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South Korea is more than just K-pop, k-dramas, K-beauty, and kimchi. This East Asian gem is famous for its wide variety of Korean food offerings — from classic Korean dishes to restaurant staples to popular Korean snacks.

Yes, Korea is a paradise for snack junkies! The shelves of local convenience stores (pyeonijeom in Korean) and grocery stores in South Korea are brimming with an overwhelming number of popular snacks and treats.

Koreans take snacking seriously, enjoying it while watching television, drinking with friends, studying, or on road trips. Korean snacks can be enjoyed alone, or with friends and family.

korean snackskorean snacksSome of the yummy snacks you can find on shelves in Korea. Image credit: Benson Kua

Some of the best Korean snacks have gained global popularity after being featured in TV shows and movies. Convenience stores often appear in K-dramas, which is why even those who haven’t been to South Korea yet know of the famous Korean snacks out there. These Korean treats also make for great souvenirs.

But if you think these popular Korean snacks are only available in Korea, think again. These days, almost everything can be bought online and Korean snacks are not an exemption.

This list features some of the best Korean snacks online – classic and famous Korean snacks, sweet Korean snacks, savory Korean snacks, popular South Korean snacks for kids, and Korean snacks with unique and interesting flavors.

Read on for an extensive list of popular Korean snacks you can buy online and get your snack on!

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Best-selling and classic Korean snacks

A staple in Korean snacking, Pepero is a long cookie stick, dipped in chocolate. It is manufactured by Lotte Confectionery in South Korea and has been around since 1983.

The original Pepero is covered in plain milk chocolate but Lotte has created various flavors over the years, including white chocolate, peanut butter, green tea, vanilla, strawberry, and even tiramisu cheese.

To say that Pepero is a famous Korean snack is an understatement. This Korean snack is so famous that it even has its own holiday! Pepero Day happens every November 11, a day when Pepero is gifted or exchanged with friends and loved ones to show affection.

Kkokkalcorn is one of the most popular Korean snacks and both adults and children love it.

True to its name, this Korean snack has a strong taste of corn. It is light and airy, and is both sweet and salty. But aside from its taste, putting these cone-shaped snacks in your fingers and eating it off your finger by one by one is a fun and addicting experience.

This Korean snack also comes in spicy variants

Nongshim’s shrimp-flavored crackers is not only one of the most popular Korean snacks, it is also the oldest.

Introduced in 1971, the shrimp cracker was the first commercialized snack in Korea. Shaped like French fries with narrow ripples, it is crunchy and has a bold, slightly salty flavor. It is baked, not fried, and comes in spicy variants.

Yakgwa, also called gwajul, is one of the most popular Korean snacks that come in the form of a pastry. This traditional Korean cookie uses flour, sesame oil, honey, rice wine, cinnamon, and ginger juice.

During the Joseon dynasty, yakgwa was served as a royal medicinal dessert. Later on, Koreans began serving it at important celebrations like Chuseok, wedding ceremonies, and other special occasions.

Samlip’s yakgwa comes in individually wrapped bite-sized portions so it’s easy to eat and carry around.

One of the most famous Korean snacks, Orion Choco Pie is also one of the oldest Korean treats in the market. Sold since 1974, Orion Choco Pie consists of two small, round, chocolate-coated sponge cakes with marshmallow filling.

It’s one of the most well-loved Korean snacks and you’d be hard-pressed to find a Korean who hasn’t eaten a choco pie.

Although there are several different brands offering this confection, the Orion brand is the go-to for most Koreans. Aside from the traditional chocolate variant, it also comes in other flavors like banana, strawberry, and black sesame.

Another classic Korean snack, Haitai’s Matdongsan has been around since 1975.

Small cookie sticks are coated with peanuts and sweet syrup. Matdongsan is crunchy, nutty, and sweet, perfect as a snack or dessert.

Orion’s Market O Real Brownie is one of the best Korean snacks for chocolate fans. Not only are they popular in Korea but are also gaining fans in other countries.

