50 Homemade Easter Snacks for a Memorable and Exciting Day

Call me weird. Right up front.

I don’t get into Christmas, but I’m all over Easter. I love this time of year as everything begins to bloom, the simple gifts (if you even do gifts), and I love the fresh start it brings.

If you love to celebrate Easter too, you’ll love the adorable Easter snack ideas I’m bringing you. Whether you want to make them for yourself or to put a smile on your child’s face, they’re perfect.

They’d even work if you needed something festive to take to a class party. Whatever the reason you’d want to delight in delicious Easter snacks, these will surely do the trick.

19 Magic Easter Snacks for a Memorable and Exciting Easter PIN

Let’s get hopping:

1. Peep Fruit Kabobs


These treats are simple, festive, and guilt-free. If you have
a small fetish with the marshmallow peep candy, this is a great way to eat them
while eating more good foods too.

You can create these adorable kabobs by mixing fruit on a skewer with the Peep candy. You and the kids will love it.

2. Rice Krispie Nests

rice krispie nests easter snack

Are you a fan of Rice Krispy Treats? You’ll love this idea. You make your Rice Krispy mix as usual. Press the mix into a muffin tin to make a nest.

From there, fill the treats with candy eggs and other festive candies to make the edible snack look like a bird’s nest.

3. Easter Bunny Dirt Cups

Easter Bunny Dirt Cups

When I was little, I loved dirt cups. They’re a delicious and easy treat to make. It’s a layered mixture of chocolate pudding and crumbled chocolate cookies.

To finish the cups, add a couple of marshmallow peep candies
with chocolate eggs. This will be a hit amongst the crowd.

4. Easter Snacks Popcorn

Easter Popcorn

This would be an unusual twist on regular movie night popcorn around Easter. It starts with a bag of microwavable popcorn.

Once the popcorn has popped, you melt Easter colored M&M’s. Take turns drizzling the separate colors over the popcorn and finish by adding pastel sprinkles to the popcorn.

5. Easy Carrot Shaped Snacks

Easter Treat

Let’s say your child walks through the door and announces you’ve been signed up for making festive Easter snacks, and you aren’t the least bit crafty. If you were in front of me, I’d give you a high-five because I’m not either.

This is where this snack comes into play. You fill little cone-shaped bags with store-bought snack crackers. Tie them with a ribbon, and they look like carrots. The kids will love them!

6. Easter Carrot Rice Krispy Treat

easter carrots

This is another simple snack idea for those who have a special place in their heart for Rice Krispy treats. You purchase pre-made Rice Krispy treats and cut them into triangles.

From there, they’re dipped into edible orange melts. You can also purchase edible grass to top the carrot. Easy and festive. You can’t beat it!

7. Peeps Pretzel Rods


I love pretzels dipped into white chocolate. If you feel the
same, you’ll love this play on the traditional snack.

Pretzel sticks are dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles are added. From there, peeps are added to the top for a festive touch.

8. Flower Pretzel Bites

pretzel flowers

If you need a fun treat but don’t have a lot of time to invest in it, consider these pretzel bites which end up looking like pretty spring flowers.

They start with a grid-shaped pretzel. Melt some white chocolate chips and coat the pretzel with it. It will hold the pastel-colored M&M’s in place to give the pretzel the flower shape.

9. Jell-O Easter Eggs


This project takes some patience and forethought. If you
have both of those qualities, this could be the edible masterpiece you’ve been searching

They used plastic eggs and filled them with Jell-O mixture with a syringe. When the mold sets, you have gorgeous edible Easter eggs!

10. Easter Muddy Buddies

easter muddy buddies

If you’re unfamiliar with the term Muddy Buddies, maybe you’ve heard of Puppy Chow. They’re basically one and the same.

This recipe makes an Easter snack version of the sweet treat with white chocolate chips, Chex Mix cereal, peanut butter, and pastel candy melts.

11. Easter Chocolate Bark


This snack is a personal favorite of mine because you can
make it with the kids and there’s no chance it’ll turn out wrong.

Bark looks like a mess no matter who fixes it. Why not make this delicious edible mess together and enjoy the pastel chaos only chocolate, pretzels, and cookies can provide?

12. Easter Egg Strawberries

chocolate dipped strawberry easter eggs

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and my husband made sure he included chocolate covered strawberries into the mix. Why? Because those things are the way to my heart!

