Florida is a household name for golf. Many people visit or retire to the state to experience all the beauty and challenges its golf courses offer.

But if there’s one city in the state that has continually grown in popularity for a number of reasons, including golf, it’s Sarasota. It has even generated buzz in recent years by holding official PGA tournaments.

If you want to dig even deeper, Sarasota’s quaint next door neighbor, Lakewood Ranch, is growing in appeal and popularity as well. Lakewood Ranch golf courses are some of the finest the state has to offer, and we’ll share our favorite features with you today!


If you’ve never even heard Lakewood Ranch, you should know that it is a master-planned community built between Sarasota and Bradenton.

The entire community was built with precision and care from beginning to end. Meaning, rather than a community that was developed and expanded naturally over time, there was a specific goal in mind when creating the area.

Originally owned by the Uihlein family in the early 1900s, the vast ranch is home to the cattle, citrus, farming, and mining industry all at once.

Since then, the community has grown and expanded with the purpose of providing homes and top-of-the-line amenities for all sorts of individuals and families. All the while, the focus has been on preserving the usefulness and natural beauty of the land it’s built around.

It’s no surprise – based on its location – that the popularity of golf courses has grown and expanded. Lakewood Ranch is even the home of a Polo Club, providing polo fields fit for royalty and attracting polo players from around the world.


Whether you’re visiting the beautiful community or you live there and are wondering, “What public golf courses are near me?” we got you covered.

Lakewood Ranch houses a multitude of courses, ranging from beginner- to veteran-level difficulties. All the while, they boast all the relaxation and gorgeous natural wonders you’d expect from such a well-planned community.

Some popular options include:

  • Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club
  • Legacy Golf Club at Lakewood Ranch
  • Lakewood National Golf Club
  • Esplanade Golf & Country Club at Lakewood Ranch
  • etc.

There are plenty to choose from, but the fact remains that you have options. Each provides their own strengths and benefits, so let’s go ahead and explore the best features of Lakewood Ranch golf courses.


Considering the fact that not even 20 to 30 minutes away is one of the top-ranked beaches in the world, it’s no surprise that beauty tops the list. It doesn’t matter which course you visit, you can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of sights to behold.

Calming greens span as far as the eye can see while Spanish moss hangs from cypress trees and flow softly in the wind. The best part is if you’re up bright and early, the colorful hues of a sunrise make for the best lighting of any game you’ve ever played.


Florida may be home to courses designed by famous golfers and even official PGA tournaments, but that doesn’t mean everything has professional-grade difficulty.

If you’ve been wondering what the difficulty is like for golf courses in Lakewood Ranch, FL, the good news is you have options. Most of the courses offered in the community have everything from relaxing and straight fairways to twisting and turning holes to challenge the most experienced players.

Most offer perfectly tuned practice holes for everyone to get warmed up and the golf gears turning.


One aspect that will turn a great game into a bad one fast is some bad putting green. When you finally reach the hole, you expect your shot to roll well (as long as your put is up to par).

Lakewood Ranch golf courses offer some of the best turf for putting and make for a nice cherry on top at the end of your games.


Some options, such as the Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club, may be a little more popular than others, but in general, these courses aren’t too crowded. That’s not to say that these courses aren’t popular, but let’s just say they’re still one of the best-kept secrets of Florida golf.

It may depend on the time of year, time of day, etc., but you can feel confident that you won’t be fighting tooth and nail with a crowd.


We talked about how Lakewood Ranch golf courses give you variety in difficulty, but they also give you diversity in design.

No two courses are alike and you’ll feel surprised around every bend when moving from one hole to the next. Especially when you experience these courses for the first time, the joy of discovery will be a thing to behold in and of itself!


Surprisingly, a golf course isn’t just a golf course.

The best golf courses offer more than just the game itself, and it’s why many of them are often simultaneously referred to as “Country Clubs.” Lakewood Ranch golf courses are no different, and many of them offer the best amenities you’d expect.

Golf carts often come equipped with GPS and are loaded with beverages and snacks. They’ve usually got a clubhouse that offers a wide array of food specially prepared by inspired chefs and calming atmosphere. Sometimes, the restaurants are even worth visiting regardless of whether you’re golfing or not.

If there’s one thing the Lakewood Ranch community is most known for it’s hospitality, and the golf courses are simply no different.


Most people know Florida for its world-class golf, and plenty of people know Sarasota for its beaches and natural beauty. Lakewood Ranch is the next door neighbor on the rise that’s catching eyes and attention left and right, though!

In particular, Lakewood Ranch golf courses are some of the most hospitable and surprising locations for the sport you’ll experience in the state. From well-thought design to world-class amenities, these courses have everything you’d expect and more.

Whether you’re a resident or just interested in visiting, check out some of our new vehicle specials so you can explore the community in style!