21 Healthy Snacks for Movie Night In (or Hiding in Your Bag)

Find that happy medium with these 21 movie snacks. Some are easy to sneak into the theater (don’t worry, we won’t tell), and others are perfect for at-home binge-watching sessions, but all of them will earn rave reviews.

Snacks are as crucial a component of movie night as what you’re watching, whether you’re at the theater or staying in. We take our movie munchies seriously, which means ditching concession stand grub like fake-butter popcorn and sugar-saturated slushies. But we also don’t want to settle for plain fruit or a boring bowl of nuts.

Tacos may not be the most practical movie night dish (it’s hard to keep your eyes on the screen when you’re making sure the filling isn’t slipping out). But now you can get all the flavors without the fuss in these easier-to-handle cups. The crispy wontons do a great job of holding the meat without spillage, so you get to enjoy the film and your food.

Popcorn meets chicken nuggets meets tater tots in these baked-not-fried tofu bites—so basically, they’re the perfect finger food. No air fryer? No problem. The blogger thoughtfully includes instructions for how to make these babies in the oven for similar results.

For a nutritious switch-up, try pairing your guacamole with baked sweet potato rounds instead of tortilla chips. A dollop of the avocado mix goes right on top of each slice, saving you the trouble of scooping.

It never fails to surprise us just how versatile chickpeas are—when roasted, they can substitute as a higher-protein alternative to popcorn. Here, they’re dusted with fragrant spices such as paprika, chili, and turmeric. But feel free to throw on any of your favorite popcorn flavorings—even sweet ones work.

Nachos are a necessity no matter which movie or TV show you’re watching—who doesn’t love digging into a plate of cheese and avocado-topped chips? This vegan-friendly one adds a scattering of spiced black beans for some meatiness and protein. (This is strictly for at-home movie nights, but we bet you probably already knew that.)

If your mall movie theater ritual inevitably includes a pit stop at Auntie Annie’s, we don’t blame you (who can resist the buttery aroma coming out of that place?!). Get the same flavors with a fraction of the fat with this easy homemade recipe, which allows you to customize the flavorings. Don’t worry if your “pretzel shape” looks nothing like it’s supposed to; you’re going for taste here.

Spicy from the Sriracha and tangy from the ranch seasoning, this popcorn is seriously delicious. And instead of endless streams of that weird, butter-flavored oil used at the theater, this recipe goes for just two tablespoons of the real stuff for the ideal amount of richness.

Beets can be a polarizing vegetable—people either love or despise them. But dust some slices with your favorite spices and bake them to a chip-like crisp, and they’ll get a unanimous four-star rating.

Pizza is one of the best foods for movie night, but if you aren’t hungry enough for a full pie, these puffs are your answer. They manage to be cheesy, meaty, and still incredibly light all at the same time, and baking them in mini muffin tins makes the process super easy (plus, allows for portion control).

Edamame is so much more than a boiled and salted appetizer here. Jazzed up with garlic powder and Parmesan, they get addictively crispy, and the cheese helps the beans stick together to form popcorn-like clusters.

Even people who say they hate kale will love these kale chips. How could they not? With onion powder, cheesy nutritional yeast, and a hint of spice from chili powder, these practically taste like Pringles.