7 Restaurants Chains to Eat Gyudon in Japan

Source: ayu oshimi

Gyudon is a Japanese dish made by boiling thin beef slices with onions and serving them over a bowl of steamed rice. The dish is so popular in Japan that there are famous restaurants serving mostly gyudon! Check out this list of 7 Japanese gyudon chains!

1. Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya is a gyudon chain where food is very affordable and no matter what you choose to eat, you will have a delicious experience! Besides normal gyudon, Yoshinoya also served pork rice bowls, curry rice, unadon (eel bowl) or bejidon (vegetables bowl). You can choose to buy just the meats separately, in which case they are served on a plate without the rice.

2. Sukiya

Originating from Yokohama, Sukyia is another gyudon chain that has spread throughout Japan, Asia and in a few western countries. Popular dishes include Kimchi Gyudon, Three Cheese Gyudon, Katsubushi Okura Gyudon, Ontaman Curry, Karaage Curry and Raw Tuna Bowl. They also serve dishes for kids and desserts such as strawberry sherbet and ice cream.

3. Matsuya

Matsuya is a popular gyudon chain competing to Yoshinoya and Sukiya. They mainly serve gyudon, rice bowls and curry dishes. The beef bowls are of two types: premium and normal. The premium type is mainly sold in Tokyo and the areas around the city. Other dishes you should try are Extra Green Onions and Sliced Pork Bowl, Bibim Bowl, BBQ Beef & Kimchi Bowl, and Original Curry with Beef.

4. Tokyo Chikara Meshi

Tokyo Chikara Meshi is a smaller gyudon chain, but nevertheless worth eating at. What makes it more special than usual gyudon stores is that they serve beef bowls that are a bit different from the traditional ones. Instead of boiling the beef, the slices are grilled, an idea which brought an innovation to the classic recipe. The sauce is also extremely delicious, being the perfect combination between sweet and salty.

5. Nakau

Nakau is another smaller gyudon chain that managed to extend its stores to 10 more countries. Specializing in gyudon, oyakodon (chicken and egg over rice) and udon noodles, the stores have excellent service and use the freshest possible ingredients. You can order a combination of two dishes and still pay under 500 yen. And cheap does not mean bad taste here! The food is absolutely delicious!

6. Lamptei

Lamptei is a gyudon chain that is a bit more expensive than the other stores, but the food’s exquisite taste makes it a must go! Other delicious dishes you can try are Hamburg Teishoku (steak set), Oyakodon (chicken and eggs over rice), Katsudon (deep fried pork cutlet rice bowl), Pork Curry or Saba Shio Kouji Teishoku (salted mackerel set). Try any of these next to your gyudon, you will not regret it!

7. Gyu no Chikara

Gyu no Chikara is not exactly a gyudon chain like other stores presented in this article, but rather a standalone restaurant focusing on gyudon. Located in Ueno, Tokyo, Gyu no Chikara is said to serve such a delicious beef bowl that you might like it even more than those at more popular stores!  The meat is tender and is perfectly complemented by the sauce. Definitely try it if you are in Tokyo!

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