25 Best Walmart Appetizers For Your Super Bowl 2022 Party

Whether you’re in it for the game, the commercials, or the halftime show, the Super Bowl is a great time to gather with friends… and eat some really good food. If you’re hosting, don’t bother making an actual meal. Not when the best Walmart appetizers for your Super Bowl party are just as crowd-pleasing and way easier to get on the table.

The big game will take place on Sunday, Feb. 13 at 6:30 p.m. (EST) and air live on NBC, according to NBC Sports. The game is taking place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles this year, with superstar performers Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar taking the stage for the halftime show. To celebrate the occasion, there are a lot of ways you can go with your party’s snack spread with traditional football-watching finger foods like potato skins, chips and dip, and chicken wings.

There’s no need to stress out about the food though, because you can get everything you need (and then some) at your local Walmart. They have a huge selection of appetizers so you can be sure your guests won’t go hungry. Even better, there are tons of options for easy-to-make apps, so you can spend your time enjoying the game and not cooking in the kitchen.

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Chicken Wings

TGI Friday's Honey BBQ Chicken Wings from Walmart

Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

TGI Fridays

Chicken wings are a staple football food, so it’s a good idea stock up ahead of the 2022 Super Bowl. Walmart has tons of different options including fresh, frozen, bone-in, and boneless. You can also get them in a variety of flavors like classic buffalo, honey barbecue, garlic parmesan, and extra spicy.

These frozen chicken wings by TGI Fridays are pre-cooked, and come out super crispy, just like they would if you were dining at the restaurant. Just pop them in the oven, coat them with the included sauce, and serve them alongside some ranch or blue cheese dressing for dipping.


Pigs In A Blanket

Beef Franks in a Blanket

Beef Franks in a Blanket

Hebrew National

It’s so easy to grab a pig in a blanket and snack in between plays. (Or commercials, you do you.) But when it comes to making them yourself, the process of rolling out dough and wrapping each miniature hot dog individually can be tedious. With these frozen beef franks in puff pastry from Hebrew National, all you have to do is bake them in the oven until the puff pastry is golden brown. If you want to get really fancy though, you can opt to put a toothpick in each one.

You get 32 frozen beef franks in this box, which is plenty for most Super Bowl gatherings. But if you’re planning a get together with more than a handful of hungry football fans, you might want to snag two, just in case.


Grab & Go Tacos

Beef & Cheddar Rolled Tacos

Beef & Cheddar Rolled Tacos


If you want, you can set up a “make your own taco” bar for your Super Bowl snacking pleasure. It’s a crowd-pleaser, for sure, but you can also just go the easy route and pop a box of frozen rolled tacos (you may also call them taquitos) in the oven so you can get back to watching the game sooner.

This box of Delimex frozen rolled tacos comes with 23 individual servings, so they’re great for larger gatherings. Each taquito is filled with beef and cheddar cheese and just require a little baking time before they’re ready for guests. Serve with some salsa, queso, or guacamole for dipping.


Cheeseburger Sliders

Great Value cheeseburger sliders from Walmart for your Super Bowl party.

Cheeseburger Sliders

Great Value

Sliders are so much better than traditional burgers or full-sized sandwiches for Super Bowl parties because they’re basically bite-sized. If you don’t want to cook up your own patties and man a grill all night, Walmart’s Great Value brand has several different options for sliders including these miniature cheeseburger sliders.

Each slider includes a flame-broiled beef patty, slice of American cheese, and chopped onion on a soft bun. They come fully cooked, so you can actually heat them up right in the microwave if you want and save some of your precious oven space for all of your other delicious party apps.


Mozzarella Sticks

Sam's Choice frozen mozzarella sticks for Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart.

Mozzarella & Asiago Cheese Sticks

Sam’s Choice

It’s smart to include some vegetarian options in your Super Bowl appetizer spread, and these Sam’s Choice mozzarella sticks are a top-notch choice. Instead of just your basic cheese stick app, these are more of a “grown-up” version because they’re filled with a blend of three Italian cheeses: mozzarella, asiago, and parmesan. The breading is made from Panko bread crumbs with a dusting of black pepper that crisps up when you bake a batch. Each box comes with about 14 to 16 cheese sticks that are ready to serve your party guests after about 10 minutes in the oven.


Loaded Potato Skins

Cheddar and bacon loaded potato skins by TGI Friday's for a Walmart Super Bowl appetizer.