A Korean snack haul staple, this packaged brownies are deliciously fudgy, dense, moist, and highly addictive.

Aside from the original chocolate flavor, Orion also came up with exciting flavors like green tea and mandarin orange.

One of the famous Korean treats that both adults and kids love is Lotte’s Chic Choc chocolate chip cookies.

These premium cookies are soft and crumbly, with extra big chunky chocolate chips on top. Best paired with coffee!

You can’t make a list of popular Korean snacks without mentioning potato chips.

In 1980, Nongshim launched the first real potato chip in Korea, Pocachip. This well-loved potato chip is made with real bite-sized potatoes that are fried in vegetable oil. It’s light and crispy and a favorite anju (drinking snack) among adults.

Aside from the original potato flavor, Pocachip now also comes in sour cream onion and snow cheese variants.

Another best-selling Korean snack, Lotte’s custard cake is exactly as it sounds — it’s a light, fluffy sponge cake with a custard filling.

The cake is soft, succulent, and moist and the cream custard is rich and sweet, making it a favorite among adults and kids alike. It’s also a filling confection so you can take it as a breakfast treat, an after-meal dessert, or a snack.

If you’ve been to a Korean restaurant, you know that dried seaweed plays an important role in Korean cuisine. It’s no surprise that it’s also a popular Korean snack.

Korean roasted seaweed sheets are light, crispy, and sufficiently salty and savory. It comes in a variety of flavors, too but the classic roasted variant is the most popular.

Seaweed is also rich in protein, thiamine, riboflavin, iron, and vitamins so it’s a healthy food. This, plus its taste and distinct texture, makes dried seaweed a great alternative to chips and crackers.

If Pocachip is to alcoholic beverages, Haitai’s Ace Cracker is to coffee. This soft biscuit is one of the popular South Korean snacks in the market. It is flaky, light, and a bit sweet. As its packaging suggests, it’s one of the best Korean snacks to pair with coffee.

It seems Koreans created certain snacks for particular activities and times of the day. If you’re into tea, we’ve got the perfect Korean snack for you.

Orion Gosomi Crackers are thin, crispy biscuits, studded with sesame seeds and lightly sprinkled with sugar, salt, and a hint of coconut.

All of these make Gosomi a flavorful snack that is best enjoyed on a lazy afternoon with a warm cup of tea.

Don’t you just love Korean snacks that also double as dessert?

Crown’s Choco Heim is one of the popular wafer snacks in Korea. This chocolate cream-filled wafer is delicious and crunchy. The chocolate filling is satisfyingly sweet, almost like Nutella, and perfect for snacking and after-meal dessert.

There is also a white chocolate version.

Although technically not a snack, Binggrae’s banana milk is so famous that it definitely deserves to be mentioned. And it’s also commonly consumed along with other Korean snacks.

Korean banana milk is a banana-flavored milk that was first introduced in 1974 by Korean food brand Binggrae. It contains milk, sugar, banana juice, carotene, and artificial flavors. The milk is light, less creamy, and not too sweet.

It also comes in other flavors like melon, strawberry, and sweet potato.

The banana milk’s bulky, hexagon-shaped plastic bottle was designed after Korea’s traditional jar. There are other banana-flavored milks in Korea but Binggrae’s 40-year old beverage remains the most popular.

Sweet Korean snacks

Rice cakes with sweet and spicy sauce, known as tteokbokki, is the quintessential street food in Korea. Hence, it’s no surprise that its chip counterpart is also one of the popular Korean snacks.

Similar to the traditional tteokbokki, Haitai’s tteokbokki snack is tasty, sweet with a spicy kick. It’s crunchy, too. If you’re craving for tteokbokki but can’t get the real thing, this is a good alternative.

Sure, you’ve eaten sunflower seeds. But have you eaten sunflower seeds coated in yummy chocolate?

