5 Canva Courses That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Want to learn how you can grow and market your business like a pro? Here are 5 Canva courses that will help.

If you’ve just discovered Canva, then you’re in for a treat. Canva is an amazing tool for designers of all abilities and has proven to be quite useful to those who want to start a business as well as those who simply enjoy playing around with graphic design.

Getting Started With Canva for Your Business

While it’s entirely possible to create a free account with Canva and get stuck right in, the best way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the Canva software is to spend a little time in the Learn section of the website.

To find it, head to the menu at the top of your screen and click on the Learn drop-down tab. From here, you’ll be taken to Canva’s Design School, where you’ll find a number of great resources, including courses, tutorials, and events.

5 Canva Courses That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Canva is a great tool for anyone who is looking to market themselves or their business. It comes preloaded with hundreds of expertly designed templates that are easy to edit and add to. Canva is designed to be as simple as possible, allowing even those without design experience to create their own marketing materials with ease.

If you’re interested in using Canva for your business or have little experience with marketing in general and want to brush up on your skills, then here are five courses that will boost your confidence and help you design like a pro.

1. Presentations to Impress From the Experts

Presentations to impress canva course

While Canva makes it exceptionally easy to create impressive business presentations, thanks to their library of multipage templates, unfortunately, these templates don’t complete themselves. “Presentations to Impress” is a fifteen-minute course designed to help you plan your presentation, teach you what to include and what to omit, and give you the confidence you need to present your finished presentation with pride.

Over the course of four short videos, you’ll hear from several Canva experts, including Guy Kawasaki, the chief brand evangelist of Canva, and Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of VaynerMedia, as they impart their tried and tested secrets.

Whether you need to create a pitch deck, a keynote presentation, or something to send to one of your clients, this course will give you the tools you need to make it sing.

2. Social Media Mastery

Social media mastery canva course

If you’re planning to use Canva to design your social media graphics, then you can’t miss this Canva course. Social Media Mastery is by far one of Canva’s most popular courses and will take you step-by-step through what you need to know in order to make an impact on your social media.

In under twenty minutes, you’ll run through twelve super-short videos and hear from social media gurus, including Rodolfo Otamendi, the social media and brand strategist at Examplacky, and Jackey Barker is Canva’s resident social media expert.

By the end of this course, you’ll be conjuring up Instagram posts in a flash and stories in a second.

3. Branding Your Business

Branding your business canva course

Canva has been set up to make it as easy as possible for you to design a brand for your business and then use it to create your marketing materials.

In this course, Branding your Business, you’ll learn everything there is to know about designing your own brand, including how to design your own logo, choosing a font, deciding your tone of voice, and even connecting with your brand colors.

In just over twenty minutes, you’ll be armed with everything you need to start creating your own business brand, and from there, the possibilities are endless. If you’re completely new to the concept of business branding, then this is a great introductory course.

4. Personal Branding With Dr. Talaya Waller

Personal Branding Course Canva

In addition to branding your business, Canva is also a wonderful tool if you’re seeking to design yourself a personal brand. Personal branding is becoming increasingly important and isn’t only applicable to freelancers or individuals.

In this fifteen-minute course, you’ll be taken through six lessons by the one and only Dr. Waller. Dr. Waller is an International MBA professor and the academic author of Personal Brand Management: Marketing Human Value. Throughout her career, she has worked with personal brands at huge companies such as Google, Amazon, the NBA, and even the U. S Congress.

Whatever stage you are at in your business journey, there’s something to be learned from her teachings. By the end of this course, you’ll understand what a personal brand is and how it differs from a business brand. You’ll then be able to go away and start forging a personal brand for yourself.

5. Graphic Design Basics

Graphic Design Basics Course Canva

Finally, we come to another of Canva’s most popular courses; Graphic Design Basics. In this foundation course, you’ll learn how to think like a designer and will work your way through twelve lessons hosted by four design experts.

While this course may be fairly high-level, it has something in it for everyone and is a great way to get yourself into the mindset of designing with Canva.

Amongst other things, you’ll learn about the power of color, the importance of alignment, the magic of mood boards, and how much fun you can have with fonts. If you’re new to graphic design, this course will give you the confidence boost you need to start designing assets for your business using Canva.

Using Canva for Your Business

While it’s easy to set up a free account with Canva, if you’re going to use it as the backbone of graphic design for your business, then it’s worth taking a look at Canva Pro. With Canva Pro, you’ll have access to even more design elements and a selection of premium fonts, images, graphics, templates, and videos.

Whatever your current skill level, with these Canva courses, you’ll soon be up and running with the software. Spending a little time brushing up on your knowledge will enable you to design stunning marketing materials for your business, amongst other fun things such as photo books, stickers, and video greetings.