7 Crispy Fish Snacks You Can Make Under 30 Mins

In a world of seafood, fish is one option that needs no separate introduction. Looks good, tastes good and feels good, fish delicacies are like a dream come true for all the seafood lovers. Visit any restaurant or street-food stalls, you will find a variety of fish recipes ranging from fish curries, biryani, rolls to fish pakoras and more. Apart from the taste and texture, fish is also filled with essential nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, protein and more. It makes for one of the most beneficial protein sources for our diet. Imagine having a plateful of crispy fish snacks along with tantalising dips, wouldn’t you salivate at the very first sight of it? Well, if you ask us! This combo is just incredible and we wouldn’t ever be able to resist! If you are just like us who loves to devour fish in any form, here we bring you a list of 7 crispy fish snacks that are sure to win. Besides having them as evening snacks, you can also include them as starters in the party menu. Let’s get started.

Here’s A List Of 7 Crispy Fish Snacks You Must Try:

Our Recommendations:

1. Fish Popcorn

Let’s start with our favourite one. You all might have tried chicken popcorn and paneer popcorn. Here we bring you one amazing seafood entrant to the popcorn list. As the name suggests, this quick and easy fish starter recipe is made with fish dipped in a flavourful batter and deep fried until perfection. Click here.


2. Fish Fingers

Our second favourite is this recipe. The fish finger is one of the most popular party snacks that is loved by people of all age groups. This crispy and utterly flavourful finger food is actually very easy to make. Wondering how? Click here.

fish fingers

3. Curried Parmesan Fish Fingers

Another fish fingers recipe with the addition of cheese. Tender fish pieces are cut into pieces, wrapped in batter and fried golden to perfection. Team this with ketchup, mayo or mustard sauce and you’re sorted for the evening or the party. Find the complete recipe here.


Other Recipes You Must Try:

4. Fish Cutlets

A simple and very easy recipe to make when hunger pangs hit hard. Steamed fish minced with spices, combined with potatoes, shaped into cutlets and fried until perfection. Find the recipe here.

5. Fish Koliwada

The term Koliwada comes from the Maharashtra region where it means a fishermen’s colony. Hence, here we bring you a fried fish recipe where the fish is cut and marinated in a thick batter of chilli paste. If you love spicy food, this fish recipe is meant for you. Click here.


6. Beer Batter Fish Fingers

You all must have tried beer battered prawns. Now is the time to try beer battered fish. In this recipe, fish is marinated in beer, making it super juicy, fresh and refreshing. These boozy fish fingers are a delight for light and crisp snacking. Find the recipe here.


7. Rava Fried Fish

An easy to make and quick to prepare, this fried fish recipe is enriched with ginger, garlic and red chillies. Made with semolina, this fish recipe is a flavourful and tangy mix of spices that makes it a great option to prepare snacks for your next birthday, party with friends and family. Find the recipe here.

Fish lovers, it’s time for you all to try these recipes at home and let us know which one turned out to be a hit in the comment section below. Happy Snacking!