29 Free Online Courses Being Offered If You Wanted to Learn a New Skill

29 Free Online Courses Being Offered If You Wanted to Learn a New Skill

While you’re stuck at home during the social distancing period, you may have extra time on your hands that you haven’t before. Why not use that time to learn a new skill, brush up on your current work or just take a deep-dive into a topic that’s always interested you? We’ve rounded up a ton of available free online courses, from free Ivy League courses online to free classes being offered from General Assembly. Whether you want to learn how to code, how Romans built arenas, the history of women at work or just about any other conceivable subject, here are the best online classes and courses being offered.

29 Free Online Courses


Sample some free online courses from Skillshareto learn about everything from illustration, email marketing, options trading and vlogging to chef knife skills and brewing the perfect cup of java.

Class Central

Class Centralhas a seemingly endless amount of free online courses, including from Ivy Leagues, on topics from coding to literature to women’s studies and more.


Find free courses in everything from foreign languages to personal development, cooking, computer science, music and more from DigitalDefynd.


You can take a ton of courses from different companies and educational institutions, including Ivy Leagues and art schools, for free on Coursera. For a fee, you can get certifications in certain courses as well.


Learn to code with Codecademy, which will customize its recommendations for lessons based on exactly what you need.


Access 2,500 courses on everything from epidemics (timely!) to coding to world literature and more from 140 institutions with edX. There are courses in multiple languages as well.

General Assembly

General Assemblyoffers free coding classes through its online Dashprogram.

Yale University

Yaleoffers a number of free open online courses, including Roman architecture and the literature of John Milton.

American Girl

American Girl provides a Smart Girls’ Guide to Life, which can come in handy for daughters, as well as the guide “Taking Care of Others by Taking Care of Ourselves,” which has tips for moms, too.


Fender is offering new users a free week-long subscription to Fender Play, their online learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. The platform uses instructor-guided videos to teach how to play songs from Led Zeppelin to Sia and Shawn Mendes.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides valuable world-class education for free for kids and teens around the world.

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Learn SQL

LearnSQLoffers some exercises from each of their courses for free.


Learn IT for the first time or brush up if you’re experienced with free courses through Linuxand edX.

Spark Databox

Spark Databoxhas a slew of courses on coding and programming.

Photoshop Training Channel

Get free photo editing tutorials from the Photoshop Training Channel. It may even inspire you to pursue a new side hustle!


Alisonprovides free courses in Google platforms and more, with certifications available.

ESL Tongue Twisters

English not your first language, or not the first language of someone you love? Get new free ESL Tongue Twistersdaily for 30 days.

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Get free SAT tutoring for grades 8 through 12 from Everydaeduring coronavirus school closures.


Get a crash course in giving back and leaving the world better than we found it courtesy of PhilanthropyU.

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Learn about any number of topics from HowStuffWorks, from how horses can detect human emotions to why hand-washing beats hand sanitizer, which is all too relevant right now.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learningoffers a free month of professional online courses.

The Organizing Formula

Feel like your entire life is a bit of a mess? The Organizing Formula is a free course on how to get your stuff together and is available in both English and Spanish from Courses by Caroline.

Node Marketing

Have a blog or website for your business? Get more eyes on it with a free SEO training course from Node Training.

Vital Transformation

Eliyahu Jian, who’s worked with the likes of Gisele BundchenAshton Kutcherand more, is offering a free online platform called Vital Transformationto learn to love yourself—because you absolutely deserve it.

A Life Of Happiness and Fulfillment

With mental health at a premium right now, A Life of Happiness and Fulfillmentfrom The Indian School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin can be a life-changer.

An Introduction to Active Programming in Python

A great choice for those with little to no experience in coding languages, An Introduction to Active Programming in Pythonbreaks down the basics into bits that novices can digest and understand easily.

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potentialis both a course as well as a self-coaching system to help you achieve your career goals and stop getting in your own way.

Extinctions: Past and Present

Extinctions: Past and Presentexamines past mass extinctions (think dinosaurs and beyond), as well as risks to wildlife and biodiversity today—and what we can do to curb major catastrophes in our ecosystems.

Introduction to Complexity

You don’t need a scientific or mathematical background to understand Introduction to Complexity, which examines the tools scientists use to understand complex systems. You just need to be willing to get a little hands on!

Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Fred Astaire Dance Studios across the country have created a new online platform offering free dance lessons from pros!

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