200+ Creative Italian Restaurant Names W/ Name Tips

Last modified on June 3rd, 2022 at 1:36 pm

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular food types in the United States. In fact, according to National Geographic, out of 800,000 total restaurants in the U.S., a full 100,000 specialize in Italian food. In many ways, this cuisine has become as American as apple pie.

While this level of popularity is great, it can present some challenges for proprietors of Italian restaurants. If you own one of 8 or 10 Italian restaurants in your town, how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? Beyond offering great food and outstanding service, one way to achieve that goal is by picking a truly creative name.

At Budget Branders, we understand both the good and the bad of running your own business.

Our goal is to help our clients increase sales through marketing with custom-branded cups, bowls, bags, and more. Once you have your great restaurant name, we’ll help you make it known in your community with our high quality disposable products. 

Ready to get started? Check out our guide to the best Italian restaurant names!

Why Is Having a Great Restaurant Name Important?

When you decided to open your own restaurant, its name may have been an afterthought. With so much else on your plate – like picking a menu, finding the right space for your establishment, and figuring out how to pay for it all – you may have been tempted to just pick something easy. For example, if you come from an Italian-American family, you may have decided to just name your restaurant after your family name or even your grandma. 

There is nothing wrong with this – and there is actually a lot of benefit to naming your restaurant after yourself or your family! Famed Italian chef Lidia Bastianich named a number of her restaurants after herself, which was a great way to take advantage of her fame as a television star. Using a family name also allows you to tell a story, which can be compelling for guests.

But there are certain benefits to choosing a unique name. Not only will it help you stand out from a crowd, but it is often more memorable for guests. Having a fun or cool restaurant name can also play a role in marketing, allowing you to play around with colors, logos, and even your slogan.

So how exactly do you choose a unique restaurant name for your Italian joint? Below, we have come up with a list of more than 200 creative names for Italian restaurants. They should help you start to think outside of the box so that you can choose a name that truly reflects your mission and values as a business.

200+ Creative Italian Restaurant Names 

Pun-Based Names for Italian Restaurants

One of the easiest ways to make an impact is with a well-timed pun. A clever play on words will make customers remember your restaurant’s name – and can be a great way to advertise your business!

  1. Tirami-Su

  2. Pizza My Heart

  3. Cheesy Does It

  4. The Dairy Godmother

  5. The Great Impasta

  6. Basic Kneads Pizza

  7. Wisepies

  8. Bread Zeppelin

  9. Pastabilities 

  10. Planet of the Grapes

  11. Meat & Greet

  12. Rasta Pasta

  13. The Cal Zone

  14. TinyTalian

  15. The Sunday Sauce

  16. Ragu for You

  17. Al Dente

  18. Fatti a Mano

  19. The Pope’s Pantry

  20. In Vino Veritas

  21. Pizza You

Pop Culture Based Names for Italian Restaurants

Italian culture is huge in our cultural landscape, from Rocky to the Godfather to the Soprano’s. If you’re a fan of a particular movie, TV show, or book, why not translate it to your restaurant? It’s a great way to build a theme – and to attract potential customers!

  1. The Italian Stallion

  2. Afternoon Delight

  3. That’s A Spicy Meatball

  4. That’s Amore Pasta

  5. Tony’s Restaurant

  6. Mystic Pizza

  7. Gino’s Cafe

  8. Sal’s Famous Pizzeria

  9. Salerno’s Restaurant

  10. Adrian’s

  11. Soprano’s Italian Eatery

  12. Louie’s Restaurant

  13. Alcapone’s

  14. The Godfather Restaurant

  15. Casa Nostra

  16. Mamma Mia Trattoria

  17. Earth, Wind, & Flour

  18. Power Puff Pasta

  19. Carmine’s Pasta and More

  20. Vito’s Pizzeria

  21. The Codfather

  22. Anthony and Cleopatra’s

  23. Caesar’s Ghost

  24. Goodfella’s Pizza

  25. L’Ultima Cena

Funny Names for Italian Restaurants

Making people laugh is always a good thing (as long as they aren’t laughing at your food!). If you can give people a chuckle when they see your restaurant’s name, that can be a great way to increase name recognition. It is also a good way to get customers to check in or tag your restaurant on social media, which is a tremendous source of free advertising for most businesses.

  1. The P’sghetti Bar

  2. House of Carbs

  3. American Pie

  4. Dishy Pizza

  5. Garlic, Garlic, & More Garlic

  6. Saucy Girls

  7. Lucifer’s Pizza

  8. Eat Some Ziti!

  9. Incognito Bistro

  10. The Crispy Crust

  11. Crazy about Calories

  12. Live to Eat

  13. Skinny Cooks Can’t Be Trusted

  14. Ti Amo, Pizza!

  15. Meet the Sauces

  16. The Baked Italian

  17. The Tipsy Italian

Catchy Italian Restaurant Names

Don’t want a punny or pop culture name for your Italian restaurant? You can still take advantage of these catchy names that will almost certainly stick in patrons’ minds – and stay top of mind when they’re deciding where to eat.

