500 Credit Scores OK – Low-Credit Score Loans Available

People don’t have low credit scores because they want to. Circumstances in life have forced many to fall behind on their payments, and, as a consequence, their credit scores have suffered. We have programs available for a variety of situations, including foreclosures, short sales and bankruptcy. Most will tell you that you have to wait many years to be able to buy a home or refinance. At American Loans, we have not forgotten that we’re in the business of service, and we look for programs that help our clients.

If one of these special circumstances has affected you due to loss of more than 20% of your income, loss of a job, or for medical reasons, we may be able to help. Many have used our program and now are paying less for their mortgage payment than what they were paying in rent. In other circumstances, we have been able to direct our clients on how to improve their credit scores to prepare for the purchase of a home in the near future. Remember, this is all possible for you and your family!