25 Delicious Stoner Snacks To Satisfy Your Munchies

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Marijuana may or may not be quasi-legal where you live, but whether it’s decriminalized, sort of decriminalized, or 100% illegal, munchies are one thing that stoners still have in common. They’re an inevitable part of the experience and tend to make normal foods taste unusually amazing. According to a 2018 study reported by Science Daily, compounds in cannabis can encourage the release of a hormone called Ghrelin, which stimulates our hunger.

If your hunger has recently been stimulated, then you might be on the hunt for the best stoner snacks to satisfy your munchies. Some of us crave healthy snacks when we’re under the influence, while others prefer to indulge in childhood classics or experience a full-on feast. It might sound tempting to explore your inner chef with your own recipes at home, but once that laziness kicks in and you become one with the couch, that idea becomes less probable. And since ordering delivery can be expensive, why not skip the wait and plan your munchies extravaganza beforehand?

Below, we’ve organized a munchies list to meet your every craving. From full boxed meals to healthy snacks and desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s grub on this round-up for every type of stoner out there. We’ve included classic stoner snacks like Takis and Pringles, but also some options that should be new to you.

As the French stoners say, Bong Appétit!



Best Snack Boxes

Just like there are meal subscription services, you can also find some great snack subscription services online. Check out some of our favorite snack clubs below.

Treatsbox Candy Box

If you’re a sweet tooth who prefers a little variety in your candies, the Treatsbox candy boxes will be hard to resist. Choose between categories like original, chocolate, sour, and retro, taking a journey back through the years. The highly customizable Treatsboxes come in three different sizes (Regular, Epic, and Colossal) and are filled with confections from well-known suppliers like Cadbury, Hershey’s, and Wonka. They even have a Wonka-only box for die-hard Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans!

treatsbox, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Treatsbox



Milk Bar Store Sweet Spot Variety Pack

If you’re a dessert-lover, chances are you’ve heard of Milk Bar, the NYC-based bakery with highly addictive cookies, pies, and truffles. This well-curated kit is called The Sweet Spot, and it’s filled with their most delectable goodies, like their iconic Milk Bar Pie, a gooey invention packed with a sweet, salty, and buttery goodness, all nestled into an oat cookie crust. Their cookies (this kit comes with 6) are equally mouthwatering, with flavors like chocolate confetti and blueberry & cream.

milk bar, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Milk Bar



Bokksu Snack Box

If you don’t have time to travel but want to be an international foodie, boxes like Bokksu let you explore Japan’s authentic snacks from the comfort of your home. Some foreign foodie boxes offer only sweet or savory, but Bokksu offers both. With snacks, candies, and tea, you’ll never have to deal with cottonmouth or ravenous hunger again. Best of all? Their products (both traditional and modern) are sourced from small family businesses that are centuries old. Bokksu’s bright orange packaging is just as charming as its contents, making this a spectacular gift.

bokksu, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Bokksu



Murray’s Cheese French Connection Box

Just because stoners are associated with Oreos and Doritos doesn’t mean you can’t class things up once in a while. For cheese and charcuterie lovers, this French Connection box from Murray’s will transport your tastebuds to Europe. This company ships fresh gourmet items like Comte and Roquefort, Black Cherry Confit, and salty bites like high-end olives and meat. This culminates in a whopping 1.75 pounds of cheese and 6 ounces of meat, serving 6 to 8 people. Or a couple of very hungry potheads.

murrays cheese, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Murray’s Cheese



Katz’s Delicatessen Taste of New York

This box doesn’t come cheap, but for lovers of NYC and Jewish deli classics, it’s a must. Titled Taste of New York, this box ships classic deli meats, bagels, hot dogs, and condiments. It comes from the famous New York institution Katz’s Deli, which rose to fame after that infamous pastrami sandwich scene in When Harry Met Sally. If bagels aren’t your thing, this epic sandwich kit comes with a half loaf of seedless rye bread to pull all the flavors together.

katz's delicatessen, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Katz’s Delicatessen



Miami Fruit Exotic Variety Box

If deli meats are a little too rich for your taste and you prefer something more hydrating for your smoke session, consider this exotic fruit box by Miami Fruit. This is no Edible Arrangement – it’s filled with unusual fruits like rare guavas, sapodillas, yellow dragonfruit, and cacao. You can even put in special requests based on preference. Hundreds of five-star reviews with attached images prove that this fruit box is anything but boring. It also proves that opting for healthy munchies can, in fact, be decadent.

miami fruit, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Miami Fruit



Mouth All the Snacks Box

These “self-proclaimed snack experts” have engineered a box of high-quality (and unconventional) snacks that will last through multiple munchies sessions. Favorites include a peach ginger energy bar, beer and caramel pretzel nuggets, turkey jerky, and hot cheddar shortbread bites. Don’t worry – they also include riffs on classics like gummy bears and popcorn. If you enjoy grazing on new things when your tastebuds are most open-minded, check out Mouth’s sensational snack box.

