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Mouthwatering menus and outstanding hospitality keep your customers coming back to your restaurant, but how do you get them through the door? Great restaurant logos are the secret ingredient.

The best restaurant logos ensure that you stand out among the already-crowded culinary competition. It’s what catches a second glance from potential customers, sets a mood and can even stir up discussions on social media and foodie blogs. In fact, according to a recent survey, 87% of small businesses in hospitality accredit branding for attracting new customers and 93% say it helps build trust1.

Whether you create culinary delicacies or serve up pub grub and beer, having a great restaurant logo is important because you want to be remembered. Not to mention in the world of hospitality, branding can boost your bottom line, with the majority of small businesses in the industry (83%) claiming it contributes to revenue growth.

In this piece, we’ll run you through a variety of delectable restaurant logo ideas that are sure to inspire you and tickle your taste buds.

collection of restaurant logos

What sets the best restaurant logos apart from the rest?

There’s a lot to consider as you start dreaming up your restaurant logo design: cuisine, location, style, personality and, perhaps most important, your customers. 

Louise Fili, an award-winning Italian-American graphic designer who specializes in brand development for food packaging and restaurants, says the importance of thinking through all these questions beforehand is all “about knowing what you don’t know.” Wherever you’re at with your brand, this will give you a great place to start.

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Start by identifying every piece of your restaurant’s personality, which includes the atmosphere, decór, type of food, region of cuisine and price point. Then, consider how design elements can elevate that.

For example, bold graphics may fit well for modern eateries, but they might not work for the atmosphere of a laid back cafe or a location that’s more traditional. Make sure you carry this personality consistently through all of your designs.

Your logo should help bring new customers in and draw familiar faces back, and that’s why it’s important to define who your target audience is and what visuals they expect and enjoy. Who is sitting down at your table or waiting at the bar for their drink? Speak directly to them and what they need.

Finally, don’t forget to imagine how your logo will look on the sparkling, massive sign that welcomes your customers. The best restaurant logos look great there and everywhere you would want to show them off.

61 amazing ideas for restaurant logos

Upscale restaurant logos

Elegant touches and extravagant visuals can masterfully tie in the ambiance of a memorable fine dining experience. Upscale logos need to match the decadence of your restaurant. 

Hand-drawn elements communicate precision and intentionality, while nostalgic fonts inspire a more sentimental and romantic ambiance. Whether your style leans more minimal or you’re drawn to elaborate details, your upscale, first-class vision can be communicated in countless ways.

square geometric wordmark restaurant logoDesign by DOÑATEvintage restaurant logo with handmade fontDesign by DonMaremodern feminine restaurant logo in light pinkDesign by Rose Marijnclassic upscale restaurant logo with hand-drawn leaf illustrationDesign by olimpiominimalistic restaurant logo in black and whiteDesign by iismaeloblack and white line art restaurant logoA chic and minimal logo design by Roxana.I for an upscale cafe.
modern minimal restaurant logo wordmarkDesign by Mark992classic and timeless restaurant logo in a circleDesign by RedLogo

Contemporary casual restaurant logos

Casual dining establishments create strong communities, as customers are welcome to return for any occasion. This target customer base should deeply influence the fonts, graphics and colors found in your logo.

restaurant logo for poke bar with fish illustrationDesign by Soniaydesigns
quirky hand-drawn restaurant logo with cozy fun vibeDesign by Dara T.fun and casual restaurant logo in black and white with moon and starsDesign by Aliciarestaurant logo with cheese and wineDesign by alyafun waffle logo with mascotDesign by Eastwoodbusiness card with simple classic restaurant logo by SimpleIsGood

Traditional restaurant logos

Create a sense of familiarity and storied history through your logo design. Simple fonts and vintage graphics elicit a sense of tradition, just like the tried-and-true dishes you serve in your restaurant.

monochrome restaurant logoDesign by Zixipie logo using minimalistic line art for pie restaurantDesign by Tamararestaurant logo with chicken holding cocktailDesign by GOODAIRsimple classic restaurant logo emblemDesign by alya

Takeout and fast food restaurant logos

The food may be quick, but your branding is just as important in a fast food restaurant. Even if your customers spend less time in your establishment than most others, you still need to capture the feeling of satisfaction through deeply intentional graphics that convey exactly what your customer will walk away with.

burger logo for burger restaurantDesign by Pinoyacai bowl bar logoDesign by VLK STUDIOsimple modern empanada logoDesign by Nina Taillesfun casual and modern juice bar logoDesign by losttotheriver
original timeless restaurant logo with mountainsDesign by mkyclassic taco logo with custom fontDesign by Anut Biggerclassic modern coffee bar logoDesign by Macievhot dog logo for bratwurst restaurantDesign by shoutulkopler

Pub and bar restaurant logos

Customers linger at pubs and bars, so communicating the atmosphere of your restaurant with your logo design is essential. Will they be sitting under industrial-chic facades? Let cold and utilitarian aesthetics guide the way. Is your bar focused on serving small batch, natural wine in a quieter space? Look for softer fonts and use white space to create a cleaner look with this type of logo. Focus on design aesthetics that capture just the right mood.