Cheddar & Bacon Loaded Potato Skins

TGI Fridays

Bacon, potatoes, cheese… you really can’t go wrong with these little indulgences. They’re especially great for football snacking. TGI Fridays Loaded Potato Skins are filled with crispy applewood smoked bacon and a hearty dose of cheddar cheese in each little potato skin boat.

After 18 minutes of baking, these potato skins come out piping hot, so you’ll want to let them cool for a little before serving. Each box includes approximately four and a half servings, so if you’re planning to feed a whole crowd for the big game, you might want to grab more than one box.


Chips & Salsa

Black Bean & Corn Medium Salsa

Black Bean & Corn Medium Salsa

Newman’s Own

Chips and salsa are a classic party snack that’s so great to enjoy while watching football. You can go any number of ways with your salsa selection, from traditional restaurant style, to one with a fruit flavor, or this black bean and corn blend from Newman’s Own. It’s a hearty salsa with a medium heat level that’s really filling, so one jar can go a long way to feed a crowd. Even better, you don’t have to do anything to prepare this snack, just open the jar and a bag of tortilla chips and it’s totally ready to devour on Super Bowl Sunday.


Pizza Rolls

Totino's pizza rolls are a great Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart.

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls


Unless you order way ahead of time, delivery pizza typically takes forever on a day like Super Bowl Sunday, but these pizza rolls can be ready to snack on in just about 15 minutes! Pepperoni is clearly the classic Totino’s flavor you know and love (which means your party guests will, too) but they also come in a variety of other flavors like triple meat, cheese, and combination.

This bag of pizza rolls from Walmart comes with 100 rolls, so it’s the perfect size if you plan to host a Super Bowl Party. Plus, you can even make them in your air fryer to save oven space for all of your other game day appetizers.


Buffalo Chicken Dip

Marketside Buffalo chicken dip is a tasty Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart.

Buffalo Chicken Dip


Another tasty dip option to consider for your Super Bowl snack spread is buffalo chicken dip. It’s a hearty dip that’s really filling, which makes it a great choice for a hungry game day crowd. Made with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, celery, and buffalo sauce blended with shredded rotisserie chicken breast, this is a great alternative to serving a platter of messy buffalo wings.

You can use fresh veggies like celery or carrot sticks for dipping or opt for pita chips or tortilla chips. The best part is that if you were already planning to have some sort of chips and vegetables out anyway, all you need to do is grab a container of dip, pop it open, and you’re ready to snack.


Veggie Tray & Dip

Litehouse veggie tray with ranch dip is a Super Bowl appetizer option from Walmart.

Vegetable Tray With Ranch Dip


Having a veggie tray at your Super Bowl party allows guests the option to balance out their snacks a little, or at least pair their hot wings with some celery and ranch. (I mean, as fun as it is to eat solely oven-baked junk food all day, some people really do want healthier choices.) You could pick up the individual veggies you want in the produce section of your grocery store and grab a container of ranch to go with it, but that takes so much time. Instead, just get one of these pre-made Litehouse vegetable trays from Walmart that comes with everything you need.


Sweet Potato Fries

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries are a Super Bowl snack from Walmart to make.

Sweet Potato Fries With Sea Salt


Fries, whether regular or sweet potato, are always a crowd favorite and taste especially good as a side dish with things like sliders, wings, and basically every classic football snack you want to make for the Super Bowl. These sweet and savory sweet potato fries are super easy to toss in the oven (or even the air fryer if you want them extra crispy) and then serve while the game is on. Plus, they’re a healthy-ish addition to your spread with zero grams of trans fat and certified non-GMO. Just sit back and watch them get devoured.


Crispy Onion Rings

Red Robin onion rings are a Super Bowl snack from Walmart.

Onion Rings

Red Robin

Onion rings are another great snack choice which pairs nicely with a cold beer while you’re watching the big game. These crispy onion rings by Red Robin are made from large, cut onions (as opposed to onion pieces) and are seasoned with the restaurant’s “signature blend.”

They’re made to come out crispy so you can bake them in the oven without worry they’ll be soggy. They’re as close to restaurant-quality as you can get without actually ordering from Red Robin and perfect for game day snacking. Serve them alongside sliders or wings, or just enjoy them on their own with some ketchup — you really can’t go wrong either way.


Jalapeño Pepper Bites

Farm Rich jalapeno poppers are a great Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart.

