28 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas, the Nation’s Culinary Powerhouse

Las Vegas restaurants have evolved from the steakhouses, red sauce joints, and buffets that once powered the city’s vacationers (though we fully endorse that some of those early icons are worth the trip down Memory Lane). As Vegas has grown up, so has the culinary scene. It now has more celebrity chefs than you can shake a stick at; the most master sommeliers of any city in the U.S.; and the best access to the rarest ingredients in the world. But in the last few years, growing up has also meant importing extraordinary talent with no television ties, and looking in its own backyard. The city's best restaurants aren’t just importing rare snow beef from Hokkaido, they’re also trucking in plump tomatoes from Pahrump, Nevada. Pick a type of cuisine—odds are, you’ll find it within walking distance. Our list of Las Vegas's best restaurants supports this great mix: high, low, old, new, innovative, and iconic. Come hungry.

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This gallery has been updated with new information since its original publish date.