25 Easy Gluten-Free Appetizers Everyone Will Love

When it comes to hosting a party or get-together, it can seem like a puzzle to figure out how to make sure everyone feels included in your menu, no matter their dietary restrictions. Thankfully for you, we’ve made it even simpler to whip up delicious gluten-free appetizers to feed your whole crowd that hardly feel restrictive.

These dips, skewers, “breads,” and bites will make all your guests happy, whether they eat gluten free or not. From keto sausage puffs to buffalo chicken celery boats, these appetizers just might upstage the main meal.

When it comes to making gluten-free recipes, you’re going to want to watch out for a couple ingredients that may seem harmless, but actually contain gluten. Soy sauce comes in a gluten-free version, and you can use tamari in a pinch, too. Tortilla chips are nearly always gluten-free, thanks to corn as a base. Worcestershire sauce, one of the main ingredients in a homemade cocktail sauce for shrimp cocktail (another favorite gluten-free app!) is almost always gluten-free, but do look out for malt vinegar (which does contain gluten).

With these swaps in your back pocket, it opens up a whole world of other recipes you can easily make gluten-free! You just might find yourself adding some of our gluten-free dinners or gluten-free desserts to your rotation.

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