Breaded Jalapeno Poppers

Farm Rich

These little apps come with a kick, thanks to their jalapeño pepper base. (Don’t worry though — they claim to be mild.) Farm Rich poppers from Walmart are made like the restaurant-style appetizer with a rich, real cream cheese filling that gets all melty and gooey when you pop them in the oven.

The bite-sized poppers can be baked in about 10 minutes, but you will need to flip them over about halfway through to get them nice and crispy. One 18-ounce package comes with approximately 12 poppers, so it’s perfect for adding to your snack spread this Super Bowl Sunday.


Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Marketside spinach and artichoke dip is a Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip


Spinach or spinach and artichoke dips are delicious paired with pretzels, potato chips, tortilla chips, or pita chips. You can even dip fresh veggies like broccoli and cauliflower in it if you want a healthier snack option. This pre-made spinach and artichoke dip can be found in your local Walmart’s deli section.

It’s super tasty served hot or cold, so you can heat it up in the microwave or on the stovetop or just serve it straight from the fridge. The choice really depends on exactly how much work you want to put into the app’s preparation ahead of your Super Bowl gathering.


Mini Crab Cakes

Frozen mini crab cakes from Walmart are a tasty Super Bowl appetizer.

Frozen Mini Crab Cakes

Great Value

Crab cakes aren’t a traditional football food, but they’re definitely a delicious appetizer and easy to grab and enjoy on game day. Even if you’re not planning to feed anyone but your immediate family on Super Bowl Sunday, these are a tasty appetizer that you can pretty much make a meal out of.

These bite-size snacks are made with a blend of crab meat, corn, red peppers, and “Maryland-style seasoning.” Each box comes with 10 frozen crab cakes which need to be baked for about 10 minutes. To get an even crispier bake on your crab cakes, try popping them in the air fryer.


Grilled Chicken Bites

Tyson Premium Select Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Nuggets are a Super Bowl appetizer from Wal...

Premium Select Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Nuggets


If you want to have a grilled appetizer option to balance out all the breaded and fried deliciousness, try some grilled chicken nuggets. The Tyson Premium Selects brand at Walmart is made from chicken raised with no antibiotics, no preservatives, and no added hormones or steroids. The nuggets come fully cooked, so all you have to do is warm them up in the oven or microwave to heat through before serving.

Dress them up a bit by setting out some ketchup, ranch, honey mustard, and BBQ sauce for dipping options. You can also chop the chicken up to add to a plate of nachos or on top of a salad, if that’s more your speed.


Deli-Style Pinwheels

Tomato Provolone & Turkey Bacon Ranch Deli Spirals Variety Pack from Walmart

Tomato Provolone & Turkey Bacon Ranch Deli Spirals Variety Pack


I rarely host a get-together without making some sort of pinwheel appetizer, but between buying all of the ingredients and putting it all together, it’s definitely a time-consuming process. Thankfully, Walmart has a selection of Nancy’s Deli Spirals, so you can serve tasty pinwheels without all of the work.

You can get both vegetarian and meat appetizers out of this frozen appetizer. Each box comes with 16 tomato and provolone and 16 turkey bacon ranch frozen pinwheels. You literally don’t need to do anything to prepare them except take them out of the freezer before the game to thaw before serving.



Farm Rich Homestyle Meatballs are a tasty Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart.

Homestyle Meatballs

Farm Rich

One of the easiest Super Bowl appetizers from Walmart to make is a giant bag of frozen meatballs. Made with a blend of beef, pork, garlic, onions, and salt, it’s super easy to customize the flavor depending on what type of sauce you serve them with.

You can cook and serve the whole bag of these frozen meatballs all from your slow cooker, so you don’t have to take up any space in your oven or on the stove. Just add your favorite sauce, cover the crock pot, and cook on high for 3-4 hours. Then, your guests can simply skewer them with a toothpick, scoop some onto a plate, or even pile them into a meatball sub.



Whole Guacamole Homestyle Chunky Medium dip is a Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart.

Homestyle Chunky Medium Guacamole

Wholly Guacamole

On Super Bowl Sunday, you can never have too many dips to choose from. Guacamole will pair well with the salsa and tortilla chips you’re probably already planning to serve, and it will also add a bit of freshness to your appetizer spread. Sure, you could make a batch of guacamole on your own with some basic ingredients, but it’s way easier to buy it pre-made in the fresh produce section at Walmart. Just be sure to keep it refrigerated up until guests show up because it’s known to turn brown pretty quickly, but you can also squeeze a bit of lemon juice on top to help keep the color nice and green a little longer.


