5 Healthy, Muscle-Building Snacks | Muscle & Fitness

A small meal in between big meals can stoke your metabolism and keep your muscles growing—but only if it’s got all the right macros. Fuel your body smarter with these five quick and easy snacks.

The Rules of Snacking

To make your snacks work harder for you when bridging the gap between meals, take heed of these guidelines: Keep it light: Remember, it’s a snack not a meal. So cap calories at about 350. Up the protein: To keep muscle growth growing in full force all day long, be sure your snacks contain some quality protein. Shoot for at last eight grams. Eat clean: Snack is an opportunity to work toward your daily macros and get the right vitamins, minerals, and fiber into your diet. But this will happen only if you stick to whole foods and avoid the packaged crap that dumps unwanted calories and synthetic ingredients into your gut. Play the clock: To avoid packing on fat, most of your snacking calories should come mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Try to limit late-night snacking to only items rich in protein, such as cottage cheese. SEE ALSO: 6 Perfect Post-Workout Meals