25 Easiest Low Prep Obstacle Courses for Kids

Obstacle Courses For Kids
Obstacle Courses For Kids
Obstacle Courses For Kids
Obstacle Courses For Kids
Obstacle Courses For Kids
Obstacle Courses For Kids
Obstacle Courses For Kids
Obstacle Courses For Kids

Find some ideas how to organize the best obstacle courses for kids that will keep them occupied for hours!

Lately, my kids love a more challenging play time. They have been asking me to set up and prepare obstacle course.

7 images of low prec obstacle courses.
7 images of low prec obstacle courses.

I think obstacle courses are great for kids. They encourage thinking and problem solving. Also most of the obstacle courses require lots of physical movement which is so hard to achieve these days.

I've searched and re-searched for obstacle courses for kids that require low prep, but bring most fun for kids! 

25 Obstacle Courses for Kids

Using balloons, pool noodles and lots of water, this obstacle course is perfect for all ages!

Kids love to pretend as spies or as action characters. Start their training by creating your very own Spy training camp!

Using your garden planters and house buckets, you can build the easiest obstacle course ever!

Your kids would definitely enjoy an obstacle course themed birthday party and it might be the best birthday party they would ever have!

If you have lots of stuffed animals at home, stored somewhere in the attic, this is the right time to bring it all out!

Nothing beats a family activity, so make it more exciting by assembling your own obstacle course!

Using only a box of colored chalks, you can create your own obstacle course even without a backyard!


If you're looking just to be told an ACTIVITY TO DO EACH DAY — what you need and how to do it — join The Activity Room. It's structured like a meal planning service — but with activities.
It's geared towards 2-5 year olds.

Young girl playing with a toy in activity room.
Young girl playing with a toy in activity room.


Toddlers love crawling, don't they? It's time for the little ones to have their own obstacle course!

Using a pack of balloons, make your next obstacle course activity more fun!

If you are looking to create your own obstacle course, check out this easy instructions and customize your obstacle course!

If your children are still too young to accomplish complex obstacle courses yet, try out this custom obstacle course for young kids!

Fun Ideas For Kids

Interconnected pipes are one of the best materials to use for any outdoor activity, especially for creating your own obstacle course!

One of the best things about an obstacle course is that you can put any activity in it. Try out this homemade DIY Cavaletti!

No time to go on a quick beach getaway? Try out this pool themed obstacle course using your own pool noodles, pipes and a small inflatable pool!

A ball of yarn can go a long way to give your kids a more exciting day!

With your pool noodles hanging around your house after the summer getaway, you can still use it for this awesome obstacle course.

Not all obstacle courses are dad approved, it is actually a lot more fun and advanced if Dads approve it! So check everything first, before you let them do it.

Indoor Obstacle Courses

You don't need a lot of materials to do this. Just look around your home for toys that can be used for every station for the obstacle course.

Bunch of obstacle course sheets spreaded on the floor in a house
Bunch of obstacle course sheets spreaded on the floor in a house

Source: Toddler Approved

Another indoor obstacle course to help your kids to memorize the shapes easily!

For indoor plans during the school days, surprise them with train tracks all around your home!

For your future long weekend plans, start it with a tiring yet fun activity like this morning obstacle course!

An indoor obstacle course to enhance your children's motor skills!

If summer is over and you are still craving for obstacle courses, you can always do it indoors!

If there is an outdoor Spy training course, this indoor Spy obstacle course is much easier to do!

Using a deck of cards and a couple of strings, you can have an indoor obstacle course to make your weekends more exciting!

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