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6 Best Data Entry Classes Online with Certification

To put it simply, data entry job involves converting one form of information to another.  Although you don’t necessarily require special education or a degree to become a data entry professional, you do need to have a particular set of skills.

Typing speed, accuracy, customer service skills, computer literacy, knowledge of certain software and computer programs are just a few of the many things you need to become successful in this line of work.

Whether you want to work as a freelancer to earn extra income or you are looking to become a full-time data entry professional, taking a data entry course online will certainly add to your proficiency and employability.

Here are 6 data entry classes online you can consider taking online!

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Top 6 Courses To Earn A Data Entry Certification Online

Data Entry Course for Beginners

A perfect choice for beginners, this data entry course online is specially structured to help you learn about the various types of data entry projects that are available on Upwork, Fiverr and other freelance marketplaces. And what’s better to learn all this from a top-rated data entry professional?


If you are planning to become a freelance/ remote data entry professional, then this live project example-based course is just for you!  These data entry classes online will help you understand the kind of jobs available out there, how to understand the instructions given by clients, and how to start working on data entry projects.


The comprehensive lessons, along with demo project examples and practice projects will give you the confidence you need to start your journey as a professional data entry service provider.


Rating4.5Return or refund policy30-day money-back guaranteeCertificationYesPaidYesDuration3 hours on-demand videoEnrolled7,590+ studentsInstructorMd. Azharul Islam Rafy


ConsThe course is too short. Also, the AV quality could have been better.


Learning Outcomes

In this data entry training online, you will learn:

  • How to start your journey towards becoming a data entry professional.
  • Examples of PDF, image file conversion jobs and how to go about doing them.
  • Live demo work example of data entry and web research from Upwork.
  • Client project-live example of the instructor’s $ 15 per hour easy data entry job.
  • The course includes practice file for you to get more practice and build your portfolio.



The only thing you need to enroll in this data entry course online is a computer/laptop with a stable internet connection.


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best data entry certificate course online for:

  1. Those interested in knowing more about data entry.
  2. Those interested in becoming a data entry professional.


Reviews by Abhijeet Sakhare:

It was a really great learning experience while doing this course. Now I feel confident to enter Freelance data entry field. I appreciate you for it. Thank you very much.


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Comprehensive Data Entry Course: Become a Data Entry Pro

Here is another data entry training online that is suitable for those who don’t have any prior training or experience in data entry administration.


Living up to its name, this ‘comprehensive’ data entry course will give you a complete overview of data processing and maintenance. The course covers the basics of data entry administration-theoretical grasp of data entry, data analysis insights, data management and more.


Topics that will be covered in the program include an introduction to data entry, standard data entry guidelines, different tools for data entry, data management for information security, worksheet formulas and tips and tricks.


The data entry certificate course online will give you the knowledge, techniques, suggestions and guidelines to become a successful data entry administrator.

Rating4.3Return or refund policy30-day money-back guaranteeCertificationYesPaidYesDuration1-hour on-demand videoEnrolled147 studentsInstructorAlpha Academy


ConsThe course is too short


Learning Outcomes

Learn data entry online with this amazing course. In this program you will:

  • Learn how to enter text-based as well as numerical data from source documents while keeping up with deadlines.
  • Learn about Compiling, verifying accuracy and sorting the information on a priority basis for preparing source data for computer entry.
  • Learn about examining the data for issues.
  • If possible, resolving the incompatibilities before you check the outcome.
  • Carrying out research and gathering more information in case of incomplete documents.
  • Learn about data-processing procedures and techniques.
  • Produce reports and save completed work in pre-set areas as well as back up data.



These will prove to be the best data entry classes online for you if you are:

  • Over the age of 16.
  • Willing to learn something new.
  • Have a laptop/computer and internet connection.


Who is this data entry course online for?

This is the best data entry certification online suitable for:

  • Trainee data entry administrator and professionals.
  • Students and graduates who are willing to become data entry professionals.
  • Job seekers willing to embark on a new career path.
  • Tutors who want to brush up their knowledge.


Reviews by Curtis Larson:

It’s a very informative course and I have definitely learnt a lot. The whole course is full of information. I would recommend this course as it is a good starting point for anyone interested with.


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Xero Online Accounting - the Practical Data Entry Course

This is the best data entry training online specially designed to teach you how to use Xero for day-to-day data entry purposes. It is perfectly suitable for beginners who are willing to learn more about this accounting software.

This program takes a practical approach to teach the students about the various functions of the software. At the end of each lesson, they get a practical assignment to practice what they’ve learnt.

The instructor has used years of experience and expertise to create the best data entry certification online that covers all the important topics in a step-by-step approach. You can also reach her with your queries during or after the course.

This data entry course online is for beginners and does not cover advanced topics like fixed assets, VAT and Payroll.

Rating4.7Return or refund policy30-day money-back guaranteeCertificationYesPaidYesDuration3 hours on-demand videoEnrolled190 studentsInstructorMarion Thomson


ConsThis data entry certificate course online is for beginners and does not cover advanced topics like fixed assets, VAT and Payroll.


