3 Best CPA Review Courses for passing the CPA Exam in 2022

Best CPA Review Courses

It’s important for you to pick out the best CPA review course.

In all seriousness, it could be the most important decision you make if you’re trying to pass the CPA exam on your first try.

It’s crucial to find CPA study materials that best fit your learning style. That’s why I’ve put together a comparison of all the top options below.

Every course provider claims to have the best product. But that doesn’t mean they’re all equally effective; picking the wrong one means you waste hundreds of extra study hours, and maybe even thousands of dollars.

You’re probably wondering..

How I do I know what makes a great CPA review course?

First off, I’m a CPA.

Here’s the even better news: I have personally tested and tried out all of the CPA exam review courses and test banks below so you don’t have to!

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we evaluate CPA exam prep courses:

  1. Quality vs. Quantity: Do these CPA courses have a good number of practice questions, simulated exams, video lectures, flashcards, and other materials? And are these course materials good enough to actually prepare you for the real CPA exam?
  2. Staff: How qualified are the owners, writers, and teachers of these prep courses to teach you core exam concepts? Do they have a lot of experience in their profession and in education?
  3. Price: Do these courses cost a reasonable amount for the content they provide? Are there alternate tiers, payment plans, or other price-saving options available for students on a tight budget?
  4. Support: Can you contact a support team via phone, email, chat, and/or social media? Do they guarantee that you will pass the CPA exam?

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Our Top 2 CPA Exam Review Courses & Study Materials

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These Are The Top Ranked 9+ Best CPA Exam Review Courses & CPA Study Materials in August 2022:

Becker CPA Review Course (Rank: #1)

For 60+ years, this quality CPA Review Course has been endorsed by successful CPAs and the Big 4 accounting firms, including PwC1 and Deloitte2.


Becker CPA Online Pros & Cons 2022

Top Things You Need To Know Before You Buy!

Becker CPA Review 2021 (Compare vs Top Rated CPA Exam Prep Courses)

Becker CPA Review 2021 (Compare vs Top Rated CPA Exam Prep Courses)
Watch this video on YouTube

Becker CPA Course Details:

  • 100 Hours of Video Lectures
  • 9,000+ Practice Questions
  • 1,400+ Digital Flashcards
  • Physical/Digital Textbook


AI Tech:

Thanks to their Sana Labs partnership, Becker has extremely powerful, award-winning technology behind its adaptive learning software. As you progress through the course, Adapt2U will analyze your results and suggest easier or harder material to match your specific needs.

Awesome Instructors:

The instructors at Becker CPA Review have a wealth of combined experience (over 60 years!) to draw from when teaching the CPA exam. You should expect to be entertained and engaged thanks to their effective mnemonics and refreshing sense of humor.

SkillMaster TBS:

Currently, Becker CPA Review is the sole provider of TBS-specific instructional video content for the CPA exam. Since roughly half of the exam is made up of TBS, the 500-plus videos in their SkillMaster series will be extremely helpful to you.

Format Flexibility:

What’s your ideal learning experience? Whether it’s in-person, self-study, or a live-online classroom, Becker CPA Review has the ability to provide your preferred study format.


You can now get Becker’s least expensive option, their Advantage course, for only $99/month for 24 months. A great option for those that can’t pay all upfront (I know, it’s an expensive course..but worth it!).

FAQs About Becker CPA Review:

Q: Can I try Becker’s CPA review course before making a purchase?

A: Yes! Becker offers a 14-day demo with over 1,400 multiple choice questions, 100 task-based simulations, video lessons, and more. This is a great way to try their content before putting any money down; you can even transfer your progress into a full course if you decide to enroll!

Q: Does Becker CPA Review offer a pass guarantee?

A: Yes. Under the Becker Promise, students who complete all or most of their course material but fail the CPA exam will receive a tuition waiver until they pass.

Bottom Line: You should use Becker CPA Review if you want the best possible learning experience. They’re well worth the money, but you can always sign up for a payment plan if you’re concerned with the cost.


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Surgent CPA Prep Course (Rank: #2)

The best CPA exam prep course technology, hands down.


