24 Hour Restaurants in San Jose, California

Night owls looking for some good eats in the heart of the Silicon Valley can hit all-night restaurants in San Jose to satisfy those cravings for burgers and fried foods, middle-of-the-night breakfasts or milkshakes. Some all-night diners double as nightclubs with musical acts, so diners never have to leave the party behind.

Cardinal Coffee Shop and Lounge

Those looking to get more than a few bar snacks in the wee hours should head to the 24/7 Cardinal Coffee Shop (thecardinalcoffeeshop.com). With a colossal menu of classic American breakfasts, salads, pasta, burgers, steaks, seafood, desserts and anything else you might want to throw down the hatch at 4 in the morning, Cardinal is a true American diner. With live music, alcohol and karaoke, you might want to make this your first and last stop of the evening.