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Attending a free online university is an incredible way to begin studying complex topics like aerospace engineering, immunology, and physics, as well as to gain knowledge in valuable areas like accounting, communication, and political science. Some of the world’s most renowned and respected universities offer free online college courses, and there are thousands of classes that are completely free and require no tuition payments. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers classes in aerospace engineering like Introduction to Propulsion Systems, and Yale University offers a class in astronomy called Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics.

However, science isn’t the only area of study available to online students who want to enroll in free online university classes. Courses available from Oxford include Quantum Mechanics for engineering students, Old English Context for literature students, and Critical Reasoning for Beginners for philosophy students. Enthusiastic students can also enroll in Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature from Yale University or Logic and Proofs from Carnegie Mellon University. Incredibly, the free classes offered by these incredible universities are often the exact same classes that are offered to traditional students.

Free university courses online from MIT are provided through a program known as MIT OpenCourseWare, and the program boasts more than 2,400 courses that have been pursued by more than 500 million visitors to the university’s website. Virtually all of the classes offered by MIT are available online through OpenCourseWare, and MIT has published thousands of quotes from students who have sought out online courses at the university and have found them invaluable to their careers and general well-being. Meanwhile, Carnegie Mellon University offers its free online college courses from its Open Learning Initiative, which offers classes in the areas of business, data science, mathematics, technology, life science, and other areas. Students may enroll as independent learners who want a self-guided option, as well as students enrolled in college programs who receive a course key from the instructor. Independent students who take classes from the Open Learning Initiative won’t receive class credit, but they will receive the same materials given to traditional students. It might come as a surprise to future students that online courses from top universities are available from such lauded institutions as Yale University, but there are classes available to anyone who wants to learn through Yale’s Open Yale Courses program. The classes offered by Yale don’t require any registration, and students actually get to watch lectures given by actual professors at the university. Students who decide they want to receive college credit for their online classes may consider enrolling in the university’s Yale Summer Online program.

Free online universities and respected college institutions that offer free online university classes represent an outstanding option for students of all ages and abilities. Online college classes can help working professionals expand their career knowledge, as well as introduce young students to new and challenging topics like epidemiology, physics, organizational behavior, literature, and mathematics. The popularity of free online college courses will likely encourage institutions of higher learning to increase the number of classes available each year.


Accounting is often described as the language of business, and those who take free online college accounting courses may study topics as varied as investing, financial accounting, auditing, and federal taxation. Accountants may examine financial statements for accuracy, compute the taxes a business or individual owes, or organize the financial records of the business for which they work.

Taking free online college accounting classes is an ideal option for anyone who wants to see if accounting is the right business specialty, and it’s also an excellent way to increase knowledge of vital business topics for current business owners and future entrepreneurs. Free college accounting courses online may lead to careers as public accountants, or students may also use the knowledge gained to work as auditors.

Accountants often work in tax preparation, payroll services, and bookkeeping, and they may also find employment with finance and insurance companies. Some students who enroll in free college accounting classes online may find a rewarding career as a self-employed accountant, or they may work for large companies or government entities. It’s not uncommon for dedicated accountants to work long hours during tax season, but the demanding work may prove rewarding financially and emotionally for accounting graduates.

Aerospace Engineering

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Dreamers and future scientists who want to design aircraft, build national defense systems, or find work in the growing space tourism industry may want to consider taking free college aerospace engineering classes online. Most aerospace engineers need a bachelor’s degree to begin work, and free online college aerospace engineering classes are perfect for anyone who wants to try out the topic at the college level.

Many of the graduates of aerospace engineering programs work for aerospace parts manufacturing and product manufacturing companies. Free online college aerospace engineering classes may also lead to work with the federal government, research and development companies, and companies that offer engineering services. Those with degrees may work for companies that design navigational devices for the industry, as well as create control instruments or electromedical devices. Many aerospace engineering careers are heavy on research and work in laboratories.

After taking free online college aerospace engineering courses and entering or graduating from an aerospace engineering program, students may get to participate in cooperative programs with local businesses where students can apply their engineering knowledge. Students who want to excel in aerospace engineering classes should have excellent analytical skills, math skills, writing skills, and be able to engage in high-level problem-solving and critical thinking.

African-American Studies

African-American studies is an interdisciplinary field where students devote their time to the study of black history, politics, and culture in the United States. Those who take free online college African-American studies courses may also call their discipline black studies or Afro-American studies. Students often begin their studies with an examination of the roots of the discipline when 19th-century scholar W.E.B. Du Bois began publishing on the topic.

Free online college African-American studies classes may cover topics like sports, politics, population, language, religion, and prejudice. While enrolled, students may also study ancillary facets of black culture and history through African diaspora studies and Africana studies. Today, free college African-American studies classes online may cover topics like arts & crafts, hip hop, African-American history, and bio-medical ethics.

Additional topics may include the study of African-American composers, philosophers, writers, and other artistic professionals. The first black studies programs in the United States were created in the 1960s and were developed in response to activism and the Civil Rights Movement during that time. One of the first black studies programs was developed at San Francisco State in the late 1960s and would become an official department at the conclusion of that decade.

American Studies

Students with interest in American history, culture, and society may want to consider free online college American studies courses. The interdisciplinary field usually features classes on the literature and history of the United States, but recent changes have seen free college American studies courses online being offered on topics that include other nations throughout the American continents.

A man named Vernon Louis Parrington is often credited with creating the subject of American studies as it pertains to collegiate study. He wrote a book in the 1920s that won the Pulitzer Prize and focused on the historical research and literary criticism often present in free online college American studies classes. Subjects covered within the American studies discipline include tourism, social movements, intellectual history, and literature.

As an interdisciplinary field, some American studies classes have expanded into topics on Asian, Latin, African, and American Indian studies as they pertain to the American continents. Students with interest in the history and development of civilizations in North America and South America may want to take free college American studies classes online. There are even centers in Europe that focus on American studies like the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, which is in Germany.

Anatomy and Physiology

Career paths open to students who enroll in free college anatomy and physiology classes online include dental assistant, phlebotomist, or staff nurse. Those who become certified or seek advanced study may find work as laboratory technicians or medical assistants, as well as eventually become Certified Nursing Assistants or Registered Nurse Supervisors. Areas of focus in free online college anatomy and physiology classes include gastroenterology, the brain, and cellular neurophysiology.

Students with experience in anatomy and physiology may find work in the offices of physicians, with pharmaceutical companies, or with medicine manufacturers. Students may also find work with hospitals at the state, local, or private level. Free college anatomy & physiology courses online may also lead to work in research and development within areas like life science, engineering, and physical science.

Free online college anatomy and physiology classes may teach students to conduct studies that investigate human disease, as well as analyze medical samples to create treatments for chronic diseases. Students who are skilled communicators may learn to write research grant proposals, and other graduates may get to design and test medical devices. Physiology and anatomy knowledge may even allow students to participate in vital laboratory and clinical research on topics like cancer.


An anthropologist is someone who studies the origin and development of humans, and most graduates of anthropology programs work in research in government or for private organizations. Taking free online college anthropology courses may allow a student to work in an office, in a laboratory, or in a fieldwork setting. Some anthropologists actually travel to the people they study and live with those groups while they conduct their work.

The majority of anthropologists working in the field have graduate degrees or doctorates in anthropology, so students who enroll in free online college anthropology classes may need to consider further studies in a full degree program. Students who find enjoyment in their online anthropology classes may want to consider field schools where they can participate in historical excavations and archeological projects once they’ve exhausted all possible free college anthropology courses online.

While enrolled in free college anthropology courses online, students may want to investigate the benefits of belonging to organizations like the American Anthropological Association or the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Graduates of anthropology programs and students who complete their free college anthropology classes online may also find work in related areas of study like history, geography, museums, sociology, and surveying.

Arabic Language and Literature

One of the popular careers for those who take free college Arabic language & literature classes online is interpreting and translating. Interpreters can work in environments as varied as courtrooms, hospitals, schools, and conference centers. Knowledge of Arabic languages may also allow students to continue their studies in degree programs for language scientists and interpreters who work for the government.

Free online college Arabic language & literature classes may delve into any one of several main dialects, and it may behoove students to choose a class that matches their language aspirations. For example, Arabic spoken in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Syria is known as Levantine Arabic, and students who want to visit these countries and understand the inhabitants may want to find free college Arabic language & literature classes on Levantine Arabic.

Meanwhile, other free college Arabic language and literature courses online may focus on Egyptian Arabic, which is spoken throughout Egypt, or North African Arabic, which is the language of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. There may also be some free college Arabic language & literature classes online that focus on the Arabic language spoken in Iraq or Gulf Arabic, which is spoken in Qatar, the U.A.E., Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.

  • Arabic for Global Exchange,  Carnegie Mellon University


One of the most popular types of employment for those who take free online college archeology courses are jobs with companies known as cultural resource management firms, and these companies are tasked with ensuring that builders comply with local and federal regulations regarding culturally sensitive sites. Students who focus on archeology may learn about topics like geography, criminology, ethnic studies, and evolution within their free college archeology courses online.

One of the most exciting parts of studying archeology is that it may lead to research programs, internships, and eventual employment in other countries. A student’s free online college archeology classes may prepare him or her to study domestically in a research program that examines the prehistory of a geographic region. Classes may also help students secure research work in other countries like China, the continent of Africa, or the countries of South America.

There are also different types of archeology that students may focus on when they take free college archeology courses online. Areas of focus include historical archeology, prehistoric archeology, bio-archeology, and field archeology. Some free college archeology classes online may even deal with fascinating concentrations like underwater archeology, which deals with shipwrecks and submerged settlements that existed centuries ago in the past.


Architecture is considered one of the most challenging disciplines in college, and future architects may want to begin their educational journey with free college architecture classes online. Many traditional bachelor’s degree programs require five years of study rather than the usual four years of study that other subjects require, and architecture professionals can focus on urban planning, architectural history, or environmental design.

Several of the best free college architecture courses online begin with introductions to various subjects within the discipline. For example, students may study the basics of integrated design, building technology, the history of architecture, or design computing. Other free online college architecture classes may delve into advanced subjects like building in landscapes, nanomachines, and urban design.

Students can also focus on the architecture of a certain geographical region or era or learn about early modern cities and historical structures. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the rate of job growth for architects is likely to remain faster than average for the next decade, so free online college architecture courses could be the start of a prosperous career at an architectural firm, government firm, or construction company for students who eventually complete a degree program.

Art History

Historians commonly work in education, and art historians will often teach college classes after receiving a master’s degree in the discipline. A future teacher or art historian may want to begin with free online college art history courses that will introduce the student to topics like Roman architecture, popular culture, and art in cinema and literature.

One of the interesting areas in which art historians may work is in museums as archivists, curators, or general museum workers. A future museum employee may start with free online college art history classes and continue with a bachelor’s degree program. After earning a bachelor’s degree, an art history major may continue in a graduate program in museum studies or participate in an internship within a museum to gain experience.

Some of the interesting topics available for study in free college art history courses online include painting, sculpture, photography, and pop culture. A student may pursue a degree in the history of modern art or specialize in an earlier era like the Romantic Era of the early 19th century or the Neoclassical era of the late 18th century. Free college art history classes online are an ideal option for students interested in history from the perspective of art and creativity.

Asian Studies

Online students who want to pursue classes in Asian studies should have an interest in the history and culture of Asian people, as well as their languages and politics. Interestingly, Asian studies in some European countries is known as Oriental studies. Free online college Asian studies courses may cover any one of an extraordinary number of different cultures that include the history of Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, or Vietnam.

Free college Asian studies classes online may also teach students about the cultures of Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, Tibet, or Mongolia. When a student pursues advanced classes, those topics may become more defined in their geographic specificity. For example, students may get to enroll in free online college Asian studies classes that focus on Japanese studies and the region of Okinawa. Other classes may encompass Southeast Asia and feature specific cultures within Vietnam or Thailand.

Students who pursue a traditional degree after exhausting the supply of free college Asian Studies courses online may find that their degree is offered alongside related topics like African studies. For example, the SOAS University of London offers its Asian studies classes within its School of Oriental and African Studies. Classes encompass the cultures of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


Astronomy is a fascinating subject that also happens to require that students of the discipline devote themselves to several years of study at the college level. It’s not uncommon for children to have an interest in space and astronomy, and adults may find it thought-provoking to enroll in free online college astronomy courses that deal with cosmology, stargazing, the Big Bang, black holes, and galaxies.

Amateur astronomers may also take free online college astronomy classes that will eventually lead to enrollment in a full degree program at a college or university. After receiving a degree in astronomy, a graduate may work at a college or university as an instructor or for the federal government as an astronomer. Future astronomers who take free college astronomy courses online may dream of working with internationally renowned science facilities like the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

There are also astronomy classes that students may take that deal with subjects like Greek and Roman mythology and how those societies used the night sky to create their myths, as well as create constellations that are still known to humanity today. Students who enroll in free college astronomy classes online may also decide that they want to become physicists and work in research or academia as cosmologists.

  • Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics,  Yale University


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Biochemistry is a complex and fascinating subject where professionals generally need to possess a Ph.D. to find work in independent research & development companies or to enter careers with government research agencies. Taking free online college biochemistry courses is an excellent way for future biochemists to determine whether they will succeed in a degree program.
Some of the jobs available to biochemistry majors include research assistant, nurse, and laboratory technician.

Some of the free online college biochemistry classes a student might see include introductory classes in biochemistry and biotechnology, as well as advanced topics on gene expression, plant biochemistry, and genetics. Other topics of study in free college biochemistry courses online may include enzyme structures, macromolecules, and metabolism, as well as toxicology and proteomics, which is the study of proteins.

Students who want to find success in the field of biochemistry after completing free college biochemistry classes online must have excellent math and analytical skills, as well as have the ability to thoroughly research their topics while using expert-level time-management skills. Future careers for biochemists include those with pharmaceutical companies, medical manufacturing companies, and educational facilities. Biochemists will commonly participate in projects alongside experts in related scientific fields like chemistry, engineering, physics, and computer science.

  • Introduction to Biochemistry,  Carnegie Mellon University

Biological Engineering

Biological engineering is an interesting area of study that combines the principles of engineering with biological systems in an attempt to solve problems that exist in the natural and human-designed worlds of plants, animals, and microbial systems. Free online college biological engineering courses may cover topics as expansive as computational and systems biology, cell materials, personal genomics, and the biosphere.

Other topics discussed in free online college biological engineering classes include chemical engineering, statistical thermodynamics, algorithms in computational biology, and toxicology. Those interested in working as biological engineers may actually enter the workforce with a bachelor’s degree and don’t necessarily need to take classes all the way to a Ph.D. as do many other science professionals.

After taking free college biological engineering courses, online students may enter degree programs that will allow them to work for medical supplies manufacturing companies and medical equipment companies. Graduates may also work in research and development for companies in the physical or life sciences, as well as for universities as teachers or researchers. Students will have the most success in their free college biological engineering classes online when they have good analytical skills, math skills, and are expert problem-solvers. Students may find it helpful to apply for internships in research and biological engineering work environments.


According to a list compiled by CNBC, biology is one of the most popular college majors in the United States and comes in at the fifth spot behind business, health professions, social sciences, and psychology. The article suggests that more than 110,000 students received degrees in biology in 2017. Some of those degree seekers likely began their college careers by trying free online college biology courses.

Topics studied include cellular biology, genetics, physiology, and anatomy. Free online college biology classes may offer introductions to biology, bioinformatics, and chemistry, as well as advanced lessons on molecular biology, cellular neurobiology, and chemical experimentation. One of the reasons biology is so popular for free college biology courses online is because there are so many options available for employment after a degree has been earned.

Some of the careers open to graduates of biology programs include those as biological technicians, environmental scientists, forensic technicians, zoologists, and wildlife biologists. Students can even pursue careers in academia as high school teachers or find jobs as college professors after earning an advanced degree in biology. Free college biology classes online are an excellent choice for casual students who want to learn more about biology, as well as future degree-seekers who want to begin their college careers.

