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25 Healthy Indian Snacks for Office: Perfect for Your Office Desk!

Small, nutritious snacks every 2 to 3 hours are an excellent strategy to replenish your body’s energy levels. Snacking is an efficient strategy to supplement your diet with additional nutrients. Snacking gives you energy in the middle of the day and keeps you from being tired or fatigued. It also keeps you from overeating during meals.

25 Healthy Indian Snacks for Office

Most people are conscious of their eating habits, but some are impulsive when it comes to snacking and eating to de-stress. Healthy workplace snacks in India have proven to be a valuable resource for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The following healthy office snack ideas will have you drooling because they are not only healthy and nutritious but also satisfy your cravings and taste senses:

1) Channa:

Chickpeas (channa) are a versatile snack that can be consumed at any time. It’s high in protein and contains very little fat. Take your pick from regular channa or masala channa.

2) Granola:

Granola is one of the greatest workplace snacks since it’s simple to make, easy to store, and lasts a long time. This is a simple healthy snack that you may have at any time. Its is packed with nutrition and healthy for us.

3) Kurumura:

Kurumura (puffed rice) is a light snack that can be eaten at any time of day. It has a fantastic flavour when roasted with a little oil, salt, and turmeric (haldi).

4) Nuts

Nuts are high in proteins, good fats, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, making them extremely nutritious. If you find them uninteresting on their own, add some masala nuts to the mix; they’re a lot more enjoyable to eat.

5) Baked Snacks

Baked snacks such as khakhra, ragi/nachni chips, or baked soya sticks are a healthier alternative to fried potato chips.

6) Sauf

Keep a small jar of fennel seeds (sauf) in your office drawer or carry it with you. It not only provides a wealth of beneficial nutrients, but also aids digestion and freshens your breath.

7) Masala Corn

To make a nutritious and tasty snack, boil some corn and season it with spices. You can make it in whatever way you like.

8) Sprouts

Before you sigh, know that if you cook sprouts properly, they can be rather tasty. Take a look at these simple sprout’s recipes.

9) Egg Sandwiches

If you enjoy eggs, boil them, and serve them on whole-wheat bread for a protein-packed snack that can also serve as supper. Toss in your favourite condiments and sauces.

10) Homemade Popcorn

Make your own popcorn at home instead of buying store-bought popcorn that is filled with butter and salt.

11) Dhokla

Dhokla is a popular Gujarati dish that is light and fluffy. It’s a great breakfast or snack option because of the sweet and savoury flavours. It is nutrient-dense and incredibly nutritious. Dhokla has only 160 calories per 100 grammes.

12) Idli

Idlis, which are light and fluffy, are ideal breakfast foods. With sambhar or chutney, this classic South Indian snack can be relished. Idlis are traditionally made with rice flour, but you can make them healthy by using ragi or oat flour instead. Idli has only 39 calories per serving.

13) Upma Rawa

Rawa upma is a popular South Indian dish that can be found all throughout the country. Rawa upma is a healthy snack alternative made with semolina and seasonal veggies. Rawa upma contains only 200 calories per serving.

14) Fruits and Veggies

Take your favourite fruits or vegetables to work with you in the morning by slicing them up. Fruits and vegetables are nutritious snacks that will keep you satisfied in between meals.

15) Tilgul

This sesame seed and jaggery laddoos are loaded with vitamins, calcium and iron. They’re perfect for when you’re craving something sweet after a meal.

16) Soup

Make your favourite soup and keep it in a thermos in your car to drink whenever you become hungry.

17) Oats

Carry some quick oats with you to work and heat them up with a little milk in the microwave. Fruits can be added for added nutrition and flavour.

18) Whole Wheat Biscuits

Biscuits made from whole wheat are extremely nutritious and wholesome. They help to satisfy your hunger while also filling you up quickly.

19) Almonds

Almonds are high in vitamin E and are high in proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants, and fibre. If you have a problem with cholesterol or high blood pressure, eat a few almonds nuts, which are also high in magnesium. When you postpone your next meal, eat a couple of almonds to avoid being plagued by hunger symptoms.

20) Walnuts

Walnuts are one of the most popular dried fruits, and they make a great snack to eat while you’re writing, browsing, or studying. The nuts are good for the body because of their delicious taste and texture. Walnuts attract good bacteria, thus consuming them leads to a healthier gut, which leads to better digestion and reduced inflammation.

21) Buttermilk

Even though buttermilk has a high-fat content, it usually contains no butter and is relatively low in fat. Per cup of low-fat buttermilk, there are around 100 calories and 2 grammes of fat.

22) Salad with Mixed Beans

Protein is a necessary food for our bodies to function properly. This mixed bean salad recipe is highly healthful, simple to prepare, and provides an abundance of protein.

23) Bread with Bananas and Oats

Bananas and oats are both popular among health-conscious people because of their nutritious content. Make a delicious snack out of the two that you can simply take to work. However, keep your amounts in check and don’t eat the entire loaf in one sitting!

24) Jowar Medley

Jowar, also known as sorghum, is a gluten-free grain that may be used in a variety of healthful recipes. This jowar medley has a healthy grain as well as a variety of veggies for a delightful health boost.

25) Hara Bhara Kabab

The crispy hara bhara kabab is a vegetarian kabab with aromatic spices, healthful ingredients, and a delectable flavour. Approximately 73 calories and 2 grammes of protein are contained in each meal.

Diet Tips To Eat Healthy During Office Hours

  1. Stay Hydrated: Always have a bottle of water on your desk. One of the simplest methods to quell hunger pangs is to drink water.
  2. Stock Up On Nuts & Seeds: Keeping a package of healthy nuts and seeds on your desk is one of the best methods to curb harmful food cravings. So, the next time your mind wanders to a crispy, spicy samosa, grab a handful of almonds or walnuts.
  3. Never Skip Breakfast: If you’re attempting to reduce weight or stay in shape, skipping breakfast is a cardinal sin. Breakfast helps you stay focused at work and staves off hunger. Those who skip breakfast are more likely to overeat at work during lunch.
  4. Take Your Coffee Breaks at the Appropriate Time: Caffeine in excess is harmful to the body. However, if you time your coffee break appropriately, it may improve your focus and help you avoid hunger pangs. Never drink coffee during the lunch hour and leave at least two hours between your coffee break and your meal.
  5. Limit Sugary Beverages: If at all feasible, avoid adding sugar to your coffee or tea; if this isn’t possible, keep your sugar intake to a minimum.
  6. Schedule Ahead: If you want to stay in shape, you’ll need to plan your meals ahead of time. Calculate the number of calories you should consume daily and plan your mid-meal snacks accordingly.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants to lose weight, but not everyone can do so because it requires discipline and some awareness of what goes on the plate. Diet is an important aspect of fitness and weight loss, and it necessitates eating healthy and clean foods. Due to lengthy office hours, working professionals find it particularly challenging to reduce weight. However, with a little planning ahead of time, you can eat nutritiously even while at work.

If you want a healthy start to your day or a tasty snack to nibble on during the day, try Fit and Flex Granola. It’s delicious at any time. Fit and Flex Granola is a terrific snack for when you’re at work. Made with nourishing oats that are good for your health, Fit and Flex Granola maintains your heart healthy and happy.