600+ Free Computer Science Courses from World’s Top 50 Universities [2022]

In this article, I compiled over 600 online courses offered by the 50 best universities in the world for studying computer science in 2022.

I built the list using a data-driven approach. You can find my methodology below. But if you’d rather go straight to the course list, click here.


First, I identified the leading world university rankings. Since I was interested in computer science specifically, I looked at their latest computer science rankings. Here are the ones I used:

Then, I crawled and scraped each ranking. You can find the raw data in my GitHub repository.

Now that I had some data, I used Jupyter with Python to process it. I combined the three rankings into one by averaging the position of each university in each ranking. Then, I filtered out the universities that didn’t offer online courses, and I limited the list to the top-50 institutions — the cream of the crop.

As you can see above, I found that the top three institutions are #1 MIT, #2 Stanford, and #3 Carnegie Mellon. You can also find my Jupyter Notebook in my GitHub repo.

Finally, I used the Class Central database, with its 50K online courses, to find all the computer science courses offered by the universities in the ranking.

The end result is a list of over 600 online courses offered by the 50 best universities in the world for studying computer science in 2022.

Notable Computer Science Courses

Unsurprisingly, some of the courses in the list are also some of the best online courses of all time. You can find these top courses below. They’re all fantastic options.


The full list is split into subjects. Click on a subject below to go to the relevant section. Courses also in Class Central’s best online courses of all time are denoted with a star (⭐).

With over 600 courses to pick from, I hope you find something you like. But if these aren’t enough, check out Class Central’s catalog of over 50K online courses.

Artificial Intelligence Courses (23)

Machine Learning Courses (47)

Deep Learning Courses (9)

Computer Vision Courses (9)

Self-Driving Cars Courses (6)

Computer Science Courses (63)

Algorithms and Data Structure Courses (74)

Databases Courses (19)

Bioinformatics Courses (18)

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Courses (9)

Human-Computer Interaction Courses (7)

Computer Networking Courses (5)

Data Science Courses (38)

Data Analysis Courses (32)

Big Data Courses (17)

Data Visualization Courses (11)

Data Mining Courses (8)

Programming Courses (31)

Python Courses (34)

SQL Courses (12)

Java Courses (10)

Scala Courses (9)

C++ Courses (7)

Software Development Courses (7)

Web Development Courses (30)

Mobile Development Courses (19)

Game Development & VR Courses (6)

Cybersecurity Courses (20)

Network Security Courses (5)

Cryptography Courses (5)

Information Technology Courses (5)

Internet of Things Courses (14)

Healthcare Informatics Courses (13)

Cloud Computing & DevOps Courses (7)