Surgent CPA Review Pros & Cons 2022

What Everyone Needs To Know About Surgent CPA Review

Surgent CPA Review: In 2 Minutes, Here’s Exactly Why We Recommend Them…

Surgent CPA Review: In 2 Minutes, Here's Exactly Why We Recommend Them...
Watch this video on YouTube

Surgent CPA Course Details

  • 350 Video Lessons
  • 7,000+ Practice Questions
  • 400+ Digital/Physical Flashcards
  • 4 Digital/Physical Textbooks


Most Innovative Technology:

In 2018, Surgent CPA Review was named one of Accounting Today’s Top New Products For Accountants.3 This prestigious award is given to only the most innovative products on the market, with the kind of data-driven technology leading the revolution of the accounting industry.

Efficient and Experienced Instructors:

Surgent CPA Review instructors created their curriculum with one clearly defined goal: having the most efficient study system to help candidates pass their CPA exams in record time. Their experience as professional accounting instructors result in a kickass review course that will save you a ton of study time. Much like their core philosophy, their videos are concise and to the point..

Money-Back Guarantee:

Sign up for a 5-day free trial of Surgent CPA review to get familiar with it before making any buying decisions. They also offer a Money Back Guarantee, so if you complete their course and end up failing you eligible for a full refund. This shows just how confident they are in their product and that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is.


Heavy-Handed Approach

Surgent clearly prides themselves on having the strongest adaptive learning technology available, and many students appreciate the support this feature provides. However, some students might be annoyed by the way this software provides extremely specific study schedules, right down to the amount of study time you should spend each day. If you’re a self motivated student who doesn’t need a lot of guidance, these features might be more frustrating than helpful.

Q: Is Surgent CPA Review compatible with smartphones and tablets?

A: Yes, all of Surgent CPA Review’s course features will work on most modern tablets and smart devices, except for Nook tablets, Kindle Fire tablets, and E-Readers.

Q: What is adaptive learning?

A: Adaptive learning is a term for the learning technology Surgent uses in its CPA prep course. The purpose of this software is to quickly reveal subjects you need to study the most. Then, it automatically generates a unique study plan focusing on those specific sections.

Bottom Line: Surgent and its impressive adaptive software will help you pass the CPA exam as quickly as possible.


Save $740 off Surgent CPA Ultimate Pass

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Save $740

Wiley CPA Review Course (Rank: #3)

Wiley Test PrepWiley Test Prep


Wiley CPA Review Pros & Cons 2022

What Everyone Needs To Know About Wiley CPA Review

Complete Walthrough of Wiley CPA Review

Complete Walthrough of Wiley CPA Review
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Wiley CPA Course Details

  • Over 17,000 Practice Questions
  • 140+ Hours of Video Lectures
  • 600+ Task-Based Simulations
  • 4,000 Digital Flashcards & 1,000 Physical Flashcards

In order to meet the needs of CPA students, Wiley keeps their review courses up to date with the latest developments to the CPA exam and the professional accounting industry as a whole. For example, substantial changes were made to their AUD materials, including new video content and study text to help you answer a new batch of practice questions. They’ve also expanded their study materials relating top Microsoft Excel, since that’s an integral tool for any professional accountant. Put simply, you’ll have the most recent and relevant materials to study from when working with this course.


Lots of Material:

When you enroll in one of Wiley’s CPA courses, you will never have to worry about running out of things to do. Even their most affordable Pro package comes with tens of thousands of practice questions in a range of formats, over 100 hours of video lectures, and a healthy number of flashcards for even more exam practice. Essentially, you won’t need to supplement your studying with any other resources!

Insightful Instructors:

Wiley’s team of instructors and course designers are extremely competent practicing professionals with a robust background in education. As a result, they’re uniquely qualified to teach you the ins and outs of professional public accounting— both through their pre-recorded video lectures and one-on-one tutoring sessions for Platinum and Ultimate subscribers.

Modern Learning Tech:

In addition to a huge library of practice material, Wiley provides students with a technologically advanced learning platform when they sign up for CPA. This includes FocusMeTechnology, which analyzes your data as you work through the course to generate a custom study schedule that will meet your specific study needs.


Limited Guarantee:

To ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase, Wiley CPA comes with a satisfaction guarantee that promises you’ll have access to the course until you pass the CPA exam. However, the lack of any kind of refund policy is somewhat concerning— it means you’ll have to stick with Wiley until you’re 100% finished with the exam.

FAQs About Wiley CPA

Q: How much does Wiley CPA cost?

A: There are three different packages you can choose from. The $2,199 Pro package is the most affordable, but we recommend enrolling in the $2499 Platinum or $3,100 Ultimate package for the extra tutoring lessons included. Also, keep your eyes peeled for great discounts!

