5 Best New York Real Estate Schools for 2022

Your dynamic real estate career in New York awaits in one of the hottest real estate markets in North America. You’re only 75 hours of prelicensing coursework away from getting your real estate license too. In no time at all, you could be helping clients buy a cozy upstate NY home, a summer home in The Hamptons, or a chic Manhattan apartment.

Whether you’re just beginning or taking your real estate career to a new state, we’ve got you covered. We reviewed the most popular New York real estate schools to share the best of their features with you. We examined their ease of use, pricing, online access, quality of instruction and materials, and more. You’ll be fully equipped to choose the right school for you—let’s dive in!

5 Best New York Real Estate Schools for 2022

(New York prelicensing package prices as of April 2022)

Infographic: New York Real Estate Schools - Quick FactsInfographic: New York Real Estate Schools - Quick Facts

New York Real Estate Schools: Helpful Info

Becoming a real estate agent in New York can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively. Here’s what you can expect from quality New York real estate schools that will help you both launch and sustain your new career. Typically, New York real estate schools offer a variety of course packages in these categories.

Prelicensing Courses


The first step to becoming a real estate agent in New York is to enroll in a 75-hour prelicensing course. You must complete these New York real estate classes before taking the state’s licensure exam. All of the schools on our list offer these classes, and we’ll help you choose the New York real estate school for your needs.

For more information about becoming a real estate agent in New York, read our seven-step guide.

Exam Preparation Courses


It may have been years since you last sat for an exam. Most soon-to-be real estate agents feel more comfortable facing the licensing exam after spending time using quality exam prep materials. You can find exam prep materials offered as standalone packages or as part of prelicensing course packages.

Exam prep often includes helpful tools like flashcards, practice tests, videos, and even instructor-led study sessions or access to online study groups. We love the way The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge packages use responsive technology to isolate the areas you need more practice with.


Continuing Education Courses


The first time you renew your real estate license, you’ll need to take 22.5 hours of New York real estate continuing education (CE) classes. You probably aren’t yet thinking about renewing your license, but we mention these because some of the real estate schools in New York that we’ve chosen offer packages that bundle both prelicensing classes with the CE courses you’ll need to complete within your first two years.

Now that you know what you need to become licensed and stay licensed in New York, let’s take a look at the real estate schools we’ve reviewed with a fine-toothed comb, just for you.

Best Overall New York Real Estate School:

Real Estate Express offers:

  • Prelicensing courses
  • Post-licensing courses
  • Managing broker prelicensing course

holds the top spot on our list of recommended New York real estate schools because their programs are affordable, expertly designed, and offer instructor support. As a student, you’ll have plenty of choices, since they feature both online, self-paced learning and livestream classes.

The essential material is repeated, so you have ample opportunity to retain it. Plus, it’s a national company with loads of experience, making them one of the country’s leading online real estate schools (and part of our national guide for online real estate schools too).

Real Estate Express Pros

Real Estate Express Cons

  • Various course packages, bonus materials, and extra support
  • Livestream-only classes are offered during weekdays only
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • The Basics course doesn’t come with test prep materials
  • Livestream and online classes at your own pace
  • No interaction with a live instructor
  • Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee

Real Estate Express Pricing

offers four online, self-paced prelicensing course packages in New York, starting at $324. Let’s learn more about them.

  • The Basics ($324): This entry-level package is for those who are “disciplined self-starters with some real estate experience.” You’ll receive the required 75 hours of class time, three real estate e-books, and email or phone access to state-approved instructors.
  • Exam Preparation Package ($384): We recommend Real Estate Express’ Exam Preparation Package. It includes everything from The Basic package plus exam prep material and a , which means you’ll get your money back if you don’t pass the exam on your first try.
  • Exam Preparation Plus ($427): For $55 more, you’ll receive everything in the previous two packages, plus 40 hours per month of live access to instructors. You’ll be able to ask questions regarding tricky material or items that you miss on the practice exams. This package also includes a printed textbook.
  • Ultimate Learning Package ($529): In this still affordable package, you’ll receive everything from the Exam Preparation Plus package as well as a one-year membership with McKissock, Real Estate Express’ neighbor-company under Colibri Learning that specializes in real estate CE and professional development. With this membership, you’ll have access to professional development courses, webinars, job aids, and more!