Biomedical Engineering

Some of the careers open to graduates of biomedical engineering programs include those with electromedical manufacturing companies, medical equipment companies, and schools. Future biomedical engineers may want to start their journey with free online college biomedical engineering courses from institutions like Yale University. Some of the topics students may learn about in their free online college biomedical engineering classes include genetic engineering, cell immunology, cardiovascular physiology, and bioimaging.

Biomedical engineers usually need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to begin work in the field. There are five general work environments that feature biomedical engineering jobs. Those environments include medical equipment manufacturers, research & development companies, and institutions of higher learning. Students who take free college biomedical engineering courses online may also eventually work for medical control instrument manufacturing companies or healthcare and social assistance businesses.

Free college biomedical engineering classes online may offer students the chance to specialize in areas like bioinstrumentation, biomechanics, or rehabilitation engineering. Other areas of specialty include systems physiology, clinical engineering, and biomaterials. Succeeding in any one of these concentrations or in a general biomedical engineering career means cultivating math, analytical, and communication skills, as well as developing a creative mind and problem-solving skills related to complex biological systems.

  • Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering,  Yale University

Biomedical Enterprise

The field of biomedical enterprise is a combination of chemistry, biology, and the biomedical world, as well as entrepreneurship, business, and law within that industry. Free online college biomedical enterprise courses will often feature topics like sustainable technology, biomedical innovation, health care systems, and health engineering. Free college biomedical enterprise courses online are available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Students who use their online biomedical enterprise classes to enter a traditional degree program may find that their future college requires that they take classes from several different departments. A student may take their classes from a College of Business, College of Law, and a science department. Free online college biomedical enterprise classes may lead to work in hospitals, biomedical startups, or pharmaceutical companies.

Students with interest in biomedical enterprise careers should have an interest in science as much as they have an interest in business and innovation. Free college biomedical enterprise classes online may run the gamut from science classes like microbiology, genetics, and virology to business classes in politics, law, society, and criminal justice. Students can even use their biomedical enterprise classes as a jumping-off point for entry into medical school or another professional area like law or business.

Biomedical Instrumentation

The realm of biomedical instrumentation is a thought-provoking area of study that deals with the development of engineering solutions to problems that impact living biological systems. Free college biomedical instrumentation classes online may deal with topics like medical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), biomedical computing, and medical computing. In the same way that chemistry and physics are transformed into biophysics and biochemistry when they are applied to living organisms, medical engineering is called biomedical instrumentation when engineering concepts are applied to medicine and living systems.

Free online college biomedical instrumentation classes may also refer to the concept of bioinstrumentation. The field is considered a new and upcoming area of study, with most of the industry’s innovations occurring in just the last few decades. Instruments and devices in biomedical instrumentation that are features in free online college biomedical instrumentation courses are used for projects like genetic testing and the delivery of drugs to the body in a manner that is safe for the recipient or patient.

Interestingly, one of the first major groups to develop biomedical instrumentation devices was NASA, which used bioinstrumentation to measure the impact of space travel on their astronauts. Free college biomedical instrumentation courses online may cover these early bioinstrumentation sensor arrays, as well as the modern devices created in the last few decades.

Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

Biomedical signal and image processing is an area of science that uses electrophysiological signals like electroencephalograms (EEGs), electrocardiograms (ECGs), and electromyograms (EMGs) to assist medical professionals in using the physiological information of the human body. Topics under discussion within free online college biomedical signal and image processing courses include magnetic resonance, noninvasive imaging, the principles of medical imaging, and imaging techniques.

An excellent place to start for beginners taking free college biomedical signal and image processing courses online is the Principles of Medical Imaging class from the MIT OpenCourseWare project. Students will be able to read lecture notes, take exams, and complete assignments on the principles of tomographic imaging. Some of the imaging types examined include the MRI, ultrasound, x-ray, and positron emission tomography (PET) scan.

One of the neatest free online college biomedical signal & image processing classes is the MIT class on medical monitoring devices that mimic the small machines used in the 1960s television show “Star Trek.” Students who take the class will learn about how modern medicine may be able to use small diagnostic tools to read vital signs and identify disease biomarkers. Free college biomedical signal & image processing classes online may feature projects where students get to design and fabricate their ideas for medical detection and monitoring devices.


Biomedicine is a diverse and expansive area of study, and those who choose to study one of the many topics within this field have many free online college biomedicine courses available with which to begin their journey. Some of the areas where students may focus their energies include cell & developmental biology, human nutrition, infection & immunity, genetics, pathology, and neuroscience.

Additional areas of focus are offered on the subjects of pharmacology, microbiology, immunology, human structure & function, bioengineering systems, and molecular biology. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the biggest providers of free online college biomedicine classes, and students may enroll in classes on artificial intelligence, signal & image processing, or biomedical information technology. Many of the free college biomedicine courses online are an ideal place to start for students who want to see if a career in biomedicine is right for them.

There are three common careers that graduates of biomedicine programs and those who take free college biomedicine classes online usually pursue once they’ve completed their studies. Careers often include clinical laboratory technologist, epidemiologist, or a biomedical scientist. A related career is clinical laboratory technician. These careers are often available with no more than an associate degree, but further education can elevate a future biomedical professional’s potential career earnings.


The most popular major for college students in the United States is business, and the topic is also similarly popular in many countries around the world. One of the reasons for taking free online college business courses is so valuable is because there is no limit to the different types of companies that need business professionals. Taking free online college business classes may allow a student to pursue a traditional business career or a role in a brand-new start-up or creative environment.

Anyone who wants to start his or her own business would be well-served by taking free college business courses online. A successful business career is available to anyone who has a creative idea for a new type of business, as well as anyone who simply wants to succeed at a well-known and established business. Business classes can lead to career opportunities in corporate finance just as easily as they can lead to management jobs at a small business.

One of the benefits of taking free college business classes online is that classes are valuable for traditional businesspeople, as well as anyone who wants to sell something and needs to know how to run a successful business. Classes are as appropriate for those in the corporate world as they are for creative professionals in the arts.

Business Ethics

Sometimes known as professional ethics or applied ethics, business ethics is an area of study that often delves into controversial subjects, as well as introduces students to fascinating lessons on corporate governance, fiduciary responsibility, and the dangers of insider trading. Free online college business ethics courses are available on subjects like engineering ethics, negotiation, bioethics, and social responsibility.

Free online college business ethics classes may introduce students to commonly discussed topics as much as they might teach students about how the law guides a business’s ethical decision-making. Developing strong business ethics can help a company build trust with consumers, as well as ensure the business is always on the right side of the law. The concept of business ethics was first discussed in the 1960s when corporations began examining how things like social causes and environmental responsibility could impact their reputations.

Today’s free college business ethics courses online often provide lessons on the laws a business must follow to remain legal and ethically sound, but they also teach students about the unspoken moral code that modern businesses must consider in a consumer-driven environment. Free college business ethics classes online may even showcase common types of misconduct in the workplace and how to avoid those ethical abuses.


Oncology or the study of cancer is a specialty available for biology majors in college, and students with an interest in the topic may also take free online college cancer courses to expand their knowledge of the subject. Human disease is an incredibly dense area of study, and many biology and science majors choose a very narrow area of focus like cancer when they enter advanced degree programs.

Free online college cancer classes offer students lessons on the genetics of cancer, how malignancy begins in cells, and the anatomy of cancer. Classes may also feature lessons on anti-cancer therapies, cancer research, tumor suppression, and the pathophysiology of tumors. Free college cancer courses online that deal with cancer may offer future biologists the information they need to make a decision on their college major.

Taking free college cancer classes online may also offer someone who has had cancer or who is fighting it the information they need to make an informed decision on their treatment. Cancer is an incredibly complex topic, but taking classes on the subject may be one of the best ways to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis and deal with the drastic life changes that result.

Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Studying cellular and molecular medicine is often a subject that students in graduate school pursue, which means that free online college cellular and molecular medicine courses are the perfect options for anyone who has a bachelor’s degree but wants to see if moving into a graduate program is something that might benefit their career or personal interests. Cellular and molecular medicine is an area of study that generally appeals to scientists who want to conduct laboratory research.

With cellular and molecular research, scientists may be able to increase their understanding, diagnostic abilities, and treatment options of human diseases. Topics examined in free online college cellular & molecular medicine classes include cancer biology, vascular development, regenerative medicine, and blood disorders. Other topics discussed in free classes include protein folding, blood malignancies, and human disease.

Students, scientists, and anyone with a general interest in molecular biology and wishes to participate in cutting-edge research in medicine may want to consider taking free college cellular and molecular medicine courses online. After exhausting the available free college cellular & molecular medicine classes online, students may want to begin the search for a full program where they might eventually have the opportunity to undertake an internship with a research facility.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers employ the disciplines of chemistry, mathematics, economics, physics, and biology in their work to produce, transform, and transport energy and associated materials. Free online college chemical engineering courses are offered in areas like polymer physics, solid-state chemistry, materials processing, and organic chemistry. Other classes are offered in advanced energy conversion, biochemical engineering, and integrated chemical engineering.

Students who eventually pursue a full degree program may qualify for jobs like analytical chemist, manufacturing engineer, production manager, or energy manager. Free online college chemical engineering classes are offered on topics that are often discussed in high-level educational circles, as well as at the nation’s most respected engineering facilities. In their free college chemical engineering courses online, students may learn about electrochemical energy systems, semiconductor manufacturing, and the interaction of neutrons.

Some of the characteristics that successful chemical engineers often possess include math skills, analytical skills, creativity, and interpersonal skills. It’s not surprising that people with excellent math ability would excel in free college chemical engineering classes online, but having interpersonal skills is another important quality. Chemical engineers often work in groups and on teams at their research facilities, so having good communication and creative thinking skills is a must for a successful chemical engineer.


Chemists and materials scientists usually need a bachelor’s degree to enter the workforce, but starting out with free online college chemistry courses is a great way to get an introduction to the field without committing one’s self to a full chemistry degree program. After earning a degree, chemists often find work with chemical manufacturing companies, as well as with research and development organizations that deal with life, engineering, and physical sciences.

Some chemists even work for the federal government, and others are employed by testing laboratories or provide support for waste management and remediation services. Free online college chemistry classes from universities like Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT are valuable to any student because they’re available as beginner courses, as well as advanced courses for students who already have a significant amount of knowledge of chemistry.

Some of the job responsibilities that chemists may have after earning a degree or taking free college chemistry courses online include planning research projects, analyzing chemical substances, and presenting research findings to collaborators, colleagues, and other scientists. Free college chemistry classes online may help future chemists learn about the sophisticated laboratory instruments they may use in their profession, as well as the possible and exciting discoveries they may make.

Chinese Language And Literature

Learning Chinese is considered by many to be an extraordinarily difficult task for anyone who hasn’t grown up learning character-based languages. Western. Free online college Chinese language and literature courses may help start a non-native speaker’s lifelong journey of Chinese language acquisition. The majority of free online college Chinese language & literature classes are offered in Mandarin, which is one of the two main Chinese languages spoken on the planet.

There are many dialects throughout China, but the majority of Chinese citizens can communicate in Mandarin, whether it’s their primary language or an additional dialect they learned as adults. However, prospective students who want to live in Hong Kong or do business in an area of China where Cantonese is a common language may want to find free college Chinese language and literature courses online that provide instruction in Cantonese.

Anyone who is interested in learning Chinese and doesn’t have any experience with it should begin with an elementary Chinese class. Free college Chinese language & literature classes online will often be numbered or called elementary, so it’s easy to figure out where to begin as a new speaker of the language. Introductory courses for Chinese often last for multiple semesters, so students should be prepared for many weeks of study.


Those who want to become a citizen of their adopted nation may want to consider taking citizenship classes, but free online college citizenship courses may also help people who are natives of their countries learn more about the way their countries and societies operate. Some of the topics discussed in free online college citizenship classes may include integrated civics, government, and history.

Students who enroll in citizenship classes based on the American system of government may learn about topics like national landmarks, the country’s borders, and significant conflict events like the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War II. Free college citizenship courses online are often also concerned with geography and politics. A citizenship class may be primarily concerned with the method of government used in the country, but it’s common to learn about facets of life outside the government.

For example, free college citizenship classes online may offer details on the day-to-day life of an average citizen, and the responsibilities of that citizen to society and his or her country. Citizenship classes may offer details about the voting process, as well as how the country’s legislating bodies work together to provide services for citizens and keep them safe through national defense.

  • Democratic Development,  Stanford

Civil Engineering

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Civil engineers are a unique profession in that they spend about half of their time at outdoor construction sites and the other half of their time in traditional offices. The day-to-day life of a civil engineer is often quite variable, and free online college civil engineering courses are a great introduction to engineering concepts. Online classes may teach students about the design, construction, and maintenance of features like roads, bridges, and various structural components.

However, free online college civil engineering classes often share much more than details about basic structural design and building technologies. Students may also learn about modern navigation, transportation systems, ecology, and spatial database management. Other topics in free college civil engineering courses online may include geotechnical engineering, waste containment and remediation, and atomistic modeling techniques.

Armed with the knowledge gained from free college civil engineering classes online, future civil engineers may find work with engineering services, state and local governments, and commercial building construction companies. Some of the qualities and skills that civil engineers should have include math skills, leadership qualities, speaking & writing ability, and the ability to make decisions and lead teams of people. A civil engineer may act as the project manager for a large-scale building project and will need to be able to guide many people in their day-to-day responsibilities.


The classics is an academic discipline where students learn about classical Greek and Roman literature from the period known as classical antiquity. Scholars suggest the period lasted from the 8th century BC to the 6th century AD, and free online college classics courses generally deal with sites around the Mediterranean and Greco-Roman civilization.

Some free online college classics classes may introduce related topics like the influence of the ancient Near East and the philosophical, educational, and societal changes that came about across the Mediterranean over time. Some of the scholars featured in classics classes include Homer, who wrote “The Odyssey,” and Cicero, who is considered the master of Latin writing and lived during the time of Julius Caesar. In higher education, the study of the classics has long been thought of as one of the primary components of an elite European education.

However, free college classics courses online have brought the ability to study the classics to students around the world. Interestingly, English universities like Oxford and Cambridge once required their students to know classical Greek and Latin, but those requirements disappeared in the middle of the 20th century. Today, anyone can take free college classics classes online and expand their mind.

  • Introduction to Ancient Greek History,  Yale University


Climate scientists often study atmospheric and oceanic sciences in school, and free online college climate courses often feature topics like atmospheric chemistry, radiative transfer, and global climate change. Climate science is a major that came about in the 1940s when scientists were concerned with predicting the weather and began collecting data from the atmosphere to eventually create computer-based weather prediction.

Free online college climate classes may offer details on the history of climate science and the development of atmospheric and oceanic models in the 1970s when the advent of satellites made it possible to observe the planet’s overall global climate. Students will excel in their free college climate courses online if they have basic math and science skills and are able to build those skills through lessons on physics and chemistry.

Some of the advanced topics that students may be introduced to in a degree program after they’ve taken their free college climate classes online include partial differential equations, computational statistics, and data analysis. Studying the climate requires much more than guessing at how much rain a given geographical area might receive at a certain point in time. Climate science is a complex and fascinating area of study for online students.

Cognitive Science

The field of cognitive science is one that spans the subjects of psychology, neuroscience, biology, and mathematics, and students have access to a wealth of free online college cognitive science courses that range from introductions to cellular biology to investigations into advanced animal behavior and the human brain. The main facets of cognitive science classes are psychology, philosophy, and linguistics, and those topics have been augmented by computer modeling in recent decades.

Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary subject, which means that students may venture outside their immediate field of study during their time in a degree program. Students who take free online college cognitive science classes and eventually receive a degree may qualify for jobs as a research consultant, laboratory technician, clinical laboratory manager, or creative director. Taking free college cognitive science courses online may qualify a student to enroll in a marketing, laboratory, or research internship.