Q: Is Wiley CPA better than Becker?

A: Although comparable in many ways, there are some features that set Wiley CPA apart from Becker CPA Review and vice versa. Personally, I think Becker is a better choice for most students due to their pricing, instructors, and overall quality of materials. However, Wiley is still an excellent resource for students who want a lot of questions and flashcards.

Bottom Line: Wiley CPA is a fantastic choice for students who want some extra help from their instructors while working through a gigantic library of exam prep questions and flashcards.


Exclusive Offer

Save $1,000 off Wiley CPA Platinum Review Course

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UWorld Roger CPA Review (Rank: #4)

The most exciting CPA Review Course designed to keep you engaged.


UWorld Roger CPA Review Pros & Cons 2022

What Everyone Needs To Know About UWorld Roger CPA Review Prep

60 Second Review of Roger CPA Review

60 Second Review of Roger CPA Review
Watch this video on YouTube

Roger CPA Course Details

  • 100 Hours of Video Lectures
  • 6,000 Practice Questions
  • 200+ Digital Flashcards
  • 4 Digital/Physical Textbooks


Entertaining Lectures:

Roger Philip is a teacher with a unique blend of energy and enthusiasm. If you struggle with motivation when watching CPA video lectures, you won’t have worry about losing focus when watching one of Roger’s lectures. He is passionate about helping students pass their exam with the best CPA course available. Best of all is how knowledgeable he is about the material thanks to all his teaching experience.

SmartPath Predictive Technology:

UWorld has made several changes under the hood of this CPA exam prep course. Now, all students can take advantage of their newly designed SmartPath tech to create a customized study schedule based on powerful predictive learning algorithms. In layman’s terms, you’ll be able to study faster and more effectively!

Unlimited Access:

Roger’s Elite-Unlimited package offers access to their content that never expires. But even if you opt for a course with a 12 or 18-month access period, you’ll still receive all AICPA Blueprint-related updates for free.


Disappointed Customers:

Although Roger has made several impressive changes to their CPA review course, a few of these changes have frustrated their customers. In particular, their newly redesigned UWorld mobile app has attracted negative criticism from users due to frequent crashes, connectivity issues4, and a needlessly complex interface.5

FAQs About UWorld Roger CPA Review:

Q: How do I watch the UWorld Roger CPA review course on my mobile devices?

A: If you enroll in Roger CPA, you’ll be able to access Roger Philip’s lectures on your smart device or tablet of choice. We recommend watching these videos while connected to a wireless network instead of using your phone data; this will improve streaming quality and prevent a large phone bill.

Q: What happens if I have a question about anything?

A: UWorld Roger CPA Review has a Study Hub to answer any and all CPA exam questions. Either Roger himself or one of many other qualified instructors will be on call to help you with any issues you encounter. Feel free to take advantage of this supplemental feature if you enroll in their Elite-Unlimited course.

Bottom Line: UWorld Roger CPA Review is still one of the best options available to CPA candidates who need engaging material. But some of its best features are locked behind the highest-priced package, which can be difficult for students on a tight budget.

No Discounts, Check Back Soon

Gleim CPA Review Course (Rank: #5)

Highest number of practice questions and simulations backed by powerful SmartAdapt learning tech.


Using Gleim CPA Review to Pass the CPA Exam

Using Gleim CPA Review to Pass the CPA Exam
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Gleim CPA Course Details

  • 100 Hours of Video Lectures
  • 10,000+ Practice Questions
  • 800+ Digital Flashcards
  • 4 Digital/Physical Textbooks


MCQs and TBS:

Gleim is another comprehensive course that prides itself on covering all possible subjects that may be encountered on the CPA exam. This extends into their practice materials, which is why they currently offer the highest number of multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations out of any other CPA prep course!

Varied Curriculum:

Gleim’s course comes with a variety of resources like audio lessons, practice exams, a Simulation Wizard, and access to a personal counselor for all 4 sections of the CPA Exam. The use of SmartAdapt technology to sift through detailed information and target important areas is also extremely helpful.

Free Resources:

It’s a lot easier to justify paying for an educational course when you get the chance to try it first. That’s why Gleim offers free course materials, including a 40-question multiple choice quiz and a sample of their Task-Based Simulations per section.


Very Detailed Content:

The books are detailed and use a significant amount of technical jargon. That makes this especially helpful as a refresher for students who struggled with many of these concepts in school. And while this may appeal to these types of students, others may feel overwhelmed by the information overload.