Real Estate Express also offers a livestream class option with four daytime scheduling options.

  • NY Livestream Package ($529): This package is ideal for the student who prefers scheduled classes, or who enjoys the interaction that a livestreamed class offers. This package includes the prelicensing course, instructor support, e-books, exam prep materials, a real estate dictionary, and free proctoring for the course exam (not the licensing exam).

(New York prelicensing package prices as of April 2022)

SAVE 25% on Real Estate Express courses in New York using promo code TheClose25 at checkout.

Readers of The Close canoncourses in New York using promo codeat checkout.

FAVORITE FEATURE: We chose as the best overall choice among real estate schools in New York because of their value-packed options. No one other school offers as many exam prep, support, and continuing education features in their prelicensing packages.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: It’s hard to find something wrong with Real Estate Express‘ course offerings. It’s why they made the top of our list. If we had to choose something they could improve on, we’d love to see a full-time day livestream course option for students who want to complete their course quickly through scheduled classes.

BOTTOM LINE: Sign up for one of ‘ New York prelicensing packages today. You can get started with your first lesson immediately after creating an account, and 75 hours later, you’ll be qualified to sit for the state licensing exam.

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Best New York Real Estate School for Job Placement:

NYREI New York Real Estate Institute LogoNYREI New York Real Estate Institute Logo

New York Real Estate Institute offers:

  • Prelicensing courses
  • Continuing education

has graduated over 100,000 students since opening in 1987, and they’re the only local company on our list. They initially opened to provide courses to those interested in investment real estate, but they realized that their innovative scheduling would appeal to those interested in changing careers.

New York Real Estate Institute allows you to take their courses in any order. Their live, online classes are offered mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends, and the rotating schedule is designed to get you through the material within 10 days. Plus, the company guarantees you a job through their unique placement program.

Our list of best New York real estate schools wouldn’t be complete without including New York Real Estate Institute. Here’s what we learned about their packages.

New York Real Estate Institute Pros

New York Real Estate Institute Cons

  • Local company that has graduated over 100,000 students
  • They don’t specialize in online learning so they could improve on their interface
  • You to take courses in any order you chose
  • Top-tier package is rather pricey
  • They provide live, online classes
  • The top-tier package offers job placement assistance for your lifetime
  • They have great networking connections

New York Real Estate Institute Pricing

(NYREI) offers three packages. Here’s the breakdown of what’s included in each of them:

  • Basic ($495): Students will receive access to the 75 hours of their online (or live online) New York real estate classes with this introductory course, plus lifetime job placement assistance.
  • Professional ($750): This package includes everything in the previous package, plus two tutoring sessions, a seminar, and a $50 credit toward continuing education with NYREI.
  • Platinum ($995): This top-tier course includes everything in the previous two packages, plus exam prep materials, an e-book, unlimited group tutoring sessions, practice exams, and more. Plus, you can mix the school’s live and livestream classes to complete your program when you upgrade to the Platinum package.

(New York prelicensing package prices as of April 2022)

BEST FEATURES: New York Real Estate Institute has many unique offerings, including live, online courses that you can take in any order. While we like their unique schedule, our favorite feature is the guaranteed job placement for those who purchase the top-tier package. Regardless of your niche, New York Real Estate Institute has relationships with some of the top real estate brokerages in New York.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Local real estate schools often don’t have the resources available to produce sleek, interactive online courses. While New York Real Estate Institute can give you access to real-life New York real estate agents, they may not be able to provide you with an online course with high-level production value.

If you’d like modern-looking interactive course material, consider enrolling with  instead.

BOTTOM LINE: Graduating over 100,000 students is an impressive statistic. must be doing something right. Get job placement help and access to a livestreaming classroom when choosing New York Real Estate Institute.

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Best New York Real Estate School for Mobile:

Aceable Agent logoAceable Agent logo

Aceable Agent offers:

  • Prelicensing courses
  • Exam prep

is the premier choice for people on the go, as it was the first major online real estate school to invest in mobile app development for their courses. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t waste even a moment of your day, you’ll appreciate Aceable Agent’s mobile-friendly real estate courses.

