7 Best Online Reiki Courses in 2022 – Learn a Course Online

7 Best Online Reiki Courses


If you want to enhance your personal life and fix the imbalances in your life or that of someone around you, then this course is highly recommended for you. People who would like to learn Reiki to add to their practices or intending to start a personal Reiki practice will find this course very useful.

At the end of this course, they will also have all the resources necessary for them to teach Reiki to other people. 

You will be learning with Lisa Powers, she has a degree in Kinesiology and Education, her passion for personal growth and also helping people around is the major reason for developing this course.

She has almost 15 years of experience in Reiki and has received her attunements as well as a Masters Certification in Reiki this has helped her personal life and profession greatly.

What to expect?

In the first part, you will be taught the history and origins of Reiki as a therapy technique and method for enlightenment. This course will also guide you in learning how Reiki helps the human body and also train you on how to use this technique for yourself.

In the second part, you will be given information that will guide you on how to carry out Reiki techniques without distance limitation, along with how to apply Reiki to your personal life to stop undesirable habits and achieve your goals.

In the third section, you will be taught how to conduct attunements on people who would like to apply Reiki techniques to their personal lives. 

In this course, you will get a complete manual and supplemental worksheets that will help you throughout the course. In addition, you will be able to connect with individuals who share the same idea with you in an active group that is accessible by you even after completing the entire course.

The tutor also provides you with distance attunements in each of the three levels. At the end of this course, you will get a printable certificate of completion in a pdf format. For the beginners, this should be the best online reiki certification.

What will you learn?

  • In this course you will learn how to apply Reiki to your personal growth and how to make use of it as a healing technique. 

  • You will be having Reiki sessions that target different areas of daily living. Have training that helps to envision the meridian spots and chakra system of energy. 

  • Tutored on techniques that aim at helping you in accessing your perception. 

  • Know the key methods to help you conduct Reiki sessions for personal purposes or others.

  • Learn all the various methods to practice Reiki even from a distant position. 

  • Learn to manage undesirable habits to help you achieve your dreams. 

  • Practice the skills you have gained using Reiki symbols including key symbols like power, exceeding both targets to the advanced section of Level 1. 

  • In this course, you will gain more in-depth knowledge of Reiki that will guide you towards having a better understanding of life. You will learn how to remain tranquil even when faced with adversities in life.

  • Take control of your life and have a better perspective that will prevent negativity.

  • This course comes with added benefits that will help grow your spiritual life, boost your self-esteem, be more focused, and relax in your everyday endeavors. 

  • Live your life at a higher energy phase, observe how things fall into place as you begin to enjoy life to the fullest.


Instructor: Lisa Powers

Level: Beginner

Class Project: 1

Video Lectures: 16

User Review: 4.7