FAQs About Gleim CPA Review:

Q: Is there a guarantee for the Gleim CPA review course?

A: If you’re enrolled in a Gleim course, you receive their Access Until You Pass guarantee. Don’t worry about paying any extra fees for updates or retakes; you only have to pay once and can keep your study materials until you pass the CPA exam.

Q: What’s the difference between the Traditional and Premium courses?

A: The Gleim Traditional CPA Review is their basic package that offers several features similar to their Premium course. However, it doesn’t come with their Access Until You Pass Guarantee or their Accounting Experts feature. The Premium review adds tutoring through Accounting Experts, their Gleim Instruct Video Series, and some more helpful features.

Bottom Line: If you haven’t been in a classroom for a number of years and want a personal counselor to help you throughout your studies, Gleim is the course for you. It’s also ideal for drilling practice questions since they have the largest CPA question bank currently available.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course (Rank: #6)


FFA CPA Course Dashboard

FFA CPA Course Details

  • 80 Hours of Video Lectures
  • 6,500+ Practice Questions
  • Custom Digital Flashcards
  • 4 Physical Textbooks


Affordable Pricing:

Fast Forward Academy is one of the best review courses if you’re trying to avoid spending too much money. Their course selection page offers customers the ability to only pay for video lectures, practice questions, or similar course materials related to specific CPA exam sections.

Worry-Free Guarantees:

Not sure if you’re going to be able to pass the exam in the time frame you expected? Fast Forward Academy will ensure that you still have full access to their review course no matter how long it takes.


No Mobile App:

Without a dedicated mobile app for Android or iOS, you might be disappointed if you’re planning on accessing Fast Forward Academy on your phone or tablet. However, their website is designed to accommodate these devices, so it’s not so bad!

FAQs About Fast Forward Academy CPA Review:

Q: Does Fast Forward Academy offer additional study materials besides their CPA exam prep course?

A: Yes. For students who are already enrolled in a CPA review course that are looking for some extra learning material, they offer a set of physical textbooks for $600.

Q: Does Fast Forward Academy have a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes! Students have 30 days to request a refund on anything they’ve purchased through Fast Forward Academy’s website.

Q: Does Fast Forward Academy offer financing?

A: Yes. Students have the option of enrolling in a 3, 6, or 12 month payment plan when enrolling in one of Fast Forward Academy’s CPA review courses.

Bottom Line: Fast Forward Academy CPA Review has some of the best technology out there, I would recommend this course for students who prefer to self-study and have a smaller budget.

Yaeger CPA Prep Course (Rank: #7)


Yaeger CPA Review: Why We’re the Secret to Passing the CPA Exam

Yaeger CPA Review: Why We're the Secret to Passing the CPA Exam
Watch this video on YouTube

Yaeger CPA Course Details

  • 120+ Hours of Video Lectures
  • 5,000+ Practice Questions
  • 2,000+ Digital Flashcards
  • 4 Digital/Physical Textbooks


Best Customer Support:

Yaeger’s Live Instructor Hotline is one of its best features. You can use this resource to receive nearly instant help from a real person with any of your CPA exam questions or course issues. Yaeger is famous for his promise, “Whether by phone or email—you can contact me and the other instructors personally almost anytime.”

Easy To Follow Lectures:

The lectures include step by step instructions to ensure that students are clear about the subject material. Instructors work hundreds of multiple choice questions with you and help you navigate through those tricky problems which give you the repetition needed to be successful.


Refund Policy:

Unfortunately, Yaeger doesn’t offer any kind of guarantee or refund policy for any of their course materials. That means if you use their course and still fail the CPA exam, you’re out of luck!

Yaeger CPA Review – Reviews and Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Yaeger CPA Review work on mobile devices?

A: Although you can access Yaeger CPA Review’s study materials on most mobile devices (including the student portal and flashcards), they don’t currently offer dedicated mobile apps for Android or Apple devices.

Q: Does Yaeger offer personal support for its course?

A: Whether you’re struggling with a specific CPA exam practice question or you need some help navigating Yaeger’s dashboard, you can get extra help. They provide phone support through an Instructor Hotline and a dedicated support email address.

Bottom Line: Yaeger is a good fit for you if you want a comprehensive course that gives you more than enough information to pass the CPA Exam.

