34 Movie Night Snacks That Almost Steal the Show

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Although I work at a food magazine, I actually studied film. These days all that means is that I take movie night snacks VERY seriously. Even if I’ll never be a hotshot Hollywood director, I can still be the auteur of an amazing spread of binge-ready treats. Movie night guests at my apartment are bombarded with Miso Party Mix, candied citrus peels that give sour gummies a run for their money, and real nachos—none of drizzled liquid cheese nonsense. Of course, I’m never above plain popcorn with the movie theater butter, but I also invite you to mix things up with a spicy Buffalo seasoning sure to get your bull raging or a fully loaded herbie topping. Or go entirely off-script with these popcorn toffee crunch bars that feature a healthy dose of Chocolat. No matter what direction you go, these movie night snacks are sure to leave you Breathless, and if that’s not the stuff that dreams are made of, then I don’t know what is.