5 Steps to Introduce Your New Company to the World

You can have the biggest and best idea for a new product or service ever, you can get all the investors in the world, and if you don’t have good content, your idea will fizzle. That’s because the key to sustaining and growing a startup is a multi-pronged approach to engaging a market.

One of the ways to engage your market is to develop that engaging content – those white papers, blog posts, or other details that improve search engine traffic, that cement your identity, that grow your community.

You probably also know that social media helps create buzz. But you can’t just be on one social media platform. That’s because different people use different platforms for different purposes. Twitter users aren’t the same as Facebook users. And you’ll have to figure out who in your company will create and direct these social media efforts.

What else is important for growing a startup? This graphic can help.

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How to Introduce Your Brand New Company to the World in 5 Easy Steps

Via Salesforce