4 Top Spots for Italian Food in and Around Fairfield, CT

Looking for the perfect plate to feast on in the Fairfield, CT area? Then we’ve got a few local restaurants that are each certainly worth a second look. All four of these restaurants serve up some of the best Italian food you can find in our area, so try them out next time you’re craving a filling and delicious meal.

4 Top Spots for Italian Food in Fairfield CT

Bella Sera Ristorante

Proudly serving our area for more than a decade, Bella Sera Ristorante has established itself as one of the best spots in our town to go to for some authentic Italian cooking. The reasonable price of the food they offer and the casual environment you’ll enjoy it in help make the experience even better.

Some clams casino will make the perfect first portion of your meal, baked and served with a delicious mix of bacon, onions, pepper, and garlic. Then move on to their fresh homemade potato gnocchi, served in a tasty pomodoro sauce with some fresh basil giving the dish a bit of extra zest.

Avellino’s Italian Restaurant

Imagine an old-school cozy trattoria serving up all the Italian staples you know and love with some modern accents that help to make the whole place that much more inviting. With Avellino’s Italian Restaurant in our town, you don’t have to just imagine an experience like that, because it’s waiting right around the corner.

The house made ricotta cavatelli is one of the highlights on the menu here that we kept coming back for. This delicious dish comes served in a Bolognese sauce that complements the creamy cheese to perfection. They also have a range of traditional Italian desserts for you to try, from espresso-soaked tiramisu to fresh panna cotta with strawberries and cream.

Sonia’s Gourmet Kitchen

All of the Italian dishes you crave made with a unique twist create something new for you to try at Sonia’s Gourmet Kitchen. They use only the finest ingredients in creating all of the classic dishes you’re looking for, ensuring that what ends up on your plate is of the highest quality.

Feast on a plate of ravioli to get yourself a meal that will never disappoint, filled with a blend of parmesan, ricotta, and pecorino cheese and served in a flavorful truffle oil broth. They’ve also got a kids menu with suitable meals for any youngsters joining you for your meal out, including pasta with butter or tomato sauce.

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

Your local neighborhood source for pizza and Italian cuisine since 1975, Luigi’s Italian Restaurant has been delighting hungry people in our area with the meals they cook up for years now. The simple perfection of their pasta al forno dish, topped with their signature house sauce and a hearty helping of mozzarella cheese, is everything that you could want in a comfort food dish.

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