£5000 Loan – Borrow 5000 Pounds Today | Bad Credit Accepted

As one of the leading UK loan brokers, we have partnered with a variety of lenders which can offer a competitive loan. Whether you need to make a large purchase, consolidate debts or make an emergency payment, our lenders can offer affordable finance.

Our lenders specialise in offering a range of amounts, so whether you need to borrow a £100 or £5000 loan we can assist. By applying for a loan through our website, you will have access to a large number of lenders. This will give you the opportunity of finding the best deal, without contacting multiple lenders and completing multiple application forms..

Will I be eligible for a £5000 loan?

As 5000 pounds is the most you can borrow, you will need to provide evidence that the repayments are affordable. Although, it is possible to split the repayments across 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on your financial commitments. Every lender is different, but in general to borrow a £5000 loan, you will need to be earning more than £1000 per month.

To help you assess whether you are eligible, we have developed our innovative eligibility checker. Simply enter your details into our convenient tool and in just 60 seconds you will know whether our lenders are likely to approve your loan. The tool will leave no impact on your credit file, which is ideal if you are looking to avoid negative footprints.

How do I complete my application?

Our 2-minute application is designed to be quick and easy to complete, simply fill out the form from your phone, tablet or computer. We will need details such as your regular income, financial commitments and the ideal term length for your situation.

At this point there will be a soft search of your credit file, as it will help to match you to the lender most likely to approve your loan. The search does not leave a footprint on your file, you will be the only person that can see the search. The information you provide will be used to calculate your loan terms and potential quote.

You will receive a competitive quote, although it is entirely up to you whether to proceed with the loan. There are no fees to pay as our entire loan finding service is completely free of charge.

If you accept the quote, the lender will complete a full credit check, which is a requirement of all FCA regulated lenders. Even if you do have a poor credit history, you may still be approved for a loan, if the repayments are affordable.

When will I receive the money?

Once you accept your loan quote, the final decision is almost instant. We know that in many situations you need your money quickly, so it could be possible for your funds to be transferred in minutes.* However, the processing speed of your bank will impact the final availability time of your funds.

Although we can approve and send your money very quickly, you should take the time to decide whether it is the right option for you. If you are struggling with your financial commitments, a new loan may not be the ideal option. To discuss your options with an impartial organisation, we advise you to contact Step Change or The Money Helper.