7 Best Pakistani Snacks That Are a Must-Try

A wise person once said, ‘Keep your friends close but your snacks closer’. 

Whoever you are, chances are that you’ve clicked on this blog because you love snacking and trying out new and exotic snacks. However, if you’ve visited the grocery store recently, you’ll realise that there’s an absurd amount of snacks available today. From cupcakes to chips, muffins, candy, and chocolates, there’s so much to choose from! 

And in a country like Pakistan that is known for its foodstuffs, finding the best Pakistani snacks can be a challenge. And that’s why we’re here to help. 

In this piece, we’ve listed out our picks of some of the best sweet and savoury packaged Pakistani snacks that promise to tickle your tastebuds. The best part? They’re Halal

List of 7 Pakistani Snacks

1. Pop Nosh Popcorn

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Pop Nosh is Pakistan’s first Gourmet Popcorn brand, known for its original and handcrafted popcorn, available in a variety of flavours. They also serve other Pakistani snacks such as nuts and soft serve. 

Some of their bestselling popcorn flavours include Caramel Crunch, Spicy Jalapeno, Cashew Crunch, Lotus Biscoff, Peri-Peri, Cheddar Cheese, and Flamin’ Hot. What’s great about Pop Nosh is that they are constantly creating new and innovative flavours that are miles away from your regular salted or butter popcorn. 

Apart from individual popcorn packets, Pop Nosh also allows you to customise and build your own gourmet popcorn tin — the perfect Pakistani snack for an at-home movie night!

2. Slanty 

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Pakistani Packaged snack

If you like potato chips, then you’ll absolutely love this popular Pakistani packaged snack! Slanty is produced by Lotte Kolson — an F&B brand established in 1942, famous for their Pakistani tea-time snacks, cakes, pasta, biscuits, and instant noodles. 

Made using potato starch, potato flakes, and South Asian spices such as red chilli, paprika, cumin, black pepper, onion powder, and coriander powder, these penne-pasta-shaped crisps are packed to the brim with flavour.

Unlike other hard and crunchy chips, Slanty has an unusual texture with a much softer bite. Sold in classic old-school packaging, the crisps come in three flavours — salted, vegetable, and jalapeno. However, their bestseller is the Jalapeno flavour with its spicy yet non-overpowering kick. 

3. Candeez 

Check out the different flavours of Candeez here. 

Pakistani team time snack

Candeez is yet another Pakistani snack that is a hit among kids and adults alike. Established in 1981 by Hilal Foods, Candeez is a hard-boiled sweet with a flavoured centre. Hilal Foods, founded in 1956, is one of Pakistan’s leading FMCG businesses, known for its premium quality products and top-notch manufacturing facilities. 

Candeez comes in a large variety of basic and unusual flavours. Some of their standard flavours include Strawberry Masti, Rasila Orange, and Amras. However, if you have access to the brand, then we recommend you try out some of their unique flavours such as Pan Pasand (hard-boiled candy with a sweet minty centre that replicates the flavour of real paan), Amrood Chaat (a spicy guava chaat filling), and Choran Chatni (a filling made of tangy and aromatic oriental spices). 

4. Cupkake

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Pakistani tea time cup cake

If you grew up in Pakistan, then you’re all too familiar with the traditional English tea cake that has been sold for decades at local Pakistani bakeries. Cupkake is simply the packaged version of that dearly loved Pakistani tea-time snack. Launched in 2012 by Hilal Foods, Cupkake is a moist, melt-in-your-mouth sponge cake with a rich, cream-filled centre. It is made using wheat flour, eggs, white sugar, and vegetable oil. 

Available in single-serving and family packs, Cupkake is the perfect pick-me-up snack for kids and adults. You can serve it as a dessert or even with tea or coffee during house parties. 

Inspired by classic English desserts, Cupkake is available in a range of flavours, including classic vanilla, choco vanilla, double chocolate, orange marmalade, blueberry jam, and strawberry

5. Chillz 

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Pakistani Ramadan snack

If you’re looking for a spicy, salty, and savoury Pakistani packaged snack, then you must definitely give Chillz a shot! Chillz is produced by Snack City — a fairly new potato chips brand in Pakistan which is a part of the confectionary company Ismail Industries Limited. 

Chillz can best be described as a thin slice of potato layered with spicy chaat masala that will leave you wanting more. They come in three flavours — Chatpata, Spicy, and Ketchup. However, the Chatpata flavour is their unbeatable bestseller. 

6. Chili Mili 

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Pakistani chili mili snack

Imagine a cross between a sweet and chewy gummy bear and red hot chilli pepper. As crazy and unusual as it may sound, Chili Mili is a Pakistani packaged snack that’s exactly that. 

Candyland, established over 30 years ago, is one of the leaders in the Pakistani confectionery market. They are known for their many innovative creations, including ABC Jelly, Funny Bunny Lollipops, and Puffs Marshmallows. However, Chili Mili is undoubtedly one of their bestsellers. 

Chili Mili is essentially a chilli shaped gummy with a distinct sweet and spicy flavour that is unlike any other gummy you’ve ever tried. While they are an acquired taste for some, we highly recommend you give them a try. Who knows, it may just become your favourite Pakistani snack!

7. Sugar Coated Mini Baqarkhani

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pakistani snacks for ramadan

Dawn Bread is a family-owned F&B company that was first established in Karachi in 1981. Since its inception, the organisation has created many products ranging from bread to burger buns, tea cakes, muffins, cupcakes, rusks, pitta bread, frozen parathas, and more,

Their sugar-coated Baqarkhani is one of the most famous Pakistani snacks for Ramadan. Bakarkhani is a thick flatbread with a biscuit-like texture, invented during the Mughal era in Old Dhaka. Today, it is commonly consumed as a breakfast or tea-time snack. 

If you love sugary biscuits with your evening cup of chai, then this is the perfect Pakistani snack for you!