50 Catchy Food Restaurant Names That Aren’t Yet Taken




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Ideas of Catchy Food Restaurant names aren’t that hard to come by, really. It just takes a bit of creative brain storming and luckily for you, that’s what we do best!

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Before we get down and dirty, let’s first show you how we generate such amazing Restaurant name ideas (and how you can do the same)

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I’ve listed down a few guidelines that will help you become a catchy food Restaurant name generator yourself in no time.

How do you come up with a fancy restaurant name?

Catchy Restaurant names

Tip #1: Keep it short and simple

Business or Restaurant names are meant to be memorable.

If it ain’t memorable, then it’s forgettable!

But when you keep it short, it’s usually catchy and more memorable.

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And we all know that if the Brand name sticks, the Brand sells!

Tip #2: Make it funny

Making your Restaurant business name Idea funny has a way of making it really stand out and stick in the minds of your potential customers.

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Tip #3: Check if it’s already taken

You don’t want to spend days and even months generating ideas of catchy restaurant names only to find out that someone somewhere is already using it.

That would really be a bummer, wouldn’t it?

This is the Internet Age and fact is, a lot of food businesses are going online nowadays, getting their own business websites where they can publish their menus and receive orders online.

Want to check if your chosen name is taken or not? Click here to search on Bluehost’s domain name finder.

If you discover a name that isn’t yet taken, it’s important you register it on Bluehost as soon as possible so no one else beats you to it (Pssst! They will give you the domain name for free if you’re also getting a hosting plan!)

Catchy & funny food Restaurant names generator

Catchy Restaurant namesCatchy Restaurant namesCatchy Restaurant names

Use the ideas we listed below to generate your own names. Or better still, just down right copy them and use as you like! It’s allowed ?!

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  1. Onion Booty Restaurant
  2. University of Food
  3. Because of Burger
  4. Faster Than A Quickie
  5. Pull Up & Fill Up
  6. Snacks In Seconds
  7. Meals In Minutes
  8. Roadside Recovery
  9. Between Two Buns
  10. Meat & Greet

Good Restaurants names that aren’t yet taken

Not all the good Restaurant names are taken just yet. Here are a few that you’ll love!

  1. Heat ‘n’ Run
  2. Trucking Delicious
  3. Rasta Pasta
  4. Food Avenue
  5. Crazy About Calories
  6. Fat And Hungry
  7. Look On The Fat Side
  8. Couch Potato
  9. Big Mouth Bobby
  10. Live To Eat

List of Sushi Restaurant name ideas


Planning on starting a Sushi Restaurant in the US or Europe?

In case you don’t know, Sushi is a Japanese cuisine that’s so popular in the United States that more than 25,000 outlets of Japanese food exist in the Country alone.

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Even more alarming is the fact that the Sushi food industry is worth a staggering $20 billion dollars!

Nevertheless, I bet these name ideas could get you on your way:

  1. The Sushi Shack
  2. Crazy About Sushi
  3. Sushi Love
  4. Samurai Sushi
  5. Sumo Sushi
  6. Sushi Katsuei
  7. Sushi of the Sea
  8. Sushi Yasaka
  9. Sushi Sensei
  10. Atomic Sushi

What are good catchy names for a healthy (Vegan) restaurant?

All about Clean Eating? We’ve got some ideas of really catchy names you can name your Healthy Vegan Restaurant:

  1. The Green Guys
  2. Moving Veggies
  3. Lord of the Greens
  4. Game of Greens
  5. Veganwagon
  6. Vegan City
  7. Vegan Vegas
  8. The V Van
  9. Little Green Men
  10. Clean Greens

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What are good catchy names for a BBQ restaurant?

There’s nothing better than good Ol’ peppered grilled meat!

I just want you to know that I’m 100% in support of your decision to open a BBQ Restaurant and to put a cap on that, here are my suggestions for what you can name your BBQ business:

  1. The BBQ Boys
  2. The Barbeque Place
  3. Fiery BBQ
  4. Buy BBQ
  5. The BBQ Brothers
  6. Because of BBQ
  7. Meat Your Maker
  8. The Meat Wagon
  9. The Meat Mobile
  10. The BBQ Bus

Now over to you

Where you able to find the perfect catchy food Restaurant names in our list? Comment Yes or No below.

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