One of the most interesting areas on which students can focus with their free college cognitive science classes online is language, and there are quite a few options surrounding topics like language acquisition, language processing, abnormal language, and computer represented language. Another area of focus is the human brain, and online students can learn about neuroscience, sensation & perception, and computational cognitive science as it pertains to the human mind.


Several college disciplines deal with the concept of combustion, and students with an interest in mechanical engineering or chemistry may want to consider free online college combustion courses. Not only may combustion classes introduce students to the physics of energy, but the topic may also deal with advanced lessons on radiative transfer, sustainable energy, and the internal combustion engine.

An internal combustion engine is one that burns gas, oil, or another type of fuel alongside air inside the engine that moves a device called a piston, which generates power. Within free online college combustion classes, students will learn that there are two types of internal combustion engines that include one that uses a spark ignition and another that is a compression ignition type for diesel fuel. With the expectation that electric motors will eventually overtake internal combustion engines, students may find it beneficial to take free college combustion courses online that focus on sustainable energy.

MIT has a class that takes a look at current energy systems and the future of resources, extraction, and conversion of materials for energy. Students may also find it helpful to consider taking free college combustion classes online that deal with radiative transfer, which is a concept commonly studied alongside particle physics, chemical engineering, climate science, and thermodynamics.


According to a report published by the National Communication Association, the average median wage of a graduate with a communication degree is $54,000, which is on the higher side of the $46,000 average reported for all majors. Free online college communication courses are a popular option for online study, and the major is within the top ten for most popular degrees across the United States.

Some of the interesting topics that students may get to study in free online college communication classes include rhetoric, academic communication, communications ethics, mobile technology, conversation & composition, and oral communication. Taking free college communication courses online is an appropriate option for students who eventually want to study business because communicating in a variety of business environments is one of the most important skills a business owner or executive should have.

Free college communication classes online are also a way for fledgling editors, writers, and public relations specialists to begin their education. Students who earn a degree in communication may eventually work as advertising executives, or they might venture into marketing jobs. It’s common for communications experts to work as business executives after they’ve earned an MBA or as media planners in print, auditory, or visual media.

Computer Science

Computer science is known as a degree choice that can lead to reliable income and career success for individuals who earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the discipline. However, some enterprising students start with free online college computer science courses and are able to enter the workforce as programmers, software engineers, and information technology professionals without spending a full four years in college.

Some of the introductory topics offered in free online college computer science classes from universities like Carnegie Mellon and MIT include programming, electrical engineering, computation structure, and algorithms. Additional topics that students may study include computer graphics, user interface design, database systems, and computational & systems biology. Some of the unusual and interesting free college computer science courses online include those on lego robotics, algorithmic and generative music, video games, and mobile technology.

Students who complete their computer science classes online may eventually choose to enter a traditional degree program, and many opportunities for advanced study and specialization exist. After taking free college computer science classes online, a student may choose to specialize in subcategories like mobile computing, software engineering, artificial intelligence, or bioinformatics. It’s usually best to choose a specialization based on interest rather than on expected income.

Curriculum and Teaching

Curriculum and teaching courses are often part of graduate-level work in college and taking free online college curriculum, and teaching courses is one way to determine whether enrollment in graduate school might be a good idea. Some of the concepts that classes may introduce students to in curriculum and teaching include constructionist learning, school reform, concept-centered teaching, and educational theory.

According to the National Council on Teacher Quality, students who choose to earn a master’s degree may earn a higher wage because of stipends offered to teachers who have an advanced degree. Free online college curriculum & teaching classes can provide an introduction into some of the specialized topics a student may pursue in a graduate degree program. Free college curriculum and teaching courses online are also an excellent option for current teachers who want to expand their instructional knowledge.

One of the interesting avenues that teachers can pursue when they take free college curriculum & teaching classes online is that they can obtain the knowledge necessary to work for publishing companies, educational curriculum companies, and other organizations tasked with creating the materials used in modern grammar and higher education facilities. A future curriculum and teaching expert might eventually write books on teaching after taking online classes.

Design & Creativity

Delving into the world of design and creativity classes may reward students with opportunities to work with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and other video and photo editing software programs. Free online college design & creativity courses can provide an introduction to the topic for anyone who has an interest in digital media and creativity. Some free online college design and creativity classes offer students the opportunity to study just one facet of a design program.

For example, a student may begin with a class on the fundamentals of graphic design and then continue with free college design & creativity courses online in the area of typography, color theory, or image formats. Students can then use their newly made skills for learning advanced concepts like web design, user interface design, or software development.

One of the popular reasons that students pursue free college design and creativity classes online is because they want to design video games. Getting a job as a video game designer requires a fair amount of experience and the right educational background. Taking free online classes may help future game designers begin their journey toward earning a degree in game theory, game design, or a related area of computer programming.

  • Audo Signal Processing for Music Applications,  Stanford

Earth Science

The subject of earth science encompasses an amazing array of different subjects that range from the actual earth to the atmosphere and the oceans. In free online college earth science courses, students may take a class on geology, atmospheric science, or oceanography. Some of the jobs that a graduate of an earth science program may pursue include senior research analyst, assistant professor of geoscience, laboratory technician, or environmental scientist.

One of the popular career routes for students who take free online college earth science classes is employment in geoscience, where there are opportunities to split one’s time in the field on projects and in the office or laboratory during research sessions. Geoscientists may college samples and conduct surveys, as well as take aerial photographs and log their discoveries during their time in the field. Free college earth science courses online may cover topics like the chemical or physical composition of rock samples, as well as the computer programs used in earth science research.

Additional areas of study that students may consider when taking free college earth science classes online include environmental analysis, terrestrial planets, environmental policy, petrology, structural geology, and global warming science. Students may also pursue topics like ocean circulations, climate physics, and molecular biogeochemistry.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Biology is one of the most popular subjects for college students, and evolutionary biology is one area of specialization that students may consider when they take free online college ecology and evolutionary biology courses. Evolutionary biology is concerned with topics like natural selection, common descent, and speciation. The discipline was first made available for study at institutions of higher learning in the 1930s.

Evolution is a central concept in virtually all topics studied in biology. The free online college ecology & evolutionary biology classes that a student takes today may allow him or her to venture into new fields like evolutionary robotics or evolutionary economics. There are also opportunities to study advanced topics like evolutionary algorithms and evolutionary engineering. Free college ecology and evolutionary biology courses online may provide the introduction a student needs to choose an advanced specialty in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Some of the interesting topics that students may be introduced to in their online classes include drug resistance, organismal biology & ecology, and molecular ecology. Free college ecology & evolutionary biology classes online may also feature topics like comparative anatomy, evolutionary neuroscience, and evolutionary physiology. Students may even read “On the Origin of Species” in their evolutionary biology class.

  • Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior,  Yale University


The job of the economist is one that is research-heavy, but it is also one that may reward Ph.D. and graduate degree holders with impressive salaries and career advancement. Fledgling economists may want to consider free online college economics courses that run the gamut from game theory and social behavior to microeconomics and financial markets. Becoming an economist is ideal for anyone who enjoys research and working in an office environment.

A small majority of economists in the United States work for the federal government, and free online college economics classes may help a future economist eventually find work with the government, as well as with scientific research or economic development organizations. Some economists work as technical consultants or are employed by state governments and financial and insurance institutions. Free college economics courses online can help students figure out what type of career they might want to pursue and within what type of work environment.

Some of the interesting topics that students might be able to learn about in free college economics classes online include economic modeling, sustainable economic development, behavioral economics, and industrial organization. Other subjects in online classes include econometrics, statistical methods, economic crises, and the economics of business decisions.

Educational Policy

The realm of education has an amazing number of different areas of study when it comes to jobs like those in school reform and the economics of education. Free online college educational policy courses are valuable for individuals who currently work in a school administration capacity, as well as for teachers who want to learn more about the educational policies that shape their ability to teach in the classroom.

Some of the professions available to individuals who complete free online college educational policy classes and eventually earn their degrees include data analyst, director of educational policy, and public affairs associate. Students with educational policy experience may also work as an education improvement specialist or as an instructor on the topic of educational policy. Free college educational policy courses online may help individuals who currently work in any of these areas learn about the modern technologies shaping today’s educational policy.

People often pursue educational policy degrees because they want to have a positive impact on the education system and want to have a hand in shaping the education policies that are at the heart of local, state, and federal education. Free college educational policy classes online can help students get work in virtually any environment from private grammar schools to the federal government’s Department of Education.

Educational Technology

Educational technology is a topic where students in free online college educational technology courses learn about the modern media types that deliver educational information and instruction to students and teachers. Media used may include images, text, streaming video, or animation and may employ devices like computers, televisions, tablets, and other mobile devices. Taking free online college educational technology classes may benefit teachers who need to deliver their lessons digitally.

One of the primary concepts that students might learn in their free college educational technology courses online is asynchronous versus synchronous learning. Students in synchronous learning environments receive their instruction in real-time with real-time interaction with the teacher and other students. Asynchronous delivery of lessons is a common option for self-paced and distance learning lessons that are offered within virtual classrooms.

Topics that students may be introduced to in their educational technology classes include media education, internet technology, how technology impacts autism learning, and school reform. With the dramatic increase of internet-based classrooms and online college classes, free college educational technology classes online have become an important addition to the average teacher’s knowledge base. Educational tools that offer students the opportunity to collaborate at a distance will likely only increase in their importance and prevalence in the coming decades.

Electrical Engineering

One of the most difficult specializations in engineering is that of electrical engineering, and students who are fascinated by topics like space travel, the aerospace industry, and advanced electronics may want to explore free online college electrical engineering courses. The topic is certainly not one that a student can take lightly, but it is an area of study where online classes may help future engineers understand whether the specialization is one that may benefit their future career goals.

Some of the free online college electrical engineering classes that students might take may feature topics like photovoltaics, electromechanical robotic systems, magnetic materials, and signal processing. Other fascinating subjects studied in free college electrical engineering courses online include machine vision, nanoelectronics, telecommunications, and solar energy systems. Some electrical engineering classes even feature artistic subjects like live electronics performance and medical topics like biomedical device design.

After completing free college electrical engineering classes online or enrolling in a degree program, a student may consider a specialization in electrical engineering that will allow him or her to learn about a subject of particular interest. Some of the electrical engineering career specializations include communication systems, microelectronics & photonics, bioengineering, and electromagnetics, as well as nanotechnology and energy systems.


Anyone who wants to become an instrument technician or electrician would do well to consider free online college electricity courses as an introduction to the topic. Some of the topics a student may be introduced to in online classes include electricity fundamentals, the safety codes written by municipalities for electrical safety, and magnetic & electrical fields. Students may find it valuable to learn about the National Electrical Code (NEC) if they want to pursue a future career as an electrician.

Taking free online college electricity classes may also be a topic for students interested in entering a degree program for electrical engineering. Topics that might be presented in electricity classes include energy economics, electrochemical processing, electric power systems, and nuclear technology. Not only can free college electricity courses online teach students about the basics of electricity, but those classes can also offer advanced study of the world’s power grids and the modern systems of electricity that keep the planet’s civilization operating.

Students who don’t have any experience in electricity topics may want to take free college electricity classes online as a way to qualify to become an electrician apprentice, which can eventually lead to work as a master electrician or general contractor.


The topic of energy in higher education has become an incredibly diverse area with the advent and popularity of sustainable energy practices. Free online college energy courses may introduce a student to concepts related to solar power, fuel cells, and batteries, as well as the physics of energy and the impact on the environment of different types of energy systems. The study of energy goes well beyond lessons on power lines, electricity transmission, and electrical energy systems.

Some of the topics a student may learn about in free online college energy classes include the economics of different energy systems, different types of renewable energy options, and energy fuels like nuclear, oil, and gas. Online classes may help students gain the basic knowledge required to enter college degree programs in areas like energy systems, mechanical engineering, and renewable energy technologies.

The study of energy in free college energy courses online may lead to knowledge of diverse topics like solar thermal engineering, hydropower, wind energy systems, and power plant design. Once a student takes all available free college energy classes online or completes a college degree program, available jobs may include those as a computer support specialist, data consultant, energy development associate, or resource analyst.


Engineering classes may come in the form of specialized learning in an area like quantum mechanics, or they may be delivered in a general area of engineering like the history of engineering. Free online college engineering courses are an ideal way for prospective engineers to figure out whether they possess the qualities of a great engineer. Engineers should have great math skills, possess good attention to detail, and be able to solve a variety of problems.

Starting with free online college engineering classes may also help a future engineer figure out what type of specialty in engineering he or she might want to take up in college. Mainstream specialties like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering offer the potential for rewarding engineering careers, but there are also some incredibly unusual engineering specialties that might be open to students who take free college engineering courses online.

Interesting engineering degree options include those in agricultural engineering, robotics engineering, environmental engineering, and biomedical engineering. Some of the even more rare engineering specialties that students may qualify for after taking free college engineering classes online include sports engineering, skate park engineering, and food engineering. Unusual jobs in engineering are often available to students with a general engineering degree with no specialty required.

  • Engineering Statics,  Carnegie Mellon University
  • Quantum Mechanics,  Oxford

Engineering and Computer Science

The combination of computer science and engineering can provide students with some of the most fascinating careers, and free online college engineering and computer science courses may introduce students to topics like surveillance law, haptics, massive datasets, and linear dynamical systems. Free online college engineering & computer science classes are one way for students to learn about software design while they learn about hardware design.

Those who consider a degree in computer science and engineering may eventually take courses in digital electronics, processor design, parallel processing, and computer architecture. Some free college engineering and computer science courses online may even introduce students to interesting topics like game design, virtualization, and computer simulations.

Taking free college engineering & computer science classes online can help a student figure out whether he or she is best suited for a career that deals with the hardware and physical components of computers or the software used within computers. Stanford University has an extensive number of engineering and computer science classes available that offer self-paced environments where students complete their assignments on a schedule of their own choosing. Self-paced classes can help busy people find the time to complete classes, even if they’ve got a full-time job and family commitments.


Entrepreneurship is an area of concentration within business that some students choose when they’re interested in topics like raising capital, marketing new businesses, and managing startup businesses. Budding entrepreneurs can take online business classes and find free online college entrepreneurship courses from institutions like MIT and Stanford. Classes often go in-depth on entrepreneurial concepts and showcase graduate-level lessons.

For example, the free online college entrepreneurship classes found at MIT cover interesting angles on entrepreneurship like developmental entrepreneurship with lessons on successful and failed businesses that have dealt with the complex deployment of new products and services. Other topics available in free college entrepreneurship courses online include early-stage capital, law for the entrepreneur, patents, inventions, and marketing for entrepreneurs.

Some of the classes offered provide lessons from an international point of view, which can prove helpful for students who want to work abroad. Other free college entrepreneurship classes online feature topics like technology in entrepreneurship, breakthrough technologies, the business of computer software, and computer entrepreneurship. Students may want to begin with general business courses and then venture into entrepreneurship classes if they find they have an interest in that facet of the business world and want to eventually create their own business.

Environmental Energy

Students with an interest in environmental energy can consider free online college environmental energy courses from Stanford University. The forest monitoring class is just one of several in the area of sustainability that is offered completely free via online class delivery. Forest monitoring concerns the deforestation and forest degradation mapping that are measured using the Carnegie Landsat Analysis System-lite.

The system was first developed in the 1970s and received upgrades each decade as further technological advances were made. Free online college environmental energy classes that offer instruction on deforestation and degradation in tropical forests can help future environmental scientists who have an interest in creating the energy-efficient, sustainable, and renewable energy technologies of the future. Learning about the CLASLite system in free college environmental energy courses online may lead to work in a variety of careers.

Some of the jobs a graduate of an environmental energy program may pursue include senior renewable energy advisory consultant, green energy remote representative, environmental energy manager, and program director of energy. Free college environmental energy classes online may lead to future work in traditional office environments or jobs in laboratories or at field sites where work may occur with pioneering technologies and the sustainable energy options of the future.

