5 Best FREE Proofreading Courses Online with Certificate (2022)

Human Err a lot. It is something we are very good at:-). Writers are no exception to this rule. Hence, proofreading is important to ensure your content is factually, grammatically, logically, and technically correct. Whether you publish online or print some material, you need to ensure that you are delivering the quality that your clients are expecting.

With several Proofreading Courses readily accessible, learners find it difficult to select the best course to suit their needs.

Following is a handpicked list of the Top Online Proof Reading Courses & Certifications to gather knowledge about this subject. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) courses.

Best Online Proofreading Courses: Learn Copy Editing Free

Skillshare is a free online learning portal that offers many online proofreading classes. The course is designed for real-life usage. This online proofreading and editing course helps you achieve maximum proofreading accuracy.

proofreading courses 1proofreading courses 1

Key Features:

  • You can take this copy editing course from wherever you want.
  • Tests and quizzes help you to remember your lessons and learning.
  • You will get a course completion certificate to showcase your achievements.

Key Courses:

  • Writing Editing Masterclass -Content Editing, Copyediting, and Proofreading.
  • Helps you to find Correct Writing Errors: The Proofreading Guide.
  • Create Pictures in Your Writing with Strong Nouns.
  • Master Books Proofreading Skills, Punctuation, and Copyediting.
  • Original Writer and Avoid Cliches.

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Specs: Rating: 4.4 | Duration: 2 hours on-demand video | Pricing: $24.99 | Certificate on Completion: Yes

Kickstart A Freelance editor & Proofread career on Upwork. It is an online learning course that discusses how to create a cover letter, bidding principles, and how much to bid to win job contracts in Upwork.

This copy editing course also covers insights, including the philosophy of editing that helps you preserve clients’ ideas and meanings and remove troubling “errors” from their writing. This Online Proofreading course offers more approaches and tips for editing and proofreading that may increase your client’s satisfaction.

proofreading courses 2proofreading courses 2

Key topics:

  • How you can create an effective bid proposal cover letter to attract clients.
  • Learn how to win Upwork contracts.
  • How you will get good ratings to improve your bidding chances.
  • How you can speed up your online editing and proofreading career.


  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV

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Specs: Rating: 4.3 | Duration: 1.5 hours on-demand video | Pricing: $24.99 | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Intermediate

Proofreading Power Basics is an online course that offers practical application with hands-on exercises and quizzes to learn advanced proofreading skills.

This copy editing course introduces proofreading fundamentals for people who want to enhance their writing skills. This professional course also helps to develop an extra skill for people, like freelance writers and editors who want to expand their services.

An American English instructor taught this online learning class who focuses on American grammar, American spelling. To enroll in this copy editing class, you must have some intermediate grammar skills to complete this online proofreading and editing course. At the end of this copy editing course, you will be a fairly good writer to catch mistakes.

proofreading courses 3proofreading courses 3


  • 8 articles
  • 12 downloadable resources
  • 1 practice test
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV

Key topics:

  • Learn the basics of proofreading.
  • How to correct common proofreading errors.
  • Use exercises to practice proofreading skills.
  • Build proofreading confidence.
  • Breaking into freelance proofreading.

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Specs: Rating: 4.4 | Duration: 1-hour on-demand video | Pricing: $24.99 | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Beginner | Prerequisite: Good command over the English language.

Writers often forget the importance of proofreading. This Course, “How to Find & Correct Writing Errors,” is designed for professional writers and editors of any genre who want to develop their proofreading skills.

This online proofreading and copy editing course explain how you can have the correct mindset to catch these errors. This course also provides unique techniques for making your proofreading work easier and more effective. This free online proofreading course is designed for anyone who wants to find and remove writing errors from documents.

proofreading courses 4proofreading courses 4

Key topics:

  • How to remove typos and spelling errors
  • Learn about finding errors in design and graphics
  • Helps you to ensure proofreading consistency
  • How to work with professional proofreading symbols
  • How you can develop the mindset to catch common and repetitive errors
  • Learn some unique techniques to proofread easily


  • 3 articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV

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Specs: Rating: 4.5 | Duration: Self-paced

Udemy Proofreading is an online course that helps you learn from business, design, writing, editing, marketing courses, etc.

You can develop new skills by achieving new goals and by learning from the extensive library of various courses created by expert instructors to teach various subjects available in Udemy.

This online course offers various types of online proofreading and editing courses that can be viewed on all devices connected to the Internet. You do not need any prequalification to take any of these online free copy editing courses.

proofreading courses 5proofreading courses 5

Key Features:

  • How to find vocabulary, typography, punctuation, and grammatical errors in your document.
  • Learn the essential parts of proofreading and the basic techniques of proofreading.
  • How to learn the importance of style and consistency and the difference between editing and proofreading.
  • You will earn a course completion certificate at the end of the course to showcase your skills.

Key Courses:

  • How to Find & Correct Writing Errors?
  • Proofreading Power Basics
  • The Complete Proofreading Course: Editing and Proofreading
  • Editing and Proofreading Course: Proofread Errors Like a Pro
  • Proofreading: A MUST for Newbie Writers
  • Basic of Proofreading
  • Practical Tips on Proofreading Effectively.

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Specs: Rating: 4.7 | Duration: Approx. 13 hours to complete | Pricing: Free | Certificate on Completion: Yes

Writing for Young Reader is an online proofreading course for curious students and aspiring authors who have a passion for writing content.

This free online proofreading course helps you to enhance your proofreading skill with a combination of video lectures, peer reviews, and guest appearances from many world-renowned authors.

At the end of this online free copy editing course, you will have ten to twelve extracts of writing which helps you to develop your portfolio.

proofreading courses 6proofreading courses 6

Key topics:

  • Your Writing Identity
  • Genre, Form, and Audience
  • Editing and Proofreading


  • 100% online
  • Flexible Learning Plan
  • Approx. 13 hours to complete
  • Languages: English, Arabic, French, etc

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❓ What will you learn in these proofreading classes online?

Here are some important things to learn from proofread classes online:

  • It provides you all the basic skills which are possibly needed for proofreading.
  • You will be aware of the step-by-step instructions to copyedit or proofread your text.
  • Provides all the essential tips that help you to become a professional copyeditor or a proofreader with minimum practice.
  • You will have the right knowledge of applying your newly acquired skills.
  • It helps you with the tips to copyedit and proofread various types of writing, like blogs, articles, and fiction.
  • Helps you learn how you get the right skill to start your own copyediting and proofreading business.
  • Practice exercises will give you an idea of implementing your new skills.

⚡ Who should take up this proofreading training online?

All the above-proof reading courses are designed for everyone, irrespective of their background, education, and experience, so if you have copyediting and proofreading skills, then these courses will certainly help you to enhance your written communications.

? How do you become a certified Proofreader?

  • You can become a certified proofreader by gaining experience in writing and grammar.
  • You can also complete a degree with a master’s in the English language.
  • Take journalism courses, including copy editing and online editing.
  • You can also learn from the wide range of available online free copy editing courses.

? What are things to look for when proofreading?

Professional proofreaders look at the following things: typographical errors like grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, punctuation marks, hard-to-read sentences, spelling mistakes, comma usage and splices, capitalization, tenses, structure, readability, and appropriateness for the audience.

❗ Do I get a Printable Certificate?

Yes, you will get a printable certificate in many courses. Some course providers will ship a hard copy of the certificate to your desired address.

? What if I miss a class?

All the classes are prerecorded and can be replayed later.

? How can I ask my doubts or questions?

Most courses have a forum that allows you to raise questions that are frequently answered by course authors.