  1. Pizza Perfection

  2. Slice of Italy

  3. Pizza Squad

  4. Insta Italy

  5. The Italian Affair

  6. Bella Italia

  7. House of Pasta

  8. Capri Café

  9. Pasta Romance

  10. An Italian Affair

  11. The Pasta Queen

  12. Pasta Bella

  13. The Italian Oven

  14. Pasta-Roni

  15. Lasagna Hut

  16. Fettuccine Delight

  17. The Spaghetti Shack

  18. Anchovy and Meatballs

  19. Restaurant Roma

  20. Tuscan Oven

  21. The Organic Pasta Co.

  22. Delightfully Italian

  23. Made in Italy

  24. Spaghetti Warehouse

  25. Bella Luna

  26. Spaghetti Speciality 

  27. Ciao! Caboose

  28. Italia Mania

  29. The Quick Bolognese

  30. Pizza Passport

  31. The Pasta People

  32. Wine Me, Dine Me

  33. The Tasty Tortellini

  34. Ziti the Great

  35. Pizza Pazza 

  36. The Sardinian Sage

  37. Bella Bella

  38. Primi Piatti

  39. The Tuscan Tomato

  40. The Main Macaroni

  41. Pasta Villa

  42. Pipin’ Hot Pizza

  43. Pizza Mania

  44. Fresco del Forno

  45. Bruschetta’s

  46. Salami Bonanza

  47. Neapolitan Nights

Food-Based Italian Restaurant Names

Italian food uses a number of core ingredients that most people absolutely adore (onions, garlic, and tomatoes, anyone?). Play off of this love with a name based on the type of food that you serve, and you can create great associations in your customers’ minds.

  1. Cacio e Pepe

  2. The Lasagna Lowdown

  3. Penne The Pie

  4. Zesty Pesto Italian Restaurant

  5. Basil and Olives

  6. Bella Oregano

  7. Penne Magic

  8. Noodle Nation

  9. Oregano’s

  10. Mozzarella Meals

  11. Little Macaroni

  12. Hot Tomatoes

  13. Ribollita

  14. Pappardelle’s

  15. Penne with a Twist

  16. The Butcher’s Ragu

  17. The Saucy Affair

  18. Asiago Italian

  19. Luigi’s Lasagne

  20. Rigatoni Flavors

  21. On the Grapevine

  22. Spaghetti & Meatballs

  23. Sale e Pepe

  24. Formaggio e Vino

  25. Romano’s Pasto

  26. Terra & Mare

  27. Aroma Italiano

  28. Bella Mozzarella

  29. Penne with a Twist

  30. The Pasta Emporium

  31. Basil & Thyme

  32. Bubbling Pizza

  33. Truffled Up

  34. The Sunday Gravy Spot

  35. Anchovy and Meatballs

  36. Tomatoes with a Twist

  37. La Torta del Topo

  38. Paninaro

  39. Dolce

  40. Uptown Olive

  41. The Herbed Olive

  42. Presto Pomodoro

  43. Garlic & Love

Fancy Italian Restaurant Names

If your restaurant is more of a white tablecloth type of place, then you may want to go a little more formal. The good news? Almost any name sounds fancier if you translate it to Italian. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Al Prato

  2. Da Nella

  3. Molto Italiano 

  4. Al Postiglione

  5. Zafferano

  6. Primavera

  7. Castello di Saraceno

  8. Casa Oliva

  9. La Villetta

  10. La Fazenda

  11. Ristorante L’Oso

  12. La Bulesca

  13. Tarantola

  14. Giorgione Alla Villa

  15. Sapori

  16. Palazzina

  17. Il Messaggero

  18. Gustamente

  19. Civita Nova

  20. Il Latini

  21. La Terrazze

  22. Del Borgo

  23. Il Portico

  24. Osteria La Rocca

  25. Basilico

  26. Novelli

  27. Bravo

  28. Mangia Tutto

  29. Gran Quadri

  30. Della Porta

  31. Vecchia Roma

  32. Aglio

  33. Papa Razzi

  34. Gregorio de Ferrari

  35. La Macina

  36. Da Zero

  37. Gandolfi

  38. Bonsignori

  39. Clemente da Urbino

  40. Il Riccio

  41. Mantegazza

  42. Bellini

  43. Spinelli

  44. Baldovinetti

  45. Toscanini

  46. Busoni

  47. Cosimo

  48. Caldo del Forno

  49. Asiago Italian

  50. Asti Olives Italian Cuisine

  51. La Dolce Vita

  52. Aglio Olio

Want to Come Up with a Cool Restaurant Name of Your Own? We Have a Tool for That!

Now that you have some examples of creative Italian restaurant names, it is time to develop a name for your own place. Even with these lists as a starting point, it can be hard to come up with a name that is both memorable and unique. To help you along the way, we created a free restaurant name generator.

To use the generator, just input your location, name, cuisine type, and a signature dish. Then click the button and let the software do its magic! You can generate as many names as you would like until you find the perfect name for your Italian restaurant.

Already Picked Your Restaurant Name? Give Budget Branders a Call!

Whether you have a long-standing name for your restaurant or just came up with something new and exciting, one of the best ways to market your business is by using custom-printed disposable products. If you’re already using cups, bowls, and bags for your restaurant, adding your name and logo can increase your reach. Each time that your customers get take-out or take something home with them, they’ll be carrying around an advertisement for your restaurant – at little added cost to you!

Budget Branders understands the pressure that many restaurant owners face on a daily basis. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, it can be challenging to stay profitable in such a competitive market. We offer a full range of custom branded disposable products for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops at prices and in quantities that make sense for independently-owned businesses.

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