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Designing an effective website is essential for any business. More often than not, it’s the first (and sometimes the only) impression your potential customers get of you and your company.

Not only does your website need to be visually appealing, but it also needs to be easy to navigate and informative. From the color palette a design agency chooses to the fonts they pick, every detail is important and impactful.

Design agencies make their living creating great websites for other companies, but they’re often limited by budgets and time constraints. So we thought it would be interesting to flip the switch and see what kind of creativity these designers unleashed when they had free reign to build their own websites. We hope you’ll be inspired.

Showcase of Design Agency Websites

To help you get started on designing your own website, we’ve rounded up 40 of the best design agency websites from around the world. Some of them are totally off-the-wall while others are surprisingly traditional. Take a look at them for inspiration and learn what makes each of them effective. Then, apply these lessons to your own website design to create a site that’s not only beautiful but also effective.

One of the hallmarks of an effective design is to showcase your company’s personality. All of the sites on this list are design agencies, so what makes this one stand out? Loop does an excellent job of this. They work with non-profits and NGOs, with a mission to spur positive change. That’s clear from the moment their website loads and you see the words “Design For Social Good” in massive letters. 

Design Agency Websites - LoopDesign Agency Websites - Loop

ArtVersion has a clean, easy-to-navigate site — and I’d expect nothing less from a top-rated agency that designs UI/UX or, as they say on their home page, “We Design Experiences.” Monochromatic teal blue video of the team working is the site’s background.

Scrolling down the page will get you links to the blog and case studies to show their work, lending to their credibility in the field. Scroll further and you’ll find statistics about website design. There’s a lot to digest here, from a large design agency.


Another thing you can do to make a successful website is to make it immediately clear to the viewer what it is you do. Making Websites Better does that in a few ways. First, with their headline, “We design and build bespoke websites.”

Next, they include multiple mobile-friendly examples below the headline. This is especially important because, as you know, websites today need to be responsive for mobile phones and tablets.

Making Websites BetterMaking Websites Better

Toronto’s MB Creative went all-out with the creativity for their website. They have animated people running around, walking, sitting, and hanging from the massive word “Design” on the home page of their site. That certainly tells the visitor what this agency does! And, as you scroll through the website, the animations continue to interact with elements of the page. 

Design Agency Websites - MB CreativeDesign Agency Websites - MB Creative

Creative Spark didn’t go for the animations and digital tricks to get your attention. Instead, they just used great design and remembered the importance of putting key information front and center. Beautiful photography and a headline that tells people who you are and what you do is always an effective method of design. It helps, too, that they chose bold, attention-grabbing yellow for one of the main colors of their site.

Creative SparkCreative Spark

As far as website designs go, Grain & Mortar’s is fairly classic and simple, but with the addition of some unique modern animation and an interesting display font. Simplicity and ease of use are part of the user experience, after all, and that can be more beautiful than a colorful and complicated website. The first thing this design company does is give you the option to see their design portfolio. That shows you they’re proud of what they do, and they want to show it off.

Grain and MortarGrain and Mortar

Something you’ll notice right away when you look at Pennsylvania web development agency Rise’s website is that they focus on results — and are proud to show those results off on their site. On the very first page, you see a featured project that tells you how they tripled organic traffic and generated eight-figure revenue.

Further down the page, you’re greeted by case studies and raving client testimonials. The yellow, black, and white color scheme drives home feelings of authority, optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm.


Next in our showcase of creative agency websites is this example from Adrenalin Media. This professional website design company out of Australia puts their work front and center by making it the full page backdrop for their home page design.

Bright colors and attractive visuals give prospective clients an idea of what their own projects could look like. As you scroll through their easy-to-navigate site, you’re met with all the awards this design firm has won for its work.


Creative Brand Design uses a bright, bold color scheme for its website. Potential clients will find shades of orange, red, and purple — representing enthusiasm, excitement, passion, wisdom, and creativity. These are perfect traits for a digital design agency. While soothing, gentle, modern, and interesting animations keep the viewer’s attention. As you scroll through the site, the design concepts, color scheme, and animations are consistent throughout.

Design Agency Websites - Creative Brand DesignDesign Agency Websites - Creative Brand Design

Watson is a full-service digital agency out of Los Angeles. Primarily targeting brands in the movie and entertainment industry, their approach to their website design is unique. They went with a minimalist, simple design, a black and white color palette, and pretty much chose to let their work speak for itself. When your client roster includes some of the biggest brands in the world, that’s an effective strategy.


You may wonder why most of these creative agency websites don’t go for all the bells and whistles when it comes to their own sites. That’s because they know that a site that’s easy to navigate is far more important than one that’s flashy and “cool” and loaded with fancy animations, the latest technology, and fun tricks.

Those design choices are great — in moderation. But a site that puts key info on the forefront and isn’t frustrating to navigate — that’s the right choice every time. Bigger Picture’s website features a clean design, purple color scheme, and nothing too crazy other than a unique font. The result is an extremely effective, easy-to-use website.