If you have family members who love chocolate-covered strawberries, change the dark chocolate to white chocolate and use this recipe to decorate them like Easter eggs to make their day.

13. Easter Bunny Pudding Cups


This is another shout-out to the overwhelmed mom or dad who wants to bring the best Easter snacks to the school Easter party, but DIY Easter snacks aren’t their thing.

It’s okay because you can still rock out festive snacks without making it all from scratch. Take ordinary pudding cups and make them look like cute bunnies.

14. Stained Glass Cross Cookies


I have been looking for a great snack to share with my kids
at church, and I hadn’t found anything quite as interesting as these adorable

They start as basic cross-shaped cookies, but the middle section is cut out, and crushed jolly ranchers give them a stained-glass look. How cool is this?

15. Bunny Cut-Up Cake


Pulling this cake off will make you the Easter cake master of the year! It’s a beautiful design and would be perfect for sharing at an Easter family meal or taking it to a class party.

Not only do they give you the recipe to bake this delicious bunny cake, but there’s also a template that shows how to make the bunny shape.

16. Easter Oreo Pops


Are you tired of your kids eating the same old boring Easter snacks? Instead of buying store-bought candy, start making your own.

You can make your own pops easily from Oreo cookies. Dip them in either white or yellow candy melts and let your kids decorate their faces as Easter bunnies or chicks.

17. Easter Peep Graham Cracker House


I thought of my children instantly when I saw this treat because they’re raised on a farm. How appropriate would it be to build the peep its own coop!

Your kids can enjoy this edible project made up of a graham cracker coop and icing. What a great way to make memories.

18. Twinkie Bunnies


Twinkies have been around longer than I have. They’re delicious Easter snacks kids have loved for generations. Why not incorporate them into your Easter party?

This tutorial walks you through how to slice the Twinkie to make bunny ears. You can also ice it to make whiskers and eyes. Finish it off with a pastel M&M bunny nose.

19. Deviled Egg Bunny Feet

easter bunny feet deviled eggs

If you’re a little more health-conscious or looking for a fun appetizer for your Easter lunch, this snack could be what you need.

It’s a unique idea to turn hard-boiled eggs into pink bunny prints. The yolks are colored with pink food coloring and put back into the egg where they resemble a paw and toe prints.

20. Mandarin Orange Bunny

653A7223 1

How simple is it to just add a little bunny nose and some whiskers to a mandarin orange and instantly make your little ones day extra special? Oh! Don’t forget the bunny ears!

This is a simple way to surprise your kids in the morning with a cute Easter snack or it could be a fun craft that you do together.

21. Fruit and Veggie Cups


Turn an ordinary plastic cup (or preferably a non-disposable plastic cup or even a mason jar) into a new Easter friend for your kiddo to hang out with.

Fill the chick cup with veggie sticks or cut up fruit for a healthy and delicious snack that is fun and festive!

22. Butterfly Treats

easter butterfly treats everydaydishes com H 800x526 1

These butterfly treats made with mini chocolate eggs and pretzels are sweet, salty, and easy to make! From start to finish you can get these made and on the table in under 20 minutes! A perfect last-minute snack that the kids will love.

Sometimes the little extra effort makes all the difference! Your kids will adore these butterfly snacks and they are perfect to put out on the table on a warm spring day.

23. Easter Dirt Cups

DSC 2695 003

Instead of filling your dirt cups with squishy worms, turn them into a beautiful bird’s nest and fill them with tiny chocolate eggs!

However, don’t keep all the fun to yourself, get your kids involved for a creative way to pass the time. Plus, your kids will have just as much fun making their own dirt cups as they will eating them!

24. Birds Nests

IMG 9557

Wow! I love how these bird’s nests turned out, especially with all the different colors! A very beautiful treat to put on the table that you just might make the other parents jealous of.

Believe it or not, these nests are made with colored melting chocolate, tiny eggs, and… chow mein noodles! However, I was thinking of trying the same recipe but with pretzels instead of noodles! Get creative!

25. Choc Top Ice Cream

easter bunny chocolate egg easy recipe diy treat 1 1

Did you buy just a few too many chocolate bunnies this year? Well, here is the perfect way to use them!