Environmental Engineering

The role of an environmental engineer often involves topics like soil science, chemistry, and biology, and engineers work to solve environmental problems that may occur in urban or remote environments. Free online college environmental engineering courses are offered in great detail from MIT, and topics available for study include computing and data analysis, chemical engineering, environmental policy, global freshwater, and groundwater hydrology.

Most environmental engineers must possess a bachelor’s degree to find entry-level work, and free online college environmental engineering classes are a perfect option for students who are just starting their bachelor’s degree journeys. After completing a degree program, graduates may have job duties like reviewing environmental investigation reports, designing air pollution control systems or water reclamation facilities, and working with the plans and permits necessary for completing environmental engineering projects.

Some of the topics free college environmental engineering courses online may cover include industrial ecology, atmospheric circulation, building alternatives, chemicals in the environment, urban studies, and environmental policy disputes. Additional classes offered for free college environmental engineering classes online cover environmental negotiation, sustainable development, waster and sanitation, and utilizing joint fact-finding. Other interesting areas of study include desalinization, environmental law, collaboration for scientists, and geographic information systems.

Environmental Studies

Enrolling in free online college environmental studies courses may help students eventually participate in research sessions, classes, and careers that deal with topics like aeolian processes and contaminant transport, bioaccumulation of heavy metals, and phytoremediation. Taking free online college environmental studies classes may also help students eventually enroll in a bachelor’s degree program on the subject and eventually continue into graduate school.

One of the free college environmental studies courses online available to students around the world is offered by Yale University and offers lessons on the law and politics of the environment. The course examines how laws have been written to protect the environment and also features case histories with details on consumer products, plastics, national security, and land use. The role of law is also discussed as it pertains to hazardous site restoration, drinking water standards, urban sprawl, and food safety.

Degrees in environmental studies often cover a broad range of subjects and may allow a graduate to pursue a law degree with a specialization in environmental law or apply for jobs with titles like environmental educator, environmental consultant, or environmental engineer. Free college environmental studies classes online are also helpful for casual environmentalists who want to know more about environmental policy.

  • Environmental Politics and Law,  Yale University


Careers in public health usually focus on one of five core disciplines that include epidemiology, biostatistics, behavioral science, environmental health, and health administration. Free online college epidemiology courses are a helpful option for students who want to study public health in college but who aren’t sure which discipline they want to pursue. An epidemiologist investigates the causes and patterns of disease in humans.

Much of the work of epidemiologists is conducted in laboratories, and finding a job as an epidemiologist usually requires a master’s degree in that public health specialty. However, a graduate degree is a significant investment of time and money, and free online college epidemiology classes can help a future public health professional decide if employment in that area will offer lifelong job satisfaction. Epidemiologists are considered problem-solvers and spend a lot of time collecting and analyzing data for that purpose.

Other tasks regularly engaged in by epidemiologists include the supervision of technical and clerical personnel in the laboratory, the management of public health programs, and the communication of findings to various groups. Free college epidemiology courses online will offer introductions to students on working with infectious diseases, maternal and child health, and chronic diseases. Free college epidemiology classes online will also teach students about working with mental health, oral health, and substance abuse issues.

European and Russian Studies

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Students who enroll in free online college European and Russian studies courses will learn from an interdisciplinary point of view where topics of discussion usually include history, politics, language, and economics of Russia and its neighboring countries. Free online college European & Russian studies classes may help a student figure out whether they want to focus on the Russian language or the history and culture of the Russian people.

One of the most important areas of study in Russian studies is the Soviet era, and students may find it helpful to take free college European and Russian studies courses online that also offer details on the culture and history of nearby countries like Poland and Russia. Russian studies classes may also cover topics on historical societies like the Mongolians, Byzantines, and early Europeans.

There are also some free college European & Russian studies classes online that deal with the society and politics of the modern era, which can help students who intend to become involved in modern politics, international business, public relations, or diplomacy on the European continent or in Russia. Students can also choose to study languages from a historical point of view, which means learning how people spoke in various European countries in past centuries.


There is an incredibly wide variety of jobs available for students who take free online college finance courses and eventually earn a certificate, diploma, or degree. Some of the occupations available include those of accountant, claims adjuster, financial analyst, fundraiser, insurance underwriter, and financial examiner. Most careers in finance require a bachelor’s degree, but they often reward graduates with impressive salaries.

Some of the topics of discussion in free online college finance classes include real estate finance, analytics of finance, behavioral economics, global entrepreneurship, and project appraisal. Online classes are available from highly regarded institutions like MIT and Stanford. Their free college finance courses online may help students become involved in financial jobs like mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, or financial accounting. Finance majors are also frequently seen in jobs that concern investments for businesses or individuals.

There are some limited opportunities for students who take basic classes in finance to find work as entry-level employees for institutions like banks, investment firms, and other businesses. However, taking free college finance classes online might be just the start of what a future financial analyst needs to qualify for the highest-paying jobs. Since a graduate degree in finance is an expensive proposition, trying out some online classes first is a good idea.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels represent the world’s primary source of energy, and they include oil, coal, and natural gas. Free online college fossil fuels courses can help students with an interest in energy production sharpen their skills in the areas of advanced energy conversion, energy crises, and sustainable energy. Free online college fossil fuels classes can even teach students about related topics like internal combustion engines and thermal hydraulics.

Many jobs may become available once a student has completed his or her study of fossil fuels. Some jobs may be available in laboratories and research settings, and others may be offered for fieldwork in sales, management, or consulting. Free college fossil fuels courses online may offer information about the science of fossil fuels and the physics or chemistry of different fuels, as well as the history of humanity’s use of those substances.

Some free college fossil fuels classes online may even offer an introduction to sustainable fuel options and help students who want to bridge the ideological divide between fossil fuels and renewable energy options.
There is the expectation that humanity will adopt a completely renewable system for making energy, but that time is likely distant in the future, which means that knowledge of fossil fuels today can help energy production tomorrow.

French Language and Literature

There are more than 76 million native French speakers in France and around 300 million French speakers around the world. Free online college French language and literature courses can help anyone who wants to learn more about the 5th most-spoken language on the planet. French is only behind Chinese, English, Spanish, and Arabic in its worldwide popularity. French classes may offer instruction on language acquisition, as well as the history of the French and their country.

Future French speakers can take free online college French language & literature classes from universities like MIT and Carnegie Mellon on topics like French culture, French fiction, and modern French literature. Learning about French culture and the country’s language can help businesspeople who want to conduct business in France form strong connections through basic fluency of the language. Free college French language and literature courses online can even help entrepreneurs conduct business in Africa since there are millions of French speakers on that continent.

Taking free college French language & literature classes online is even an ideal option for casual learners who simply want to expand their knowledge of other cultures and understand major world events from a different point of view. Learning about French culture is also helpful for anyone who might take a vacation to France.

Fuel Cells

Fuels cells are commonly used today in vehicles as a way to produce electricity from hydrogen. Fuel cells are an interesting option for powering devices because they can be used in items as small as laptop computers or as large as power generating stations. Free online college fuel cells courses offer students an excellent way to explore how fuel cells work in vehicles, as well as in other applications.

The value in using fuel cells versus internal combustion engines is that they produce lower overall emissions. Free online college fuel cells classes may teach a student about the cost of fuel cells, their overall performance, and their durability. There is a significant amount of work currently underway at the United States Department of Energy, which has partnerships with universities and industries across the country for the purposes of research and development.

Students who have an interest in working with fuel cells may benefit from free college fuel cells courses online as they may translate into a college career in a discipline like engineering, energy, or chemistry. Free college fuel cells classes online are also something to consider for anyone who is interested in switching from an internal combustion engine vehicle to one that runs on fuel cells.

Functional Genomics

One area of concentration available to students who are interested in genetics is functional genomics, which has to do with the study of genotypes and phenotypes on a global scale. Free online college functional genomics courses may introduce students to the large-scale experiments employed in the field where scientists aim to understand how the DNA sequences are translated into information within the cell.

Some of the complex technologies used in functional genomic studies include expression-profiling, tiling microarrays, RNA sequencing, and ChIP-sequencing. Free online college functional genomics classes may show how these various technologies produce an extraordinary amount of information from their respective machines. Classes in functional genomics may feature topics like genomic medicine, genomics as it impacts economics and society, and molecular biology.

Free college functional genomics courses online may also feature the study of tumor suppression, genomic instability, and the evolution of the X chromosome. Some of the jobs open to students who have graduated with a degree in functional genomics or who have taken free college functional genomics classes online include those of senior scientist, data coordinator, co-op researcher, and research scientist. Those with experience in functional genomics may also find work in library screening, as bioinformation scientists, or as interns for genetics companies.

Game Design

Video games, computer games, console games, and smartphone games represent an amazingly huge segment of computer science-related business, and taking free online college game design courses may help students with dreams of creating the next big game gain the expertise to begin a career in game creation. Computer games and similar games are complex programs that require components that range from computer programming to graphic design to story and character creation.

Free online college game design classes may help students learn about such diverse topics as non-linear narratives in gaming, general game design, using games for social change, and educational gaming programs. Jobs that lead to video game design are very competitive, and it’s often the case that future designers must enter a traditional degree program after taking all available free college game design courses online.

Degrees a student might want to consider as a future game designer include undergraduate degrees in game design, web design, programming, or another area of computer science. Free college game design classes online can help students figure out whether they are best suited for the technical facets of game design or whether they might want to concentrate on the artistic and creative pursuits within game design.

Game Theory

Game theory isn’t something directly and solely related to the design of computer games. Rather, game theory is a study of how mathematical models can predict and explain the interaction of decision-makers. Taking free online college game theory courses is an excellent option for anyone who has an interest in social science and wants to use mathematics to pursue a career that delves into logic, computer science, and systems science.

The concept of game theory was first postulated in the 1950s by scholars and was added to educational lessons in the 1970s. However, some discussions and early concepts of game design had been in the public sphere as early as the 1930s. Today, free online college game theory classes can help students gain insights into philosophy, mathematics, video game theory, and economic theory, as well as many other vital areas.

Many of the jobs that may become available to students who take free college game theory courses online and who eventually enter and graduate from degree programs are related to research and teaching. Students may work as a senior principal game theory scientist or a research scientist for an economics think tank. Free college game theory classes online may also lead to work as a professor of game theory or associate professor of game theory.

Gender Studies

Gender studies is an area of education that covers many facets of societal life, including race, psychology, identity, feminist politics, and the economy as it relates to society and family. Free online college gender studies courses may offer instruction on topics like women in film, feminist scholarship, and folk traditions of early peoples. Many of the types of employment that a student may pursue after taking free online college gender studies classes and eventually graduating from a degree program are in education.

Examples of gender studies jobs include those of assistant professor of sexuality studies, behavioral science lecturer, gender studies instructor, and assistant director of women’s and gender studies. Free college gender studies courses online may cover additional topics like how gender impacts technology, the impact of gender, race, and faith on writing, and how gender influences the lyrics and topics of poetry.

Topics in gender studies programs often feature the history of gender as it impacts the subject, and free college gender studies classes online might include the study of gender in locations like the early Americas, Europe, and Asia. There are also a growing number of classes offered in queer studies and the development of gender identity in modern society.


Majoring in geography is an excellent option for anyone who wants to work in an area like political science, GPS technology, the economics of geography, or public health. Free online college geography courses offer topics of study like field geology, navigation, the growth of urban areas, and geographic information systems. People who have experience in geography may also work as professors or teachers in higher education.

There are also jobs available as geographers, which is an exciting job for anyone who enjoys working remotely, in foreign countries, or in the field. Anyone who wants to become a geographer can begin with free online college geography classes, but employment usually requires that the student completes their bachelor’s degree. Job responsibilities of geographers may include gathering geographic data in the field, conducting research with surveys, and analyzing the physical characteristics of a given area.

In free college geography courses online, students may also learn how to use various technologies in their work like global positioning systems. Those and other systems used by geographers offer a wealth of data that must be analyzed and placed into reports. Free college geography classes online may instruct students on how to take research data and apply it to the economy, the environment, politics, or human health.

Geology and Geophysics

Geoscientists often work in an interesting environment where they might work with simple tools one day like a hammer and chisel and then return to their laboratory to conduct tests with complex machines on the materials collected. After taking free online college geology and geophysics courses, a future geologist or geophysicist might enroll in a bachelor’s degree program to complete their studies.

Some of the lessons a student might receive in free online college geology & geophysics classes include those on the atmosphere, the environment, and oceanographic science. Topics of discussion include gas law, the greenhouse effect, horizontal transport, and water in the atmosphere. Free college geology and geophysics courses online may also offer instruction in atmospheric circulation, frontal cyclones, the earth’s seasons, the global climate, and the Coriolis effect.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that geoscientists may eventually earn a median pay of more than $92,000 per year, which means enrolling in free college geology & geophysics classes online could be the start of a financially and mentally rewarding career. Dedicated geoscientists can make even higher salaries when they enroll in a graduate degree program after completing a Bachelor of Science in Geology or a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics.

German Language and Literature

There are an estimated 90 million native German speakers on the planet and an additional 75 to 100 million people who speak German as a second language. With so many millions of people communicating in this language around the world, it may benefit students to consider enrolling in free online college German language and literature courses. Not only can German create valuable international business opportunities, but it can also lead to higher pay in some professions.

Mastering German by using free online college German language & literature classes is possible for dedicated students, and anyone who really wants to immerse him or herself in the language and culture may eventually want to travel to Germany, which is where most native speakers live. Beyond learning how to speak the language in free college German language and literature courses online, students may also learn valuable information about German society and its traditions.

When traveling to another country or visiting a locale where the inhabitants speak a different language, it’s valuable to know the language, but it’s even more helpful to understand the customs. Free college German language & literature classes online are a terrific option for anyone who wants to learn the language, as well as learn how to best interact with people from Germany.

Global Poverty

Poverty is a topic that is often difficult to talk about, and it’s also tough to quantify because of the significant variances in what constitutes poverty around the world. Free online college global poverty courses may help motivated students learn about how they can help to reduce the number of people living in poverty around the world. Topics discussed from the classes at MIT include international development planning, poverty in Africa, and public policy.

Other topics discussed in free online college global poverty classes include local economic development, urban climates, first-world cities, and third world countries. Some of the types of employment that may open to students after they are educated on global poverty include global poverty lecturer, senior associate for monitoring and evaluation, or policy manager.

Other jobs that may open to students who have taken free college global poverty courses online or received a degree in an area of social science include associate director of social protection, managing director of social ventures, research economist, or engagement manager. Free college global poverty classes online are also valuable for anyone who wants to become more learned and worldlier on the subject of poverty and social justice around the world.


Globalization is a concept often visited in business school that concerns the movement of a business from a national to an international presence. In free online college globalization courses, students may learn about how the world’s economies have started to become interdependent with the increased globalization of major companies, as well as the development and advancement of developing nations.

The concept of globalization is a topic that often becomes politicized, but free online college globalization classes aren’t solely about how the political environment impacts policy and laws regarding international business. Topics that students may learn about in their globalization classes include the environment and its impact on society, international trade, and the challenges of world poverty. Other classes feature discussions on jobs in the global economy, the policy of sustainable development, and how globalization impacts financial relations and politics.

Some of the employment options for students who take free college globalization courses online include those as data scientists, regulatory affairs managers, project managers, software architects, and directors of globalization. Students may want to pair their free college globalization classes online with classes that offer instruction on a different language or in the culture of a country where the student eventually hopes to conduct business.

Health and Exercise Science

Enrolling in free online college health and exercise science courses is a healthy option for regular students who have an interest in eating and living in a healthy manner, as well as students who want to eventually work in an area of exercise science, sports, or health care. Exercise science classes are an excellent place to start for anyone who wants to become a personal trainer, but free online college health & exercise science classes are also amazing for people who want to learn about weight training and exercise.

Enrolling in free college health and exercise science courses online could be the answer for any student who wants to become a physical education teacher in school, as well as for anyone who wants to take a more scientific approach to their employment with a research job in exercise science.