Lambers CPA Prep Course (Rank: #8)



Optimized Study Content:

Lambers offers one of the best ways for a CPA candidate to identify their weak areas and drill them down into strengths. They’ve recently revamped their study materials — 5,000 practice questions and 90 hours of video — to be optimized for this express purpose.

Repeat Takers:

Have you taken the CPA exam once before and failed? If so, Lambers is an effective and inexpensive way to get that extra boost you need to earn a passing score. You can pick a specific section, like FAR or BEC, and then use their adaptive learning tech to learn what you missed.


Limited Content:

When compared to the top courses on our list, Lambers doesn’t have the same amount of content or competitive extra features. With that being said, it’s still a viable learning resource if you want something very stripped-down.

Bottom Line: Lambers is a terrific choice if you’re interested in supplementing another course on this list. On it’s own, these study materials are unimpressive but serviceable.

How to find the best CPA review course for you

When studying for the CPA exam, these are the most effective resources you can find online.

  • Lectures: Whether in video or audio form, these involve an instructor working through guided lesson plans for each subject.
  • Practice Questions: These questions are similar in format and subject matter to what you’ll be required to answer on the CPA exam.
  • Flashcards: These collections of terms and definitions are meant for fast-paced study sessions that improve your memory, which is essential for closed-book tests.
  • Textbooks: These can be digital or physical. Their “Index” and “Glossary” sections are the ultimate resource to consult when you don’t know or understand the answer to a specific question.

The best online CPA review courses take these resources and use them to create a guided study plan. This typically involves the use of modern technology that takes full advantage of its online format, such as:

  • Dashboards: A well-designed course dashboard will allow you to easily access all the different lectures, practice questions, flashcards, and textbooks included in your course. They’re conveniently organized by subject matter.
  • Machine Learning: Also known as adaptive learning or predictive learning, this is a way for your course to learn what subjects you need to focus on, crafting a customized study schedule that’s specifically geared to your study needs.
  • Community Support: Some courses let students ask questions directly to their instructors via livestream or virtual office hours. Others include community forums where students can study together and instructors can provide follow-up info through forum posts.

There are a lot of options for accounting students to choose from when preparing for their exam. And while they may all have lectures, practice questions, flashcards, and textbooks, there are some key differences you should consider when picking one of them. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Price vs. Content: Your first instinct might be to choose the exam prep course that has the lowest price. However, you should compare how much content comes with each program; you could end up with a better value for your money if you pick the more expensive option that has several hundred more practice questions and/or flashcards. Additionally, spending a bit more for one company’s premium review package will usually net you enough extra features (and guarantees) to justify the additional cost.
  • Time vs. Effectiveness: When it comes to value, you may also assume that the courses with the longest access periods are a better pick. But it’s entirely possible that you won’t need to study for 24 months before taking the CPA exam— in fact, you run the risk of forgetting earlier topics if you stretch out your schedule that long. For that reason, courses that have accelerated schedules will ensure that a shorter access period makes far better use of your time.
  • Learning Style: If you want to be a CPA, you’re already familiar with accounting and have taken plenty of educational courses. At this point, you should know how you prefer to study, and what methods are the most effective at teaching you the important concepts. Some of the courses below offer great video content, which is ideal if you learn through guided instruction and lectures; others have a large bank of practice questions, which is better for self-motivated students.

What’s the Best CPA Prep Course?

It can be hard to pick between so many great CPA courses. Each have their own strengths, but the key to picking the right one lies in exploring how each one fits their studying niche.

Becker vs. Wiley

Becker CPA Review has a strong emphasis on flexibility when studying. It offers both Study Roadmap and Study Planner toolkits so you can fine tune a personalized study routine. They even emphasize flexible payments with their multiple financing options.

On the other hand, Wiley is designed around bite sized lectures. Each lecture is 30-45 minutes so that they don’t overwhelm you. Because of that, they’re great for anyone who needs to study during work or school breaks.

What’s most important to note is the difference in overall quality. With Becker, you’ll be getting a far better experience than Wiley, especially when it comes to mobile support. Wiley’s got to fix some of their nagging issues if they want to keep up!

Read Becker vs. Wiley CPA

Surgent CPA Review vs. Becker CPA

Surgent and Becker are both built around their innovative technology. Becker is one of the few courses to offer a competent mobile app, but Surgent has a very intuitive dashboard design. Because of their focus on accessibility and quality, Surgent’s course was named one of Accouting Today’s Top New Products.