minimalistic square restaurant logoDesign by Bruno Nascimentovintage llama logo for restaurant and barDesign by Demonic Artworktropical restauran logo with palm treesDesign by Helmaclassy high-end restaurant logoDesign by FriendlyLabelvintage restaurant logo with illustration of scale and drinksDesign by austinmindedminimal restaurant logo with illustation of a bottle and staircaseDesign by Desideratumstylish restaurant and lounge logo with custom fontDesign by NN
minimal restaurant and bar logoDesign by CKD73bar logo with illustration of martini glassDesign by S. Kitanovicclassic and timeless restaurant logo with illustration of cactusDesign by Zvucifantasticnosimple stylish line art martini logoDesign by Zvucifantasticno

Famous restaurant logos

It’s always a good idea to look to the best for inspiration. Here are some of the most iconic and famous restaurant logos to provide you with ideas for your own restaurant venture. These are the logos of the best restaurants in the world that have stood the test of time and their success speaks volumes.

famous restaurant logo nomavia noma, Kopenhagen
famous restaurant logo Leovia Leo, Bogotafamous restaurant logo The Test Kitchenvia Test Kitchen, Cape Townfamous restaurant logo Lylesvia Lyle’s, Londonfamous restaurant logo White Rabbitvia White Rabbit, Moscowfamous restaurant logo The Alchemistvia Alchemist, Kopenhagenfamous restaurant logo Frantzénvia Frantzén, Stockholmfamous restaurant logo mugaritzvia Mugaritz, San Sebastianfamous restaurant logo atelier crennvia Atelier Crenn, San Franciscofamous restaurant logo Steirereckvia Steirereck, Viennafamous restaurant logo ultravioletvia Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghaifamous restaurant logo benuvia Benu, San Franciscofamous restaurant logo narisawavia Narisawa, Tokyofamous restaurant logo pujolvia Pujol, Mexico Cityfamous restaurant logo septimevia Septime, Parisfamous restaurant logo mirazurvia Mirazur, Mentonfamous restaurant logo azurmendivia Azurmendi, Larrabetzufamous restaurant logo odettevia Odette, Singaporefamous restaurant logo centralvia Central, Limafamous restaurant logo sühringvia Sühring, Bangkok

The fundamentals of restaurant logo design

If you’re just starting to develop a logo for your restaurant, the creative process can be intimidating. But here’s a little crash course.

Logo design is a nuanced specialization of graphic design that encompasses aesthetics, branding & marketing, composition, color theory, typography and artistic skill. Get a full introduction to the craft in our article on how to design a logo.

1. Choose the perfect restaurant name

creative restaurant name and logoA creative restaurant name combined with the perfect logo. Logo design by Project 4.

Before you can create a logo, your restaurant needs a name. You can play it safe and name it after yourself or use a name that refers to the cuisine you’re serving, but you can also get creative. Anything is possible.

But consider that restaurant names and logos need to go hand in hand. As you scroll through the examples above, notice how the names and logos complement and enhance each other. How they set a mood together. You could also choose a logo that either illustrates your restaurant’s name or gives your name a second or deeper meaning. Check out this article to learn more about choosing a name for your business.

2. Design for your brand

There isn’t one “best” type of logo. The most successful ones are those that best represent their brand. The high-energy red and bold, script typography of the Coca Cola logo both suit the brand well, but those same design choices might not work for more relaxed brands like a yoga studio or massage parlor. 

So before anything else, consider your brand identity. Are you running an upscale restaurant or a humble family-friendly diner? Is your focus on traditional cuisine or a unique fusion of culinary wonders? Your identity will guide your design choices.

3. Know your colors, shapes and typography

In design, every color and shape represents different emotions. For example, logos that are primarily black seem more sophisticated, and logos built with circles seem friendlier. That extends to typography, too. Serifs are usually formal, while sans serifs are casual. Every design decision reflects on your brand, so choose wisely.

How to get a logo for your restaurant

Your restaurant has several different options for getting a logo:

minimal line art fish logo for sushi restaurantDesign by MIRELA

  • Logo maker (DIY).

    With the help of a logo maker or other entry-level design software, you essentially make your logo yourself from scratch.

  • Hire a design agency.

    Hand off all logo design duties to a design agency and their suite of specialists, but the extra talent comes at an extra cost.

  • Work with a freelancer.

    Find a freelance designer to design your logo for you, which gives you the benefit of a professional at less cost than an agency.

  • Commission a design contest.

    In a design contest, you explain what you want in a creative brief, including visual preferences and business goals. Then, multiple designers from all over the world submit samples based on your brief. From there, you simply pick the one you like best and start revisions. You’ll only pay for the one sample you choose.

DIY and logo makers are only advisable when you’re working with a very limited budget. Your logo is a branding asset too important to skimp on, and considering how complicated logo design is, if it’s not designed by a professional, it may not be as effective as it could be. 

Design contests leverage the creativity of multiple designers, who come up with different ideas of logo designs you can choose from. If you’re still unsure what style and look is right for you, a logo design contest presents you with all your different options.

If you already know what look you’re going for, your best bet is to work directly with a freelancer. Browse portfolios to find the perfect match and then collaborate with your designer to get a design you’ll love.

If your biggest concern is price, check out our logo design cost guide for more detailed information.

Are you ready to get a mouthwatering restaurant logo?

Just like cooking up delicious experiences for your restaurant is an art form, great branding is an art form too. Get creative with your restaurant logo design so you can give your customers just a taste of what they can expect from you. We hope you’re inspired and ready to explore the endless option for your own amazing logo!

1. Data collected via online research firm Corus in June 2022 from 355 decision makers from small businesses with no more than 100 employees in the hospitality industry across North America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.↩

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This article was originally written by workerbee and published in 2016. The current version has been updated with new information and examples.