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55. Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person)

You should say:

What you shared

Who you shared it with

Why you shared it

And explain how you felt about sharing it

Sample Answer

I would love to share my depression experience with a stranger.

I had depressed feelings for a number of years. I couldn’t find joy in anything, my energy level

was low and I was struggling to do basic chores like cleaning and washing. I found it incredible

when people would suggest things like getting exercise to make me happier. All I could think

was, I can’t drag myself out of bed to take a shower, and how the hell am I supposed to drag

myself to the gym?

A friend of mine realized what was happening, and after one particular outburst of tears and

misery, he suggested I went to the university counselor. Talking things through with someone

who is completely unbiased is a wonderful experience. Even when you think you have nothing

to talk about; they are good at getting you started. Unfortunately, there was a limited time

frame, and I felt those feelings creeping back. I finally went to my doctor, told them I had tried

counseling, and asked if medication was an option. He agreed. I know that anti-depressants are

a controversial topic, but they were truly life-changing. The first type did not help. The second

type was like opening a window. They did not make me happy. What they did do, however, is

give me the strength to start making myself happy. I stopped crying for no reason. I was able to

sleep soundly. The thoughts screaming around my head ground to a halt so I could focus, and I

started enjoying things again. I still have bad days, but they are days – not weeks, or months.