Lotte’s Sunflower Seed Choco Ball is exactly that – dried sunflower seeds dipped in fine milk chocolate. A sweet Korean treat that’s also a healthy one.

What’s not to like?

Chocolate fans have plenty of choices when it comes to sweet Korean snacks. But Lotte’s Crunky Chocolate is not your typical chocolate bar.

Crunky is a combination of milk chocolate and puffed rice, making it indulgent and crunchy at the same time. The crisped rice gives it a toasty flavor and a nice texture, too.

And it even comes in other interesting flavors like the matcha latte and strawberry editions.

Despite being relatively new, Honey Butter Chips is one of the most popular Korean snacks not just in Korea but worldwide.

The chips were crispy, thin, with just the right amount of sweet and salty. A sensational hit in Korea, Honey Butter is manufactured by Haitai Calbee and was launched in 2014. 

It was unconventional for potato chips to have tangy sweet and savory salty flavors combined. The craze lasted for several months and the chips were often sold out nearly everywhere.

Koreans love sweet potatoes. Locally known as goguma, hot sweet potatoes in Korea are winter favorites, bought straight from a street vendor, taken as drinks, mixed in stews, and yes, eaten in the form of chips.

Nongshim’s sweet potato snack is one of the popular Korean snacks and is a favorite among Koreans of all ages. It tastes exactly as it sounds, too. It’s slightly salty but features a distinct sweetness as well as a crunch that will satisfy your chip cravings.

Savory Korean snacks

As a country bordered by waters, South Korea has an abundant supply of seafood, some of which are made into popular Korean snacks.

It probably sounds freakish to some, but dried squid is a savory, delicious and popular Korean snack. Think beef jerky but seafood.

The texture takes a little getting used to, and it can smell a little fishy, but it’s a perfect snack if you’re looking for something chewy and healthy (packed with protein!) at the same time.

Binggrae knew what they were doing when they combined two of the best words from the culinary dictionary: bacon and chips.

Craving for something savory and smoky? Binggrae’s smoky bacon chips comes to the rescue.

Everything just gets better with bacon, and Binggrae’s bacon-flavored chips packs not just the meaty, savory goodness of bacon but also its smokiness.

With a light barbecue flavor and chips made to resemble pieces of bacon strips, it’s one of the best Korean snacks for bacon lovers.

Roasted seaweed was already mentioned above, yes, but Bibigo’s Baked Brown Rice and Seaweed Crisps deserves another slot. For one, this popular Korean snack has a different texture from typical roasted seaweed sheets.

Bibigo Baked Brown Rice and Seaweed Crisps is a reinterpretation of the traditional Korean snack called gim bugak, which is fried seaweed sheet coated with glutinous rice paste. Bibigo’s version uses seaweed and brown rice paper, making for a savory, crispy and healthy snack.

A common convenience store fare, hot bars are some of the most popular Korean snacks. These vacuum-packaged sausages, meat and fish sticks are flavorful and filling.

Aside from being sold in convenience stores, hot bars are also sold at traditional markets, food courts, malls, and in street stalls.

It is best enjoyed piping hot but since you’re buying online, you can heat it in the microwave instead.

Nope, the seafood party isn’t over. Another savory Korean snack is Paldo’s crab chips.

Tasty, slightly sweeter than shrimp chips, lightly salted, and crispy, it’s not hard to like these crab chips. It packs a lot of flavor and it goes well with alcoholic drinks, too.

Korean snacks for kids

Lotte’s milky candy is one of the popular Korean snacks for kids.

It’s hybrid between candy and marshmallow. It’s soft and chewy like marshmallow but not as spongy and doesn’t stick to your teeth. It has a rich and thick texture, smells good, and tastes good!

This fluffy treat comes in milky variants that kids love – plain milk, strawberry milk, and banana milk.

Yes, guilt-free snacking is possible. Abigshag’s fruit chips are some of the healthiest Korean snacks in the market.

