 1 pound bins of salad for years and they have always lasted us so long. These bins are a really good buy if you love throwing in greens in your meals. Check out my Building the Ultimate Powerhouse Salad blog to get some more ideas for using salad greens.

Cherubs – grape tomatoes

IMG 8837 1IMG 8839 1

  • Sam’s Club: 
  • Grocery store: 10.5oz/$3.07

I normally wouldn’t recommend getting produce if you aren’t going to be able to finish it within the week. But I have had really good past experience of keeping these little tomatoes for over a week and them keeping texture and flavor. The price difference is pretty significant from Sam’s to grocery store.

Rotisserie Chicken

IMG 8842IMG 8843

  • Sam’s Club: 3#/$4.98
  • Grocery store: 2#/$7.20

These chickens are so flavorful and delicious. I’m always a little sad when I get one from the grocery store – they just aren’t on the same level at all. Rotisserie chickens are awesome for those crazy weeks when you don’t have much time for meal prep.

Cheese Sticks

IMG 8846IMG 8848IMG 8847

  • Sam’s Club: 28pack/$7.48; 12pack/$3.42
  • Grocery store: 12pack/$3.08-4.09

There was a pretty big difference overall in cost of cheese sticks, so this one might really be dependent on your personal grocery store. I don’t always have cheese sticks on hand, but they can be a pretty delicious option for protein and fat. If you pair this with one of those apple sauces from earlier, you’d have a pretty macro balanced snack!


  • Sam’s Club: 18pack/$9.98; 6pack/$3.33
  • Grocery store: 6pack/$5.13

Single serve guacamole at this price is unheard of! You definitely want to grab these is you normally purchase them at the grocery store.

Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars

IMG 8852

  • Sam’s Club: 14 bar/$29.98; 1 bar/$2.14
  • Grocery store: 1 bar/$3.08

Bulletproof is one of my favorite food companies. I’ve always had good experiences from consuming a variety of their products available. These bars are some of my favorites and the price reduction from my grocery store to Sam’s is pretty exciting!

Bulletproof Collagen Protein Powder

IMG 8862

  • Sam’s Club: 26oz/$39.98
  • Grocery store: 16oz/$32.95

I haven’t personally tried Bulletproof’s collagen powder, but when I run out of my current stash of collagen protein, I’ll be sure to remember this great option.


IMG 8865IMG 8866

  • Sam’s Club: 40oz/$12.98; 16oz/$5.19
  • Grocery store: 16oz/$6.17 blue diamond

The difference in price of almonds from Sam’s and the grocery store adds up quickly if almonds are your go-to snack. Almonds are nice to have on hand. nut you can throw in a salad, stir-fry meals, and even ground up for protein bites.

Popcorn – Skinny Pop 100 calorie bags

IMG 8868IMG 8869

  • Sam’s Club: 36pack/12.98; 6pack/$2.16
  • Grocery store: 6pack/$5.13

This are a fun snack to crunch on and much better priced at Sam’s than at most grocery stores – about half grocery store price!

Do you have a favorite food item you like getting at Sam’s Club that’s not listed above? Let us know in the comments below!