5 Best Italian Restaurants in the Gold Coast

DiSotto Enoteca

Whether you’re looking for a spot for your first date in Chicago or a cozy venue for your 50th anniversary party, DiSotto Enoteca is a go-to. It is reminiscent of a wine cellar on the Italian countryside with its rustic brick walls, wood shelves lined with wine bottles, and candlelit chandeliers that give off a soft glow. The romantic atmosphere is filled with a sense of calm—perfect for chatting over a glass of wine or simply escaping the commotion of the city.
Private dining and semi-private dining are also available for events that host anywhere from 45-60 people. However, no matter if you’re looking to enjoy a night on the town or planning a private get together, you won’t be disappointed by the authentic cuisine and delightful Italian aesthetic this restaurant has to offer.