30 Viral TikTok Recipes You’ll Want to Try

Are your kids teasing you for being outdated? Get with the times and learn these TikTok recipes! You’ll be surprised at how remarkable they actually are.

When you hear the term “TikTok,” what immediately comes to mind? If your answer is the catchy Ke$ha song, I believe we belong in the same generation.  

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Let’s not kid ourselves: our age group isn’t exactly the target audience of the popular social media platform.

Homemade Avocado and Egg ToastHomemade Avocado and Egg Toast

But if you love to cook are or looking for new lunch and dinner ideas, it’s worth checking out. 

With lots of pro chefs and bakers on the app, TikTok is actually a treasure trove of cooking hacks and recipes! 

The question is, are they worth the hype? Well, I don’t know about all of them, but these 30 definitely are. 

Nothing will make you more popular with the kids than these viral treats. Let’s get down to business! 

The classic egg on toast is given a green glow-up by TikTok user, Amy Wilichowski. 

Instead of cooking sunny-side-up eggs the traditional way, she fried them up on a bed of pesto sauce and served them with toast and goat cheese.

Her recipe was such a hit that it’s been viewed over 8 million times. 

My verdict? It’s fantastic! The pesto really brightens up the simple meal both in terms of look and flavor.

This next TikTok recipe became viral in Finland back in 2019. Not sure why it didn’t make waves here, too. I think it’s amazing!

The idea is to use baked feta – a flavorful appetizer of feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil – as a pasta dressing. 

Any pasta noodle will work here, but for a pretty presentation, I’d stick to farfalle (butterfly-shaped pasta).

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Transform instant ramen into a gourmet dish with this viral food hack! 

To make the transformation happen, all you’ll need is to stir-fry the noodles with butter, garlic, soy sauce, and egg. 

The combination of ingredients creates sweet, salty, and umami-rich flavors. 

This recipe uses the Indonesian instant noodles, Indomie Mi Goreng, as its base. I imagine any other brand would just as well, though.

These pasta chips are fire! 

(I promise that’s my last attempt at using TikTok slang.)

Seriously, though, whoever came up with this concept is pure genius. I have no clue how they conjured up the idea of deep-frying pasta, but I’m glad they did.

Tossed with olive oil and seasoned with cheese and spices, these pasta chips aren’t only wonderfully crunchy but are loaded with flavor, to boot.

TikTok isn’t just overflowing with indulgent dishes, but healthy ones, too! 

Everyone dear to me knows I’m not a fan of salads, so me giving this recommendation is a big deal.

The salad mix-ins consist of cabbage, cucumbers, chives, and scallions – all finely chopped, which is the key to why this salad is so good.

The dressing is a blend of onions, garlic, basil, spinach, olive oil, cashews, rice vinegar, and nutritional yeast.

It’s a super-rich, thick, and creamy pesto dressing that’s just out-of-this-world amazing.

Toss them together and get your mind blown.

I’m always in the mood for dessert, which is why I find microwaved mug cakes to be such a blessing. 

The only problem is that mug cake recipes, more often than not, yield disappointing results.

That’s why I didn’t have high hopes for this Oreo mug cake. 

But man oh man, this cake is next-level-delicious. The taste is good, but it’s the texture that was truly a revelation.

Despite having only been microwaved, the cake is cooked perfectly – moist, yet not wet, and fluffy and not rubbery. Very impressive, indeed!

Out of all the TikTok trends in this roundup, the cloud bread was the one that I was most excited about.

I mean, who doesn’t want a bite of that fluffy, jiggly delight?

Thankfully, the recipe didn’t disappoint. In fact, I was more than impressed by the results!

The technique is to beat egg whites together with sugar and cornstarch until very, very stiff.

This creates a billowy batter that turns into a puffy, meringue-like bread once it goes into the oven.

The best part is, it’s such an unexpectedly easy recipe. It doesn’t call for making yeasted dough, which involves tedious tasks of kneading, rolling, and proofing!

This salmon and rice bowl blew up on TikTok for good reason.

First of all, if a dish has rich salmon and hearty rice at its core, it couldn’t possibly go wrong.

Add Japanese mayo, soy sauce, avocado slices, and roasted seaweed sheets, and it’ll just get even better. 

