45 Free Online College Courses from the Best Colleges and Universities




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Computers and technology

Intro to Computer Science from Harvard University, offered on edX

Introduction to Corporate Finance from Columbia University, offered on edX

Programming for the Web with JavaScript from University of Pennsylvania, offered on edX

Computational Thinking for Problem Solving from University of Pennsylvania, offered on Coursera

Artificial Intelligence from Columbia University, offered on edX

With computer literacy an increasingly marketable skill, it’s nice to know that free online college courses can help supply you with some of those skills. And courses from Harvard, no less! Louis Wood, Owner of DefendItYourself.com, says that the Harvard Intro course is “amazing—people online have mentioned they learned more taking that one class than they did in two years of classes at other schools.” Thanks to these free online college courses, you can learn helpful skills while also staying current in the ever-evolving world of technology. LaNysha Adams, Ph.D., Principal Consultant at Edlinguist Solutions, also praises Columbia’s Artificial Intelligence course. “I want to stay on the up-and-up with what is happening in that field, and the fact that I can just take a one-hitter course is really cool,” she says.