7 Healthy Snacks for Weight Gain / Fitness / Body Building

If your goal is to gain weight instead of lose it, eating healthy snacks is one way to go. To make sure that you add on those much-needed pounds, go for food that’s high in calories, carbohydrates, protein and healthy unsaturated fats. If you’re counting your calories, make sure that your intake is more than the recommended. Pretty soon, you’ll see your weight rising healthily up the scale.

More than just choosing the right types and amounts of food to snack on, it will also help to change your eating habits. Use a generous heaping of olive oil, canola oil or peanut butter on your food. Also, make sure that your drinks contain some healthy weight-gaining sugars. Instead of strictly having 3 square meals, make sure to snack in between. To give you an idea of good, healthy munchies for weight gain, here are 7 snack ideas you can zero in on:

1. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts alone are good muscle building snacks. They are high in monosaturated fats, and even contain a healthy heap of protein and calories. For a better weight gain strategy, you can throw in some peanut butter for a tasty treat. Don’t overlook flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios, and other nuts and seeds.

2. Tuna

Tuna has been a long-time favorite of fitness buffs. Some would argue that it’s perfect for losing weight because of this fish’s low fat content. Being high in protein and healthy calories makes it a perfect snack choice for those who wish to gain weight.

3. Whole Fat Dairy Products

Veer away from low-fat skim products, and instead opt for the full-cream and whole milk. These are rich in protein and fat, which will help you quickly go up the scales. Feel free to add some whole fat cheese, like Swiss and Cheddar, to your snacks and sandwiches. Don’t hold the yogurt either, as this also contains some healthy weight-gaining dairy.

4. Crackers and Bagels


You need not zoom in to the white breads and high-carbohydrate offerings. Crackers and bagels made from whole wheat, bran and sesame can help you pack on some pounds. Use a generous heaping of peanut butter, jams, margarine or honey to ring up those calories and proteins.

5. Cereals

You might be surprised to note that cereals actually contain some healthy calories. The health conscious always seek these out in their daily diet, but they’re also great snacks for weight gainers. You can opt for the healthier cereal and veer away from frosted flakes and puffs. Go for a healthy heaping of granola, oats and muesli. Add in some raisins and fruits, and douse in whole milk. You got yourself a healthy high-calorie snack.

6. Fruits and Vegetables

Even if snacking on fruits and munching on salads is a favorite of dieters, those who aim to gain weight shouldn’t shun fruits and vegetables. They are high in vitamins, minerals and healthy sugars that can definitely aid you in adding a few healthy kilos. Snacking on dried fruits is also advisable, so don’t turn away from dried prunes, raisins and the like.

7. Traditional Snack Foods

This is one advantage weight-gainers have over dieters; they’re still at liberty to reach for the traditional snacks. Go easy on these carbohydrate high-calorie snacks, because they’re not all that healthy when taken in large amounts. But, the increase in calories will certainly help you reach your weight goal. Dark chocolates and baked potato chips should not be scrapped from your snacks list; pretzels are always good as well!