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There are lots of new snacks appearing across Walt Disney World each year. There are also lots of well established and classic snacks to try as well during your Disney World vacation.

I thought I would compile a list of some of the Disney World Snacks to try in 2022. Below you will find a selection of 22 snacks and drinks to look out for during your Disney World vacation that we recommend trying.

Let’s jump into 22 tasty Disney World Snacks and Drinks

1. Rum Blossom 

Location: Pongu Pongu (Pandora at Animal Kingdom)

This colorful alcoholic beverage is really tasty and looks great. Made up of Bacardi Superior Rum with layers of apple and desert pear limeade it makes for sweet and tasty drink with a bit of a kick from the rum. It also has passion fruit boba balls to pop too.

Rum Blossom - Disney World Snacks

2. Breakfast Bowl

Location: Woody’s Lunchbox (Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios)

Cheat alert to start this list. This is more of a meal option than a snack but it is such a great quick option to start a day at Hollywood Studios that I really wanted to mention it. This breakfast bowl has Potato Barrels smothered in Smoked Brisket Country Gravy, Scrambled Eggs and a sprinkling of Green Onions and it is really tasty. Woody’s Lunchbox is a great place to stop first thing in the morning for a bite to eat so I felt the Breakfast Bowl deserved a mention.

Breakfast Bowl at Woody's Lunchbox

3. Batuu Bites

Location: Oga’s Cantina (Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios)

If you make a reservation for Oga’s Cantina (you can find our full review here) make sure you try the Batuu Bites. These are a delicious selection of vegetable chips with dip and we enjoyed so much on our last visit. Don’t be fooled by their odd appearance because once you start eating them you just won’t stop until they are all gone.

Batuu Bites - Disney World Snacks

4.Blue Milk

Location: Milk Stand (Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios)

Any true Star Wars fan wants to try blue milk just like Luke Skywalker and you can do so during your Disney World vacation by visiting the milk stand at Galaxy’s Edge. You can have an alcoholic or non alcoholic version of this drink but my best description of the taste would be to say that it tastes very similar to a Pina Colada.

Blue milk - Disney World Snacks

The official description of the blue milk is a plant based blend of coconut and rice milk with the alcoholic version having Bacardi Rum added.

Location Neigborhood Bakery (Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios)

This good sized warm and crunchy cookie is delicious and it also has melted chocolate chips inside it too. I was really looking forward to trying this for the first time on our recent vacation and the Nom Nom Cookie didn’t disappoint at all. If you love a cookie this needs to be on your Disney World snacks list for 2022.

Nom Nom Cookie - Disney World Snacks

6. Mickey Pretzel

Location: Various food stands across all the Disney World parks

Another classic that has been around for years at Disney World but sometimes you just need a Mickey Pretzel with a tub of that cheese sauce. Salty, filling and cheesy these are great after a few alcoholic drinks (especially after visiting World Showcase) but they do make for a great Disney World snack. If you haven’t tried make sure you do on your next trip to DisneyWorld.

Mickey Pretzel - Disney World Snacks

Tip: sometimes right at the end of the day just before the park closes they will give these away for free (or as the cast members say: it’s on the Mouse).

7. Artisan Cotton Candy from China

Location: Lotus House (The China Pavilion at Epcot)

These are such beautiful looking Disney World snacks that you have to try one and see it get made as you wait. Yes it is just a big cotton candy but who doesn’t enjoy some cotton candy once in a while. You will find the kiosk at the back of the Lotus House at the China Pavilion on World Showcase.

Artisan Cotton Candy

8. Waffle Sandwiches

Location: Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square (Magic Kingdom)

We really like Sleepy Hollow at Magic Kingdom. It is in a great location for a quick stop for a snack and a drink and we often stop here in the morning having hit rope drop first to enjoy some rides. My pick here would be the waffle sandwiches. You have quite a few options and can go sweet or savory with such choices as:

Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich

served with Ham and Tomatoes (served until 12 pm) 

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

served with Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread 

Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

served with House-made Chips 

Sleepy Hollow Disney World Snacks

9. Mickey Waffles (Sleepy Hollow)

Location: Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square (Magic Kingdom)

Along with waffle sandwiches you can also get Mickey Waffles at Sleepy Hollow too. These are a big favorite with Claire and the children. You can get one with just powdered sugar or you can go for the Mickey Waffle served with strawberries and whipped cream. A delicious selection of sweet Disney World snacks to try.

10. Dole Whip Float

Location: Aloha Isle in Adventureland (Magic Kingdom)

Now this is definitely a Disney World classic but it is such a refreshing treat to enjoy on a very hot day at Magic Kingdom. The combination of the Dole pineapple soft serve along with the pineapple juice makes the Dole Whip float a must have snack during a Disney World vacation.

