24 Hours To Hell & Back S:2 Vasi’s Restaurant and Bar E:3 Review by The Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell and Back Podcast

We head out to Tom’s River New Jersey to fix up Caneda’s White Rooster – a failing Cuban restaurant. First time owner Patty Caneda has surrounded herself with an inexperienced staff and an interior that is decidedly not Cuban. The staff sees Patty as more of a mother/friend than an attentive boss. Gordon goes into the kitchen where all sorts of nastiness about – old rotting food, dirty stove, and a horrific walk-in are not helping the restaurant get on the right track. Gordon works with Phil, the Executive Chef, on the truck to teach him some new skills and reignite his passion. Midway through the renovation Patty hates the colors Gordon’s team are using to infuse her restaurant with some Cuban flair. We then find out about Patty’s difficult past – her husband left her on their anniversary and she had to sell much of what she had to buy simple necessities for her and her kids. Surprise – the renovation actually make’s Patty’s Cuban restaurant look Cuban and of course she loves the change. Gordon has also upgraded the back of the house with new kitchen equipment. Although service was rough, Patty and her investor reaffirm their mutual commitment to their partnership and agree to run the restaurant for another 90 days to implement the new changes. Hopefully it goes well!

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Mike Thieling, Saba Hailemariam

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