It’s like eating sushi, but in the form of a rice bowl. Yum!

Quesadillas and tortilla wraps are not a novel idea, but this TikTok hack definitely gives a fun twist to the classic dishes. 

So the idea is to divide a tortilla wrap into 4, with each quadrant getting its own different filling.

The quadrants are folded on top of each other to create a mouthwatering 4-layer tortilla wrap.  

Now, this is the fun part: there is absolutely no limit to the fillings you can use. Meats, cheeses, vegetables – you name it.

It’s easily customizable, so you’re free to make it your own. 

Here’s another mug cake recipe I initially had very little hopes for. 

After all, a classic cinnamon roll requires a lot of time and effort to make. The idea of a shortcut microwave recipe just didn’t seem feasible.

But by golly, this cinnamon roll in a mug is the stuff! It might not have the same bread-y texture of a traditional cinnamon roll, but the flavors are absolutely on point. 

Pici pasta or “Pici Senesi” is a hand-rolled pasta from Siena, Italy. Made with only flour, olive oil, and water, it’s surprisingly easy to make from scratch.

If you noticed, the ingredients don’t include eggs, which makes this pasta unusually vegan.

And with the addition of a few greens in the pasta itself, you can turn it into an even healthier yet still tasty dish.

It looks indulgent, but this toast is actually super nutritious.

You see that creamy custard resting on top of the toast?

It looks so rich and decadent, but it’s actually a very wholesome combo of Greek yogurt, egg, and maple syrup.

Don’t you just love it when people discover ways to make indulgent food healthy, but still delicious?

Garnished with your choice of berries and an extra drizzling of maple syrup, this toast is the perfect dessert for breakfast.

The name of the trend alone is intriguing enough!

In my opinion, potatoes are the best root vegetable on earth. No matter how you slice or cook them, they yield beyond-remarkable results. 

These accordion potatoes, however, are just next-level. It only takes one look to see why. 

Besides the jaw-dropping appearance, these potatoes also have top-notch tastes and textures. Think French fries, but 10 times crispier and tastier.

This TikTok egg sandwich trend has recently become one of my go-to breakfasts! It’s just that good.

If you think about it, though, it’s really not that different from a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich.

But what makes it so much more appealing is the way it’s made.

You start by pouring a beaten egg mixture into a pan and then placing two pieces of bread on top. 

With a little bit of folding and adding ingredients here and there, it’ll transform into a scrumptious sandwich. Amazing!

There are hundreds of chocolate chip cookies both online and off so you’re probably super curious why this one, in particular, became such a massive trend.

What makes these cookies so special is that it uses browned butter. 

If you’re not familiar, it’s basically butter that you heat until melted and browned.

This process gives the butter an extra rich and nutty flavor, and yes, you’ll be able to taste it in the cookies. 

Bland and boring oats are given a major glow-up in this next viral TikTok recipe!

The trick is to combine oats, sugar, mashed bananas, chocolate chips, and baking powder and bake them in ramekins to create these puffy, muffin-like treats. 

They’re just absolutely heavenly. The oats make them super hearty and healthy, while the chocolate chips add some decadence. 

Start your day right with these sweet and fluffy banana pancakes. 

The addition of mashed bananas to the classic batter makes the flapjacks extra fruity and flavorful. 

You’ll love these either on their own or garnished with your favorite sweet or savory (or both) breakfast toppings. 

This easy, 15-minute TikTok recipe is as delicious as it looks. 

Strips of corn ribs are seasoned perfectly and charred to perfection. 

Charring adds a certain level of chewiness to the corn, which, when combined with its natural crunchiness, creates a lovely contrast of textures. 

The flavors are outstanding as well. Toppings like chipotle sauce, jalapenos, cilantro, cheese crumbles give the corn a wonderful balance of sweet, salty, and spicy.

While I do love some runny golden yolk, I think we can all agree that there’s not much to be expected from a boiled egg.

But with this food hack, you’ll amp up the humble protein by dressing it with a delectable seafood boil sauce.

The blend of butter, cajun spice blend, and sugar transforms simple boiled eggs into a spectacular saucy dish. 