Some of the options for employment for those who pursue health and exercise science classes include exercise physiologist, health & fitness specialist, kinesiology instructor, or exercise scientist. Starting with free college health & exercise science classes online is also a great way to start learning about how to become a fitness teacher with a specialty like weight lifting, cardiovascular activities, or aerobics.

Healthcare Management

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Those who want to have a meaningful impact on the health and welfare of society may want to consider enrolling in free online college healthcare management courses. Classes may cover technological topics like information technology and the healthcare system, as well as concepts like engineering, business, and Lean Six Sigma as they impact healthcare management.

A sampling of the jobs that may be available to students who take free online college healthcare management classes and then complete their studies in a degree program include program implementation manager, assistant hospital administrator, health & wellbeing program manager, or healthcare partner manager. Students who take free college healthcare management courses online may find work for huge organizations like the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, which is the second-largest health system in the world.

They may also work for small and independent companies that deal with healthcare on a local scale or where work is done in a research laboratory rather than with the public and with the management of healthcare delivery systems. Prospective students with an interest in the health care industry may elect to enroll in just a few free college healthcare management classes online to see if the discipline is one in which they might thrive.

Higher Education

Teachers who wish to adopt a position of leadership at their school or educational institution may be well-served by enrolling in free online college higher education courses. Some of the areas of study available in higher education classes include guidelines on learning, college-level teaching, and leadership at the graduate level. Students who begin with free online college higher education classes may eventually need to enroll in a graduate degree program.

Some of the careers that may open to students who obtain a higher education degree that begins with free college higher education courses online include vice president of enrollment management, dean of admissions, provost, or chief academic officer. Students may also eventually find work as directors of academic advising, directors of student financial aid, athletic directors, or fundraising officers.

Concepts that may be introduced in free college higher education classes online include building awareness of cultural diversity, the importance of social justice and inclusion, and the growth mindset for the rules and regulations of higher education administration. It’s usually the case that students will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in education and a graduate degree in higher education to qualify for the highest-paying jobs in the world of education administration.


History is a fascinating and wide-ranging subject of study, and there are free online college history courses available from lauded institutions like Yale University, MIT, and Stanford University. Although it might seem as though a degree in history is a very general area from which to graduate, there are some excellent careers available to graduates of history degrees.

Some of the jobs that might become available to students who take free online college history classes include those of library, historian, archivist, management analyst, market research analyst, or curator. It’s also common for students who graduate from programs in history to find work as teachers, but those graduates may begin their educational journeys by enrolling in free college history courses online. History courses are offered on just about every subject imaginable, from war and weapons to art and media.

A sampling of the topics available in free college history classes online includes economic history, territorial conflicts, military doctrine, civil war, and nuclear weapons. Students may also study gender, technology, the history of physics, the history of computing, and the histories of other fascinating subjects. Further subjects available for study in a historical context include race, theater, literature, music, science, nature, and religion.


There is an incredible number of topics available to students who are interested in the humanities, and it’s possible to study a wide array of subjects like music, art, language, and literature in free online college humanities courses. Advanced study in the humanities may include lessons on the disciplines of philosophy and religion, as well as how literature, language, and art are impacted by those disciplines.

A humanities degree is often considered an interdisciplinary area of study, as well as a degree that covers a broad range of topics. Free online college humanities classes may represent the start of a student’s journey from individual classes to degree status with an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or graduate degree in the humanities.

Common subjects offered for examination in free college humanities courses online include international literature, foreign languages, religion, and gender studies. Any of these topics may interest a casual student, as well as introduce students of other disciplines to valuable topics that may help them in their business, creative, or science careers. Free college humanities classes online may help a student figure out whether they want to study the topic in a full college degree program or whether they simply want to keep their interest at a general and informal level.

Hydrogen and Alternatives

Renewable and sustainable energy represent an amazingly valuable area of study for the scientists of tomorrow, and hydrogen technology is one area of focus that students may consider when they enroll in free online college hydrogen and alternatives courses. Popular areas of study in renewable energy options include solar, wind, and hydropower, but the topic of hydrogen has become increasingly popular with the advent of cars powered by fuel cells.

The development of hydrogen and fuel cell technology has become so important that some institutions of higher learning have created centers of research devoted to hydrogen. For example, The University of South Carolina has a Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Center, which is meant to train graduate students and help them conduct research. Students who want to eventually enter graduate school can begin with free online college hydrogen & alternatives classes.

After taking free college hydrogen and alternatives courses online, some of the career avenues that a student may be able to explore include fuel cell program manager, fuel cell systems engineer, and fuel cell systems lead engineer. Students who have a mind for scientific study and are interested in roles that require ingenuity, creativity, and problem-solving skills may want to enroll in free college hydrogen & alternatives classes online.


The topic of immunology is one that has equal fascination for legitimate scientists, as well as casual learners. Immunity is a topic that is especially prevalent in the era of global pandemics, and free online college immunology courses can satisfy those learning urges. Students may learn about cellular and molecular immunology, as well as how the immune system works to fight illness.

Those who complete free online college immunology classes may end up enrolling in official degree programs, and immunologists may work in a variety of settings, from private companies to government organizations. Scientists in immunological research may work for major healthcare organizations like Cedars-Sinai, as well as doctoral universities that have large research budgets and advanced laboratories where leading-edge discoveries are made and eventually help the public.

Free college immunology courses online can lead to jobs like medical science liaison, rector of gastroenterology research, or immunology sales representative. Additional job titles that students may consider include staff scientist, associate scientific director, or clinical immunologist. Free college immunology classes online may help students with different goals, whether those goals are to work in a laboratory environment at a university or in a sales or management capacity for a private company.

Indigenous Studies

Indigenous studies classes concern the study and research of indigenous people who reside on a particular continent. Free online college indigenous studies courses may focus on the cultures and people of North America, or they might concern the people who inhabited the Australian continent before the arrival of the Europeans. Classes may feature discussions on the history, culture, traditions, and politics of indigenous peoples, as well as the types of research that may benefit modern indigenous people.

There are many ways to learn about indigenous people, and free online college indigenous studies classes are an excellent way to introduce one’s self to a subject that isn’t always at the forefront of classes on history and society. Many of the options for employment that may be offered to students who complete free college indigenous courses online are those in education. Taking online classes may help a future research professional qualify for internships with various organizations.

Taking free college indigenous classes online may also encourage students to apply for entry into college programs that offer interdisciplinary degrees in indigenous studies. There are well-regarded programs in indigenous law, indigenous studies, and indigenous history that students may investigate, as well as jobs like assistant professor of native and indigenous studies, visiting scholar of indigenous studies, and cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge fellow.

  • The Conquest of America,  MIT

Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

Industrial relations is a type of human resource management that concerns the relationships between workers and management in a particular industry. Subjects covered in free online college industrial relations and human resource management courses include labor economics, mergers & acquisitions, conflict management, labor unions, and the politics of labor. A general degree earned in industrial relations may be augmented by the focused study of employee relations or labor relations.

The concept of industrial relations is something that came about in the 19th century in the United States when employees began unionizing and fighting for collective bargaining rights. The concept was furthered in its importance in American society in the 1930s and 1940s with the advent of the government’s New Deal program. Free online college industrial relations & human resource management classes may offer insights into the history of the profession.

Industrial relations is a social science, and free college industrial relations and human resource management courses online may help students become scholars on the subject, as well as eventually teach others as a professor. Potential jobs that may become available to students who complete free college industrial relations & human resource management classes online include senior manager, HR manager, attorney, or employee relations specialist.

Information Technology

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Information technology is a large and expansive area in which to focus, and students may enroll in free online college information technology courses with a variety of end goals in mind. One student may eventually become involved in maintaining databases, and another student might eventually work with the creation and development of computer applications. Free online college information technology classes are offered on a wide range of topics like geographic information systems, spatial database management, and communication technology.

Many of the jobs offered to those who complete free college information technology courses online and eventually earn a degree from an institution of higher learning are for private companies that offer information technology services. Other jobs are available in the information technology departments of various businesses. Job titles available to graduates include information technology consultant, information technology analyst, and information technology specialist.

Many of the professions within information technology pay more than the nationwide average, and students don’t necessarily need a graduate degree or advanced degree to qualify for high paying employment. Starting with free college information technology classes online may eventually qualify students to work as computer support specialists or web developers with no more education than an associate degree, a certificate of completion, or a diploma.


The concept of innovation might seem like a vague and general area in which to specialize in higher education, but there are actually degrees offered in the area of innovation that focus on improving the products, services, and processes involved in modern business. Students may benefit from eventually enrolling in a degree program that is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, but it’s possible to begin the study of innovation in free online college innovation courses.

A few of the topics of study in free online college innovation classes include strategic organization design, managing entrepreneurship, team projects, and developing breakthrough products. Students who pursue degrees in innovation may qualify to work for a wide variety of businesses in the private sector, as well as non-profit organizations and the military.
Free college innovation courses online may offer valuable details on sustainability, manufacturing, collaboration, and business development.

Some of the jobs a student may apply for after completing their free college innovation classes online and earning a degree include chief innovation officer, vice president of business intelligence and analytics, director of product innovation, and strategic innovation manager. Employment in innovation often includes work within multiple departments in the same company.

Italian Language and Literature

More than 60 million people around the world speak Italian, and enrolling in free online college Italian language and literature courses may introduce a student to some incredible facets of history. Italians have been at the center of some of the largest artistic movements and empires that have ever been seen on the planet, and classes cover thousands of years of human history. However, free online college Italian language & literature classes aren’t just concerned with the Roman Empire and eras like the Renaissance.

There are some interesting jobs that may become available after a student completes his or her study of Italy, the Italian language, or the history of the country. Jobs may include those as foreign correspondents, travel writers, or translators. Prospective students can also use their free college Italian language and literature courses online as a way to study the history and language of their ancestors.

Anyone who is interested in becoming involved in international business may want to consider studying one of the cultures or languages of the European continent. Free college Italian language & literature classes online may help future entrepreneurs who want to conduct business in Italy and are interested in a popular Italian industry like agriculture, tourism, motor vehicle sales, or pharmaceuticals.

  • Dante in Translation,  Yale University

Japanese Language and Literature

Studying Japanese may open doors to cultural travel and vacations in Japan, as well as job opportunities as a translator, international businessperson, or teacher. Free online college Japanese language and literature courses can help those with interest in Japan learn about the language, as well as the notable points in the history of the Japanese people. Taking Japanese language courses is a must for anyone who wants to conduct business in Japan.

Free online college Japanese language & literature classes are also a valuable option for anyone who wants to form business connections in an industry where cultural sensitivity is important. For students who come from a Western sensibility, learning about the culture and norms of Japan may make it easier to work with Japanese companies where social conventions are extremely important and very different from those in the West in places like Europe and the United States.

Students who stick with free college Japanese language and literature courses online until they’ve exhausted all classes and have become fluent in the language may actually be able to work as instructors of the Japanese language in the United States or work as teachers of English in Japan. Free college Japanese language & literature classes online are valuable whether a student is a casual learner or someone who is fiercely dedicated to learning the language.


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The topic of journalism and the study of it in college is something that can lead to work as a field reporter for a major news outlet, as well as a staff writer for an internet news company. Free online college journalism courses may also help private individuals with their communication skills even if their only goal is to increase their writing skills in personal emails and other private communications.

Journalists and reporters work in virtually every country on the planet, so taking free online college journalism classes may help a student qualify for work abroad as a reporter in a conflict zone, or they may help a student find work at a humble newspaper in a small American town. Journalism skills and the knowledge gained from free college journalism courses online may also help students communicate well during their job search for employment in a different area.

For students who want to use free college journalism classes online to find jobs as writers, some of the options for employment include jobs as a staff writer, part-time journalism faculty, reporter, sales assistant, or editor. Working as a traditional journalist can even lead to work on-air for television stations or news reporting outlets.

  • Journalism for Social Change,  Berkeley


Human speech and language are some of the most complex and incredible facets of the human experience, and taking free online college language courses may lead to all sorts of interesting pursuits in linguistics, business, research, and education. Taking classes on language may lead to employment in areas as diverse as American Sign Language interpreter to contract linguist for a translation company.

Studying free online college language classes may help a student decide what foreign language he or she might want to pursue, as well as whether becoming fluent in another language might be a realistic option. Understanding a different language may offer eventual employment as a private tutor or teacher, or it might lead to lucrative work as an interpreter or translator. Interpreters are often in the public spotlight alongside major political figures, and free college language courses online might be the start of a future career in international politics.

There are free college language classes online that focus on linguistics, as well as other classes that focus on education, globalization, and speaking and critical listening skills. Having strong knowledge of knowledge can even offer diverse employment opportunities as a children’s book writer, a blogger, or a tour guide.

Latin American Studies

Latin American studies is a topic that may be applicable to international businesspeople, as well as individuals who have ancestors with Latin American roots. Free online college Latin American studies courses may offer details on the politics and economies of Latin America, as well as the cultural and language differences across the region. The growing economic importance of Latin America makes studying the culture, business, and history of the region increasingly important.

It’s interesting to note that free online college Latin American studies classes aren’t simply about Spanish-speaking people. Some of the interesting topics of study offered include those on Creole peoples, the people of the Caribbean, and the Portuguese language. Free college Latin American courses online may also feature ancillary topics like women’s studies and linguistics.

Taking free college Latin American classes online may prove beneficial to casual learners who have a personal interest in Latin America, as well as anyone who wants to augment their career with a Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts degree. Advanced study may feature courses in anthropology, history, economics, political science, and geography. In advanced Latin American studies classes, students may also experience introductions to a variety of languages used throughout the area.


A degree in leadership may lead to work in just about every facet of the business world with jobs as business consultants, finance and insurance salespeople, manufacturing consultants, and marketers available to graduates. Starting with free online college leadership courses may help future businesspeople decide what type of team they might want to lead, as well as what type of industry they might want to enter after completing their education.

The concept of leadership is rather general as it applies to business, but free online college leadership classes can offer students a wealth of information on vital topics. It’s not just the business world where students may be able to employ their leadership skills. Topics frequently under discussion in free college leadership courses online include gender in the workplace, negotiation, communication for managers, and team building.

Those who venture into complete degree programs may eventually find work as management analysts, project coordinators, insurance underwriters, or sales managers. Free college leadership classes online may also help students find work as industrial production managers or human resources managers. Taking free classes may even help a student decide whether he or she wishes to pursue an advanced degree in an area like organizational leadership or business administration.

Legal Studies

The law is an incredibly dense and complex area of study, and there are quite a few educational routes students can take when they want to work in some facet of the legal system. There is the traditional path that leads from law school to work as an attorney, as well as the route of taking free online college legal studies courses that lead to work as legal representatives, financial experts, business, and social justice environments.

Taking free online college legal studies classes can help future lawyers decide what type of specialization they might want to pursue in law school. Some of the law degree specializations available include those in business law, criminal law, Frist Amendment law, and intellectual property law. Free college legal studies courses online can also introduce students to health care law, environmental law, and Constitutional law.

Prospective legal studies students should note that a Juris Doctor law degree isn’t the only route to working in the legal field. Free college legal studies classes online may also help students eventually pursue a Master of Laws, Master of Dispute Resolution, or Doctor of Judicial Science degree. Law degrees usually require years of study, so it may help a future lawyer to take free law classes before committing to a lengthy college program.


One of the fascinating aspects of earning a degree in linguistics or taking free online college linguistics courses is the fact that the skills learned in linguistics classes can be used in traditional linguistics professions, as well as other industries across the business spectrum. The study of linguistics may lead to work as a lexicographer or speech & language therapist, as well as a foreign language teacher or a copy editor.

Free online college linguistics classes may feature lessons on the structure of language, modal logic, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition. Other topics under discussion may include language processing, the physiology of speech, and speech communication. Taking free college linguistics courses online in these areas may prepare students for work as instructors, computational linguists, cryptologists, and lecturers. Other jobs may include those as an associate linguist, Spanish linguist, analytical linguist, or screener linguist.