Students have the choice to complete their courses and even their unit exams from their cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Users also like Aceable Agent’s interactive format and fresh, engaging content. You’ll have email access to certified real estate instructors from Monday to Friday who can answer your questions about course content and the licensing process.

Aceable Agent Pros

Aceable Agent Cons

  • Ability to take classes from your smartphone or mobile device
  • Offers few test prep materials
  • Updated study material with a great video component to classes
  • Doesn’t offer post-licensing or continuing education classes
  • Affordable

Aceable Agent Pricing

 offers three prelicensing packages for New York. Like , it’s very affordable. Even though their guarantee isn’t as impressive as some schools, they offer you your money back if you don’t pass the licensing exam after three attempts. They’ve recently expanded their packages to include:

  • Basic Package ($269): With this straightforward course, you’ll enjoy a completely self-paced learning experience with access to instructor support via email and “lite” exam prep and practice exam questions.
  • Deluxe Package ($420): You’ll get everything in the previous package, plus access to 75 videos, 70 audio lessons, and deluxe exam prep materials.
  • Premium Package ($564): Enjoy everything in the previous package, plus an hour of private tutoring with a real estate pro, live webinars five times per week, and a livestreamed Q&A on “Facebook Fridays.”

(New York prelicensing package prices as of April 2022)

SAVE 25% 

Readers of The Close can click our Aceable Agent link to

FAVORITE FEATURES: We love Aceable Agent for its mobile experience. If you have a fast-paced New York lifestyle, a daily commute, or just enjoy learning on your phone, you’ll love Aceable Agent’s app. Aceable Agent also made our list of the best providers of continuing education.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Aceable Agent provides the coursework you need to sit for the real estate exam. However, their guarantee, which promises a refund after your third failed attempt, doesn’t inspire much confidence. Their exam prep material is not the strongest, and they could do better in giving their students specific test-taking strategies.

If you think you’ll need more study materials and aids to get ready for the NY licensing exam, we’d recommend The CE Shop’s three top-tier packages. For a fast-paced program that allows you to get through the required coursework quickly, choose Aceable Agent.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re always attached to your cell phone and have pockets of time throughout the day to complete lessons, consider enrolling in Aceable Agent’s mobile-friendly prelicensing courses.

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Best New York Real Estate School for Exam Prep:

The CE Shop LogoThe CE Shop Logo

The CE Shop offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam prep
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing education
  • Managing broker prelicensing

The CE Shop deserves a spot on our list for its incredibly high student pass rate. In New York, 97% of students pass the license exam, with 90% of them passing on their first try.

With their expert instructors, top-tier materials, and effective exam prep, The CE Shop is so confident you’ll succeed that they offer a Pass Guarantee too. The Exam Prep Edge package will prepare you for your license exam through their helpful notes, quizzes, and practice questions.

The CE Shop ProsThe CE Shop Cons

  • Modern, expertly designed courses
  • No access to live instructors
  • Even the Basic package contains a LOT of bonus resources
  • No access to live instructor support
  • Offers one-stop shopping CE courses AFTER you pass your exam
  • Not the most affordable option
  • Offers a Pass Guarantee for three of their four packages

The CE Shop Pricing

The CE Shop offers four online self-paced course packages to complete your 75-hour prelicensing requirements in New York.

  • Course Only $299: Includes your prelicensing course as well as digital flashcards, a study schedule, and new e-books refreshed every month.
  • Standard Package $379: Enjoy everything from the previous package plus the Exam Prep Edge package and a Pass Guarantee.
  • Value Package $429: You’ll get everything from the above package plus Building Business Courses to help you start your new career.
  • Premium Package $499: Choose this package to get everything from the above packages plus a 22.5-hour Post-license Course Package.

(New York prelicensing package prices as of April 2022)

SAVE 30% on The CE Shop prelicensing course. Use promo code TheClose30 at checkout.

Readers of The Close canonprelicensing course. Use promo codeat checkout.

FAVORITE FEATURES: The CE Shop’s top three packages include quality exam prep, which covers every topic that may show up on your license exam. We also love that you can purchase The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge as a standalone product (priced at $125).

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Not to be picky, but The CE Shop would have a competitive edge if they offered Exam Prep Edge at every package level.