Made from high-quality fruits like strawberries, tangerines, apples, and pears from all over Korea, these dehydrated fruit chips don’t contain chemical additives, preservatives, added sugar or artificial flavors. Instead of freeze drying, low temperature wind dehydration is also the method of choice for drying the fruits to minimize loss of nutrients.

It’s a healthy alternative, especially for parents who don’t want their kids to indulge in junk foods.

Watch any Korean television show about kids and you’ll most likely stumble upon a kid eating one of those pale yellow sausage sticks. Korean kids looove these sausages, probably more than adults do.

Maxbon’s sausage sticks contain fish meat and melted cheddar cheese, as well as corn grains that makes it chewy.

Pair it with Binggrae’s banana milk for the ultimate childlike experience.

If you’ve encountered Meiji’s Kinoko No Yama (mushroom-shaped chocolate snack), Orion’s Choco Boy chocolate mushroom will not seem foreign to you.

Besides the novelty of eating a mushroom-shaped confection (something kids enjoy), what makes this one of the popular Korean snacks is its awesome combination of sweet chocolate and crunchy biscuit.

The milk chocolate mushroom caps is pleasantly sweet, not overpowering. This balances well with the brittle, crunchy stalk that has hints of vanilla flavoring. Its mushroom design also makes it quite easy to eat.

With its adorable shape and yummy flavor, Orion’s My Gummy Jelly Peach is one of the best Korean snacks for kids and those who have a sweet tooth.

It smells fruity and each bite gives you a pleasant sugar rush. The soft and chewy texture makes it a favorite among adults, too.

Korean snacks with unique and interesting flavors

Pringles are classic snacks available everywhere in the world. But in Korea, you can find some outlandish flavors that take your Pringles to another level.

Released in 2018, Yogurt and Cola Pringles were exclusively available in South Korea.

The Yogurt edition is basically infused with sour cream but with a slightly sweet and tangy flavor. Cola Pringles, on the other hand, contains a special seasoning that gives it a sparkling, fizzy texture.

Both flavors are limited editions but you can try your luck with this link.

Almonds as snacks aren’t new. But have you heard of almonds in yogurt, tiramisu, spicy chicken, and tteokbokki flavors?

Gilim Tom’s Farm seasoned almonds are some of the most innovative and exciting Korean snacks. They’re a great source of protein, too.

The more “normal” flavors included honey butter, wasabi, seaweed, and fruity ones like strawberry, peach, mango, and banana.

But in recent years, Tom’s Farm has also released surprising and new flavors like tteokbokki, tiramisu, injeolmi, yogurt, toffenut latter, milk tea and lobster.

Koreans and their love for Yakult.

Lotte’s endeavor of combining yogurt and jelly may seem strange to some but it actually works. The jellies, or gummies, come in cute packets that resemble a Yakult bottle. The jelly pieces also look like mini Yakult bottles. To top it all off, the jellies taste like Yakult, too.

They’re chewy, sweet and a bit sour, refreshing, and addicting.

These cute jellies also come in Apple Yogurt and Strawberry Yogurt flavors.

Chicken-flavored snacks aren’t new, but Nongshim’s take on this savory chips is rather fresh.

For starters, the snack is in a box similar to takeaway chicken boxes in Korea. The fried chicken snack pieces come in a small drumstick shape, made to resemble a, well, chicken drumstick.

It comes in regular fried chicken flavor but if you’re up to something unconventional, try the spicy chicken variant or the chili and lime edition.

Last but not the least, one of the most popular Korean snacks is the Samanco Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, ice cream in a sandwich.

This snack-slash-dessert is a reinvention of the classic Korean street food called bungeoppang, a fish-shaped pastry filled with sweet red bean paste. Samanco’s classic ice cream sandwich is a fish-shaped wafer filled with vanilla ice cream and sweet red beans.

But it also comes in chocolate, strawberry, and green tea.

There you have it! We hope you didn’t get too hungry while reading this long list of Korean snacks you can buy online. If you did, then it’s time to click that button and get snacking!

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