mouth all the snacks, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Mouth



Savory Snacks

Pipcorn Heirloom Cheese Balls

Pipcorn knows their snacks. This brands makes a whole bunch of snacks, from everything crackers to corn ships and, you guessed it, popcorn. However, their piéce de resistance is definitely the Heirloom Cheese Balls 3-pack, that comes with cheddar, jalapeño and white cheddar flavor varieties. These balls are crunchy, satisfying and only 150 calories per serving, so you won’t wake up to a wave of guilt the next morning after polishing off an entire bag. They’re baked, not fried, and the brand uses an heirloom strand of corn that’s more sustainable and better for the planet.

pipcorn cheese balls, best stoner snacks

Courtesy of Amazon



Baja Beef Jerky Sampler

For many, the mere thought of a Slim Jim is enough to make them salivate. However, they’re packed with sodium and chemical preservatives. This all-natural Baja Beef jerky lets you revel in that meaty, salty goodness without the nitrates and artificial ingredients. The sampler pack consists of Salsa Fresca, Sweet Orange, Lime & Serrano Pepper, and of course, Traditional, for those looking to recreate the classic jerky taste. According to reviewers, all varieties are a home run, and the pieces are consistently fresh and tender.

baja beef jerky, stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Salt & Camembert Cookies

Imported from Japan, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory sells these one-of-a-kind Salt & Camembert sandwich cookies. We know – savory cookies. The cookie consists of a subtly crunchy honey cracker, with a sweet and cheesy center, melting away in your mouth. This bizarre concoction is an obsession with Amazon reviewers, who call them “uniquely delicious” and claim that though the first bites are unexpected, they “quickly become addictive.” With cookies individually wrapped, you’ll never get a stale box.

salt camembert cookies, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Pringles Original Potato Chips

Pringles are popular with most cannabis lovers, and will always reign in the world of junk food. Though there are lots of flavors available online, the perfectly salty original variety will always be a crowd-pleaser. There’s something about those curved edges and irresistible crunch that makes it impossible to stop at one. Mindless nibbling has never looked so good. Plus, this simple classic makes an efficient vehicle for delivering dips and spreads into your mouth.

Pringles, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Live Love Pop Black Truffle Popcorn

Popcorn isn’t just for the movies, and we finally found the ultimate grown-up version of it that’s equally addictive. Created by Live Love Pop, this sophisticated black truffle popcorn is kettle-cooked and is infused with just the right amount of truffle flavor. Even though it tastes dangerously sublime, this small-batch popcorn is all-natural, with a gluten-free and vegan formula. Proceeds are donated to charity, so when you finish the bag, comfort yourself with the knowledge that it was an act of selflessness.

truffle popcorn, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Takis Fuego Family-Size Pack

Spicy snack lovers, rejoice! Hot Chili Pepper & Lime flavored Takis are a spectacular side for burgers and other foods. Some ganja smokers have even discovered the legendary invention of the Takis Grilled Cheese. They’re tangy, fiery, and absolutely drenched in chili and lemon crunch. One customer left an overzealous review on Amazon that he puts his Takis in cereal and milk. We’re not as adventurous as him, but it goes to show how invested fans of these crunchy morsels are.

takis, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Combos Baked Snacks Pretzel and Cracker Variety Pack

We’ve been savoring Combos ever since the very first toke we’ve ever taken. A genius chip and pretzel combination, Combos are bursting with smooth fillings like cheddar cheese, pizza, and buffalo blue cheese. They’re all equally appetizing, so we suggest this variety pack which lets you try them all. Just make sure you have some drinks on hand when you’re noshing, because the coarse salt embedded in that crust can bring on a serious thirst.

combos, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Healthy Snacks

Okay, healthy-ish snacks, at least. If you don’t want to totally blow your diet everytime you toke up, then try these snacks, which are a bit lighter on the calorries.

Annies Frozen Pepperoni Pizza Poppers

Pizza Bagels and Hot Pockets are childhood classics, but when you’re an adult, these foods can bring some unwelcome heartburn that no one wants to accompany a high. The alternative is the much healthier Annie’s Frozen Pizza Poppers, which don’t sacrifice any of that classic pizza roll taste. These whole poppers feature uncured pepperoni and zero artificial colors or flavors. With 12g of protein per serving, they’ll keep you fuller for longer, so you don’t eat the whole box when you’re fried.

annies pizza poppers, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



BEAR Real Fruit Strawberry Snack Rolls

Fruit Roll-Ups aren’t just delicious – they’re extremely enjoyable to eat. There’s just something so meditative about unrolling that saccharine rainbow as you graze on it. The stomach ache and cavities you get after? Not as meditative. So we discovered these nutritious real fruit snack rolls instead – they’re vegan, gluten-free, and filled with nutrients. The rolls are gently baked and come in mango, apple, and raspberry as well, but strawberry seems to be a crowd favorite. One buyer calls them a “safe outlet” for her sweet tooth.