Some of the other interesting topics that might be on the table in free college linguistics classes online include phonetics, phonology, semantics, typography, and the acoustics of speech. Phonology is the relationship that exists between the sounds made during speech. Meanwhile, phonetics is the study of speech sounds and the classifications made by linguistics to describe how different letters and sounds are formed in speech.


Students who earn degrees in literature and take free online college literature courses often work as teachers, professors, and instructors of literature. However, knowledge of different literature subjects may also lead to work as a novel writer, a historian, a poet, or an anthropologist who focuses on the written word. Some of the free online college literature classes available today are in-depth studies on famous books and feature novels like “Dracula” by Bram Stoker and “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.

Other free college literature courses online are offered on novels like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain and “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Outside of the study of specific literary works, there are also many free classes available on topics like narrative ethics, communication skills, managerial communication, and advanced writing.

Individuals who choose to earn a degree in literature or exhaust all of their options in free college literature classes online may work as literary managers or English teachers, and free classes may help students who don’t yet have degrees find internships with well-known literary or publishing companies. Literature studies is an interesting option to study whether a student’s end goal is to earn a degree or to simply become more learned on the subject.


Earning a degree in business is the most popular option for modern college students, but further study is usually required for students who want to work in management. Free online college management courses can help working professionals gain the experience they need to advance their careers, as well as help them figure out whether pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in management is an appropriate course of action.

Some of the interesting topics covered in the free online college management classes from MIT and Stanford include management communication, managerial psychology, technology management, and game theory. Other topics for discussion include managing global integration, global health and the markets, business negotiation, and competitive decision-making. Enrollees may also take free college management courses online on employee performance, applied economics, technology strategy, management in scientific environments, and personal effectiveness coaching.

A sampling of jobs that may be available to students who complete free college management classes online includes those of project manager, director of operations management, health care management director, and material program manager. After taking management courses, future managers may be able to find work in virtually any industry, from telecommunications and information technology to aerospace and sustainable development.


Students who are interested in a business career may want to consider marketing as their focus. Free online college marketing courses are generally taught from the point of view of business, and degree programs are often styled as business degrees with a concentration in marketing. Some of the topics a student may pursue in a marketing class include entrepreneurial marketing, marketing management, pricing, and product design.

Other topics that students may explore in free online college marketing classes include product development, breakthrough products, developing business services, and managing innovation. The potential salary for students who not only earn a bachelor’s degree in a marketing specialty but also earn a master’s degree is more than $134,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational employment and wages report for marketing professionals.

Marketing professionals who take free college marketing courses online may eventually manage large companies or enterprises, deal with computer systems and related systems, or manage scientific and technical consulting businesses. Other industries where marketing students and those who take free college marketing classes online may work include the oil & gas industry, companies that deal with money and financial assets, the motion picture industry, and scientific research & development companies.

Materials Science and Engineering

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Materials science is sometimes known as computational materials science, and individuals who take free online college materials science and engineering courses learn how materials perform under various conditions and how those materials might succeed or fail under certain circumstances. Some of the disciplines investigated include metallurgy, solid-state physics, ceramics, and chemistry.

Topics discussed in free online college materials science & engineering classes include photovoltaics, thermodynamics, the history of materials science, and organic chemistry. Students in materials engineering classes may also study nanomechanics, materials processing, biomaterial chemistry, and the mechanical behavior of materials. Free college materials science and engineering courses online even delve into subjects like welding, physical metallurgy, and magnetic materials. After graduating with a degree in materials science, students may qualify for a wide range of research and science jobs.

Some of the job titles that students may obtain after they study materials science include organic chemist, electronic materials engineer, additive manufacturing materials engineer, and solid-state scientist. Free college materials science & engineering classes online may also lead to eventual work as a packaging engineer, a materials informatics researcher, or a process technician. Materials science and engineering graduates may also look for jobs in higher education as members of college faculty.


There might be no more complex and diverse subject studied at the college level than mathematics, and free online college mathematics courses cover topics as common as probability and statistics and as complex as differential equations and linear algebra. Anyone who enjoys mathematics can find a topic that will fascinate them in college-level math classes.

Not only can students pursue topics like calculus and statistical physics in free online college mathematics classes, but there are also options to study game theory, street-fighting mathematics, and basic algebra. Other interesting topics include differential geometry, topology, and arithmetic geometry. There are even free college mathematics courses online with focuses like number theory where students will learn about primes, quadratic reciprocity, irrational numbers, and continued fractions, as well as many other mathematical concepts.

Mathematics classes online aren’t relegated solely to straightforward mathematical concepts, however. There are interesting free college mathematics classes online that combine mathematics with other disciplines. For example, a student may enroll in a class that uses mathematics and algorithms to examine generative music. Students may also find several classes that offer lessons on the intersection of mathematics and engineering, systems analysis, drawing, and physics. There are further classes that use math to examine atmospheric models, oceanographic models, economics, and time.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a discipline that takes physics and mathematics, as well as materials science, and uses those areas of study to create mechanical systems. Free online college mechanical engineering courses introduce students to some of the oldest engineering concepts in existence, as well as forward-thinking concepts that concern the future of engineering. Those with an interest in mechanical engineering may begin with a basic class in engineering mechanics and continue with classes on solid mechanics, structural engineering, and modeling dynamics.

There are also some free online college mechanical engineering classes on fun topics like toy product design, as well as those that are perfect for curious minds like the class on why and how machines work from MIT. Further topics that students may learn about in free college mechanical engineering courses online include fluid dynamics, feedback control systems, heat and mass transfer, and robotics.

Those who apply themselves to a full degree program in mechanical engineering may qualify for many fascinating jobs in industries like space tourism, aerospace, and electric vehicles. Free college mechanical engineering classes online may represent the start of a lifelong love of learning about engineering, and they may eventually allow a student to pursue higher education at a traditional university.

Media Studies

Media studies is a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary major where students can pursue free online college media studies courses in areas like art, digital media, marketing, sound, film, software engineering, culture, and philosophy. Not only can students learn about the basics of the programs and processes used to deliver artistic content like art, video, and music, but they can also learn about advanced subjects like internet technology, globalization, and the cultures of various countries.

There are free online college media studies classes that feature lessons on the culture and society of India, as well as the images and representations of Asia within the modern world. Students may also take classes on the culture of Germany, and how the printed word was brought into the digital world over the past half-millennium. Students can even find introductory classes in free college media studies courses online that offer lessons on the basics of television, film, literature, and music.

Media studies is an ideal topic for students to study if they are interested in informal learning that isn’t necessarily tied to a traditional degree program. Free college media studies classes online are a great place to start for anyone who feels the creative spark and wants to learn more about the various ways people communicate using modern media.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging professionals may work as diagnostic medical sonographers, cardiovascular technologists, or vascular technologists.
Free online college medical imaging courses are an excellent place to start for anyone who wants to work as a medical imaging professional because entry-level work only requires an associate degree, which can be earned in just a few years. Students who take free online college medical imaging classes may decide to attend a local community college after finishing all of the available online classes in medical imaging.

There are also some advanced classes in medical imaging that are available as free college medical imaging courses online that might prove valuable for people who already work in the medical imaging field and want to gain experience that may allow them to seek out high paying jobs. Topics studied in medical imaging classes include nuclear magnetic resonance, biomedical image processing, and functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Jobs available to students who complete free college medical imaging classes online and eventually complete their certificate, associate degree, or diploma include staff radiologist, imaging clinical assistant, x-ray tech, physicist assistant, or MRI technologist. Advanced medical imaging professionals commonly need certification, and students in medical imaging classes online may want to investigate the steps necessary for gaining certification in their state of residence.


The advent of free online college medicine courses has made it possible for students with a dream of working in medicine to enroll in classes that they might take if they were actually enrolled in medical school. Becoming a doctor is one of the most difficult options in higher education, and the process takes more than a decade to complete.

The rigors of study in medical school aren’t for everyone, but free online college medicine classes may give students the opportunity to learn about advanced medical topics without actually devoting their lives to medicine and school. Free college medicine courses online can also help young students who are thinking about attending medical school decide whether the subject is one they want to pursue in higher education.

Topics that are available in free college medicine classes online include mobile health, patient engagement design, medical education in the modern era, and surgical improvements. Students may also enroll in classes on cancer clinical trials, the examination of ultrasonography, and optimization of antimicrobial practices. Classes in medicine may help health care workers with job titles like medical assistant or certified medical assistant advance their careers and earn higher salaries through increased knowledge of advanced medical topics.

Medicine & Health

Students who enroll in free online college medicine and health courses have the opportunity to take valuable classes on child nutrition and cooking, which can prove beneficial for those who want to enroll in college degree programs in various areas of health care, as well parents who are interested in learning about how their children’s eating patterns can affect their long-term health and wellness.

There are fascinating yet unfortunate changes that have occurred within the culture of eating in the past several decades, and free online college medicine & health classes are an important way to examine how things like processed foods have dramatically changed the dietary world. Students in free college medicine and health courses online from Stanford may find the lessons on dietary intake and contemporary child nutrition valuable for research, educational, and real-life applications.

Other topics that students may study in free college medicine & health classes online include international women’s health & human rights, as well as philanthropic giving and its impact on health. Students will get to examine important issues like the ability of women across the world to exercise their human rights, as well as their access to education and the inequity of health care and income.

Mental Health

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The topic of mental health is one that is frequently discussed on daytime television, in weekly television shows, and in pop culture, but it wasn’t always as visible as it has become in recent years. Free online college mental health courses may prove beneficial to students who want to work as therapists, psychologists, counselors, or other mental health workers but haven’t yet started their official degree programs.

Some of the topics that students may study in free online college mental health classes include physical intelligence, psychiatric disorders, and autism theory. One of the interesting facets of working in mental health is that there are jobs available at virtually every level of education. Many types of employment require certification of some kind, but there are many ways to begin working in mental health facilities soon after completing free college mental health courses online.

Some of the jobs that students may pursue in mental health include those of mental health clinician, mental health worker, psychiatric technician, mental health therapist, and community health organizers. Free college mental health classes online may also help students begin their road toward certification and a job like a certified nursing assistant or licensure and a job like licensed professional mental health counselor.

Middle Eastern Studies

The politics, history, and society of the Middle East is a fascinating topic for study in free online college Middle Eastern studies courses, and topics that students may encounter online include the politics of reconstructing Iraq, the politics of the Middle East, and the conflicts of the Middle East. Students in free online college Middle Eastern studies classes may also learn about anthropology in the region, as well as the history and development of Islam as a major religion in the Middle East.

There are people who spend years of their lives studying the region of the Middle East, and there are programs that offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, but free college Middle Eastern studies courses online might be the place to start for anyone interested in learning more about a volatile yet fascinating area of the planet. Learning about the Middle East might inspire a student to eventually begin studying one of the Arabic languages.

One of the neat opportunities that may be offered to students who start with free college Middle Eastern studies classes online and continue into traditional college classes is an internship that takes place abroad in a Middle Eastern country. Opportunities may be available to study in countries like Turkey, Egypt, Israel, the UAE, or Jordan.


Studying music in college offers students an opportunity to graduate with all sorts of amazing opportunities to perform, create music, and teach. Free online college music courses are offered in areas that are great for casual learners, as well as on subjects that can help future composers and performers decide where they want to focus their energies. Some of the areas of specialization include musical composition, early music, western music, symphonies and concertos, and the anthropology of sound.

Further topics available for study in free online college music classes include harmony and counterpoint, musical improvisation, and composing with computers. Students who took music classes when they were in grammar school or once played an instrument in a school band or orchestra can take free college music courses online and regain the skills they once had in reading music, as well as learn about areas of music that they may never have studied while in school.

One of the interesting options that students have when studying online is learning about modern music composition and the use of computers in music composition. Free college music classes online can help future digital composers become familiar with electronic music composition, as well as the recording techniques and audio production standards needed in modern music.


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The study of nanotechnology is something that might sound like it came out of a science fiction novel, but it’s a legitimate branch of science that is available for study in free online college nanotechnology courses. Nanotechnology studies things like atoms and molecules that are less than 100 nanometers in size and topics offered online include tribology, nano-to-nano transport processes, and optical properties of materials.

Jobs available to students who graduate from nanotechnology programs tend to be in the area of engineering, and students who enroll in free online college nanotechnology classes may have a future as a nanoparticle chemist, nanofabrication process engineer, an operations engineer, or a research scientist. Many of the jobs in nanotechnology require an advanced degree, so taking free college nanotechnology courses online is usually just the start of the educational requirements of a job in the industry.

Some of the other topics available for study in free college nanotechnology classes online include bio-inspired structures, organic optoelectronics, math and nanophotonics, and the synthesis of polymers. Anyone with a general interest in advanced engineering and science topics may find the classes in nanotechnology online to be a challenging yet rewarding way to go about learning more about the future of science.

Natural and Social Sciences

Natural science is the study of the world and how it works, and social science is the study of how humans behave, but there are some overlapping areas between the two overall disciplines. Free online college natural and social sciences courses can introduce students to the complex idea of natural capital and how it impacts the private financial sector, non-governmental organizations, and the decisions made by governments around the world.

After taking free online college natural & social sciences classes like the Stanford class on natural capital, students may wish to continue with additional classes that feature hands-on practice in applying natural capital tools and approaches, as well as further study with on-site workgroups and sessions with other students. The class is part of Stanford’s Natural Capital Project, and the class is a four-module experience that may be completed alongside other free college natural and social sciences courses online.

Some of the options for employment that students may pursue after enrolling in free college natural & social sciences classes online and completing agree in natural capital concepts include production team advisor, regional work planner, maintenance technician, and customer success associate. Students may also consider work as a real estate associate, a critical natural capital intern, or a sales coordinator.

  • Introduction to the Natural Capital Project Approach,  Stanford


Nuclear technology is a complex yet accessible topic of study for the many students who have an interest in free online college nuclear courses. Nuclear energy is what is released during fission or fusion, and modern nuclear plants utilize fission is what occurs when an atom is divided into two or more parts. Free online college nuclear classes can help casual learners understand how nuclear energy works and how it’s used in modern power plants.

Free college nuclear courses online are also helpful for students who are thinking about studying engineering at the college level. Not only is nuclear engineering a discipline with an established history and many employment opportunities at power plants, but it’s also an area of study that is under serious development by many companies around the world who are working to build next-gen nuclear reactors.

Some of the topics a student may learn about in free college nuclear classes online include electromagnetic interactions, managing nuclear technology, and the principles of medical imaging. Students may also learn about the career options that may come with the study of nuclear engineering, as well as different areas of research in medical science, power and electricity, and nuclear reactor design.

Nuclear Engineering

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One of the disciplines within the world of engineering is nuclear engineering, and it’s a fascinating topic with an incredible history and a complex future. Some of the free online college nuclear engineering courses available on the subject instruct students on the fundamentals of energy conversion, nuclear systems design, and thermal hydraulics. Students may also learn about energy economics, nuclear reactor safety, and managing nuclear technology.

There are a wide variety of jobs available to students who take free online college nuclear engineering classes and then transfer into an engineering program at a university or college. With a degree in nuclear engineering, students may work as nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers, safety basis analysts, or radiological engineers. Free college nuclear courses online may also lead to work in postdoctoral scholarship in nuclear engineering, as well as employment as engineering teachers or educators.

Experience with free college nuclear engineering classes online may help students decide whether that specialization of engineering is one that they might want to pursue, and there are similar classes in related areas like chemical engineering, biological engineering, and electrical engineering that students may also take as an introduction to the overall world of engineering. Engineering jobs often pay well, so taking classes may lead to a rewarding career.

Ocean Engineering

A lesser-known type of engineering where many opportunities exist to take free online college ocean engineering courses is ocean engineering, which is a field of study that deals with the design and implementation of man-made machines in the ocean and other bodies of water. It’s worth noting that oceanography is a different type of science and shouldn’t be confused with ocean engineering.

