30 Classic Italian Restaurant Names

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What should you name your Italian restaurant?

What should you name your Italian restaurant?

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Naming Your Italian Restaurant

Growing up in an Italian family or being a chef who recently found inspiration in an Italian city might be reasons to open an Italian cuisine restaurant. Italians have some of the most delicious dishes and best wine around, so it is really no wonder that Italian food is so popular!

There is nothing quite like genuine Italian food. Going to an actual Italian restaurant where food is prepared by those who grew up making it, getting wine served to you in a relaxing atmosphere with the lights turned low, and string quartets adding to the ambiance: it’s all about the experience.

Naming an Italian Restaurant

If the love for Italian food and culture has filled your heart and you need to let that love overflow unto others, you’re probably seriously considering opening your own restaurant. One of the more important things to figure out when going into business in the restaurant industry is what to call your restaurant.

Italian restaurant names shouldn’t be hard to come up with, especially if you are Italian, yourself! But if you need some pointers, here are a few things to look at:

  • Use your name: A head chef’s name, especially if you’re the owner, should be known by all. If it’s an Italian name, that’s all the better!
  • Use popular Italian dishes: Not every person who frequents your restaurant is going to be Italian, but everyone knows the names of a few of the dishes! This lets people know that you serve Italian food!
  • Use adjectives: If you’re using a food dish in your name, also consider using an adjective to describe the food dish that makes the name sound that much more appealing to customers.
  • Use history: If you are from Italy, or have family in Italy, use the location in your name. What city are they from or in? What city did your specialty dish start out in?

When brainstorming for Italian restaurant names, start out by making the longest list possible of anything that comes to mind, and from there use the process of elimination until you finally get down to the one.

Now that you have a few things to think about, it’s time to start brainstorming. Here is a list of 30 Italian restaurant names that we came up with to get you thinking:

Italian Restaurant Name Ideas


Olive Branch Pasta and More

Bella Bella Mozzarella

The Tasty Tortellini

The Spicey Meatball

Calamari Sea Italian Cuisine

Eatie Some Ziti

Scamp’s Scampi

Ziti the Great

Wine Me, Dine Me Italian Ristorante

The P’sghetti Bar

Asiago Italian

Andriana’s Italian Cuisine

Valentino’s Pizzeria

The Ziti Dish

Zesty Pesto Italian Ristorante


Romano’s Italian Restaurant

The Cal Zone

Classico Italiano

Luigi’s Lasagne

Asti Olives Italian Cuisine

Taste of Rome

On the Grapevine Italian Food

Venice Italian Cuisine

Little Rome Italian Ristorante

Ti Amo, Pizza!

The Pasta People

Bello Italiano

That’s Amore Pasta

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Things to Consider

After you’ve compiled a nice long list, go back through this list and mark the ones you really like. This should help eliminate some names so you can move on to the really important things.

Odds are that by now, you’ve got some restaurant name ideas sticking out in your mind. Before you run off to design your restaurant’s business cards, there are a few things to consider about the name you’ve chosen.

A few questions to ask:

  • Will the name be easy to remember?
  • Is it easy for people to pronounce and spell?
  • Will the name give the “right” impression to potential customers?
  • Will it be difficult to come up with a good logo?

  • Do any of the names infringe on copyrights? (Visit Copyright.gov for everything you need to know about copyrights.)
  • Do any other businesses nearby have similar names? (Make a list of the local Italian restaurants for reference.)
  • Is there a web domain available that matches (or is a close match)? Check websites such as Whois.
  • Are there a lot of pages with similar names on social networking sites?

With all things considered and you’ve found the name, you’ll feel good knowing that your business finally has a name and that you won’t be running into any problems because of it. Now, a little wine to celebrate…

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