These chocolate eggs and bunnies are filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and then delicately placed on top of a crunchy waffle cone. Talk about yummy.

26. Hatching Chick Cheesecakes

cheesecake recipe hatching chick cheesecakes easter earth day food

Now, this is sure to get a few giggles! The egg is a mousy cheesecake, placed on top of a bed of brown sugar, and then finished off with homemade candy chick legs!

A humorous treat but also a delicious one! You could also try making a flavored cheesecake-like strawberry or blueberry instead of plain. You decide.

27. Chick Cake Cones

IMG 9425 768x1152 1

An explosion of colorful and crazy sugary goodness happens when you bite into these chick-shaped cake pops.

Not only do they look adorable, but they are also a fun and delicious treat. They are also a great way to pass the time with your kids! The perfect messy weekend project that you need to bring some smiles to their little faces.

28. Deviled Egg Star Pops

deviled egg recipe star pops lollipops 4th july appetizers

Why is it that anything on a stick tastes better? Well, maybe it’s not important to know the answer, maybe it’s better to just start munching.

I am a huge deviled egg fan! So you can imagine how excited I am about the idea of cutting them into pretty little stars and putting them on a stick. A little too excited?

29. Bunny Thyme Cake

bunny ear naked cake 1

It’s thyme to get out the baking stuff because it’s Easter thyme! Ok, were those enough thyme puns? All jokes aside, how beautiful is this decadent Easter bunny cake?

This DIY is a lot easier than it looks, mostly because the cake is store-bought and the DIY part is the bunny ear cake topper made with wire and thyme!

30. Easter Bunny Cookies


We all know Santa Claus loves his cookies and milk when he stops by the house. Maybe the Easter bunny is also a cookie fan? Who knows.

Well, even if the Easter bunny doesn’t like cookies I’m sure your kids do. This is an easy baking project that lets you use your craft skills as you build your own cookie cutter. Or, you know, you could always buy one if your craft skills are lacking.

31. Easter Cupcakes in a Jar

bunny easter cupcakes in a jar image

Although my favorite part of eating a cupcake is trying not to get it all over yourself in the process, I have to admit, these cupcake jars are pretty nice.

Like a hoppy Easter bunny resting in the grass and dirt. I’m sure your kid’s imagination will come out as they decide whether to eat these cupcakes or just play with them.

32. Citrus Carrot Favor

Orange Carrot Favor 6144

A creative and tasty treat you can put out on the table at your next Easter party. I recommend using a transparent reusable bag instead of plastic if you can!

Definitely one of the simpler treat ideas which makes it perfect when you are short on time!

33. Tulip Surprise

crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush 3

Now I know these look like beautiful and delicate tulips that definitely make the Easter table look magical and pretty. However, they are more than just that. These tulips have a delightful surprise hidden in each one!

Crack open the bulb and you will see that they are filled with tiny chocolate eggs. A fun treat for the whole family.

34. Bunny Hug Cookies

Easter bunny cookies 10

Did you know? In some parts of Canada, a “bunny hug” refers to a hooded sweater? Just a little fun fact for you.

Now back to the cookies. These cuddly bunnies are holding on tight to their Easter eggs and I have a feeling your kidlets are the only ones who will be able to separate them.

35. Edible Flower Bark

edible flower chocolate bark image new 2

You know, I have always been surprised that edible flowers aren’t more popular! Not only are they beautiful to add into salads, baking, or really anything that needs garnishing, they are also very healthy for you.

This chocolate bark is decorated in brightly colored flowers to add a special spring touch just in time for Easter!

36. Carrot Cupcakes

Carrot Cake Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting 1

Carrot cake cupcakes that you can customize to your liking with nuts, shredded coconut, raisins, or chocolate chips, and dressed with a silky homemade cream cheese icing.

This tutorial also teaches you how to make the white chocolate bunny toppers which definitely adds a special touch.

37. S’mores Lamb Cake

smores lamb cake recipe tutorial

Cut into this fluffy lamb cake and find delicious s’mores treat. To keep it simple you can add marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate chips to a store-bought cake mix.

Use food coloring to get the deep black color of the icing and make sure your paint your little lamb a smile.

38. Easter Bunny Pretzels

easy easter bunny pretzels image hero

Wow! How creative is this snack idea? It’s one of those things that you look at and think “why didn’t I think of that?”