Oceanography is the study of the natural systems within the ocean, and ocean engineering deals with the artificial and manmade technologies within the ocean. Some of the topics free online college ocean engineering classes may cover include fluid dynamics, biomimetic principles, wave propagation, structural analysis & design of ships, and marine hydrodynamics. Knowledge seekers may also study acoustical oceanography, naval architecture, marine propulsion, and compressible fluid dynamics in their free college ocean engineering courses online.

Some of the employment opportunities that may be available to students who take ocean engineering classes and graduate with a degree include coastal engineer, maritime engineer, project engineer, or port engineer. Free college ocean engineering classes online may also start students on the path to becoming naval marine engineers, naval systems engineers, or naval architects, as well as journeyman marine propulsion engineers or mechanical polygraph engineers.

Operations Management

Those trained in operations management are chiefly concerned with the business world and plans, organizes, and supervises groups within production, manufacturing, and the delivery of various services. Free online college operations management courses may offer instruction on carrier systems, the aerospace industry, system dynamics, and business plans. Other topics discussed include design & manufacturing, optimizing management methods, and practical technology management.

A sampling of jobs that may become available to students who complete free online college operations management classes and eventually enter a degree program in business includes operations manager, campaign operations coordinator, director of operations, and central operations manager. One of the benefits of taking free college operations management courses online is that there are possibilities for employment in virtually every industry, from film and engineering to clothing manufacturing and vehicle sales.

Those who begin their studies with free college operations management classes online may eventually look toward completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is considered one of the pinnacles of education in business. There are many modern universities that offer their MBAs online, which means students can begin their studies online in free classes and continue into a full program online at a university with ease.

Organizational Behavior

There are three facets of organizational behavior that may be covered in free online college organizational behavior courses. Classes may feature the study of the individual, the study of the group, or the study of the organization as it impacts business operations. Examinations may venture into the global, national, or regional level of impact that group behavior might have. Organizational behavior specialists can take their knowledge of organizational behavior and improve performance levels of businesses.

Topics discussed in organizational behavior classes include growth policy analysis, technical communications in organizations, the American political system, and global strategy. Students may also receive lessons on organizational processes, leading effective teams, and strategic organizational design in their free online college organizational behavior classes. At the conclusion of study in organizational behavior, students may qualify to work as senior organizational development leaders, assistant professors of organization theory, or organizational behavior managers.

Free college organizational behavior courses online may also lead to work as people scientists, organizational development consultants, visiting professors of organizational behavior, and organizational change management consultants. Some of the additional valuable topics that students may discuss in their free college organizational behavior classes online include dispute resolution, technology policy organizations, and the organizational theory of the military.

Pathology and Pathophysiology

Pathology involves the study of bodily fluids and tissues, and pathology reports can help doctors make diagnoses or identify medical problems a patient might have. Pathophysiology is the study of pathology alongside physiology as a way to describe disease or an abnormal condition. Some of the concepts learned in free online college pathology and pathophysiology courses include mitochondria in human disease, chronic infections, and chronic inflammation.

The free online college pathology & pathophysiology classes offered by universities like MIT can help those who suffer from chronic conditions understand their diagnoses, and they can also help future pathologists learn about the concepts they may need to know when they work in the field. Further concepts discussed in free college pathology and pathophysiology courses online include Parkinson’s disease, biological engineering, neuropsychology, and neurobiology.

Once a student has completed his or her free college pathology & pathophysiology classes online and also completed a degree program in that area, a variety of careers may be available as pathology assistants, senior staff pathologists, or physician specialists. Graduates may also qualify to become surgical pathologists, assistant professors of clinical pathology, or dermatopathology experts. Other types of employment include jobs as molecular pathologists, cytopathologists, or laboratory pathology assistants.

Performance Arts

The study of performance arts is a wide-ranging topic where learned individuals may use their knowledge in areas like teaching or anthropology, as well as in the creation of performance art for theater, music, or film. Interesting classes offered as free online college performance arts courses include those on drama, cultural performance, folk music, world music, and the principles of design.

Free online college performance arts classes are also an ideal option for studying the music of different countries and continents, including Africa, India, Asia, and the Americas. Virtually every facet of theatrical performance is available as free college performance arts courses online with classes on script analysis, costume design, dance composition, and theater design. With enough experience, students can write their own plays and get involved in artistic pursuits like writing, acting, and design.

Some of the fun jobs that might be available to students who complete their free college performance arts classes online include stage manager, technical theatrical director, drama teacher, stage grew, or theater arts instructor. Other jobs that may become available after a student gains knowledge in performance arts include jobs like production runner, guest experience host, or musical theater teacher. Students can also benefit from performance arts classes even if their goals are purely casual and not related to a future career.

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Studying pharmacology and toxicology is a worthwhile project for students who want to eventually make a difference in people’s lives. Good health is one of the most important factors in maintaining a happy life, and free online college pharmacology and toxicology courses can help students begin the road toward becoming a clinical pharmacologist or someone involved in clinical research, biomedical science, and medicinal chemistry.

A sampling of the courses available as free online college pharmacology & toxicology classes includes those on neuropharmacology, the politics of drugs, principles of pharmacology, and protein engineering. Other topics of discussion in free college pharmacology and toxicology courses online are biochemistry, synaptic transmission, and chemicals as they impact public health. The initial courses a student takes on pharmacology and toxicology may translate into a degree program at a university that will eventually reward the student with an advanced degree in pharmacology or toxicology.

Many of the jobs available in pharmacology require a degree of some type, and free college pharmacology & toxicology classes online can help future scientists learn the basics of their profession. Some of the jobs that might open to students who have completed their toxicology and pharmacology studies include director of drug product testing, associate director of clinical pharmacology, senior associate of inflammation, and senior scientist of pharmacology.


Philosophy is an area of study that touches on all sorts of fascinating subjects, from arguments and logic to poverty, capitalism, and political thought. Free online college philosophy courses are offered by institutions like MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Oxford, and Yale University. Philosophy will introduce students to the very nature of existence and how humans perceive truth, knowledge, and ethics in their everyday lives.

A few of the free online college philosophy classes that a student might take are on topics like poverty, comparative politics, democratization, and the foundations of cognition. Students may also study capitalism, ethics & the law, and the classics. Other areas of study in free college philosophy courses online include moral problems, logic, philosophy & language, the philosophy of film, and metaphysics.

It’s common for students who earn a degree in philosophy to eventually work as teachers of philosophy, but free college philosophy classes online are a great starting point for anyone who has a general interest in philosophy. Businesspeople, anyone who works in sales, and any working person who has to interface with customers and perform customer service may benefit from taking online philosophy classes from lauded universities like MIT, Yale University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Physical Education and Recreation

There are many career avenues open to students who take free online college physical education and recreation courses. Not only can such courses allow students to work in traditional physical education environments in grammar school, but the knowledge of areas like weight training and working out can even help a student become involved in personal training, recreation companies, or other privately owned exercise companies.

Some of the topics covered in free online college physical education & recreation classes include the sports of tennis, archery, sailing, and fencing. Other topics of discussion include physical education, physical intelligence, and increasing one’s physical intelligence in social settings. Students may also study the chemistry of sports in their free college physical education and recreation courses online. Students may choose to enter a traditional degree program after completing their online PE and recreation classes.

Some of the careers available to people who are knowledgeable about physical education and related areas include those of teacher, researcher, or personal trainer, but free college physical education & recreation classes online are also an excellent option for students who eventually want to get into sport management. Graduate degrees in sport management are an ideal path for anyone who is trained in physical education at the undergraduate level.


The study of physics is a dense and complex area of study in modern education, and there are endless ways that free online college physics courses can lead to rewarding work in the field or further education in traditional degree programs. Some of the areas of study that a student might entertain in their free online college physics classes include heat and mass transfer, engineering dynamics, fundamentals of materials science, and thermodynamics.

Some of the other topics available for discussion include nanoelectronics, modern optics, electromagnetics, and chemistry. Students may even study topics like polymer physics, electrical optical materials, and the mechanical behavior of materials in their free college physics courses online. For most students who want to find full-time employment as a physicist or researcher, it will be necessary to enter a full degree program and earn a bachelor’s degree.

In fact, many physics jobs and employment options in physics research actually require that students earn an advanced degree. Free college physics classes online are an appropriate place to start for anyone who doesn’t have any experience in studying physics, but working in the field tends to require advanced study in a concentrated topic. Jobs available to graduates in physics include those of optical physicist, computational physicist, and quantum research scientist.

Political Science

Anyone with an interest in running for office or getting involved in politics may want to begin their journey with free online college political science courses. Political science is a discipline that can lead to opportunities as a politician, or it can enhance the job prospects for individuals who want to work in public policy, think tanks, or any company involved in the political sphere.

Some of the types of employment that may become available after a student takes free online college political science classes include political internships, congressional campaign fellow, or political affairs internship volunteer. After a student completes their free college political science courses online and continues with study in a traditional university environment, there may be additional careers available as teachers and lecturers in politics and political science.

Anyone with an eye toward running for office who doesn’t already have educational experience in political science will definitely want to pursue free college political science classes online. Understanding the politics that are at work at the local, national, and international levels will help anyone who desires a future as an elected official, whether that future is in local politics as an assemblyperson or at the national level as a representative or Congressperson.

Portuguese Language and Literature

There are ten countries around the world where Portuguese is the official language, and enrolling in free online college Portuguese language and literature courses may help travelers communicate when they visit countries like Brazil, Portugal, Equatorial Guinea, or Cape Verde. Other countries where Portuguese is the main language include Mozambique, Angola, East Timor, Macao, São Tomé and Príncipe.

Free online college Portuguese language & literature classes may also help business people who want to conduct business in Portuguese-speaking countries. Having a basic understanding of the Portuguese language can go a long way in helping to foster strong business relationships between businesspeople who work in English-speaking countries and want to work with Portuguese-speaking locales. Free college Portuguese language and literature courses online are also a terrific option for people who already know Spanish and English or French and English.

Free college Portuguese language & literature classes online are available as basic introductions to the language, and students can also take an accelerated class that will help people who currently speak Spanish learn to speak Portuguese. Conducting business in South America is greatly enhanced if a businessperson can speak Portuguese and Spanish, as well as communicate in English. Multilingual people have dozens of options available for employment and fostering business connections.


It is quite common for college students to take an introduction to psychology class when they enroll in an undergraduate degree program, but students who are majors in other areas may want to enhance their psychology knowledge through free online college psychology courses. Some of the fascinating topics available in psychology include cognitive and behavioral genetics, psycholinguistics, early childhood cognition, and managerial psychology.

Other interesting topics available for study in free online college psychology classes include the brain, evolutionary psychology, animal behavior, and neurobiology. For casual students who simply want a greater understanding of interesting psychology subjects, there are also free college psychology courses online in the science of happiness, building effective teams, and the way in which behavior influences economics and finance.

Free college psychology classes online are also a great jumping-off point for students who are interested in actually working in psychology or who want to enhance their career options with greater knowledge in the area. As one of the most popular majors at universities around the United States, students can find local psychology programs at just about any institution of higher learning in the entire country, as well as at community colleges and adult education centers that offer continuing professional education.

Public Administration

Implementing government policy is a job handled by public administration professionals, and students can become familiar with the topic by taking free online college public administration courses. Public administration professionals usually work as public servants in public government agencies and may be found in all levels of government. Areas of study focused on by future public administrators include energy and society, solving complex problems, human rights, and economic development.

Students may also pursue free online college public administration classes in areas like government regulation, public finance, information technology, and public policy. Further subjects in public administration that are available for study include American history and the environment, the energy crisis, and digital media. Free college public administration courses online cover a wide array of different topics in various disciplines, so it’s often considered an interdisciplinary field.

There are quite a few interesting jobs that may become available to students who graduate with a degree in public administration but begin their journey with free college public administration classes online. Jobs include public administration analyst, public administration assistant, public policy, and administration instructor. Other jobs that may be offered to those who are skilled in public administration topics include police support services administration, special education program administrator, and public works administrative intern.

Public Health

Public health is an interdisciplinary field that features the study of public hygiene, epidemiology, and disease prevention using biostatistics and informatics, health policy management, community health, epidemiology, and environmental health. Students who take free online college public health courses may learn about how infectious diseases are spread, how food and water are made safe for communities, and what must be done to prepare a community for an emergency or a disaster.

Some of the jobs a student may want to pursue after taking free online college public health classes include health educator, public health analyst, public health investigator trainee, epidemiologist, and public health advisor. Generally, the highest-paying jobs in public health require that students have a graduate degree, but students can still start the learning process with informal research or by enrolling in free college public health courses online.
free college public health classes online

Some of the topics that might be discussed within a public health class include politics and culture, technology in the working environment, bioethics, microepidemiology, comparative health policy, and disease & society. Further topics of study include genomics & computing, global health, global medicine, and engineering for community-based health. Online classes in public health offer an easy way to see if further study in a degree program is something a student wants to pursue.

Real Estate

The world of real estate represents a dynamic area of study where all sorts of jobs and careers are available, from those that deal with real estate sales to those that deal with the construction industry. Entrepreneurial students and anyone interested in creating their own business may want to consider taking free online college real estate courses. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that a student who begins their education with free online classes is eventually able to pursue work as a landlord, real estate buyer, or real estate investor.

Some of the topics that students may get to study in their free online college real estate classes include e-commerce & real estate, the internet & construction, real estate finance, and real estate investment. Other subject areas include capital markets in real estate, the economics of real estate, and advanced real estate finance.

Students may be able to use free college real estate courses online as a starting point for eventually becoming a licensed real estate broker or another licensed professional in the real estate industry. One of the cool facets of learning about real estate is that it’s actually possible to begin working in the industry after taking free college real estate classes online. A student of real estate doesn’t need to pursue a complete degree in real estate or a related area.


Studying religion doesn’t necessarily mean that a student has designs on becoming part of the clergy. Religion is a fascinating topic with all sorts of free online college religion courses offered by MIT and Yale University. Not only can religion classes allow a student to become involved as a direct employee of a religious organization, but they can also help students who want to become involved in areas like politics, philosophy, debate, and psychology.

Some of the religious subjects a student might study in free online college religion classes include the history of Western thought, the Bible, politics & religion, the Old Testament, and the New Testament. There are also opportunities to learn about history and literature in free college religion courses online from ancient civilizations to modern societies. Jewish history is a popular option for study. There are also some interesting classes offered on topics like myth, ritual, and symbolism, as well as magic and witchcraft.

Many of the jobs available to students who complete their free college religion classes online and eventually earn a degree in academia involve research or teaching. Graduates may become a theology teacher at a university, or they may also find employment within a church or religious organization.


Energy is a topic that is on the minds of all sorts of people, from those who commute to work and use a lot of gas each day to people who are actually involved in the energy industry and work with fossil fuels, nuclear power, or renewable energy. Free online college renewables courses can help casual learners increase their knowledge of this dynamic area of the economy, as well as help individuals who are interested in furthering their careers in a renewable industry like wind or solar power.

There are usually two types of jobs available in renewable energy. Some jobs require a degree and are on research subjects like solar power or wind power or batteries. Other jobs are available to students who have basic training in an area of installation or maintenance. Free online college renewables classes can help students find work as solar installers, senior advisory consultants for renewable energy, and as renewable energy project managers.

Employment options available to students who complete free college renewables courses online and then earn a degree include green energy representative, applications engineer, and field energy specialist. Topics under discussion in free college renewables classes online include the electric power sector, advanced energy conversion, and sustainable energy.

Research Methods

One of the most important facets of scientific research and study is adopting peer-reviewed and industry-standard research methods, and free online college research methods courses are an appropriate option for anyone interested in brushing up on topics like empirical research methods. Empirical research methods include research that is drawn from verifiable evidence. For example, marketing firms may use qualitative market research or quantitative market research methods in their gathering of evidence.

Any student or employee who wants to become involved or is already involved in a job that requires scientific research must understand empirical studies and how research methods help researchers across a wide swath of different industries. Not only can free online college research methods classes help individuals become better researchers in their present employment but learning about research methods may also allow a future graduate to work as a research scientist.