Becker also has fantastic Adapt2U learning technology, which offers similar benefits to Surgent’s A.S.A.P. tech. However, there are several other benefits Becker provides that overshadow Surgent, such as their near-universal adoption by the top accounting firms and their Accounting for Empires mobile game.

Read Surgent vs. Becker CPA

UWorld Roger CPA vs Becker CPA Review

When it comes to instructors, Becker and UWorld Roger have very different doctrines. While Becker’s program is taught by a host of instructors, Roger’s lectures are built around their teacher and namesake, Roger Philip. This is done so that the course has a solid through line. Roger Philip delivers his lectures with a characteristic enthusiasm and energy that really draws you in.

However, I actually prefer the variation that comes from Becker’s larger group of instructors. Instead of trusting one teacher to understand all four sections, four teachers that specialize in each of the four exam sections offers much greater depth and educational value.

If you can afford the higher price tag, I would recommend Becker. However, UWorld Roger is still a good value option if you can’t.

Read Roger vs. Becker CPA

Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPA Review

Both Gleim and Wiley’s greatest strengths come from their wide breadth of content. Gleim offers over 10,000 multiple choice questions while Wiley’s platinum course offers 12,000 questions. Furthermore, Wiley takes their questions from previous CPA exams so you can focus on certain areas without having to repeat the same questions. In contrast, Gleim focuses on having more types of questions such as true/false questions, TBS, and MCQ tests.

Unfortunately, Wiley misses out in one key area. Although they offer a mobile app for students who wish to study on phones and tablets, it’s received hundreds of negative reviews due to many problems and glitches. On the other hand, Gleim foregoes an app and simply optimized their entire site for all mobile browsers, resulting in a much better experience that’s nearly identical to studying on your home desktop.

Read Gleim vs. Wiley CPA

Gleim CPA vs Becker CPA Review

Gleim offers a great deal of versatility in their prep courses that should appeal to a specific kind of student. The addition of audio lectures is helpful for those who prefer to study while doing other things, like commuting or exercising.

On the other hand, Gleim’s lack of a mobile app can frustrate these same students. Fortunately, Becker provides a full mobile app that will work on both Apple and Android devices. This is a big deal for students who are constantly on the go that need to study in short bursts.

Although both CPA review courses offer a suite of appealing features, Becker is the ultimate winner in this comparison. Thanks to their accessibility in both content and mobile resources, it’s just a better option overall for modern students.

Read Gleim vs. Becker CPA

Fast Forward Academy vs. Gleim CPA Review

The biggest advantage that Fast Forward Academy provides to students when compared to the Gleim CPA review course is its price. If you’re a student with a tight budget that wants to stretch it as far as possible, you may want to choose Fast Forward Academy.

However, if you have even a few hundred dollars more to spend on your review course, Gleim is a much better option. It offers nearly double the amount of review material for students while also providing helpful support options and excellent personalization features.

If you don’t mind the fact that their study material is a bit more difficult to parse, Gleim is a better choice in terms of overall exam preparedness. Alternatively, Fast Forward Academy is a decent choice for students who just want something simple and less stressful.

Other CPA Review Courses & CPA Study Materials to Consider

These CPA review courses didn’t make my Top 7 List for 2022, but I still wanted to give you a thorough overview of their pros and cons. Click on each one to learn more:

  • Ninja CPA Review Course – Not comprehensive enough to use as a primary study source, ok as supplementary study material on weaker sections.
  • MDS CPA Study Materials– Has recently overhauled entire course to get a much-needed upgrade in technology, overall it looks very promising.
  • CPA Exam Tutoring – Compare the top rated CPA exam tutoring companies and find a CPA tutor to help boost your scores.

Get the Complete CPA Exam Review Course Ranking list HERE!

Compare 2022’s Top CPA Exam Review Courses By Feature:

Best CPA Prep Course Video Lecture Comparison

CPA video lectures are great for people who miss the classroom setting and prefer to learn by watching a teacher go over the important accounting concepts. Video lectures are one of the most important parts of any CPA review course, as many students prefer this style of learning. UWorld Roger CPA Review has some of the best video materials in the industry with his engaging talks, while Surgent CPA Review has the most knowledgeable instructors.

Bottom Line: UWorld Roger CPA Review will likely occupy this spot until the namesake retires—he’s the most engaging instructor in the industry.

Most Multiple Choice CPA Exam Practice Questions – Comparison

Multiple choice questions are the bread and butter of the best CPA review books, as these mirror the exam content and are an amazing way to practice for the test.