fruit rolls, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



HIPPEAS Organic White Cheddar Chickpea Puffs

Cheetos are nearly impossible to put down – they’re crispy, cheesy, and light as air. But as you sit with that empty bag and the orange dust residue all over you, the regret sets in. Skip all that and indulge in its nearly identical healthy counterpart: HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs in White Cheddar. They’re totally vegan, yet still have that same gratifying cheesy crunch. There are even some notes of garlic and onion, adding some complexity that Cheetos are lacking.

chickpea puffs, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bars 24-Pack

Even though these gluten-free Kind bars are technically beneficial for your health, they taste like a delightfully rich chocolate bar, sprinkled with sea salt and laced with nuts. One consumer describes these bars as the “perfect blend of almonds, sweetness, and salt”. Out of all the Kind bars, this flavor appears to be the most beloved. It’s sweet, it’s savory – but most importantly, it’s a way to make that candy bar hankering go away, minus the doomed sugar crash.

kind bars, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Rigoni di Asiago Nocciolata Dairy-Free Hazelnut Spread 6-Pack

Let’s be honest – after you get ripped, it seems like a logical idea to head straight for the Nutella. Rigoni di Asiago’s hazelnut spread has the exact same flavor but is completely dairy-free, and some reviewers even dare to say it’s better than the OG chocolate spread.
This organic and vegan option is also more environmentally friendly than Nutella, as it’s free of palm oil. Just by a quick glance at the review page, it’s clear that this product has earned a cult following. Even though it’s more virtuous, you’ll still eat the whole jar.

hazelnut spread, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Sweet Snacks

OREO Original + Double Stuf Variety 3-Pack

No matter how many limited edition Oreos they end up releasing, the unbeatable classics will always be their original and double-stuffed variety. Not sure if you prefer more cookies or more filling? That’s why we recommend this variety pack, which contains both. These family-size boxes offer a better deal than individual boxes at local grocery stores and will ensure you never run out of your favorite sandwich cookie. Pour yourself a glass of cold milk and prepare for dunkable greatness.

oreos, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Mixed Fruit Single-Serve 40-Pack

Putting away too many gummy worms or sour candies can be hard on your teeth and throat, so quench that need for chewy perfection with Welch’s fruit snacks. They’re not exactly good for you, but taste slightly less sweet than other options, making them arguably the best fruit snack you can buy. Even though these small packs come in reasonable portions, it’s easy to demolish an entire box in just one sitting.

welchs fruit snacks, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Harry & David Cinnabon Classic Rolls

Even if you choose the fanciest take on a cinnamon roll from a prestigious bakery, for some reason, it will never taste as good as a Cinnabon. You’ve probably seen this gigantic creation (or smelled it) at your local food court. A Cinnabon’s dough is somehow always tender, sugary, and perfectly spiced. It’s worth giving up an entire day worth of calories for – especially that cream cheese icing. Now, Harry & David has made it possible to order these obscenely irresistible buns straight to your home, in a pack of six.

cinnabon, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Jeni’s Ice Cream See You Soon Collection

Upgrade your ice cream game from boring grocery store buys with this delivery service. Jeni’s ships multiple flavors in a box insulated with dry ice. Unlike most popular ice creams, Jeni’s uses all-natural ingredients, resulting in a silky sweet (but never saccharine) spoonful of complex flavors. Their “Top Sellers” collection includes creative pints like Buttercream Birthday Cake, or Salty Caramel. You might want to hide these in the back of the freezer.

jenis ice cream, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Tate’s Bake Shop Thin & Crispy Gluten-Free Cookies

If you’ve never quite been in love with soft, chewy cookies and prefer something with a little more of a bite, Tate’s sophisticated cookies are buttery, thin, and crispy, with just a tinge of savory. For celiacs or those embarking on a gluten-free diet, these are a dream come true that surpasses the quality of other gluten-free cookies. In stores, Tate’s cookies are sometimes available, While Chocolate Chip is the most vetted flavor, Ginger Zinger clocks in at a close second, satisfying those lusting for a blast of spice.

tates cookies, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies, 3 Boxes

They’re not the classiest baked goods, but never fail to deliver a much-needed trip down nostalgia lane. Some find Cosmic Brownies too sugary in their adult years, but after a couple of tokes, nothing sounds better than this sinfully fudgy junk food. Dry brownies are blasphemous (especially when you have a case of the pasties) and though they don’t cost much, Cosmic Brownies have a moist texture that’s topped off by a thin layer of frosting dotted with crunchy, colorful candies.

cosmic brownies, best stoner snacks

Image courtesy of Amazon



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