75+ Healthy ‘On The Go’ Snacks for Kids

Here you’ll find over 75 quick, easy and healthy snack ideas for kids on the go, plus our recommendations for eco friendly snack containers.

I don’t know about you, but in the school holidays my kids are ALWAYS hungry! When we’re out and about all day, bringing snacks with us is a must, but how do you keep snacks healthy and interesting?

You’ll find more than 75 healthy snack ideas for kids in today’s post, all really quick and easy to pack and perfect for taking out with you when you’re on the go!

Over 75 healthy snack ideas for kids - easy quick and perfect for on the go - Eats Amazing UK

I’ve divided all the snack ideas up into food groups to help make the list easier to read. I’d recommend trying to bring snacks from a couple of different food groups each time to keep things balanced and interesting – there should be more than enough different snack combinations here to keep you going all the year around!

75 easy healthy snack ideas for kids - great for days out and after school snacks too - fresh fruit snacks packed in Nom Nom Kids Snack pouches

Fresh Fruit Snack Ideas

Fruit is always my kids first choice and there are loads of different fresh fruits that are great for snacking on. Whole fruits like apples and bananas are really handy to chuck in a bag but if you set aside a little time to prep a couple of times a week, you can also make up little tubs or pouches of cut fruit ready to grab and go whenever you’re leaving the house.

Grapes (halved for younger children)
Apples, whole
Apple slices (dipped in orange juice to prevent browning)
Cherries (stoned and halved for younger children)
Peach slices (fresh or tinned)
Nectarine (whole or stoned and sliced)
Apricot (fresh or tinned)
Plums (whole or stoned and sliced)
Kiwi slices
Figs (whole or quartered)
Chopped pineapple
Chopped mango
Melon chunks
Watermelon slices
Mandarin/clementine segments
Orange wedges

Homemade fruity flapjack energy bites - nut free dairy free gluten free and vegan recipe - great healthy snack idea for kids from Eats Amazing UK

Dried Fruit Snack Ideas

Dried fruit is really handy to keep in your bag for emergency snacking – it can last for months so can be a real saviour if you’ve forgotten to bring anything fresh. To save money, buy larger bags of dried fruit and divide them into small snack bags, tubs or pouches – you could get the kids help you make up your own mix of fruits too.

Apricots (chopped for younger children)
Apple rings (chopped for younger children)
Banana chips
Yogurt covered raisins
Coconut flakes
Freeze dried strawberries
Dried Fruit Snacks (we love Organix gummies)
Energy balls (try my fruity flapjack energy bites recipe)

75 easy healthy snack ideas for kids - great for days out and after school snacks too - fresh vegetables you can grab and go

Vegetable Snack Ideas

Snacking is the ideal time to boost that all important 5 a day with some extra vegetables. I often find that my kids will eat veggies as a snack that they’d turn their noses up at dinner time – sometimes all it takes is a change of location to make healthy foods more attractive and exciting! Kids love baby vegetables like carrots and peppers, the cuteness factor makes them extra appealing and from an adult perspective, minimal prep is a massive bonus! Serve vegetables just as they come or bring along a small tub of something for dipping – you’ll find some dip ideas further down this post.

Carrot sticks
Baby carrots
Cucumber sticks
Baby cucumbers
Celery sticks
Baby sweetcorn (raw or lightly steamed)
Sugar snap peas (raw or lightly steamed)
Green beans (raw or lightly steamed)
Broccoli florets (lightly steamed)
Peas in their pods
Red pepper sticks
Mini peppers
Cherry tomatoes (halved for younger children)
Roasted chickpeas (try my maple spiced roasted chickpeas recipe)

Super healthy granola bar recipe - sugar free dairy free and nut free - great healthy snack for refuelling the whole family

Carbohydrate Snack Ideas

Children need plenty of carbohydrates to keep them going and there are loads of easy options available. Look for wholemeal, low salt and low sugar options for the healthiest snacks.

Plain popcorn
Mini Breadsticks
Dry Cereal
Rice cakes
Mini Ryvita
Mini biscuits (we love Organix animal biscuits and mini gingerbread men)
Mini Crackers
Mini cheese savouries
Mini pretzels or pretzel sticks
Leftover cooked pasta shapes
Leftover new potatoes
Leftover potato wedges
Sliced wholemeal pitta bread
Tortilla crisps (try my easy homemade tortilla crisps recipe)
Mini sandwiches
Homemade flapjacks
Homemade granola bar (try this super healthy granola bar recipe)
Homemade sweet muffins (try my oat & berry muffins recipe)
Homemade savoury muffins (try my rainbow vegetable muffins recipe or ham and cheese muffins recipe)

Quick and Easy healthy breakfast snack pots -fun and healthy breakfast ideas for kids!

Protein & Dairy Snack Ideas

Eating a good variety of protein rich foods is really important for growing kids and it’s also great for keeping them fuller for longer when you’re out and about.

Rolled ham slices
Rolled roast beef slices
Shredded roast chicken
Hard boiled eggs (try using egg moulds to make them extra fun!)
Mixed Seeds
Nuts (avoid whole nuts for children under 5)
Grated or cubed cheddar cheese
Mini Babybel cheese
Cheese triangles

Simple roasted carrot houmous recipe - the perfect healthy dip or spread for kids and toddlers too - Eats Amazing UK

Snack Dip Ideas

Keep things interesting by packing a small tub of dip with your snacks – it’s amazing how much more attractive healthy snacks like crispy vegetables, oat cakes or bread sticks become once you’ve got something to dip them in!

Hummus (you might enjoy my roasted carrot hummus or pea & mint hummus recipes)
Yogurt Dip for Fruit (you might like my healthy coconut fruit dip recipe)
Cream cheese
Peanut, almond or cashew butter
Mild salsa

When it comes to packing our snacks, we have several favoruite eco-friendly boxes and pouches to pack them in. The leak-proof classic Yumbox is great for holding a variety of snacks for the whole family, and the cute Yumbox Mini Snack holds the perfect amount of dip and nibbles for one or two of you.

Nom Nom Kids makes some super cute reusable snack pouches which my kids love, and their reusable yogurt pouches are fantastic too (yogurt without the mess – so brilliant when you’re out and about!).

The Goodbyn Small Meal box is another great one for snacks and you can divide it up with silicone muffin cups for extra flexibility. Finally Sistema make some great snack boxes, we particularly love the little leak-proof ‘yogurt to go’ tubs which are perfect for snacks of all shapes and sizes!

The best snack containers for kids - with over 75 healthy snack ideas - quick easy and perfect to grab and go - Eats Amazing UK

For even more easy healthy snack ideas and recipes, check out the snack ideas for kids section here on the Eats Amazing blog or pop over and follow my Healthy Snack Ideas Pinterest board for fresh and seasonal inspiration all the year around!

Do you take snacks out with you whenever you leave the house with the kids? What are your favourite foods to pack?


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