The number of MCQs isn’t always the most important metric for these questions, as some are harder and more like the actual exam than others. Wiley has a ton of great questions, but Surgent has very targeted multiple choice questions that may help you prepare for the test more efficiently.

Bottom Line: Surgent’s use of targeted multiple choice questions make them the perfect combination of quality and quantity.

Comparison of CPA Review Course Task-Based Simulations

Task-based simulations are increasingly important because of the 2022 CPA exam structure. Because of this new test, many of the CPA review courses listed here place much more emphasis on helping you understand and pass TBS questions. Becker is the top provider of TBS materials for CPAs; they’re optimized for the new CPA exam blueprints and include over 400 step-by-step videos taught by expert instructors.

Best CPA Courses Discount Prices & Financing Compared

Why pass full price for a CPA review course? There are plenty of great CPA discount codes that are available to students and candidates. Take hundreds of dollars off Becker CPA Review, UWorld Roger CPA Review, Surgent CPA Review, and many more with our great CPA Prep Course promo codes. If you can’t put a bunch of money down upfront, check out the financing options from Surgent or UWorld Roger CPA Review.

Bottom Line: Becker CPA Review offers great financing options with Flexpay, allowing you to enroll in 3, 9, or 12 month payment plans.

Best Course Student Support

CPA Review Courses Student Support RankingsCPA Review Courses Student Support Rankings

After using the top 5 CPA courses thoroughly, I found that certain prep courses deliver on their student support promises better than others.

Which CPA course provider answers questions in the fastest amount of time?

How easily can you access these courses’ student support software?

Which course provides responses to support inquiries that are the most personal and detailed?

Here are the Top Rated CPA Review Courses for Student Support:

  1. Becker – Onboarding assistance, dedicated Success Coaches, student & tech support available through email/phone/dashboard
  2. Surgent – Onboarding, dedicated coaching, email & phone support
  3. Gleim – Assistance from Accounting Experts and/or Personal Counselors
  4. UWorld Roger – All instructors accessible through Homework Help Center
  5. Yaeger – Email and phone support, exclusive student-only message board for direct instructor access

Check out my in-depth article and case study to learn more here: Which CPA Course Offers The Best Student Support?

Best Supplemental CPA Study Materials

Best CPA Exam Test Banks

#1: Becker CPA Test Bank

One of the most popular supplements in the CPA exam industry includes the ability to generate a limitless amount of customized practice tests. Becker’s Adapt2U technology pulls from its library of over 9,000 practice questions and 500+ task-based simulations to meet your exact study needs.

#1: Gleim CPA Test Bank

Gleim has over 10,000 simulations and multiple-choice questions that replicate the real exam accurately. They’re hands-down the largest test bank on the market; if you’re interested in learning through repetitive practice, this is the one you’ll want to choose.

Best CPA Course Printed Flashcards

#1: UWorld Roger CPA Flashcards 

UWorld Roger CPA Review comes with several hundred print flashcards. They all have two definitions on the front with corresponding explanations on the other side: a simple yet effective format for quick study sessions.

Best CPA Exam Mobile Apps

#1: Becker CPA Review

Becker offers two different mobile apps that are tailor-made for students who want to learn on the go. Use their course app to access all your practice questions and lectures from your smartphone or tablet, then take a break with their Accounting for Empires mobile game.

#2: Surgent CPA Review Mobile App

While many CPA review courses don’t offer full mobile support, Surgent provides a flashcard app for iPhone and Android that’s completely free. It contains over 2,000 CPA exam definitions and specific terms: perfect for bite-sized study sessions.

#3: UWorld Roger CPA Review Mobile App 

UWorld Roger offers two iPhone apps to its CPA exam candidates. One offers full access to their library of flashcards and the other provides access to practice questions and video lectures.

Best Audio CPA Review Course

#1: UWorld Roger CPA Review Audio Course

There are some students that want to learn while doing other things. If you’re a fan of multitasking, Roger CPA Review offers a fantastic audio-only component. This can free you up to do chores around the house or go for a long jog while you study for the CPA exam!

Best CPA Course for Visual and Auditory Learners

#1: UWorld Roger CPA Review Elite Course

In my opinion, Roger Philip’s passion and energy results in the best CPA review course for visual and auditory learnings. Definitely pick up the Elite package to take advantage of their audio-only lecture content!

