3 Greatest Golf Courses in Bowling Green – Toyota of Bowling Green Blog

Despite the name, you can do more than bowl on the greens of Bowling Green, Kentucky. The rolling hills of west Kentucky offer some prime locations for fun, challenging golf courses, but the best around are the ones on this list.

  1. CrossWinds

The CrossWinds golf course is easily the best 18-hole course in Bowling Green, and is one of the top public spots for golf in the state. The fairway is wide, but in exchange the bunkers are huge and the trees are in just the wrong spots. The par is 71, and you can get to the pro shop by driving up Wilkinson Trace

  1. Riverview

Riverview lives up to its name, since the Barren River marks the northern edge of the course. The rolling terrain makes sloping greens more of a challenge than they are in CrossWinds, but it’s still accessible for new players. It’s also shorter since it’s a nine-hole course with a par of 36.

  1. Indian Hills Country Club

Bowling Green also has its fair share of country-club courses, including the excellent Indian Hills. Sitting just north of Cemetery Road, the Indian Hills Country Club offers reasonable membership fees, a clubhouse with all kinds of amenities, and a challenging par 72 course.

Thanks to the excellent terrain around Bowling Green, golf is a fun and quiet way to spend your afternoon. So whether you only just picked up your first club or whether you’ve counted strokes for decades, you’ll enjoy the courses in west Kentucky.

Image via Flickr by Jeremy Oakley