The concept is similar to that of the TikTok wraps, but instead of flour tortillas, you’ll use a strip of nori.

East meets West in this sushi-quesadilla fusion, and the results are absolutely incredible!

These particular nori wraps are filled with canned tuna and cucumber, avocado, and egg slices.

However, you’re free to add your favorite sushi fix-ins and make them your own.

Personally, I like mine with salmon sashimi, mango slices, cucumber, and crab sticks! 

This is yet another iteration of the TikTok wraps trend, and it caters to all you sweet tooths out there.

These wraps are filled with slices of caramelized apples and served with more apples and caramel on top. 

Who says you need to be a baker to make apple pie?

Its vibrant colors are definitely the selling point of this toast. The flavor and texture combinations are pretty impressive, too, though!

Crispy and buttery sourdough toast is smothered with mashed avocados and topped with – get this – grated boiled eggs.

This technique gives the eggs an interesting texture and extra appeal.

Finished with salt, red chili flakes, and tabasco, this toast is ideal if you like to spice up your day.

If you like your cornbread a little sweeter than usual, this TikTok recipe is calling out to you.

I personally am a huge fan of this cornbread! It has a crispy and crunchy exterior and an unbelievably moist and buttery interior. 

Its texture is more like a cake’s, which I know isn’t what traditional cornbread should be, but I like my cornbread that way. If you do, too, give this recipe a try.

Pro-tip: don’t forget about sprinkling salt into the bottom of the pan! It adds a nice flavor contrast to the sweet cornbread.

To me, there’s no such thing as a bad breakfast casserole. This one’s no exception.

With a medley of eggs, sausages crumbles, cheese, and a delectable biscuit base, this casserole is what breakfast dreams are made of.

It has everything from carbs to protein to fat. The only thing missing is the veggies, and let’s be honest, they’re not exactly a component that’ll be missed.

This donut bread pudding may have just recently become a TikTok sensation, but it’s nothing new.

The idea to make bread pudding out of leftover Krispy Kreme donuts came from none other than the queen of southern cooking herself —  Paula Deen.

I even remember her sharing this recipe in a talk show and saying that it’s healthy because “there’s no sugar added.” I mean, where’s the lie? 

Whoever you learned it from – TikTok or Paula Deen – it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you give it a try. It’s mind-blowingly delicious.

It’s similar in concept to cloud bread, this next TikTok trend uses baked whipped egg whites to make a fluffy pizza crust.

The appeal is that the crust is completely carb-free, which is perfect for those who are watching their carb and calorie intake.

With this simple hack, you’ll be able to enjoy a delectable pizza without the guilt. 

Cheese + garlic + biscuits. It doesn’t take a culinary expert to know this combination is epic.

“Addictive” is not enough to describe just how good these biscuit balls are!

They’re ridiculously soft and fluffy, and oozing with gooey mozzarella and bursting with a wonderfully pungent garlic flavor.

Here’s the kicker: there’s no need to make biscuits from scratch. Just use a good old can of biscuits and you’re all set.

This trending pasta is bursting with flavors from sweet tomatoes, peppery garlic, spices, and Boursin cheese.

If you’ve never had or heard of Boursin cheese, this is your sign. Head to the grocery today and get at least three blocks! Trust me, you’ll be hooked.

It’s very soft and creamy – much like cream cheese, and has a variety of flavors to choose from.

There’s garlic and herbs, pepper, fig and walnut, shallot and chive, and so much more!

Inspired by the pesto egg food hack, this recipe uses chili oil to fry eggs in instead of… well… regular oil.

With this little switcheroo, you’ll add a layer of heat to otherwise plain-tasting sunny-side-up eggs. 

Serve the eggs on a bed of rice and sprinkle it with sesame seeds and furikake (Japanese seasoning), and voila, breakfast is served.

Last but not least is what I like to call the official beverage of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Only those who live under a rock are not familiar with the Dalgona whipped coffee.

It’s a Korean-inspired drink with a milk base at the bottom and a billowy, frothy coffee foam on top.

The taste is okay, but the challenge to magically transform a simple mix of instant coffee, sugar, and boiling water into a fluffy foam is where the appeal lies.

TikTok recipesTikTok recipes

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