BOTTOM LINE: You’ll walk into your license exam with confidence when you choose to study with The CE Shop.

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Best New York Real Estate School for Career Advice:

Kaplan offers:

  • Prelicensing courses
  • Exam prep
  • Post-licensing courses
  • Continuing education
  • Agent and broker renewal courses

Kaplan has been helping students pass tests since 1938. All three of their packages include the 75-hour prelicensing course, a New York-specific real estate textbook, and access to a live, online study session. They also include an on-demand test prep course to give you that additional boost of confidence you’ll need right before taking the exam.

Our list of New York real estate schools would not be complete without Kaplan. Some of their packages will assist you in launching your career as a real estate agent. Let’s learn about those resources after we discuss the package pricing.

Kaplan Pros

Kaplan Cons

  • Fantastic track record in online education
  • Dated interface, not a great mobile experience
  • Packages include extremely affordable license renewal options
  • Packages offer little flexibility in class choice
  • Variety of class formats
  • No phone-based student support
  • Optional Career Launcher program

Kaplan Pricing

Kaplan offers three prelicensing packages for soon-to-be New York real estate agents.

  • New York 75-Hour Salesperson Qualifying Course With Textbook and Master Exam Prep Package ($509): This package comes with the prelicensing course, a state-specific textbook, and the on-demand and live webinar exam prep courses.
  • Career Launcher Package ($709): Kaplan’s mid-range package includes everything from the previous one, plus access to practice exams. Most importantly, it includes an eight-hour, live online course called Real Estate Accelerator that teaches business-building skills used by some of the nation’s most successful agents.
  • Carnegie Career Launcher Package ($909): Kaplan’s top-tier package includes access to Dale Carnegie’s classic course, “Win Friends and Influence People.” You’ll learn how to succeed in real estate, as well as life, with this content.

(New York prelicensing package prices as of April 2022)


Readers of The Close canon Kaplan Real Estate Education using promo code

FAVORITE FEATURES: We love ’s Career Launcher package because it supplements a test-only focus with the information you’ll need to get your business off the ground. Most New York real estate schools will cover topics like real estate law, types of mortgages, and disclosure statements in their courses, but many won’t discuss how to find your first clients, organize your schedule, or stage a home to make it shine.

At Kaplan, you’ll be able to pick the brains of some of the best real estate minds in this live, online course. They’ll discuss marketing techniques and income plans that are not typically covered in prelicensing courses. Plus, you’ll be able to have this experience from the comfort of your own home.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Kaplan’s prelicensing packages are expensive. We understand why you might be intrigued by Kaplan’s top-tier packages and the Career Launcher course. Still, the entry-level choice provides little more than you would get from Real Estate Express or , and it costs hundreds of dollars more than those schools.

BOTTOM LINE: Learn how to be a real estate agent with Kaplan’s Career Launcher course. Even though this is the highest-priced package on our list, having access to mentors in the field is, in our estimation, well worth the extra money. Getting licensed is but a first step, and launching a new career requires some specialized skills and networking.

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Real Estate Schools in New York: FAQs

We’ve helped you uncover the best real estate schools in New York, but you may have a few additional questions. Here are answers to the most common questions, and if there’s something we haven’t covered here, be sure to tell us in the comments section.

Which is the best New York real estate school or program for me?


Our top pick for New York real estate classes is Real Estate Express. It’s affordable, expertly designed, and is highly rated by students.

Of course, your learning style may be better suited to live online real estate courses, but if you want flexibility and the ability to work at your own pace, check out Real Estate Express.

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Can I get my real estate license online in NY?


Yes! Most New York real estate schools have online options. In fact, every school on our list gives you the option of learning from the comfort of your living room.

Even though most real estate schools now have online options, you must take your New York real estate agent exam in person.

How long does it take to become a real estate agent in New York?


It takes about three months to become a real estate agent in NY, but you can decrease that time dramatically if you’re dedicated. New York Real Estate Institute says you can get through their prelicensing courses within 10 days, and the other real estate schools on our list allow you to work at your own speed.

How long before I have to renew my New York real estate license for the first time?


You have two years to complete 22.5 hours of New York real estate continuing education classes. Some of the schools that we recommend have packages that include the courses you’d need to renew your license.

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