Learning Outcomes

After completing these data entry classes online, you will:

  • Understand how to use Xero for daily data entry.
  • Know how to sign up for the free trial offered by Xero and how to enter the details of your organization.
  • Know more about designing sales invoice layouts.
  • Know more about creating and issuing sales invoices.
  • Know more about entering purchase invoices and credit notes, along with attaching backup.
  • Know more about importing bank statements as well as reconciling the bank transactions.
  • Know how to design and run reports to check your data entry.
  • Save precious time and minimize errors with the help of the instructor’s Xero tips and tricks.
  • Learn easy ways to make changes and correct errors.



For enrolling in this data entry online course, you need

  • A willingness to learn.
  • Computer/laptop with internet access.
  • The willingness to complete the given assignments to make the most out of this course.


Who should take this course?

This is the best data entry training online for those who are new to Xero and are willing to learn the step-by-step process of data entry through Xero.


Reviews by Michelle Gillett:

Really enjoying watching, following along and then practically entering the data into Xero as way of solidifying the learning process.


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Excel Skills for Business: Essentials

Offered by Macquarie University, this data entry certification course online is the first one in Coursera’s Excel Skills for Business Specialization and deals with the essentials of Microsoft Excel.


Having expertise in operating this ubiquitous spreadsheet software will add to your employability portfolio.


In these best data entry classes online, you will find downloadable workbooks and full data sets along with practical challenge exercises and applied examples.


Rating4.9CertificationYesPaidEnroll for freeDurationApprox. 6 weeksEnrolled6,30,000 studentsInstructorNicky Bull, Dr Prashan S. M. Karunaratne, Professor Yvonne BreyerConsChallenging to take this course on a Mac.


Learning Outcomes

  • Have a better understanding of the Excel user interface.
  • Learn how to professionally format spreadsheets, perform calculations with formulas and functions, and use graphs and charts to create visualizations of data.
  • Use Excel skills and techniques to solve a range of business problems.
  • Give you a solid foundation so that it is easier for you to develop more advanced skills when you take up more advanced courses.
  • Gain confidence by practicing your Excel skills.
  • Learn new and efficient productivity features of Excel that will come in handy in various business contexts.
  • Learn more about Excel terminology, essential navigational controls, how to use Excel spreadsheets to perform basic data entry and other foundational Excel features.


Who is this data entry certificate course online for?

This best data entry course online is for:

  • Self-taught Excel users who would like some guidance to fill the gaps in their knowledge.
  • Beginners who want to become confident excel users.
  • Those who want to add to their skill set by gaining expertise in operating this software.


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Online Data Entry Classes

Another excellent resource to help you become an expert data entry professional is Skillshare. Based on your level of expertise and your learning expectations, there are several courses you can choose from to learn data entry online.


We have selected the following, some of the best data entry classes online that you may consider opting for on Skillshare:


Suitable for beginners, this 42-minute-long data entry course online contains 7 lessons covering topics like introduction to data entry, Flashfill, Autofill along with custom autofill list, sort and filter, cut, copy paste and drag among others.


Improve your Microsoft Excel skill with the help of this amazing course offered by Codi and Marie. Learn how to use various Excel tools to input data efficiently and gain confidence by practicing through the given worksheets.


Another best data entry course online for beginners is this class offered by instructors Codi and Marie. This course is for people who would like to strengthen their foundation by learning the basics of Microsoft Excel.

Things covered in this 22-minute course include Excel terminologies, location in Excel, how to move around the spreadsheet, how to input data, how to inset cells, and rows and columns.


This 2 hours 4 minutes long course is offered by instructor Fernando Roque. A few of the lessons covered in this intermediate-level course are:

  • Data Capturing and storing information in local Android Database Expo
  • Introduction to Android Data Entry
  • Android User Form layout
  • Allocating buttons in Table and Rows.
  • Creating database and tables
  • Generating CSV-text file from Android database


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Excel: Tips and Tricks

Imagine how easy and efficient working on Excel would become if you are aware of important shortcuts, keystrokes and techniques that you can use!

Splitting data into columns, creating formulas and charts quickly, applying numeric formats, accelerating data entry chores, this course covers all this and much more.

This best data entry certificate course online allows you to practice what you learn by downloading the exercise files used by the course instructor during the lessons. You can even download the lessons on your phone via LinkedIn Learning app to learn on the go!


Learners77627CertificationYesPaidFree trial availableDurationApprox. 4 hours 24 minutesInstructorDennis TaylorConsThis course is for intermediate-level learners and may require basic knowledge or some expertise in Excel.


Learning Outcomes

Learn data entry online by mastering the following topics with the help of this course:

  • How to save time while using Excel along with effective shortcuts.
  • Effective ribbon and Quick Access toolbar tips.
  • Handy display shortcuts.
  • Efficient navigation and selection shortcuts.
  • Editing and data entry shortcuts.
  • Drag and drop techniques and formula shortcuts.
  • Operational and formatting shortcuts.
  • Data management techniques and PivotTable tips.
  • Charting and visual tips.
  • Next steps for when you have completed the course.


Who is this course for?

This data entry certification online is for those who are willing to increase their efficiency and productivity while using Excel.
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Whether you are planning to learn data entry online from scratch or you just want to learn about specific software to add to your skillset, these courses have got you covered.

Choose the best data entry course online that suits your level of expertise and budget and begin your learning journey right away!

Best Data Entry Courses Online

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