Top CPA Review Course on a Budget

#1: Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger might not stand toe-to-toe with the top CPA prep courses, but they’re still a fantastic study resource for any aspiring public accountants. Best of all is that you can take advantage of discounts to save even more money on their course catalog!

#2: Lambers CPA Review

Unlike most of the other CPA review courses we’ve covered, Lambers allows you to pick study materials for individual sections of the CPA exam. This means you can grab some helpful lectures and practice exams for ¼ of the price!

Best CPA Study Combo for Self-Studiers

Wiley CPA Platinum Review Course + Gleim CPA Test Bank

Wiley’s Platinum course comes fully loaded with over 12,000 multiple choice practice questions, more than any other CPA Test Prep company. This course is ideal for those who don’t need to have their hand held while studying.

Self-studiers tend to learn very well from drilling thousands of multiple choice questions, analyzing the answers they got wrong, and then doing more practice questions. Combined with Wiley’s Platinum course, Gleim’s CPA Test Bank is ultimate combo for self-studiers.

CPA Review Course Frequently Asked Questions

Which CPA review course has the best passing rate?

Passing rates are different by prep courses. It is important to look at the guarantee that each course offers. Some courses, like Surgent, offer a money-back guarantee of passing.

Does Surgent offer a good CPA review course?

We highlighted Surgent as one of the best picks for CPA courses we reviewed. Surgent gives students unlimited access to the course, 7700 practice questions, and over 350 hours of videos. It also comes with a guarantee of passing.

Which CPA review course is best?

There are some fantastic CPA review courses out there, but after looking at numerous factors, our top picks included Becker and Surgent. Becker and Surgent both are well known throughout the industry and offer a ton of great features.

Is Becker the best CPA review course?

Becker offers a very good CPA review course. It made our list of best CPA review courses. It is a little pricey and not all candidates may be able to afford the prep course.

Who Is Eligible to take the CPA exam?

Candidates will need to meet eligibility requirements set by their regional board of accountancy before they take the CPA exam. There are 55 different jurisdictions in the United States, each with their own specific requirements. You can find out more about your local state accountancy board on the NASBA’s website.1

How Hard is the CPA Exam?

Although some sections of the 4-part CPA exam are easier than others, all of them are notoriously difficult. On average, roughly 50% of people who take the exam earn a passing grade.2

How do I Prepare for the CPA Exam?

The best way to ensure you are capable of passing the CPA exam is to identify your unique learning style, find CPA review courses geared toward it, and set aside enough study time to ensure you go over all the material covered on every exam section. For more information on different learning styles, we recommend reading more about Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.3

Why Should I Become a CPA?

There are both tangible and intangible benefits to becoming a CPA. If you want to advance quickly in your career, beat other applicants for competitive jobs, and land a corner office, this is the certification to pick. When comparing the average salary of an uncertified accountant4 with a CPA5, the latter earns roughly 30% more annually.. Basically, you should become a CPA if you want to achieve the greatest possible success in professional accounting!

What Are the CPA Exam Requirements By State?

For the most part, all 50 US states share requirements to sit for the CPA exam— with a few notable exceptions. However, you should still consult your local state’s board of taxation to learn the specific requirements you’ll need to meet.1 Typically, you’ll need to accrue some work experience and around 150 credit hours of education; but you should also anticipate more than just that!

How Do I Recognize My “Learning Style”?

If you ascribe to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences3, recognizing your learning style is key to getting the most out of any educational pursuit— including passing the CPA exam. Ask yourself some introspective questions and be honest: do you learn best from a video lecture, an audiobook, a textbook, a collaborative study group, or through tons and tons of practice questions? Once you’ve identified your learning style, put it to work and you’ll have a much easier time getting a passing score on all your exams!

What Are the Different Testing Windows For the CPA Exam?

In the past, the CPA exam testing windows followed the quarterly fiscal year structure— four windows of time for taking the exam each year. However, in 2020 the AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric rolled out a continuous testing model, which allows you to effectively take the CPA exam year-round.6

Which is the easiest part of the CPA exam?

The AICPA reports AUD being the statistically easiest class. The FAR, AUD, BEC, and REG respective pass rates are 45.42%, 45.82%, 55.54%, and 48.41%, with the lowest cumulative passing rates on FAR.7

FAQ Sources

Crush the CPA Exam requires writers support their work by using primary sources.  These include the exam’s governing body, white papers, government data, and interviews with leading experts in the field. You can learn more about the standards we follow by checking out our editorial guidelines.

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