Some of the potential jobs that may be offered to those who can employ advanced research methods and have taken free college research methods courses online, as well as traditional college classes, include scientific research associate, research technician, and research specialist. Free college research methods classes online may also instruct students on becoming clinical research assistants, associate research administrators, or university research associate.

  • Empirical Research Methods,  Carnegie Mellon University

Sensory-Neural Systems

Research into the brain and its functions is an amazing educational pursuit, and students with an interest in topics like neural pathways and sensory perception may want to take free college sensory-neural classes online. The sensory systems generally covered within these classes include vision, touch, smell, balance, smell, and hearing. Classes a student may start with when they enroll in sensory-neural systems courses include those on sensation & perception, visual cognition, sensory systems, and synaptic functions & dysfunction.

Further study is available in free online college sensory-neural systems courses in areas like vision science, visual object recognition, the physiology of the ear, and the auditory system. Students may also learn about hearing & speech, neural coding, music perception, and molecular biology as it pertains to the auditory system. Free online college sensory-neural systems classes are a fascinating subject for casual or serious leaners.

After a student exhausts his or her available free college sensory-neural courses online and also earns a degree in a related area, some of the jobs a student might pursue include speech-language pathologist, language specialist, or speech-language instructor. Other jobs that students might be able to apply for after learning about sensory-neural systems include research scientist, optician, or associate product manager.

Social Medicine

Jumping into the world of social medicine may include taking free online college social medicine courses in areas like macroepidemiology, which is the study of the diseases that cause ill-health in the human population and the absolute and relative contributions of those diseases. Macroepidemiology has only been around since the middle of the 1990s as a discipline within epidemiology and public health research, but it has spawned many valuable research projects in areas like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Macroepidemiology in free online college social medicine classes may also feature investigations of problems like infectious diseases and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as the risk factors present in a human population. There are several topics in genetics that are offered in free college social medicine courses online that cover areas of study like inherited disease, as well as recessive, dominant, and non-deleterious inherited risk factors.

Some of the jobs that may open to students who have taken free college social medicine classes online and received certification, licensure, or a diploma in an area like social services or social work include medical consultant, medical social worker, social worker, licensed clinical social worker, or general geriatric medicine consultant. Students should always check for licensing and certification opportunities if they want to work in social medicine jobs.


Sociology is one of the most studied topics in college, but it’s accessible to any learner via free online college sociology courses. Not only can students learn about topics like modern social theory and human rights, but they can also enroll in classes on race in world politics, moral problems, and current events. Some of the employment opportunities that may open to students who take sociology classes and eventually earn a degree include college recruiter, part-time instructor, qualitative researcher, or sociology tutor.

Taking free online college sociology classes is an option for students who are interested in working in business environments and want to understand how people think and how societies function. Having a deep understanding of various sociological topics can help an entrepreneur become a better salesperson, or it can help a current business owner understand how to interact with customers and conduct customer services.

A few of the areas of study available in free college sociology courses online include political thought, public opinion, social movements, and political participation. There are also seminars and laboratories in free college sociology classes online that feature topics like law & society, interpersonal & organizational sociology, and neuroscience. Enrollees may also study social theory, drugs & politics, housing & human services, and communication.

Spanish Language and Literature

Two of the most obvious jobs that may be available to students who complete free online college Spanish language and literature courses are those of translators and Spanish teachers, but learning a second or third language like Spanish can open doors in all sorts of employment and industries. There are more than 430 million people who speak Spanish around the world as their native language, and more than a hundred million more people know Spanish as a second language.

Many of the free online college Spanish language & literature classes offered are language courses that teach participants to speak, read, and understand Spanish, but there are also Spanish classes offered that feature contemporary and historical literature from a Hispanic point of view. There are also specialized free college Spanish language and literature courses online that are designed for students who already know a second language and want to learn a third through accelerated learning programs.

Students who enroll in free college Spanish language & literature classes online may also focus on one facet of communication. For example, one class might feature lessons on how to communicate in Spanish through regular conversation. Another class might instruct students on how to communicate in Spanish through writing.


Spectroscopy is a term that isn’t familiar to most people, but it’s a topic that may fascinate anyone who is interested in a scientific or research job in chromatography or spectroscopy in the aerospace industry or who wants to work for an organization like NASA. A few of the cool jobs that a student might qualify for after taking free online college spectroscopy courses and continuing their studies online include spectroscopy sales engineer, high-resolution molecular spectroscopy scientist, or laser spectroscopy researcher.

There are many jobs in the fields of astronomy, physics, and chemistry that use spectroscopy as a way to examine the electromagnetic spectrum. Modern applications for spectroscopy that might be examined in free online college spectroscopy classes include biomedical spectroscopy, medical imaging, and tissue analysis. In some jobs, spectroscopy is referred to as spectrography, and free college spectroscopy courses online may feature topics like quantum mechanics and medical imaging.

Other topics under discussion include small-molecule spectroscopy, hands-on astronomy, and nuclear magnetic resonance, as well as data acquisition and analysis, and imaging techniques. Free college spectroscopy classes online will introduce students to a topic and scientific method used by famous scientists like Max Planck and Albert Einstein to describe their famous theories.

Speech Pathology

Becoming a speech-language pathologist (SLP) requires studying speech pathology, and future SLPs may begin their research and career journey by starting with free online college speech pathology courses. Speech-language pathologists are concerned with the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of speech conditions in adults and children. Free online college speech pathology classes may feature topics like social communication, swallowing disorders, and cognitive communication as they relate to human interaction and communication.

The most obvious job that a degree in speech pathology or free college speech pathology courses online may help students pursue is that of the speech-language pathologist, but there are also other ways to use a degree in speech pathology. Studying the subject may lead to work as a speech therapist, adjunct professor in speech-language pathology, or a rehabilitation speech-language pathologist.

Topics offered for study in free college speech pathology classes online include abnormal language, speech communication, and the perception of speech. Students may also learn about the physiology of speech and the acoustics of speech.


The study of statistics can lead to employment as a statistician, or it may help a student understand research methods better, as well as develop analytical and critical thinking skills. Statistics is a related discipline to research methods, and free online college statistics courses will often feature both subjects. Classes may offer lessons on probability, statistical reasoning, and causal reasoning. Other topics discussed may include graphical models, basic statistics concepts like inference, probability, and descriptive statistics.

Taking free online college statistics classes can help individuals who are presently in the workforce and want to advance their careers in research or business. Students who greatly enjoy their statistics classes may want to continue into traditional degree programs and seek out employment as statisticians after graduation. Some of the other job titles that free college statistics courses online might help a student obtain include biostatistician, mathematical statistician, data & policy analyst, systems engineer, principal statistician, and statistics lecturer.

Some of the general reasons students may want to enroll in free college statistics classes online include getting to learn how to conduct scientific and ethical research, understanding how probability and chance work, and getting to explore data analysis methods and how those methods can make everyday reasoning and decision-making easier.


STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and it’s often used to describe fields like mathematics, engineering, and technology. There have been efforts by the government and local school districts to increase the participation of students in STEM fields, and free online college STEM courses can help current teachers improve their STEM-related skills in areas like arithmetic, algebra, and various mathematical fields.

Students who are pursuing a Master of Education degree may want to augment their experience by taking free online college STEM classes, which can help instructors understand significant STEM concepts in cybernetics, anthropology, machine learning, and various social sciences. Topics discussed in free college STEM courses online may include professional skills, critical thinking, mathematics, and workplace communication.

One of the interesting facets of education that students may learn in free college STEM classes online is that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics impact more than just the world of science. Teachers who are in STEM fields, and students who are pursuing STEM degrees may find that their lessons in science are directly applicable to their interests in the arts and various creative areas. Online STEM classes can help future educators decide whether they want to teach computer science, engineering, mathematics, biology, or any number of other interesting STEM majors.

  • STEM Foundations,  Carnegie Mellon University
  • Stem Readiness,  Carnegie Mellon University

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a phrase often used in business and industry, but it’s actually a rather complex facet of business logistics and synchronization. Those who study in free online college supply chain management courses will examine the processes of planning, executing, controlling, and monitoring how manufacturers transport products to businesses, how industries deliver raw materials to manufacturers, and how businesses deliver products to customers.

Free online college supply chain management classes might feature discussions on systems optimization, operations management, the manufacturing system, and supply chain design. Other discussions may occur on the management of services, operations strategy, logistics systems, and the lean enterprise. Properly run supply chain management operations within a company can make or break a company’s ability to turn a profit, and all major companies on the planet use supply chain management to execute their business strategies.

Free college supply chain management courses online may help business people grow and expand their companies, and the classes can also help students learn supply chain basics that will help them eventually work as a supply chain manager, senior supply chain manager, or supply chain management administrator. Other jobs that free college supply chain management classes online may help students get include contract manufacturing manager, logistics management manager, or associate director of purchasing.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is a multifaceted field of engineering that combines engineering management and engineering processes that help optimize and manage work-processes and engineering projects. There are quite a few different topics available for study within free online college systems engineering courses like ocean systems, modeling & simulation, dynamics & control, and the fundamentals of engineering design across the oceans, space, and on earth.

Systems engineers may work in industries that build spacecraft, design computer chips, deal with robotics, and build major structures like bridges. A systems engineer may create models and simulations regarding a project’s requirements, as well as develop a schedule that will maximize the efficiency of the project. In free online college systems engineering classes, students may discuss design computing, probabilistic systems analysis, MATLAB, machine vision, and object & face recognition.

Free college systems engineering courses online can help introduce students to systems engineering concepts, but employment as a systems engineer usually requires completion of a full degree program. Students can use free college systems engineering classes online to expand their engineering knowledge, or they may use them to start their journey to becoming a space systems engineer, advanced systems engineer, principal systems engineer, or systems engineering manager.


In the most general sense, technology is a field that touches virtually all facets of modern life, and taking free online college technology courses can introduce students to future topics they might pursue in college, as well as topics of which they have a personal interest. Some of the free online college technology classes that students may take include those on physics, energy, sustainable energy, electric machines, and radiative transfer.

There are quite a few degree programs that students may consider after they complete their studies in technology, and most programs in technology also offer students the chance to earn impressive salaries. According to Business Insider, some of the highest-paying technology jobs include those of information security engineer, development and operations engineer, enterprise architect, and technical program manager. Free college technology courses online may also help students explore high paying careers like software architect and applications architect.

In addition to high paying jobs that may be available after a student completes a degree program in technology, free college technology classes online can also offer students valuable lessons on technology that they might use in their current job. Technology classes may help employees apply for promotions, as well as provide an increased level of service to their organizations.

The Developing World

One area of focus that social scientists may consider when they enroll in continuing education classes is the developing world, and free online college the developing world courses feature topics that vary from public policy and social concerns to science, technology, and information technology. Some of the topics that students may discuss in their classes include international development planning, urban climate adaptation, urbanization, and developing world prosthetics.

One of the reasons a student may want to take free online college the developing world classes is because those classes may translate to an expansion of business opportunities with countries that are considered part of the developing world. Free college the developing world courses online may discuss developing world engineering, political climates in the developing world, sanitation infrastructure, and local economic development.

Free college the developing world classes online may also help students expand their knowledge in socially important areas. Not only can knowledge of the developing world help businesspeople, but it can also help private individuals understand the importance of social justice and the problems of poverty, broken infrastructure, and access to information. Gaining an understanding of the developing world can help people act in a manner that treats individuals from the developing world with respect.


Transportation is one of the essential parts of modern business, and there are many ways to expand one’s career options in business, as well as expand one’s existing business, through the study of free online college transportation courses. Topics discussed may include marine power, marine propulsion, internal combustion engines, and sustainable energy. There are actually degrees available at colleges across the country that deal specifically with transportation, and they range from the associate of applied arts to the doctoral level.

Some of the degree concentrations that students may consider after they take free online college transportation classes include logistics, transportation technology, logistics management, and transportation management. Free college transportation courses online may help explain various concepts in modern transportation like transportation planning, financial planning for transportation, freight operations, and traffic coordination.

Taking free college transportation classes online can also prove valuable for blue-collar workers like drivers who may be able to transition into managerial roles with college experience in transportation, transit systems, and other related areas. Transportation college courses can even eventually lead to engineering work as a civil engineer, transportation engineer, traffic engineer, signal design consultant, or transit engineer. Engineering jobs usually require that students enter an official college degree program after their free transportation classes are complete.

Urban Studies

Urban studies is a highly interdisciplinary field that takes an academic approach and combines it with real-world experience for the purpose of studying cities, suburbs, and human settlements around the planet. Some of the many free online college urban studies courses available are offered on topics like urban design, urban development, and urban history. Students may elect to take a casual approach to their online pursuit of urban studies classes, or they may take any one of almost 50 free online college urban studies classes from MIT.

Many of the employment opportunities that may be available to those who enter a degree program in urban studies are in academia and include urban studies research or work as professors or instructors. Other employment opportunities include those of regional planner or junior planner, as well as various engineering jobs for students who eventually earn an engineering degree. There are also some concentrations that students might find interesting when they enroll in free college urban studies courses online.

Possible concentrations include urban sustainability, social change, urban education, and historical perspectives in the development of cities. Free college urban studies classes online may also feature topics of study like transportation planning, media technology, the future of cities, immigration, and real estate.

Visual Arts

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Studying visual arts is an activity that is appropriate for informal learners as well as future visual artists who might work in photography, film, or other visual mediums. Studying in free online college visual arts courses can help students engage in healthy self-expression, as well as view creativity from other points of view. Some suggest that studying visual arts can even help build skills in unrelated areas like science and technology.

Visual arts classes online run the gamut from photograph and video to modern art and mass culture. Students can enroll in free online college visual arts classes that offer instruction in self-exploration through visual arts and writing, as well as on fascinating topics like avant-garde literature, German cinema, Indian pop culture, and American soap operas. Many of the free college visual arts courses online are fun whether a student is serious or informal.

After taking free college visual arts classes online, students may be able to embark on artistic careers of their own by making their own films, creating music, and writing stories or plays. Visual arts classes online not only feature instruction on making modern media, but they also feature interesting classes on the history of artistic and self-expression around the world.

Women’s Studies

Women’s studies is a variant of gender studies where classes and research usually cover topics like feminist political thought, Latina women’s voices, female economic history, and literary interpretation of female authors. Some free online college women’s studies courses also combine studies on gender issues, race, and sexual identities. Online classes cover virtually every facet of female creative development, from 19th-century female Asian authors to modern American law as it impacts women.

Women’s studies is generally considered an interdisciplinary field, so taking free online college women’s studies classes may lead to research on the subject, as well as scholarship opportunities that may be employed in different industries like business, teaching, and technology. Free college women’s studies courses online are an incredible option for anyone who wants to expand her knowledge in areas like women’s history, social injustice, and gender oppression.

Not only can classes provide valuable information to students who plan on educating others on topics like gender equality, but they can also help students advance their careers in human rights, politics, communications, administration, or media production of film, music, or the written word. Free college women’s studies classes online may not only help women further their careers but may also help men widen their knowledge on gender equality and women’s history.


Writing is a skill that many people take for granted as a part of what they learn in grammar school, but free online college writing courses can be the ticket to improved communication, job opportunities, and career advancement. Some of the writing topics that students may take from schools like Stanford University, MIT, and Berkeley include writing for bilingual students, writing for the sciences, and essay writing.

Students may also get to study scientific writing, writing in mathematics, and the basic principles of the English language in free online college writing classes. It’s very common for business professionals and business owners to have an incredible understanding of their industry but not have a thorough understanding of how to communicate their expertise and knowledge through writing.

Free college writing courses online can help businesspeople obtain money when they apply for angel funding or qualify for a loan when they want to expand their business and need to write a business plan. Free college writing classes online can provide the basic writing skills that students need to communicate well in college, as well as the writing skills working professionals need for their careers. Online writing courses can also help students who are deficient in their writing skills quality to enter community college.