Dole Whip Floats

11. Wonderland Slush

Location: Cheshire Cat Cafe in Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom)

Our daughter loves a slush drink so she had to try this on our recent Disney World trip and she loved it. The wonderland slush is made up of frozen Minute Maid raspberry lemonade and frozen Fanta Grape and to top it off it’s served with a hard strawberry candy straw. There are lots of slush drink options across the Disney parks but this is the one to try on your Disney World vacation.

Wonderland Slush - Disney World Snacks

12. Mickey Cinnamon Roll

Location: Creature Comforts (Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom)

And sometimes the Starbucks across the Disney World parks (you can find our Disney World Starbucks guide here)

We love having a cinnamon roll when we are at Disney World. They can be a great quick breakfast snack with a coffee to start a day but our favorite has to be the big Mickey Cinnamon Roll that you find at the Creature Comforts Starbucks at Animal Kingdom. You can easily share a Mickey Cinnamon Roll with another person. Definitely consider trying one of these to start your day with when visiting Animal Kingdom.

You will also find seasonal Mickey Cinnamon Rolls during the year just like the Christmas one pictured below.

Mickey Cinnamon Roll

Location: Across various locations across the Disney World Parks

Our kids love the sugar cookies at Disney World, especially our son. They are fairly plain (our son isn’t very adventurous yet when it comes to food) but they are sweet and tasty and throughout the year you can get seasonally designed sugar cookies. On our last visit there was

Disney World Seasonal Sugar Cookie

14. Character Candy Apples

Location: Across various locations across the Disney World Parks (but try the Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom and Goofy’s Candy Company at Disney Springs)

A fantastic looking sweet treat and snack to try at Disney World in 2022 is the fantastically designed candy apples. You will find them in various designs and it can be fascinating to watch them get made by the cast members at the Main Street Confectionary and Goofy’s Candy Company at Disney Springs. A popular snack with the children.

Disney World Character Candy Apple Snacks

15. Seasonal and Character Cupcakes

Location: Starbucks across the Disney World parks (you can find our Disney World Starbucks guide here)

There are some great seasonal cupcakes that come out throughout the year at Disney World that make for nice snacks. You will also find a lot of nice character designed cupcakes too at the parks. We saw some great Christmas cupcakes during our last vacation and you will see lots of lovely looking cupcakes everywhere. They are at the resorts, the parks and at Disney Springs and you will find lots of tasty variations with different flavors and fillings.

Disney World cupcakes

16. Mickey Donut

Location: The Main Street Bakery and the Cheshire Cat Cafe (Magic Kingdom)

We love donuts and we love Mickey! The Mickey donuts available at Magic Kingdom are large and make for a great snack to share with someone. Somedays you just can’t beat a coffee and a donut at the start of a day at Magic Kingdom.

17. Mo’ara High Country Ale

Location: Pongu Pongu (Pandora at Animal Kingdom)

If like me you enjoy an amber ale when exploring the parks then give the Mo’ara High Country Ale a try when you are in Pandora. This ale has a decent body to it and I found it to be quite refreshing in the Florida Sun. It does have quite a malty flavor but I quite liked that.

Mo'ara High Country Ale

18. Pulled Pork Fries

Location: Flame Tree Barbecue (Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom)

These French Fries covered with Pulled pork and Cheese are a snack that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Animal Kingdom. Disney fries covered with a generous helping of pulled pork and melted cheese is a very satisfying combination. A very tasty savoury snack.

Pulled Pork Fries

19. A Pastry or Cake at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Location: Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (The France Pavilion at Epcot World Showcase)

I’m going to cheat and put a whole selection of pastries and cakes as one choice! There is so much to choose from at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie that makes it great stop when at World Showcase for a snack and a drink.

Disney World snacks at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

20. A Rice Krispie Treat – Large or Small?

Location: Throughout Walt Disney World Parks

A Rice Krispie Treat Snack

These can be a great pick for younger children and can be found throughout the Disney World parks. Often found on a lollipop stick and in a Mickey Mouse shape they can be a great sweet treat for little ones that have simpler tastes. You can also find giant rice Krispy treats in the Main Street Confectionery if you want to share one with all your family.

Large Rice Krispie Treat snacks at Disney World

21. The Holiday Sandwich

Location: Earl of Sandwich (Disney Springs)

I absolutely love the Holiday Turkey Sandwich which you can Earl of Sandwich. This delicious sandwich has turkey, stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise. This can be a great stop gap between breakfast and dinner or just a delicious snack. I always get one of these at Disney Springs.

The Holiday Sandwich from Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs

22. Mammoth Pecan Pattie

Location: The Main Street Confectionery

I love these huge pecan patties that are covered in chocolate. On more than one occasion I have stood on Main Street with one of these and a hot coffee waiting for the evening fireworks to begin. If you love pecan sweet treats and are feeling hungry in Magic Kingdom then pop into the Main Street Confectionary and try one of these. I have one at least once during a Disney World vacation. They are a big yummy Disney World snack you have to try.

Mammoth Pecan Pattie snack

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