333 RESTAURANT, Grenada – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

I live in Grenada. I have eaten at 333 several times. It's hit and miss most of the time. I went by the restaurant two weeks ago to eat and it was closed. It's not usually close during the week. So I was out of…town working for two weeks and flew back into Memphis and was driving home to Grenada. I started craving 333's oysters on the half shell and their ribeye. I got there and ordered there oysters and a martini to start with. The waitress left and came back and said they were out of oysters. I told her I was going to order a steak and I would just go fix my salad from the bar and order when I got back. I got back and had a glass of water waiting on me. She came back to take my order. I asked where my martini was and she look upset and said there were two bar tenders but they wouldn't make her drinks, but she could bring me a beer. I asked about a glass of red wine from the wine list to go with my steak. She came back and told me that the bar tender wouldn't give her the wine and she said she could get me a beer. (Something personal is going on here, because she look almost in tears. I told her I would pay for a salad and go. The waitress asked if I would meet her at the register. I went up front and was told they had to call the owner as they were not their if I was not going to pay for the ticket. It had the oysters, martini, glass of wine on it. All of which I did not receive. I stood around while they discussed the situation over with the owner on the phone. They finally decided that I could pay for a salad bar. So I paid for the entire salad bar not the small bowl I fixed a salad in and left. The place is not bad on a good day. I worry that they are on the way out. It was not very busy on a Friday night at 7:30 as it was three years ago when I moved to Grenada, Ms.