Bigger PictureBigger Picture

Playground Inc. calls itself a “human design company” but it’s another creative digital design agency with a unique approach to the design process. Their website has a rather minimalistic design, showcasing just one of their projects on the home page. As you scroll through the site, you’re greeted by more projects and quirky photos of their offices and team. Finally, a simple link to email them or contact them via social media. 

Playground IncPlayground Inc

Full page video is the background choice for Pollen London’s website design. You get the sense that these are marketing experts for fashion, beauty, and other high-end luxury brands. The simple, elegant, bold design reinforces that impression. The black and white color palette represents authority and strength in their niche. If your company caters to a high-end client, try an elegant design like this one.

Design Agency Websites - PollenDesign Agency Websites - Pollen

This creative web design agency out of Helsinki, Finland combines traditional website design elements with unique hand-drawn artwork for their website. The result is a great user experience, easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for but with a more custom feel. Consider hiring an artist and incorporating custom-drawn illustrations into the pages of your own website to make it unique to you and your business (you can also find some amazing vector illustrations at Vecteezy).


When your work is this impressive, why not show it right away? That’s exactly what they did. German animation studio FOREAL put their animation reel front and center, and can you blame them?

They’ve also added some humor with their “by the numbers” graphic (you’ll get a giggle out of it). And, if your potential customer will appreciate humor, by all means, add it! Remember, it’s important to show your personality on your website.


Magnet Co is a professional web design agency that claims to make websites that resonate. Does their site resonate?

Let’s see… Here’s another one that made use of custom illustrations to give the site a unique look. The website is easy to navigate. Remember, that’s more important than innovative design. You always want people to remember who you are and what you do — not that they were frustrated trying to figure that out!

Magnet CoMagnet Co

Fixel is a full-service design and branding agency. They work on a wide variety of different projects, so how did they effectively showcase that? They did it by creating icons and summarizing the main services they offer on their home page.

As you scroll below the fold, you’ll see a featured project that goes into further detail about what the company can do. Beyond that, more example projects and bullet points explain what makes Fixel better than the rest. Next, visitors see several testimonials from clients, giving social proof that Fixel is a great company to work with.

Design Agency Websites - FixelDesign Agency Websites - Fixel

If you’ve seen our showcase of red websites, you’ll know exactly what Focus Lab was doing when they used red on their website design. No, it’s not a red website — they used the color thoughtfully and intentionally to call out the very important parts of their site, drawing your eye exactly where they want you to look.

When you design your own site, use color intentionally, like red or another bold, bright, contrasting color, to direct the viewer to look (or click) exactly where you want them to.

Focus LabFocus Lab

Full-service agency Gravita is all about collaboration and uses its website to drive that message home. What’s more, they do it using the color orange, which is representative of success, energy, and adventure. Everything on their website, from the language, to the photography, and even the color scheme, support the headline “A Creative Collective” and showcases the members of the company working together as a team.

Be sure that any design choices you make on your website are made with intention, and that they serve a purpose. For example, when you choose a color, know why you chose it and what effect it has on the viewer by studying color psychology.


This is a truly cool website. Of all the agency website designs on our list, this is one of my favorites. It’s a unique, custom design but still very easy to navigate and has a great user experience. You could say it’s the best of both worlds.

I also love their messaging, “we believe that the consumer is not a target but a strategic partner in the success of a brand.” Changing the way you view your customer — as a partner to your success rather than a target you have to reach — will change the way you approach your messaging and design process. 

Design Agency Websites - AntroDesign Agency Websites - Antro

Paravel is all about high-quality websites. That is perfectly clear just by looking at their website and reviewing their previous clients. You don’t build a Rolodex like that without turning out quality work. (Am I aging myself? Do people still know what a Rolodex is?)

A website is your digital business card (and then some) and, while this one isn’t fancy, it’s one that people are going to hold on to. Notice again, the use of the color red on the call-to-action buttons.


Three keys to making a successful website are: demonstrating your company’s personality and ability, providing examples of your work, and delivering an excellent user experience. Huge Inc.’s website checks all three boxes with their bold design.

Immediately, you’re met with full-page images from past projects and links to view more of their work. As you scroll through the site, you get a glimpse into the company culture and an idea of their personality. The site design is clear, concise, and easy to use.

Huge, Inc.Huge, Inc.

Designli is a web and mobile development firm out of Greenville, South Carolina with a beautifully designed website. Their site has traditional navigation but is much more copy-heavy than many of the other sites in our roundup. This approach is effective for first-time customers and clients who may be confused by the process or who are unsure of the steps they need to take.

Designli’s website takes the time to walk them through the process of launching a new software product. This will appeal to their target customer of start-ups and small businesses.


Here’s a fun site by a full-service marketing and design agency based in Italy. Chip&Byte website is flashy and colorful but the user interface is very simple and it’s surprisingly easy to find your way around.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again because it’s that important. You can make your site as pretty or as flashy as you want — as long as it’s easy to use, too. Chip&Byte is a fantastic example of a site that marries the two.

