22 free or affordable online finance courses from top schools like Yale and UPenn’s Wharton School

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  • Whether you want to pay off debt or get better at investing, these online finance courses can help.
  • The classes are offered by top universities such as MIT, UPenn’s Wharton, Yale, Columbia, and more.
  • Topics range from investment banking and quantitative modeling to personal finance.

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Whether you’re looking to pivot to a career in finance, or just want to build a more sustainable savings account, it always helps to learn from the pros. 

Thankfully, there are seemingly infinite finance courses you can take online — including ones that are completely free. Some are from top schools like MIT, UPenn’s Wharton, Yale, Columbia, and the University of Michigan; others are taught by experts and coaches who can speak to common financial concerns (such as credit card debt). 

Many of these courses are free to audit (meaning you won’t get certification upon completion), with certificates ranging from $49 to $2,025, depending on the school or program.

22 free or affordable online finance classes: