5 Best Thai Restaurants in San Antonio 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Thai Restaurants in San Antonio. To help you find the best Thai Restaurants located near you in San Antonio, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Antonio’s Best Thai Restaurants: 

The top rated Thai Restaurants in San Antonio are:

  • Thai Restaurant – one of the Thai restaurants established in the early 90s
  • Tong’s Thai Restaurant – offers Thai classic dishes from the Northern part of Thailand
  • Thai Dee Restaurant – owned by Chanapol Sanseeha that grew up knowing the flavors of Thailand
  • Bangkok 54 Thai Cusine – provides Thai classics in a cozy and artistic restaurant
  • Yum Thai Restaurant – offers a great dining experience with flavorful Thai cuisines

Thai Restaurant

Thai Restaurant is one of the Thai restaurants established in the early 90s. With less number of Thai restaurants across the country, they started to open their doors to the public. Furthermore, they serve only authentic Thai dishes. They chose the generic name to make the public recognize the name easily. The owners grew in Thailand and know the flavor of Tha dishes. They take pride in their cooking as they are the cooks in the restaurant. Moreover, their menu includes Panang curry, Tom Yum Goong, and Pad Thai. Their pad is complete with traditional ingredients such as rice noodles and peanuts. In addition, their ingredients have varying spice levels for customers to choose from.

Products/ Services:

Thai restaurant, pad that, curry, soup, stir fry


Address: Thai Restaurant, 1709 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229
Phone: (210)-341-0606
Website: thairestaurant-sa.com


”This is my absolute favorite place! Especially during happy hour! The food is good. The prices are amazing for happy hour! Very cute and intimate setting!” – Dorothy Hutchison

Tong’s Thai Restaurant

5 Best Thai Restaurants in San Antonio 2

Tong’s Thai Restaurant offers Thai classic dishes from the Northern part of Thailand. They have their own unique flavors that tickle the palate. Their dishes are prepared daily using the finest ingredients. Furthermore, they have created superior dish fusions of flavors around Asia. They also serve Chinese dishes prepared with traditional recipes. In addition, the restaurant has selections of sushi to choose from. They also serve bubble tea with lots of variations. Moreover, they give the best customer service. They warmly welcome guests and provides them with all the needed attention.

Products/ Services:

Thai restaurant, Thai cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Bubble tea


Address: 1146 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210)-829-7345
Website:  tongsthai.com/home


”It is a must visit Thai restaurant. The food is amazing. We tried the noodles, curry and bubble tea. All very tasty and our waitress had great recommendations! The service is A plus and they go above and beyond to keep the place covid safe.” – Prachi Mishra

Thai Dee Restaurant

5 Best Thai Restaurants in San Antonio 3

Thai Dee Restaurant is owned by Chanapol Sanseeha that grew up knowing the flavors of Thailand. The restaurant uses the best ingredients in preparing their dishes. Furthermore, they also keep the menu healthy and delicious. They also provide palatable dishes with the most aesthetic presentations. The restaurant also features Thai favorites like curry and stir fry. Some of their featured dishes are curry puffs, tiger cry, and banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream. They use premium meats in creating their masterpiece. In addition, the dishes are the output of using authentic and traditional recipes.

Products/ Services:

Thai restaurant, curry, spring roll


Address: 5307 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone: (210)-342-3622
Website:  thaideesa.com


”The best Thai food I’ve ever had. Service is great as well. I drive across town to get it even though I pass many other Thai restaurants that are closer to my home. Need I say more?” – Mark Clark

Bangkok 54 Thai Cuisine

5 Best Thai Restaurants in San Antonio 4

Bangkok 54 Thai Cusine provides Thai classics in a cozy and artistic restaurant. They bring out dishes prepared with the traditional recipes. It is also served warm and with great plating. Furthermore, their dishes embody Thai home cooking. The flavors of the dishes make the palate satisfied. The restaurant is accessible and offers parking for convenience. They also ensure that their diners have the best dining experience. Moreover, their specialties include steamed dumplings, crispy duck, curry, and pineapple fried rice. They also serve the famous Pad Thai. Their dishes have varying spice levels from 0 to 6. The restaurant serves quality and great tasting dishes for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday.

Products/ Services:

Thai restaurant, Thai cuisine, curry, pad thai, dumpling


Address: 2515 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone: (210)-822-5454
Website: bangkok54texas.com


”I ordered curbside and the food was done quickly and came with more then I expected. But the real suprise was how incredible it tasted! Cant believe I had never tried this place.” – Chance Kellam

Yum Thai Restaurant 

5 Best Thai Restaurants in San Antonio 5

Yum Thai Restaurant offers a great dining experience with flavorful Thai cuisines. They have respectful staff that serves the food quickly. Their excellent customer service brought more diners to the restaurant. Furthermore, they fused the modern interpretations of their traditional recipes. They brought out more flavors that Thai cuisine could offer. Their menu includes stir-fried, curry, and steamed dishes. Moreover, they offer Thai ice tea and coffee. Their bubble tea has variations including taro, pineapple, honeydew, and watermelon. They also serve other Asian dishes like satay and tempura.

Products/ Services:

Thai restaurant, Thai cuisine, curry, bubble tea, satay, tempura


Address:  5511 W Loop 1604 N, San Antonio, TX 78253
Phone:  (210)-509-0000
Website:  yumthaisanantonio.com


”Tables were clean and we were greeted with a smile. The table layout was wonderful, spacious and plenty of booths. The ambiance was perfect! Thai tea was extremely sweet, a little too sweet for me but still delicious. Appetizers (summer roll and chicken) came out quick and our waters were never empty. Dinner portions are fair for the price and will certainly leave you full. Overall, 5 dishes and they were top notch. I’ll be going back soon if not the next day!!” – Christopher Tatro


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