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Take a quick look at your favorite fashion magazine. What do you see? You see the microblading industry booming. What you also might notice is that the number of instructors offering the best microblading trainings is on the rise as well.

However, not every microblading training is the same. Some offer a better, more comprehensive education than others. As a beginner, you need to find one that will give you a solid foundation. That will teach you theory, and develop your skills. One that will give you insight of what it actually means to be a microblading artist.

In that sense, the PhiBrows method stands out from the competition as an industry standard. But not even that is a guarantee of quality, since there are trainings and instructors who only claim to follow their standards.

To help you find the best microblading training in the USA, Art of Beauty Academy master artists created a checklist of tips. Be sure to check off each one before you make your choice.

1. Method of Training

Despite revolving around art, trainings are pretty intense. A normal training consists of learning and adopting both theory and applying it in practice. According to PhiBrows, the entire training is broken into 11 seperate levels, plus work on a live model. Only after passing each level and putting in enough hours of practice you can receive a microblading certificate.

During the theoretical part of the training students get to learn about:

  • Classification of techniques
  • Eyebrow structure
  • Skin anatomy
  • Measuring brows according to the golden ratio
  • Procedure overview
  • Color theory

The second part involves putting all of this into practice. This means developing various techniques and applying them on artificial latex skin, and after that advancing on to live models. Practice on live models allows students to experience how actual microblading looks like (under supervision from the instructor). During this phase of training, students learn how to:

  • Define facial symmetry
  • Calculate eyebrow shape
  • Stretch the skin correctly
  • Create different natural strokes
  • Pierce the skin correctly
  • Insert color pigments

A good instructor will emphasize all the important details, like how to adjust the client, find the right angle, determine the amount of pressure and which products work best. Plus, you receive first-hand accounts and best practices when it comes to creating a business out of your craft.

The point of the best microblading training is to give you practical and useful knowledge you can apply later. These concepts will form the backbone of your work. How well they transpire into real-life situations is the only indicator of their quality, and the quality of the training you choose.

Method of Microblading Training

2. Microblading Trainer Requirements

Another thing to look when determining the quality of a microblading training is to ask the instructor for their credentials – certifications and licenses. A fully-licensed trainer should have:

  • Microblading certification
  • State licence
  • Bloodborne pathogen certification
  • Department of Health licence

Aside from these mandatory documents, a license from either AAM or SPSC (or both) are sure signs of a dedicated professional. While 100 hours or at least three years of experience are yet another quality assurance concerning your instructor.

Live PhiBrows Microblading Class in Progress

3. Live or Online Microblading Training?

This is up to you. Students generally make their decision based on preference. At the Art of Beauty Academy we offer our students both. Each one requires hard work, dedication and practice on live models, but follow a different approach to teaching microblading.

PhiBrows live microblading training is actually a 2-day workshop. It’s a hands-on approach that gives students a chance to get acquainted with tools and techniques by watching and interacting with the instructor. The main advantage is the one-on-one time, which students use to ask questions and receive valuable tips, tricks and hacks they might miss otherwise.

A good PhiBrows online microblading training allows students to learn, develop skills, practice and get certified at their own pace. It is also made for students who are busy professionals that can’t attend live events, or who want to cut down on travel expenses. Students will generally use a level-based app, like Craft Master, to pass each aspect of the microblading technique. However, they can always return to a specific level until it’s mastered, and the student is ready to get certified.

Both options are based on the same underlying principles, and the same certificate. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine how you want to learn microblading, so it fits your needs.

Preparation for Live PhiBrows Microblading Class

4. Receiving Support After Training

Following their certificate, students receive the title of artist. However, they will need to complete a certain amount of work hours in the next six months.

One way of achieving this is by working under a Master Artist. It allows you to gain confidence when treating clients and refine your skills. An instructor who offers additional support as part of their training is a sure sign of quality, and their level of dedication to your success.

It’s Up to You

These tips will help you, but ultimately it’s your choice. If you do choose to take one thing from this article it should be: find an excellent teacher. It will be the difference between a good microblading training and the best microblading training you will ever have.

Remember, there’s no rush. Take your time and do your research. Learn more about the best microblading trainings by visiting Art of Beauty Academy.