Popcorn Chicken

Great Value popcorn chicken is a Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart to make.

Popcorn Chicken

Great Value

Popcorn chicken is such a versatile appetizer to serve on game day. They’re delicious on their own dipped in BBQ sauce, ranch, or ketchup, but they also pair nicely with other Super Bowl finger foods like onion rings and sweet potato fries. Each chicken popper is perfectly bite-sized and so easy to snack on while you’re watching football.

This family-sized bag of Great Value chicken poppers is from Walmart’s freezer section. They’re fully cooked, so you can heat them in the microwave or the oven, whichever is easiest for you to accomplish when you’re prepping food for the game.


Egg Rolls

Tai Pei chicken egg rolls from Walmart are a tasty Super Bowl appetizer.

Chicken Egg Rolls

Tai Pei

If you love a crispy egg roll from your favorite local Chinese takeout joint, why not add this frozen version to your Super Bowl appetizer table? Each box of Tai Pei frozen egg rolls from Walmart comes with eight egg rolls and dipping sauce. The brand promises egg rolls “loaded with traditional style and flavor” so they’re a great choice if you want to branch out from basic football snack fare.

They take about 20 minutes to heat up in the oven (and require one turn halfway through baking) but can also be made in the microwave if you’re short on oven space. There’s also a vegetarian egg roll option available as well.


Pizza Bagel Bites

Bagel Bites are a Super Bowl snack option from Walmart.

Bagel Bites Pizza Snacks

Ore Ida

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who will turn down a Bagel Bite at a Super Bowl party. At least in my mind, there’s just something about biting into a cheesy mini pizza straight from the oven that will pretty much always hit just right when football is on TV. (Perhaps it’s childhood nostalgia at play?)

Grab this 40-count box of Bagel Bites from Walmart and put this crowd-pleasing snack on your Sunday menu if you want to make everyone happy. Whether you make them in the oven, the microwave, or a toaster oven, it’s hard to go wrong here.


Veggie Tots

Frozen Veggie Tots

Frozen Veggie Tots

Green Giant

For all of the vegetable-lovers out there who want to indulge a little during the Super Bowl, these Green Giant Veggie Tots are an easy way to get your crispy tot fix. This is a great alternative to fries or traditional tater tots to serve if you’re looking for something just a little healthier to snack on while you watch the game.

Though they are actually shaped like tots, there are no potatoes to be found in these bite-sized snacks. One serving (about six pieces) is loaded with a full serving of broccoli, but also plenty of cheese to keep things nice and tasty.


Meat & Cheese Tray

Hormel Gathering Snack Tray with smoked turkey is a Super Bowl appetizer from Walmart.

Gathering Snack Tray With Smoked Turkey


With a selection of butter crisp crackers, Sargento mild cheddar cheese, and smoked turkey pieces, this Hormel Gatherings meat and cheese tray will have you ready for game day in a snap. Is this basically the giant, adult version of a Lunchable? Of course it is. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not absolutely perfect to set out when it’s time for the Super Bowl. The best part? There is absolutely zero prep work involved. Just grab one from Walmart’s Deli section and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to open and serve it straight from the snack tray.


Mini Corndogs

State Fair mini corndogs from Walmart are an easy Super Bowl appetizer.

Classic Mini Corn Dogs

State Fair

The last time I had a mini corndog, I snuck it off of my 7-year-old’s dinner plate at a restaurant and immediately wished I had ordered an entire plate just for myself. If it’s been a hot minute since you enjoyed a mini corn dog, add a pack of State Fair classic mini corn dogs to your Super Bowl appetizer menu.

The batter is made with real honey and the hot dogs are made from turkey meat. Just toss them on a baking sheet before the game starts to let them crisp up for 12 to 14 minutes in the oven. You’ll have a crowd-pleasing snack that will put a smile on anyone’s face. (Unless their team is losing, of course.)

Regardless of what team you’re rooting for or if you’re just in it for the commercials, the Super Bowl is an event because it’s an excuse to get together with friends and indulge in some food and drinks. You don’t have to stress out over what to serve, because as long as it’s easy to eat in front of a TV, your guests will be satisfied.

This article was originally published on Jan. 29, 2020