Chip and ByteChip and Byte

Do you ever visit a website and you just can’t figure out what it is the company does? Don’t you hate that? Please don’t hide your most important company information behind pretty pictures. Hexagon didn’t do that. They make sure you know straight off the bat who they are and what they do. And if you want to see more, just scroll.


Sweden Unlimited develops branding and websites for e-commerce, and that’s obvious from the minute their website loads with a video presentation that plays an impressive portfolio of past work. The site also links to multiple case studies, testimonials for social proof, a blog, and contact information. A blue and brown color palette gives it a sophisticated vibe.

Sweden UnlimitedSweden Unlimited

AntiGrvty makes digital experiences, like mobile games, to enhance a company’s branding. The services they offer are unique so it’s a no-brainer that they would feature their projects immediately when you visit their site. As you scroll, each of the featured projects is brought to the forefront. It’s a distinct way of introducing their work to potential clients. 

Anti GrvtyAnti Grvty

Use All Five is an LA-based design agency that creates digital experiences. Their site is fairly traditional, save for the pastel rainbow color palette and the animated hand that appears on the site from time to time. Like we’ve said a few times throughout this roundup, though, there’s nothing wrong with traditional — there’s a reason it’s being used. Because it works! 

Design Agency Websites - Use All FiveDesign Agency Websites - Use All Five

Clay is a UI/UX design and branding agency in San Francisco. Of all the design agencies, this is one of the few who put their work on a reel right upfront. And, even if you don’t watch the reel, you still get a preview animation of some of their work.

Scroll beyond the video and you’ll see a very clean, minimalist design that is clear and to the point. For a company that specializes in user experience, what does this tell you about how you should design your own site?


This website is, in my humble opinion, one of the prettier ones in our roundup. They’ve chosen a unique display font, a soft and subtle color palette of grays and light browns, and a classic arrangement with professional photography. There aren’t many surprises here, just the right balance between good design and a great user experience. 

Fable & Co.Fable & Co.

Now we’re talking! Fishtank nailed it with their reel — high energy, the music, the statistics, the length, the whole thing is working for me. I will be the first to admit I am not a person who watches videos (I get bored easily) but this one was perfect. Because of that video and the layout that follows, this site would make my top ten. What did you think of it?


84.Paris opted for the full-screen video background for their website. This gives them a really modern, cool vibe. They’re the new generation’s agency. They have published their manifesto on their site, which will speak to the new generation of consumers. If your business is targeting a certain generation or consumer, be sure you are making design choices that speak to them.


Speaking of targeting a certain consumer and making choices that speak to them…Otterdev is targeted at startups that need a digital presence. They use adorable custom otter animations to explain their process to their target clients.

A scrolling portfolio of sample work is followed by a scrolling list of awards they’ve won. This design is meant to instill confidence in their ability to create an award-winning website design for the viewer, too.


One surefire way to keep users on your site is to include interactive features. The1stMovement put a game on the home page and I got sucked right into playing it. The rest of their site is cool and all, the color scheme is lovely, the user interface is good. But the game is great! You’re hired! But really, if you can build games, why not put one on your site? It’s a no-brainer!

The First MovementThe First Movement

Here’s another site that opens with a video reel of their work. It’s nice, but my one complaint is that there’s no way to make it stop. 14islands may have added some bells and whistles for the sake of it, but there are a lot of tricks on their website, like hover effects, transitions, and animations. Be careful using too many of these because they can distract from your messaging.

14 Islands14 Islands

HLK’s website delivers a solid user experience. Their site is simple, direct, easy to navigate, but beautifully designed. The use of the color teal represents communication and clarity, which supports their messaging about “cutting the clutter.” All of this combined tells you this is an agency that knows exactly what they’re doing. How will you use color to communicate your company’s message?


Well, there’s absolutely no confusion about what A&Mcreative does. They’ve spelled it out very clearly in black and white. “We are a multidisciplinary/multicultural creative studio based in France.” Scroll beyond that and you’re met with a portfolio of their work.

I love when they list the client’s name but also list what they did for the client. For example, branding, packaging, photography, advertising, so you’re not left to guess what part the agency played in the images you’re looking at. 

A&M CreativeA&M Creative

Nurun creates digital experiences. But if that’s too vague, they’ve done a great job of explaining what that means below the fold. There’s an animation that scrolls through the various services they offer and what each one entails. The site uses a green color palette, which represents new beginnings, growth, and abundance — perfect!


Here’s another website that used custom illustrations throughout the layout. The result is a completely custom feel. While the layout is quite traditional, the look is completely unique to andculture. This website is smooth and easy to use, designed with bright colors, and clearly showcases the company’s mission and values. It’s simple, efficient, and effective.

Design Agency Websites - and cultureDesign Agency Websites - and culture

Final Thoughts on Design Agency Websites

And there you have it! Now that you’ve looked at 40 different examples of design agency websites — designed by the experts in the field of digital design — we hope you’ve been inspired to build your very own website. What design elements did you see here that you’ll use when you create your site?