5 Most Popular Open-to-the-Public Golf Courses in Boca

When dedicated golfers talk about where to find the best courses in Florida, the conversation usually turns to Boca Raton. One reason may be the sheer number of golf courses within incorporated and unincorporated Boca Raton. I stopped counting after 40. Another is that so many of the great greens architects made sure to put their names on Boca Raton courses. As a result, the variety and contour of the greens consistently keeps golfers on their toes. Add to that Boca Raton’s ideal, temperate year-round weather, and you’ve probably come as close as you can to a player’s paradise.

Once you arrive, you’ll find that golf clubs in Boca Raton range from public to semi-private to private to unavailable unless you know someone who’s a member. Today, however, we’ll talk about the five most popular courses that are open to the public. And here they are:

Championship at Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course

8111 Gold Course Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33434

Designed by architect Charles Ankrom, this public,18-hole course was built in 1982. It operates on a year-round basis and has an open guest policy. It features a driving range for if you’re planning to practice your swing or test your range before you get ready to play a round. Like most golf courses in the area, Boca Raton Municipal has a resident pro on hand.

You’ll also be able to rent a cart and a set of clubs if you don’t have your own. There are regularly scheduled tee times, which run $42.50 to $55.50 per round. The greens are very well maintained and present a nice challenge to golfers at all levels of play. There’s also a clubhouse with a snack bar so you can grab a bite after the 18th hole.

The five 72 par courses include:

● Black- Length 6714 yards, 131 slope, 71.8 rating

● Blue- Length 6485 yards, 126 slope, 70.9 rating

● White- Length 6108 yards, 122 slope, 69 rating

● Gold- Length 5743 yards, 117 slope, 67.2 rating

● Red (W)- Length 5206 yards, 115 slope, 69.9 rating


Championship at Boca Dunes Golf & Country Club

1400 Country Club Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33428

A semi-private 18-hole golf course designed by architects Bruce Devlin and Robert von Hagge, this Boca Raton golf course was built in 1970. Open year round, the course features a driving range and regularly scheduled tee times, with rates ranging from $24-50.

If you’re looking to improve your game there’s a resident pro available. The pro shop offers carts and rental clubs if you don’t have your own. Although the use of metal spikes is allowed, the golf course is kept in tip-top condition. What sets this course apart for most seasoned players is the unusual layout and length.

It features five different tees, each with par of 72 including:

● Gold- Length 7094 yards, 132 slope, 75.2 rating

● Blue- Length 6803 yards, 129 slope, 73.1 rating

● White- Length 6197 yards, 125 slope, 70.7 rating

● Green (W)- Length 5564 yards, 123 slope, 69.4 rating

● Red (W)- Length 5201 yards, 122 slope, 72.8 rating


Boca Greens Country Club

19642 Trophy Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33498

This semi-private country club welcomes paying guests during its year-round golf season The 18-hole golf course, which opened in 1979, was designed by Joe Lee.. On this course, metal spikes are not welcomed. This prohibition helps to maintain the manicured greens that are surrounded by the attractive homes in the development. Boca Greens has its own driving range and resident pro if you’re looking to brush up on your game.

Bring your own clubs, because there are none kept on premises. However, if you’re signed up to play a full found, golf carts are available for rental. Tee times range in price from $25 to $85, but that lower spectrum pricing is reserved for weekdays. On weekends expect to pay higher prices.

Of this course’s 7 different tees, each with a par 72, there are:

● Black- Length 7014 yards, 140 slope, 74.4 rating

● Blue- Length 6657 yards, 138 slope, 72.5 rating

● White- Length 6296 yards, 135 slope, 71.1 rating

● Gold/White Combo- Length 6002 yards, 129 slope, 69.1 rating

● Gold- Length 5669 yards, 122 slope, 67.3 rating

● Gold (W)- Length 5669 yards, 129 slope, 72.5 rating

● Red (W)- Length 5459 yards, 127 slope, 71.9 rating


Osprey Point Gold Club &Falcon/Raven Course and Hawk/Falcon Course

12551 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33498

Built in 2010, the 18 hole Falcon Raven and Hawk Falcon courses in Osprey Point are consistently praised by players of all levels. Designed by Jeff Grossman and Roy Case, both of these public golf courses welcome Boca Raton visitors year round. If you’re coming to play, leave your metal spikes at home. We can’t have them chewing up the magnificently maintained greens, which present a showcase to visitors to the surrounding 900 acre South County Park.

While Osprey Point is open to the public, it features all the amenities you’d expect at any private golf course: a two-sided driving range, resident pro, and rental carts and clubs. Both courses also offer established tee times. Prices range between $23.06 to $59.74 on weekdays and weekends.

Among the seven different tees offered at both the Falcon Raven (FR) and Hawk Falcon (HF) courses, each of which is a par 72 par, there are:

● Black- Length 6786 yards, 136 slope, 72.6 rating (FR)

Length 6668 yards, 131 slope, 71.8 rating (HF)

● Gold- Length 6392 yards, 127 slope, 70.4 rating (FR)

Length 6342 yards, 126 slope, 70.2 rating (HF)

● Blue- Length 6038 yards, 121 slope, 68.5 rating (FR)

Length 6017 yards, 123 slope, 68.1 rating (HF)

● White- Length 5466 yards, 112 slope, 66.2 rating (FR)

Length 5406 yards, 112 slope, 65.5 rating (HF)

● White (W)- Length 5466 yards, 124 slope, 71.2 rating (FR)

Length 5406 yards, 120 slope, 70.5 rating (HF)

● Silver- Length 4914 yards, 104 slope, 63.4 rating (FR)

Length 4855 yards, 105 slope, 62.8 rating (HF)

● Silver (W)- Length 4914 yards, 114 slope, 68.1 rating (FR)

Length 4855 yards, 114 slope, 67.3 rating (HF)


Southwinds Golf Course

19557 Lyons Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33434

This challenging public course is perhaps best known for the water hazards that can be found lurking within 16 of its 18 holes. This par 70 golf course, conveniently located right in the heart of West Boca Raton, is ideally suited for beginners or as a warmup for seasoned amateurs and pros. It’s a great place to start the day before you head east to the shopping at Town Center or a day at one of Boca’s sugar sand beaches.

Open year round, Southwinds features the amenities you’d expect of a top-quality golf course. Along with the well-stocked pro shop and the club and cart rental, there’s also a resident pro to help sharpen your game., Southwinds also features the most unique driving range in the area, the aqua range, where (if you hit far enough) all balls are driven into water. But don’t worry, no fish have ever been harmed by this practice. Tee times range in price from a very economical $16.98 to a still reasonable $44.34, depending upon day and time.

Its four par 70 tees include:

● Gold- Length 6018 yards, 127 slope, 68.8 rating

● Green- Length 5343 yards, 119 slope, 66.1 rating

● Green (W)- Length 5343 yards, 129 slope, and 71.5 rating

● White (W)- Length 4453 yards, 118 slope, 66.4 rating

So if you’re headed to Boca Raton for a golf vacation, call any of these public courses for a reserved tee time. By the way, most people will tell you that after you spend a few days here, it’s very hard to leave.

If you feel like staying in Boca Raton on a permanent basis, please call us. We’ll help you find a home on or near a golf course.


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