Melt white chocolate and fill in the pretzels. Then, with easy-to-use food markers draw on little bunny faces, and voila! Easy as that. Package them up for a charming Easter party favor.

39. Nest Drip Cakes


Only four ingredients to make this simple Easter dessert. Shredded Wheat cereal, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and of course, tiny chocolate Easter eggs.

A very quick treat to make that your kids will love. Lovely for an Easter BBQ party.

40. Carrot Thief Cupcakes

easter cucpakes reeses bunny in flower pot

These curious little rabbits have come to steal your carrots out of the garden. Hiding in terracotta pots and ready to jump at any moment.

The bunnies are made out of white Reese cups and the cupcakes have been baked directly into the silicone terracotta pots. Fun and simple to make and a great way to pass the time with your kids.

41. Hatching Chicks

yellow reeses hatching chicks easter recipes

Did you know Reese makes yellow egg peanut butter cups now? Some people still haven’t been filled in on the news but I seem to believe that they did it specifically for those bloggers writing about Easter snacks.

These adorable hatching chicks will get some pretty cute squeals out of your kids and their friends when they see them on the table.

42. Jelly Bean Bark

jelly bean bark recipe 2

Like brightly colored Easter eggs, these jelly beans make a pretty fun (and pretty tasty) chocolate bark for your Easter party.

This is a very easy recipe that will be ready in no time and definitely looks beautiful on display.

43. Easter Chick Cheeseball

Buffalo Ranch Chick Cheeseball with AE

A cute and chubby little chick that is bursting with flavor. Buffalo bacon ranch recipe that tastes so good that your creative chick cheeseball is going to disappear off the table pretty quickly.

Serve it with fresh cut veggies or crackers as an appetizer or as a snack for your guests over the spring holidays.

44. Clucky Doughnuts

IMG 1255

I am obsessed with how sweet these yellow chick doughnuts are. I must, must make them. And I can’t wait to make them with the little cousins and nieces and nephews.

These yellow chicks are holding on tightly to their chocolate Easter egg with their tiny arms made out of almonds.

45. Spring Flower Pudding

3 spring easter fruit flower pudding treat

Fruit and pudding are some of my oldest favorite snacks. However, it’s Easter time and time to get creative.

Turn that fruit into blossoming spring flowers and place them in the chocolate pudding “dirt” and voila.

46. Bunny Rolls

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls Photo

Is there anything better than a freshly homemade cinnamon roll? Take these sticky cinnamon rolls out of the oven and then decorate them to look like silly little bunny rabbits.

A great idea for Easter brunch to have with a hot cup of cocoa or a steaming glass of coffee.

47. Easter Peep Fruit Kebabs

DSC 6347

Rainbows, fresh fruit, and of course, topped off with a sticky pink Easter peep as a special Easter treat.

This is an extremely easy snack that you can make when you are limited on time that is both healthy and delicious. Your kids are sure to love this.

48. Breakfast Bagel Bunnies

Selena BagelBunnies

A great healthy morning snack that definitely goes along with the Easter theme!

You can make morning fun simple by turning an ordinary bagel into an Easter bunny. Use fruits, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and maybe throw in some chocolate chips in there and have fun decorating your own Easter bunny bagel.

49. Easter Egg Hummus Toast

Easter Egg Hummus Toast b 683x1024 1

This is definitely a recipe that you will want to get the kids involved in as you use your creativity to decorate the Easter egg toasts with cream cheese, veggies, or really anything you can think of that would taste good.

A great way to pass time with your family over the holidays.

50. Bunny Cheese

IMG 6364

Here’s one way you can get your kiddos eating their vegetables this Spring. When you turn vegetables into fun and interactive art it’s hard to resist.

Cheese balls decorated with carrots, cucumbers, and chocolate chips. You could also use raisins for the eyes or even celery sticks for the ears. Get creative.

Easter Snacks for a Memorable and Exciting Day

You now have 50 different options for making your meal times around Easter extra special. Whether you want a fun after-school snack, something fun for your big Easter dinner, or festive snacks to share with your child’s class, these will surely hit the mark.

Hopefully, you’ll make fun memories when making these Easter snacks, and it’ll make this time of year more enjoyable for you and your family.

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